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Be specific: Trey Songz on inventions

He invented sex. What other inventions does he like?

Trey Songz is a Grammy-nominated R&B singer, heartthrob, fashion plate, remix killer, philanthropist and… inventor. Well, kind of. One of the biggest hits from the Petersburg, Va., native’s most recent album, “Ready,” is “I Invented Sex,” on which he asserts that he had something to do with the creation of fornication.

Since Songz, (who is part of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Tour, which comes to the Verizon Center on Wednesday) fancies himself an inventor of sorts, Click Track asked the Prince of Virginia about some of his favorite recent innovations.

Thanks to the success of “I Invented Sex,” you are now considered by many to be an inventor. So, I’d like to ask you about some of your favorite recent inventions/innovations. Sound good?

You know I was just celebrated, right?

You were celebrated?

For Black History Month - I was celebrated for inventing sex.

Yeah, yeah - I think I remember hearing about that, actually…

Just making sure you were up on things. [Laughs]

I’m just going to throw out some categories and let you give your favorite recent invention. First up: favorite recent R&B invention. It can be an artist, song, video - anything.

The best recent R&B invention would be the “Neighbors Know My Name” video by Trey Songz. If you liked the “I Invented Sex” video, this is “Invented Sex” on drugs - it’s just as sensual, more artistic. It features Jessica White, the Victoria’s Secret model. It will play on the BP3 tour for the next two weeks before it goes to the networks.

(Praise for Proactiv, after the jump.)

Favorite recent hip-hop invention?

Drake’s “Forever.” It’s a great collaborative effort, and it’s amazing to see him working with people like Wayne, Kanye, Eminem. It’s amazing innovation.

Favorite recent invention/innovation in film/movies?

“Book of Eli” was a great movie to me. It’s a movie about the Bible in so many ways, and the power of God, and I’m very into God. It’s very unique in today’s world, and it's the first action movies I’ve seen about the Bible.


Best television invention … hmmm … I don’t watch too much TV, but in hotels now did you know you can order movies that are still in the theater? I need to get that for my crib. You know what? I’m on it. I think I could probably get it- - just talk to the hotel.


Best beauty invention? Probably Proactiv - where’s my check?! No, probably makeup - concealer. As much as I don’t like it on women, I like the effect. It enhances beauty, can cover blemishes. Amazing invention.


Anything my grandmamma cook.

And of course, I have to ask you about your favorite invention related to sex. But this is a family newspaper, so nothing outrageous. So, more of a a PG-13 rated sex invention, please.

But it’s an outrageous question! I’ll say the Trey Songz “Ready” CD is the best sex invention - that’s the soundtrack.

OK, on to more serious questions. You’re on the BP3 tour with Jay-Z, how is it different from being on an R&B tour? What’s the crowd like?

This is a hip-hop tour, and although the audience may be Jay’s audience, it’s great to be there to get them warmed up. I’m not looking to do anything different to cater to a hip-hop audience, just leave my heart on the stage.

“Ready” was just certified gold - what did you do when you first heard the news?

The first thing I did was give the plaque to my mom, because she sacrificed a lot for me to be able to do what I do. I was proud, and this is a stepping stone for me, but it’s a miniscule part of what I want. I take it, I’m very proud of it, I accept it and I’m proud that so many people have taken part in the album, but I’m on to the next.

I know you participated in the new “We Are the World” benefiting Haitian earthquake relief and you have your own Songz for Peace charity…how important is that side of what you do?

It’s more than important, it’s a necessity. God has given me so much, it’s only right that I give back. With “We Are the World” it was such an amazing compliment for me to be considered, and what it does for people in Haiti, my people in Haiti, is incredible. And with Songz for Peace, you know, my voice means something. I can say something to a kid and mothers and fathers say things to kids, and it means two totally different things. It’s a beautiful thing, knowing you helped someone do better in life.

By Sarah Godfrey  |  February 25, 2010; 2:10 PM ET
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"Say Aah" is a better song, but "I Invented Sex" made for an entertaining interview.

Posted by: Lindemann777 | February 26, 2010 9:24 AM | Report abuse

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