Melinda Duckett's Suicide Note- More on Grace

It turns out that Melinda Duckett, the young mother of a missing child, left a suicide note after she took her own life earlier this month following a tough interview with Nancy Grace. In it, according to the Associated Press, Duckett blamed the media generally, but not Grace by name, for what she was about to do. Duckett did, however, write in the note: "I only wish you do not push anyone else," according to the Seattle Times. Just exactly who the "you" in that sentence is will remain forever a mystery. I'm sure you folks will come to your own (and varied) conclusions.

The AP reports that Duckett also wrote: "Your focus came off of my son. I love him and only wanted him safe in my arms... I do not bleed my emotions to the public and throughout this situation you did not understand that. There were many more errors you made in understanding me, but time is short and I have more important people to speak to." The police say that nothing in Duckett's note tells them more one way or the other about what may have happened to Trenton Duckett, Melinda's little boy, who remains missing.

Meanwhile, the Gainesville Sun tells us in a piece entitled "Full Steam Ahead for Nancy Grace," that Duckett's demise will have no impact on Grace or her bosses. Maybe, maybe not. And, anyway, Grace and Co. may have other things to worry about. New York's Daily News this morning is reporting that Grace in a recent book plagerized 359 words from a New York Times' article and is refusing to apologize to the Times, prompting her publisher to remind her that she has to indemnify the publisher if the Times sues them and wins.

By Andrew Cohen |  September 25, 2006; 7:00 AM ET
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