Philly Fans: The Worst?

Did you hear that familiar noise rumbling through Wachovia Center last night as the Capitals rallied back from a 2-0 deficit to beat the Flyers and force Game 7?

It was the Flyers fans, and they sure as you-know-what weren't saying boo-urns.

Flyers fans weren't planning on making the trip back to Washington tonight for the final game of the series, and there will likely be no shortage of grumpy Philadelphians -- the worst kind of Philadelphians, mind you -- roaming around Verizon Center tonight.

Caps fans are preparing for the worst (from the fans, that is):

fanohock1: I have seen the fans of opposing teams come into Verizon and the Capital Centre for years and the Flyers fans are by far the hardest fans to watch a game with. It isn't the cheering when the Flyers score, that's cool, that's being a fan. Its the beer sloshing, and walking during the game (to get even more beer) that gets to me. As game 2 ended a boy that couldn't have been more than 8 years old was hit in the back of the head with an empty plastic beer container. The Cap fan walked up and demanded an apology, and the Flyer fan told him to "F" off and get out of his "F-in" face.

I witnessed a similar exchange when I followed the Redskins to Philadelphia for their playoff-clinching game on the first day of 2006 (what a day it was). I was walking up the stairs of my section to the main concourse when I heard a man tell his son -- who also couldn't have been more than eight years old -- to throw popcorn at another young kid in a Clinton Portis jersey sitting in the seat in front of them. Coincidence? Perhaps.

bigjofc: Philly does in fact have the worst fans in all of sports. The reason is simple Philly chokes in every sport.
bryan2369: Who eats cheese with steak anyway? The French???

Now that is just plain ignorant. Everybody likes cheesesteaks. Everybody, bryan!

RobinVABeach: Do me a favor, take a walk around Verizon tonight in your Flyers jersey or an Eagles jersey to the Skins-Eagles game this season. Then take the same walk in Philly with the opposing gear on. I've experienced both, and the trip to Philly ended up with coins thrown at me and my car, my girlfriend getting spit on going up to our seats after the Flyers scored a goal, and someone ripping my car flag off of my car. That's true class there Philly!

Alright, maybe we're not being fair to Philly fans. I've never seen worse, though I've never been to a game in Dallas, or Oakland, for example. Are they the absolute WORST fans to watch a game with?

By Lindsay Applebaum |  April 22, 2008; 3:34 PM ET  | Category:  Capitals
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