The Wrath of Grace, Vox Pop

A lot of you had a lot to say about Nancy Grace after my post yesterday about her on-air antics and suicide of a mother whose two-year-old son has gone missing. We'll get to that in a little bit. In the meantime, media coverage of L'Affair Grace really has taken off. There is this from a guy named Irwin Kramer and this from a woman named Anna Johns and this (which reads a lot like my post, by the way) from a guy named Rick Ellis. There is even a column about her in today's San Francisco Chronicle with the headline: "CNN Talk Show Reaches New Depth Of Sleaze." Ouch.

Judging from your comments, and not surprisingly, there is very little middle ground about Grace. People seem to either love her or hate her, which I suppose defines what it means to be a media personality in this Caustic Age. Apart from the people who tried to turn this into a liberal v. conservative fight, which is nonsense, I also was struck by how insightful many commenters were about what Grace's show is all about, what it's place in society suggests, and it truly is a mirror on our culture. Remember, my original post was explicitly NOT about linking Grace to the suicide of Melinda Duckett. It was about how dangerous Grace's embrace of emotion is as a ratings tool.

As for your comments, on the one hand, there were people who went even further than I did in castigating Grace for her antics, not just in the Duckett case but in other cases as well. Daniel Hough wrote: "Media figures like Nancy Grace are more concerned with garnering attention and celebrity than with reasoned discussion or intelligent discourse. Their shrill, overly intense yammering serves no purpose other then to convince the host they are important and lead them to the delusion that they are indispensable."

Mary Newell wrote: "Nancy Grace thinks she is still in the courtroom (wonder why she isn't). She is in love with the sound of her own voice, and does not care who she hurts. Remember the Elizabeth Smart interview? When will CNN start thinking about something besides ratings and start thinking about decency? She never lets a person talk. She is sooo rude. She is the Judge, Prosecutor, and Jury. I think she does a lot of harm to the Police Investigators who are actually being paid to work on the cases. When will she just go away? Soon I hope."

But there were several others of you who wrote to support Grace and her brand of television-as-therapy shtick. Debbie wrote: "Nancy Grace is the voice for the victim. She does grill people on her show. However, those people agree to go on her show knowing that might take place. In the case of Melinda Duckett she was a mother who refused to take a lie detector test and cooperate with the police. Nancy Grace was doing her job for the victim. She was grilling this uncooperative mother of the victim to get answers to help find this little boy. She did not drive this mother to commit suicide. The guilt is what led the mother to take her own life. I applaud Nancy Grace and I hope she will continue to be that voice for the victim."

Cindy wrote: "If one of my children turned up missing and Nancy Grace wanted to bring media attention to my case, I would jump at the chance. If I have nothing to hide and am not guilty of anything, then I have nothing to fear from her line of questioning." But Doug wrote: "Those of you who have only read the transcript of this need to watch the video. It was disgusting. I am sure I would have stammered and stuttered a LOT if this raving lunatic had "interviewed" me in such a fashion. Later in the interview after Melinda had gone, this WICKED WITCH at one point apparently took offense at something Mark Klaas said and she started to let HIM have it! Mark Klaas, father of murdered Polly Klaas who has dedicated his life to missing and exploited children. Yes this one is a real prize, Nancy Grace."

Many of you came down sort of in the middle. Michelle wrote: I would like to state that I am not a fan of Nancy Grace. I do think that she often goes too far and is too overly emotional. That being said... I feel that she is in no way to blame for Melinda Duckett's suicide. I read the transcript and Duckett was evasive and defensive the entire time. The father of the boy, Joshua, had no problems answering questions. Melinda could not mention one store that they went (which could be helpful if someone saw Melinda and her son being followed in a store.) Also when Nancy asked her if she took the Polygraph test she could have simply said "no" instead of dodging the question."

