From Class Clown to Head of the Class

Star AP teacher Frazier O'Leary learned the value of education the hard way. He never gave school much thought until he played the worst season of his college baseball career the year the scouts had their eyes on him. He began teaching English and coaching sports in DC soon after. And 35 years later, he's still at it - and nationally known as one of the best in the country at challenging and inspiring kids in struggling high schools.

The best quote that hit the cutting room floor:

"None of them are as bad in high school as I was as a student. Nobody can do something in my class that I didn't do. Seriously. I mean I was a disruptive influence in my class."

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By John W. Poole |  December 21, 2006; 3:46 PM ET  | Category:  John W. Poole
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