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Bombs Not To Get Worked Up About

Russia's new "father of all bombs" and recent bomber missions over the Pacific are best seen as bids for attention.

By William M. Arkin | September 17, 2007; 07:11 AM ET | Comments (21)

The Government's FAQ on WMD and NBC Terrorism

It has a sober subject (terrorism and nuclear weapons) and an excess of acronyms, but a new report is basically a plea for more government money.

By William M. Arkin | August 10, 2007; 07:29 AM ET | Comments (15)

Ready for Surge II?

Come September, we could be looking at Surge II.

By William M. Arkin | July 17, 2007; 07:35 AM ET | Comments (115)

The Vigilant Shield 07 Exercise Scenario

Supplement to Early Warning blog posting for October 6, 2006 (From the Vigilant Shield 07 exercise scenario, taken from U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) briefing documents dated August 2006.  The material in brackets is added by the author to explain acronyms.Irmingham = IranNemazee =...

By William M. Arkin | October 6, 2006; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (44)

Russia Supports North Korea in Nuclear War

Codename of the Week: Vigilant Shield When nuclear war breaks out in December between the United States, Russia and North Korea, American taxpayers should be furious.The war is just another U.S. military exercise.But this one is particularly childish, a massive waste...

By William M. Arkin | October 6, 2006; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (68)

Blabbermouthing about Secrets

Pentagon spying and the government clampdown on the leaking of classified information are at the top of my news interests this week. Yesterday, the House version of the fiscal year 2007 Intelligence Authorization bill included language directing the Defense...

By William M. Arkin | April 28, 2006; 07:35 AM ET | Comments (43)

Iraq: Experts are Part of the Problem

I told you so and they were wrong dominates the op-eds and blogs on this anniversary of the Iraq war, ignoring a much more pervasive and influential third voice: those with no opinion. How is it that those who have...

By William M. Arkin | March 21, 2006; 08:15 AM ET | Comments (34)

No bin Laden Capture in 2006

By the end of 2006, the United States will have fewer than 100,000 troops in Iraq and will be well on its way to withdrawing its forces, Osama bin Laden will still be at large, Iran and Syria and North...

By William M. Arkin | January 4, 2006; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (63)

Civility and the Iraq Debate

As my plane landed in D.C. today -- I live in Vermont for those who don't know -- my anxiety level increased and I was instantly reminded why I don't live here anymore.  My trip is actually to attend a...

By William M. Arkin | November 10, 2005; 04:06 PM ET | Comments (27)

Bird Flu, Hurricanes, the Mexico Problem

Code Name of the Week: Ardent Sentry Despite the administration's politically motivated push for a strong federal government response to a possible influenza pandemic and the president's love affair with all things military, the Pentagon is planning to pay only...

By William M. Arkin | November 8, 2005; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (16)

Wag the Damascus?

Last year, U.S. intelligence agencies and military planners received instructions to prepare up-to-date target lists for Syria and to increase their preparations for potential military operations against Damascus. According to internal intelligence documents and discussions with military officers involved in...

By William M. Arkin | November 7, 2005; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (39)

Inside U.S. War Plans

"Do Pentagon war planners game-play war against Venezuela?  Of course they do," says WS, commenting on my blog saying that the Pentagon was newly eyeing Venezuela as a military threat and initiating war planning, "they probably game-play war against...

By William M. Arkin | November 4, 2005; 04:15 PM ET | Comments (43)

Pentagon to Venezuela: Who, Us?

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Donald Rumsfeld are like two alcoholics drinking together, pathetically doing the only thing they know how to do, egged on by their presence at the bar.  Yesterday, I wrote that "The Pentagon has begun contingency planning...

By William M. Arkin | November 3, 2005; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (70)

Russia Nukes the United States

Code Name of the Week: Slomonia  Scooter Schmooter, Russia is about to nuke the United States. Tomorrow, the U.S. military begins its largest "national" military exercise of the fiscal year, an exercise that posits a return of the "old guard"...

By William M. Arkin | October 31, 2005; 11:06 AM ET | Comments (68)

Libby's Resignation: No Spin Here

"An investigation that raised questions about the administration's rationale for going to war against Iraq," says The New York Times. A case that "could throw a spotlight on President Bush's push to war" says The Washington Post. "A case that...

By William M. Arkin | October 28, 2005; 05:06 PM ET | Comments (48)

A Little Denial Here, a Little There

South Korean government officials are all in a dither about disclosures of a U.S. contingency plan to undertake preemptive attacks on North Korea despite the fact that preemption is the official U.S. national security policy and North Korea is a...

By William M. Arkin | October 11, 2005; 07:14 PM ET | Comments (13)

Myers, Uzbekistan, Nukes Bye Bye

Posse Notaneedus. Though Senator John Warner (R-VA) said last week that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld told him in a telephone conversation that the Pentagon would examine the Posse Comitatus Act to see whether the law impedes military response in domestic...

By William M. Arkin | October 3, 2005; 11:48 AM ET | Comments (25)

Great Games

Rita and Katrina will surely stoke the fires of those who want U.S. forces out of Iraq, as much as it will embolden those who argue that because U.S. military forces are at a breaking point in Iraq, the Army...

By William M. Arkin | September 26, 2005; 06:00 AM ET | Comments (12)


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