Another Year, Another Trial

Almost exactly one year after he was acquitted on molestation charges, Michael Jackson is back in the news and back in court. Well, not literally. He's not likely to show up in person to defend himself in a civil case against a former employee who says that the King of Pop owes him millions. It is a trial that will in many ways be as bizarre and nasty as last year's criminal case was. It also will be a trial that sheds new light on how Jacko steered his finances right straight into the ground. For that reason alone it is worth following.

It is also worth following because of nuggets like this. The Associated Press' doyenne of court coverage, Linda Deutsch, reported this last night: "In a bizarre detail, Jackson maintained he got his spending money by leasing cows that lived on his Neverland ranch. During the deposition there was this exchange between King and Jackson:
Q. 'So all your cash, whenever you need cash to shop or whatever comes from the cows?'
A. 'Yes, believe it or not.'
Q. 'I don't but that's OK. I don't have to.'
A. I'm telling you.'

You just cannot make up this sort of stuff.

By Andrew Cohen |  June 20, 2006; 11:00 AM ET
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