By Andrew Cohen |  September 15, 2006; 1:30 PM ET
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nancy grace should be fired

she has no business stating that this mother committed suicide because of guilt

where does her authority come from

she is neither a psychologist or psychiatrist nor is she a practicing prosecutor or a judge as some asked why not (now we are asking some logical questions where are our answers) and you prosecute in a courtroom once the alleged criminal has been charged not on tv when no charges have even been suggested

people respond differently to trauma not everyone is verbal and articulate

and i see no evidence anywhere but from her own shrill words that the police now 'agree with her'

she lacks integrity responsibility and accountability

is cnn serious news or 'reality tv'

she is a far cry from barbara walters

is this the best cnn can come up with

if you are 'trash culture' than why not beat up on paris hilton for being such an idiot rather than attack a human being desperately vulnerable

and even if it is proven that the mother did kill her child nancy grace is no less wrong in her manner approach arrogance and outright abuse

she should be fired and if she isn't cnn does not exist for me

Posted by: sky | September 15, 2006 03:04 PM

Nancy Grace has been in the process of a total mental breakdown for the past few years. The networks that have exploited her continuing mental collapse in the name of ratings are ultimately to blame. Nancy Grace needs competent professional care, she is THE most wounded individual to appear on any and all of her programs. I find it too painful to watch.

Posted by: Harry Shaffer | September 15, 2006 03:32 PM

The handling of the Duckett missing boy case by Nancy Grace on CNN is absolutely unconscionable. Regardless of Melinda Duckett's guilt or innocence in her missing son's case--which Nancy Grace could not presume to know--it was inappropriate of Nancy to ambush and badger the woman and, in doing so, insinuate guilt on national television prior to the completion of the police investigation and prior to Melinda being charged as a suspect.

First, if Ms. Duckett was guilty of harming her own son, then she was clearly an unstable person who would have needed to be handled carefully to ensure a successful investigation. Obviously, the fact that Melinda Duckett committed suicide after the interview indicates she was unstable. Second, if Melinda was innocent of harming her son, Nancy's table pounding and accusatory interview served only to exacerbate a grieving mother's anguish and possibly damage an ongoing investigation. Finally, in the future, other parents of missing children may remember Nancy Grace's ambush of Melinda Duckett and decline to grant media interviews in legitimate kidnapping cases for fear of being similarly crucified. In other words, there could only be negative consequences to Nancy's tactics (except from a media ratings standpoint).

Shame on Nancy Grace. Shame on CNN for countenancing her behavior.

Posted by: Yvonne Kearby | September 15, 2006 04:54 PM

Perhaps someone should send Nancy Grace a copy of Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point. You know, how little things can make big differences.

Ms. Grace's verbal bludgeoning was certainly a tipping point as much as walking by someone leaning forward on the ledge of a building and poking them with a finger sending them over the edge. What would we call this?

Ms. Grace can deny all she likes, but she did the tipping. And to have no remorse about it? Who are we listening to?

Posted by: Ben There | September 15, 2006 04:58 PM

Amazing that Nancy Grace is allowed to continue on CNN. It's no longer entertaining or informative when she browbeats a guest past the brink of suicide. Her downhill slide started with "the runaway bride" when she tried to browbeat the jilted fiance into admitting he'd killed her. It continued when she fingered Joran Van Der Sloot as the murderer of Natalee Holloway. Now she's reached a new low.

It might be worthwhile reviewing the cases she prosecuted to see whether her highly improbably 100% prosecution rate might be a consequence of prosecutorial misconduct.

UPDATE: Last year the 11th Circuit of Appeals determined that Nancy Grace had "played fast and loose" with her ethical duties as a Fulton County, Ga., prosecutor in 1990 -

Posted by: Jim | September 15, 2006 06:01 PM

Grace is a sleazy mean version of Tammy Fae Baker

Posted by: stan | September 15, 2006 06:55 PM

Nancy Grace speaks for thousands of women who have been victims. Few other people on any show do that. I am far more offended by the way other anchors repeat unquestionally anything that the Republican Noise Machine produces and act as if it is true.
Leave Nancy alone...she means too much to women who have suffered.

Posted by: lauren | September 15, 2006 07:20 PM









Posted by: Pierre Talley | September 15, 2006 07:30 PM

althuogh i agree with most of the opinions on this site i think all of you should take a moment to ask yourselves if your comments and judgement of a lady you don't really even know, somehow makes you right. when you've become the very thing you hate or dislike, i hope you realize and acknowledge that you are not better than anyone else especially the people you condemn. less finger pointing more responsibilty.

