Featured Commenter: CHrIs LaRry

For the first edition of this brand-new feature designed to prove that sports commenters are indeed real-life people, meet Redskins Insider fixture CHrIs LaRry, the most case-sensitive guy this side of the Mississippi.

CHrIs LaRry, Internet Warrior.

Real name (optional): Chris Lawrence

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Educational Technology

If you always had to use your real name, would you still comment?

My handle is "CHrIs LaRry." Hardly a riddle, so yeah!

How long have you been coming to the Redskins Insider and how often do you read/comment?

I guess the end of training camp in the 2006 season. Maybe a few weeks into the season. I read every day, comment daily...um hourly....um bi-hourly...that is all I am prepared to admit to. I am an obsessive refresher. My life was incomplete before refresh.

How do we know if it's the real CHrIs LaRry or an imposter?

I think I have established my voice, I got style, so much style that its wasted! Also I got stubby little sausage link fingers and abuse a keyboard when I type so I am famous for inadvertant caps lock and bad spelling. The mixed caps handle is a clear tell. Also I love to pepper my comments with the word "meme".

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Have you ever fought any epic comment battles?

Wow have I? I am easily one of the most despised commenters by certain factions. I love to scrap. Fighting on the internet is a joy of life! I don't consider myself a griefer or flamer, but if you wanna scrap, lets go! Me and the legendary Barno are frequent combatants. Although I get limited satisfaction out of that considering his big come back is "Chrissy". Weak! I love when someone punches me in the nose in a creative way, keeps me humble. The most legendary was actually the Great Blog Wars of 06/07 between RI and Extreme Skins. I liked taking a break from bashing each other and instead becoming a band of brothers and taking on those mega toolz with their fat head icons and rankings. Extreme skins is beyond lame.

Have you met anyone through the Redskins Insider in person?

Yeah Nate in the PDX and I have had at least three dates! I went to the RI meet-up. I love meeting these foolz.

What other blogs (on washingtonpost.com or elsewhere) do you read?

Tarik is my dawg. The Caps blog rules, hockey haters drool! I don't scrap and mix it up as much on Cap Insider, more lurk. I did love live blogging during the playoff games though. I also love the use of "@ so and so" when you want to address a past commenter. I though about introducing that to RI, but its gotta be natural, ya know?

Other blogs, look folks, I am a straight lefty so all the usual suspects, Huff Post, Talking Points Memo. Also nerd educator stuff like Webblog Ed and Steven Berlin Johnson's blog. Gadget blogs like engadget. I love blogs though. Sometimes its long affairs like with RI or quick one nighters with like Stuff White People Like.

Do you have your own blog?

I did... Bile & Venom. I should get back to it. But it was just a way to crack my friends up, and that gets med old quick. I have work related ones I am not a liberty to divulge. I have often thought of starting a focused one like weird/cool science videos or grilling meat.

How long have you been a fan of the Redskins?

Since birth. I was baptized on the same day as the 1972 Skins superbowl appearance and came of age in the glorious 80's. My mom once bet I couldn't name 10 players when I was like 8........I smoked that fool and never looked back!

How do you think the Redskins will do this year?

Who knows, I have become very zen when it comes to the Skins. Would I sound like a jellyfish if I said 8-8....yeah I thought so. 15-1 baby!

What other teams do you root for?

In the NFL....no one. F all other teams! My other fave teams are: Capitals, G-Town, Yankees (boo hoo haters I loved them since I was 5. I remember the day Munson died) and Nats

Ask and answer another question to add to this interview.

Hmm....tough one. How about: What would be your fantasy job related to the Redskins: Mine would be afternoon drive time sports call in host. I have some experience in radio. I would rock that job. Come on Applebaum make it happen!

Who should be the next featured commenter? Drop me a line.

By Lindsay Applebaum |  June 19, 2008; 9:24 AM ET  | Category:  Featured Commenter , Redskins
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