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Syria's Nuclear Weapon: What to Do

The "news" that North Korea and Syria were cooperating in the development of nuclear weapons, a "charge" the Bush administration made yesterday, is not news to anyone who has been closely following the September incident in which Israel mysteriously attacked...

By William M. Arkin | April 25, 2008; 11:40 AM ET | Comments (80)

Arms for Sale

Capitol Hill lawmakers opposing a plan to sell bomb-guidance kits to Saudi Arabia have chosen the wrong vehicle to question U.S.-Saudi relations.

By William M. Arkin | January 16, 2008; 07:36 AM ET | Comments (25)

Russia Lends a Hand

Russian-Iranian cooperation on a new air defense system could improve security in the region. Cooperation on offensive military equipment is another story.

By William M. Arkin | December 27, 2007; 08:01 AM ET | Comments (19)

The Special Relationship

The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is shaping up to have profound effects on U.S.-Israeli relations.

By William M. Arkin | December 7, 2007; 08:12 AM ET | Comments (36)


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