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Goodbye to All That

It's my final post -- so thanks for all the memories (and the comments!).

By Andrew Cohen | January 30, 2008; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (31)

Jose Padilla Finally Catches a Break

A federal judge stands up to the government and does right by the once-upon-a-time "dirty bomb" suspect.

By Andrew Cohen | January 22, 2008; 1:00 PM ET | Comments (58)

Don't Cry for John Yoo

The author of our nation's most ill-conceived and damaging terror-law policies is being sued by former dirty bomb suspect Jose Padilla. And wants your sympathy.

By Andrew Cohen | January 18, 2008; 2:52 PM ET | Comments (59)

Safe Stall Sex: The Larry Craig Defense

Larry Craig and the ACLU come to the defense of late-night bar bathroom hook-ups.

By Andrew Cohen | January 16, 2008; 8:02 AM ET | Comments (24)

The Limits of Motherhood -- and the Constitution

A police chief's mother couldn't protect him from losing his job. And, according to the 7th Circuit, neither could the 14th Amendment's due process clause.

By Andrew Cohen | January 15, 2008; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (4)

English Professors Bare Arms

You know you've got a humdinger of a Supreme Court case when a covey of grammarians feels the need to weigh in.

By Andrew Cohen | January 13, 2008; 1:14 PM ET | Comments (23)

Sleaze and Sleazier: The Clemens Saga

The Clemens/McNamee saga makes the Laci and Scott audiotapes sound like Churchill and Roosevelt at Yalta.

By Andrew Cohen | January 11, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (11)

No Way Jose Makes the Right Call

An important witness wants immunity from Congress. The prosecutor says no. It's Groundhog Day, Tapegate Edition, in the nation's capital.

By Andrew Cohen | January 9, 2008; 7:01 PM ET | Comments (10)

Bush v. Gore II: Voting Fraud Back at Court

Today the justices hear arguments in the biggest election case to hit the bench since the Florida recount.

By Andrew Cohen | January 9, 2008; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (73)

Uncomfortable Life-or-Death Moments for the Justices

On a morning when the justices argued more than the attorneys, the court looked at lethal injection and the science and practice of death.

By Andrew Cohen | January 7, 2008; 1:03 PM ET | Comments (23)

Your Lethal Injection Case Crib Notes

Here's a preview of this morning's Supreme Court arguments over the constitutionality of putting people to death by lethal injection.

By Andrew Cohen | January 7, 2008; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (7)

Court to Hear Child-Rape Death-Penalty Challenge

The announcement comes days before the court is to hear oral arguments in a case challenging lethal injection protocols.

By Andrew Cohen | January 4, 2008; 4:00 PM ET | Comments (19)

Just-Asking Jane Accepts a Spy-Guy Brush Off

What happens when a spy and a lawmaker write each other about destroying evidence? Apparently nothing.

By Andrew Cohen | January 3, 2008; 9:08 PM ET | Comments (5)

Tapegate Probe Will Outlast Bush Presidency

The good news is that the Justice Department is investigating the CIA videotape scandal. The bad news is that it will be a long, ugly slog.

By Andrew Cohen | January 3, 2008; 9:15 AM ET | Comments (20)


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