Posted by: concerned | September 15, 2006 11:17 PM

For all of you who say that Nancy Grace is for Victim's Rights...Who is speaking out for Melinda Duckett's rights? She is now a victim and instead of showing a little compassion,Ms. Grace is saying she committed suicide out of guilt.I guess we can just close all the courtrooms and let all the detectives go home, Nancy has solved the case.
She said on ABC that a 15-20 minute interview could not cause a person to commit suicide, yet, she thinks a 15-20 interview can prove the woman was guilty. She may have done something horrible to her child..I pray she didn't, but that is not Nancy Grace's place to solve the case. She has been wrong many many times before.
I am giving CNN a few more days to take some action or I stop watching the channel. I will really miss Larry King, Anderson Cooper, and all the other "real" commentators. I am sick of Nancy Grace.

Posted by: Mary Newell | September 16, 2006 01:12 AM

Nancy, has the decency to commit seppuku

Posted by: chandra shaker | September 16, 2006 01:15 AM

The most important point I read in responses--is the total fear future parents of missing children will have to secure air time. HELLO? I am here to bash Grace, but someone made that most important point of fear of press for parents of future abductions.

And I agree Grace needs professional help--but she knows what she is doing. Can you imagine, really, being 21 years old and being lured onto Grace's show. Melinda was lied to regarding the purpose. As a Mom, I doubt I would engage in any news cast if I was guilty.

Grace was sickening to debase Elizabeth Smart's Dad. Was that not enough? No one mentioned post-partum depression and we may find this was the sad truth of the young female. Even if she did do it-all mothers agree you cannot be in your right mind to kill your child. Grace knew, or should have known, the mother had a history of suicidal tendencies during pregnancy.

Grace is not a good example of responsible journalism, or the female gender. Cohen is correct. Good journalism has a social responsibility; Grace feels she is "above."

And someone else had a good point on how do you get a 100% prosecution rate without dirty tricks--unless you had like one case? I had 17 years in law. I cannot get over Grace Sympathizers. I am more shocked females out there endorse, at minimum, insulting any guest show or degrading any person who attends as a helpful guest. That reaches far beyond the "pretense" of protecting victims and translates into ratings. Grace should be arrested for manslaughter--even if we come to find the child was harmed by the parent. One evil does not make another correct. Grace is evil and out to hurt like maybe she hurts. Melinda was a person, even if confused and had to have been hurting and in total darkness. Can you imagine putting a gun to your head? Because an icon emotionally raped you. Is that really our justice? Maybe this is what it takes to get Grace off the air. I pray.

And she did cause a women to suffer, enough to end her life. What do you mean she "means so much to women who have suffered." There are chat rooms for "revenge" talk--we do not need Nancy Grace. I also will boycott CNN until she is out the door. It is Dis-Grace, for more reasons than one.

Posted by: GideonsTrumpet | September 16, 2006 03:03 AM

I have to agree with Mary. I'm sick of CNN's coddling of Nancy Grace as well. I agree that there are important criminal justice issues, but Nancy never treats this issues with the seriousness and thoughtfulness they deserve. Gee, Nancy, how did badgering a suspect on television help us get any closer to solving the case?

Posted by: Marty | September 16, 2006 03:49 AM

Nancy Grace should be fired. She is arrogant, haughty, and exemplifies all that is wrong in American media. I believe that she is directly responsible for this young girl's suicide. Many Americans fear the media more than the authorities because the media has no checks and balances and no controlling authority.

To those that think Nancy has no responsibility in this, I hope one day you find yourself in the sights of our unsympathetic media where your guilt or innocence is determined by self-appointed media-judges. Wait till you can't show your face without everyone pointing a finger at you. Try going to a job interview after your face has been displayed on everyone's TV and PC. Our media has the power to destroy people's lives permanently. Even if a court finds you innocent, you will still be guilty in the public's eye. Can you imagine the despair that this young girl felt when she realized that Nancy Grace was going to paint her as guilty in the eyes of the viewing public?

Nancy Grace once compared all defense lawyers to Nazi guards at a concentration camp. When questioned about her comment at a later date, Nancy said, "Under no condition is a defense attorney equal to a Nazi guard. That's just an extreme example of someone refusing to take responsibility." So by her own logic, Nancy Grace is now comparable to a Nazi guard.

Before you defend Nancy Grace, read this:

11th Circuit: Nancy Grace 'Played Fast and Loose' With Ethics

"We conclude that the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable," wrote then Chief Justice Robert Benham. Carr v. State, 267 Ga. 701 (1997).

