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Admit it: You don't have time to read every opinions piece in the nation's biggest newspapers every day. But now there's no need to worry, because I do. I'll be reading each weekday's op-ed pages so you don't have to.

Very early every morning, I'll scan and summarize the day's editorial pages so that by the time you get to work, the CliffsNotes version of who's saying what, where and how will be posted on this blog or sent to you via e-mail by 7 a.m. (Click here to sign up for the morning newsletter, which we will begin sending out by early March.) Whether you need to know what's in the day's editorials and columns because your job requires it or because you want to sound slick at this weekend's parties, The Editorialist will help you stay up-to-date on the debates playing out on the nation's most influential opinions pages, including those in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times.

I'll do my best to play fair -- that is, I won't give The Post material more weight than what's published elsewhere, even though washingtonpost.com signs my paycheck. And while the main focus of the blog will be commentary published in America's big circulation daily newspapers, each day I'll also survey voices from another set of media outlets: smaller daily newspapers, opinion magazines, the Internet, the college press and weekly newspapers.

The other important focus of the blog will be its readers. The Editorialist is meant to be interactive. What's fun about reading arguments if you can't offer your own two cents? The comments sections are yours to fill, and I'll do my best to highlight the smartest ideas, arguments and rebuttals you make and feature them on the blog.

An important note: I will be spending most of my day trolling Web sites for good reads, but I won't catch every worthwhile opinions piece. If you stumble across an enlightening, funny or controversial op-ed, please send me the link. You can e-mail me at rob.anderson@washingtonpost.com.

Speaking of me, before joining the washingtonpost.com, I worked for The New Republic, where I helped edit and produce the magazine's Web site. Prior to that, I edited Georgetown University's weekly newsmagazine, The Georgetown Voice, and interned for The American Prospect. I grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan, reside in Washington, D.C., and consider the Internet my home.

By Rob Anderson |  February 13, 2007; 5:50 AM ET
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This is a great idea. I hope it catches on and gets the attention it deserves.

Posted by: Austin Richardson | February 15, 2007 04:32 PM

Of course you'll feature primarily the democrat-bashing of the instapundits--endless column space of why hillary voted wrong, why they didn't do right on iraq (as if anybody did), the fabricated story of pelosi's plane, edwards vs. the katholic kooks, etc. etc. etc., why a purple man can't be president.

Posted by: Lamb Cannon | February 15, 2007 06:33 PM

I approve of The Editorialist! In fact, I suggested the idea to the Post's ombudsman last fall. I live in southern New Mexico. Our daily paper (Gannett News) falls way short on its national and international coverage. Being able to read metro daily papers via the Internet is very much a daily rite for me. My comment to your ombudsman was "get away from the beltway, pick up opinion pieces from around the country and air them on the Post". So whether or not my comment helped establish this new "Editorialist" or not, I really welcome the broad range of views it hightlights. Thanks. Or, "gracias", as we say in New Mexico.

Posted by: Violet Cauthon | February 20, 2007 10:04 AM

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