Fenty: BlackBerrys Gone Wild

Mayor Fenty has vowed to hold the line when it comes to the growth of government. He has pledged not to raise taxes and to eliminate waste and inefficiency. In short, he wants to do more with less.

Except when it comes to personal digital assistants, that is. Don't look now but Fenty has taken to sporting three BlackBerry devices on his belt.

Fenty has long been known for his devotion to the "berry", as his staff has nicknamed the device. He was often spotted thumbing messages to aides and constituents during D.C. Council meeetings as the Ward 4 rep, and those quick responses are credited with helping him win the mayor's office.

During the campaign, Fenty added a second BlackBerry to handle all campaign functions, while keeping his council device for city business. He made a commercial featuring him on the device, and the board of trade gave him a birthday card shaped like a pda.

Now, Fenty has added a third berry-- one is reserved for mayoral duties, one for personal stuff and one to maintain immediate conntact with his police chief nominee Cathy Lanier in case of emergencies.

Aides report that Fenty will get yet another one-- his fourth-- in a few weeks, this one loaded down with pretty much every piece of information about the city possible -- maps, housing data, public works info -- so that he can pull it up wherever he is (and call whomever he needs to get something done). No word yet as to whether others will try to keep pace. (second item)

By David Nakamura |  February 2, 2007; 8:00 AM ET
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