"The prosecutor clearly played fast and loose with her disclosure obligations in this case." Stephens v. Hall, No. 1:99-CV-1317 (N.D.Ga. April 2, 2003).

Posted by: Chris | September 16, 2006 08:21 AM

Gee, imagine a prosecuting attorney playing it fast and loose. At the federal level, this does not happen too much, but at the state level, it happens all the time. When emotions drive a case, the rule of law is lost.

Guilty until proven innocent is a dynamic that defense attorneys are all too familiar with. That is the presumption under which Ms. Grace was operating when she interviewed, or verbally assaulted, Ms. Duckett.

Now, one of two things happened: (1) A young woman could not live with her guilt and killed herself; or (2) a young mother who had suffered a horrific loss had what was left of her will to live shattered by being verbally flayed on national television.

Does anybody talk to President Bush like that during any of his many inarticulate moments?

The scene played out on Grace's show happens all the time in real life. Some of the people subjected to that treatment are guilty, but a lot of them are innocent. Many people are not very strong, and will even confess to crimes they did not commit. Courtroom behavior by prosecutors very often crosses all kinds of lines, with the approval of trial judges, themselves former prosecutors and current politicians.

The victims rights movement is extremely troubling in many ways. Injecting personal vengeance into the trial process is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Very often cases are stalled as the prosecutors hold off making recommendations on cases pending "victim contact" - for fear of the political consequences if they don't. I've also been on the prosecution side, and it is very difficult to do your job when dealing with the raw emotions of the aggrieved. Plus, the definitiion of "victim" is kind of amorphous - I've had people who weren't even born when a crime was committed call to second-guess my handling of a case.

I also recall the Karla Faye Tucker case, where the people who were in favor of her execution had to draw alleged "victims" out from under a rock. They were the estranged former husband and his daughter of the female victim, who were apparently planning a family outing with the decedent the morning after she spent the night having sex with and drugging with the other victim. They were trotted out to counter the brother of that same victim, who was opposed to the execution.

So, to defend Grace by saying she is on the side of the victim is not, in my mind, much of a defense. Empathy and compassion for the aggrieved is one thing - turning our system of justice into an emotionally-driven circus is quite another.

Posted by: attorneyofrecord | September 16, 2006 09:42 AM

The program WAS about the whereabouts of victim Trenton Duckett. While you have been busily arm-flapping about that evil Nancy Grace asking unhelpful Momma the unanswered, "where did you go?" the hunt for the missing child continues.

Posted by: Catherine | September 16, 2006 01:46 PM

I am going to go agains the bench conference holder's little "...the people who tried to turn this into a liberal v. conservative fight, which is nonsense..." remark. This is another line in the sand, partisan politics debate. I can show you how with a few examples.

1. Nancy Grace did a segment for the flag burning amendment in which trash burning, cross burning on someone else's property, and leaf burning were highlighted. She then took out a one dollar bill and singed the edge of it. Of course burning trash, crosses, and leaves are all ILLEGAL, while amending the constitution against flag burning will make flag burning UNCONSTITUTIONAL. She did not point this out and she was taking up a conservative bleeding heart talking point where we all got to see her true colors, not as somebody that really cared about law, but about flags.

2. Everything can come down to left vs. right issues. Especially Nancy Grace's spat on the woman whom was essential to the case. Like I have stated in Grace of Wrath, she demonstrated many traits that conservatives have been showing for years to support their causes, including "jumping the gun". She grandstands, acts better than everybody else, and talks down to others.

3. Has Nancy Grace ever once assumed innocence for the person that is being charged with the crime? Even once? Maybe during a hazy case? John Mark Carr, I guess... but... rarely ever. Another conservative trait.

Those are just a small sampling of examples that I can give if I watched her show more often. I am sure she is really outrageous on Fridays, but Animal Planet's most adorable little program comes on during her hour, and the choice is always unanimous: I would rather not watch the meerkat.

Posted by: Oh, to have a Blog | September 16, 2006 06:09 PM

Grace is the Jerry Springer of her genre.

Posted by: Ken | September 16, 2006 08:51 PM

Nancy Graceless is always quick to judge someone as guilty, with no facts whatsoever. She is always quick to yammer on and on about "the victims", "the victims". She didn't know if that woman had any connection to her child's disappearance or if she was just a victim herself. Her ignorance did not prevent her from attacking that woman the same way she attacks everyone she has dubbed 'guilty'.

