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A Secret Afghanistan Mission Prepares for War with Iran

Those predicting war with Iran or some Bush-Cheney October surprise attack on Tehran are constantly looking for signs of military preparations: a B-52 bomber that mistakenly takes off from North Dakota with nuclear-armed cruise missiles; a second or third aircraft...

By William M. Arkin | May 8, 2008; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (84)

Israel Attacks Syria and Everyone Wins

Two weeks ago, by many accounts, Israeli aircraft penetrated deep into Syrian airspace and bombed a target. What's surprising is the calm that's followed.

By William M. Arkin | September 19, 2007; 09:17 AM ET | Comments (33)

The Government's FAQ on WMD and NBC Terrorism

It has a sober subject (terrorism and nuclear weapons) and an excess of acronyms, but a new report is basically a plea for more government money.

By William M. Arkin | August 10, 2007; 07:29 AM ET | Comments (15)

What the Weapons Makers Want

The news in Seattle today is the return of a Trident submarine from the shipyard, the third of five old nuclear boats being converted to be conventionally armed cruise-missile and special-operations platforms. The Air Force, meanwhile, wants a new long-range...

By William M. Arkin | June 13, 2007; 08:33 AM ET | Comments (29)

Plans, But No Intention for War With Iran

Earlier this week, the BBC carried a report that said it had learned "U.S. contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure." The BBC also said "diplomatic sources" told...

By William M. Arkin | February 23, 2007; 08:38 AM ET | Comments (123)

Preemption Shenanigans in Seoul

The South Korean government and the top U.S. military officer in South Korea, commander of the combined U.S.-South Korean Combined Forces Command (CFC), say neither country intends to strike North Korea preemptively. Seoul's Foreign Ministry released a statement calling my...

By William M. Arkin | October 31, 2006; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (24)

North Korea Exposes Our Paper Arsenal

Long before North Korea's nuclear test, Bush administration types were pointing fingers at the Clinton camp for "failures" of diplomacy, Democratic weaknesses around the globe and the naiveté of diplomacy: Whether the "threat" was Iraq or North Korea, the new...

By William M. Arkin | October 12, 2006; 10:09 AM ET | Comments (35)

The Truth Behind Military Inaction in North Korea

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday assured the world that the United States does not intend to attack North Korea."The United States, somehow, in a provocative way, trying to invade North Korea?" Rice scoffed. "It's just not the case."Rice sounds...

By William M. Arkin | October 11, 2006; 12:47 PM ET | Comments (68)

U.S. Fails at Countering WMD

Since September 2002, the United States has had a publicly declared policy of preemption, implemented in the National Security Strategy, that it will not allow additional countries to go nuclear.  President Bush drew a red line in May 2003, declaring...

By William M. Arkin | October 10, 2006; 12:30 PM ET | Comments (27)

Behind North Korea's Latest Nuclear Gamble

At a time when North Korea has announced its intention to conduct a nuclear test, U.S. intelligence believes the country is its weakest ever militarily, and quietly draws up contingency plans to deal with a "post Kim Jong Il" state.Military...

By William M. Arkin | October 5, 2006; 08:43 AM ET | Comments (68)

The Inhumanity of Unmanned Missiles

North Korea's launch of a long-range, ballistic missile is described one week as provocative and unacceptable, and reluctantly accepted the following week. The missile itself symbolizes only the North's unpredictability.  It could hardly be taken seriously as a "threat,"...

By William M. Arkin | July 10, 2006; 09:32 AM ET | Comments (47)

A Rational North Korea

The South Korean government now is saying a North Korean missile launch is not an imminent threat.  Pyongyang, meanwhile, is hinting that all it really wants is attention -- and to enter dialogue with Washington.  The North knows it...

By William M. Arkin | June 21, 2006; 08:23 AM ET | Comments (128)

A New Trident II is an Illusion of Defense

Two former Secretaries of Defense argue in today's Washington Post that the United States should procure conventional warheads for Trident II submarine-launched missiles, a capability, they argue, that someday could be the only defense standing between us and terrorists...

By William M. Arkin | May 22, 2006; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (22)

Disassembling, and Talking, Nuclear Junk

Is the Bush administration accelerating the retirement of old nuclear warheads in order to pave the way for a consensus to build new ones? Today's Post reports plans by the Department of Energy to dismantle a greater number of...

By William M. Arkin | May 4, 2006; 08:15 AM ET | Comments (23)

The Nuclear Option and Iran

What does "all options" mean? President Bush yesterday refused to rule out a U.S. nuclear strike to prevent Iran from developing its own nuclear weapons, saying that "all options are on the table." It is a confusing and harmful ambiguity...

By William M. Arkin | April 19, 2006; 11:45 AM ET | Comments (48)

Goldilocks and Iran

I've been stewing over two articles this weekend that purport to be about U.S. government planning for a potential war with Iran, one a front page article in this newspaper yesterday and the other a long New Yorker piece by...

By William M. Arkin | April 10, 2006; 08:45 AM ET | Comments (67)

Is an Iran Strike Inevitable?

"The United States is also susceptible to harm and pain," Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the Iranian delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency read from a prepared statement today, referring to American threats against his country. "So if that is the...

By William M. Arkin | March 9, 2006; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (126)

Attacking Iran Even Without Good Targets

The Cheney-Bolton threats to Iran this week have fueled speculation in the press and on the Internet that the United States (and Israel) are planning imminent military action.  The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its...

By William M. Arkin | March 8, 2006; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (65)

Bombing is in the Air

Iran -- now Hamas -- bombing is in the air. I've heard all of the arguments that the U.S. doesn't know where the most important targets are, that military solutions won't solve the real problems; that any kind of...

By William M. Arkin | January 27, 2006; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (28)

Destabilizing Missiles?

Tony Capaccio of Bloomberg News has another scoop that probably portends the most important strategic military development of our generation. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has given the Navy go ahead to develop a conventionally armed Trident missile. Two dozen existing...

By William M. Arkin | January 19, 2006; 12:30 PM ET | Comments (42)

Attack Iran? We're Ready

For months, the press and blogosphere have been filled with scoops about U.S. and Israeli preparations for an imminent strike on Iran. Commentators in the mainstream press, meanwhile, have questioned the likelihood of a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, arguing that...

By William M. Arkin | January 17, 2006; 09:30 AM ET | Comments (81)


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