Graceless- If you are so miserable and bitter about your college boyfriend's untimely death then why don't you join him and spare the rest of the world from your ugliness.

Posted by: Science7 | September 16, 2006 11:19 PM

"traits that conservatives have been showing for years to support their causes, including "jumping the gun"."

How exactly is a political position supposed to magnify a personality trait such as "jumping the gun" or "assuming innocence"?

So... because you're an arrogant idiot that makes no sense and needs to open a book... do all liberals carry THAT personality trait?

That was an absolutely retarded position to take and clearly shows your flagrant attempt to start some partisan debate over Nancy Grace. How utterly pathetic! Sally Jesse was absolutely no conservative and she was just as bad, if not worst, than Nancy... you moron.

What the hell does politics have to do with a reporter bashing a missing child's mother to death on the air?

Nancy Grace and others like her are complete scumbags no matter where you stand on the political spectrum!

Posted by: Mike | September 17, 2006 03:29 AM

I don't understand why anyone agrees to appear on Nancy Grace's show in the first place. The very few times I have watched her show, I have noticed that her interviews are entirely one sided. She enters the interview with her mind made up and then proceeds to impose her view on the person she is interviewing. Not once have I seen her accept any dissenting opinions. In addition she often makes factual mistakes. At one point I remember her saying that DNA test were done by examing a swab under a microscope! How such a poorly informed, abusive, and overbearing person is deemed a "reporter" is beyond me. Then again this is America and loud and obnoxious gets the ratings. I am so put off by her I have stopped watching Headline News all together.

Posted by: McKenneth | September 17, 2006 10:49 AM

It's Nacny Grace's comments after the death of Melinda Duckett that make her come off as an egomaniacal sociopath with a possible drinking problem, especially her comments toward the twice-grieving family. Anyone with an ounce of taste or decency would make a simple, dginified statement of condolence (not necessarily and apology) and then shut the hell up.

Whether she's right or wrong about this particular case, she really sems like a terrible terrible woman... and publically interposing yourself into an ongoing police investigation is not "investigative reporting".

Posted by: Leo | September 17, 2006 05:35 PM

Footnote 2 For Grace's Conservative Actions Screwing Up the Melinda Duckett Kidnapping Or Potential Infanticide Situation

I am not buying Mike's post...

The idea is... Nancy Grace has no concern for the victim. All that I have ever heard conservatives state is that liberals care about victims and their rights, while conservatives think that the victim needs to "straddle themselves by the bootstrap" and "pick up all of the pieces" and "overcome adversity" no matter how ugly life has become.

Liberals, as apart of mindset, are never supposed to bring down other people. Liberals are supposed to be kind and gentle to the victim, whereas, surprise, surprise, conservative Nancy Grace brought down the house... and an hour after the bashfest... Melinda Duckett ended her life.

We can all take comfort in the fact that good people like liberals still have decency and honor in the realm of show business, and you know good honorable people independant like Bob Scheifer, Larry King, and Chris Rose would never dump so much baggage on one person like that at one sitting.

It is kind of ironic... "What the hell does politics have to do with a reporter bashing a missing child's mother to death on the air?" ... this statement comes after the Cindy Sheehan and the "Brooklyn Witches" controversies... another conservative go for broke spin play on hurt mothers from gopites that constantly call themselves high-rated reporters and the victims... being mothers. It just goes to show you.

As for the attacks? I do not mind. I am glad that he did take an oppurtunity to be clear with Nancy Grace... but let me be clear, as well: Nancy Grace's antics are commonplace among conservatives with a grudge against civil society.It seems that they do not want to treat people that they do not like with the same dignity as people that they do like. Kind of like the Geneva Convention change that they want so bad. It is people that they do not like syndrome shining in full technicolor.

Posted by: Oh, to have a Blog | September 17, 2006 07:52 PM

I agree that everyone reacts different when faced with a tragedy. But no one would be consistant with the negativity that Melinda Duckett showed in trying to cooperate with the authorities. It was fustrating to ALL. I am a mother and a grandmother and I will tell you this , MY FIRST AND ONLY CONCERN would be to find my child, if my child was found murdered ,I dont know how I would react then, maybe I would not want to live any longer. BUT NO ONE could make me end my life unless I had my child in my arms again. If Melinda was so distressed over her son missing, she WOULD have cooperated with ANYONE that could have helped in finding her son. but instead she evaded every question that was put to her. The police said they received the same response from Melinda that Nancy Grace received. The police had to drill her alot worse than Nancy Grace did. Melinda thought ALL the suspicion was going to go to her husband and when it didnt she took the cowards way out. MY opinion is that MELINDA is guilty for what ever happened to her child. Its funny how HER LAWYER was told where she went but NO ONE ELSE. Did she think that her lawyer was going to find her son? Lets get real, I DO NOT LIKE NANCY GRACE, but I can not and will not let my dislike for her cause me to blame her for Melinda taking her own life, she did that ALL BY HERSELF.

Posted by: Billi | September 18, 2006 12:08 PM

It's interesting how polarized we've become. How a question as clear and consise as "Did Nancy Grace step over journalistic boundaries in her questioning of Mrs Duckett" can be morphed into "conservative vs liberal" is amazing.

I think it's also an indication of how shallow the public has become in it's analysis of question of ethics and morals. It's easier for folks to just fall in line behind a media personality, conservative or liberal, letting them interpret cherrypick and spin the facts, than it is to do the work necessary to gather the facts and make a decision as an individual.

Sad, because rarely do threads such as this add content or deep thought to the important issues being discussed. Posts quickly devolve into platforms for parrots to squawk and repeat what they heard on their favorite talk radio or tabloid news channel.

Posted by: Jim | September 18, 2006 06:09 PM

besides garceless nancy i see many projecting their thoughts into the mind of another human being - melinda duckett

'if this happened to me then i would have behaved in this way other than how this person did so therefore she is quilty'

it did not happen to you and even though you may think you know with absolute conviction what you would have done - you don't

and no one not even a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a judge or a jury and certainly not a reporter can ever know what goes on in another person's mind

you can only surmise

Main Entry: 1 surĀ·mise
Pronunciation: s&r-'mIz, 's&r-"
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, allegation, charge, from Anglo-French, from feminine of surmis, past participle of surmettre to place on, suppose, accuse, from Medieval Latin supermittere, from Late Latin, to place on, from Latin super- + mittere to let go, send
: a thought or idea based on scanty evidence : CONJECTURE

whatever happened to 'innocent till proven guilty'

this woman has been charged tried and convicted

all outside the judicial system

Posted by: sky | September 19, 2006 09:01 AM

i would like to add that i never watch tv

i don't own a tv

i never heard of nancy grace before this video showed up on the net

point being i had no preconcieved ideas

if i saw in real life anyone bashing on anyone or anything in such a way i would speak up

in legal speak


Posted by: sky | September 19, 2006 09:23 AM

Melinda Duckett
1-Refused a polygraph
2-Refused to cooperate with police
3-Showed police a threatening letter that she wrote to herself and claimed her husband wrote it
4-Lied to her lawyer as well, to her whereabouts on the day Trenton went missing
5-Never shed a tear for missing child
6-Threw out Trentons toys, pictures, etc. on day before he came up missing.
7-Committed suicide before finding out where her son is.
8-Previously abused Trenton "documented"
9-Tried on earlier occasion to kill herself
10-Thought so little of her own child that she did not even leave a note before taking her own life.
And I'm sure the police have more....No, I do not feel as though Nancy Grace did anything wrong. This woman did not deserve to get the benefit of the doubt, HER CHILD IS STILL MISSING...Melinda Duckett is NOW the prime suspect by the police,(although I considered her that from the get go). But the police DID give her the benefit of the doubt, and that was MORE than she deserved, I do not consider a person like this to be is called evil and wicked and took the cowards way out, she did not even want to do the last thing for her own child and that is to tell where he is, and this is a person that so many people are feeling sorry for? Feel sorry for Trenton, he is out there some where and because of his "MOMMY" it looks like no one will find him..

Posted by: Billi | September 22, 2006 11:08 AM

Too bad that Nancy Grace's meddling resulted in the suicide of Mrs Duckett and the loss of a witness. I wonder how much money has been spent hunting for her little boy. Money that wouldn't have spent if Nancy Grace's abusive interview hadn't resulted in Mrs Duckett's suicide.

Posted by: Josh | September 23, 2006 07:10 PM

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