Commission On Wartime Contracting

Hold on to your horses, because the Democrats have named the people who will lead the examination of government contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan.

It could get ugly, folks.

Sen. Jim Webb just announced that a former Defense Contract Audit Agency official, a noted contracting law professor, the first inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security and a veteran staffer on Capitol Hill will lead the group.

Four others are to be named, with input from President Bush.

"Established as the result of legislation introduced by Senators Jim Webb (D-VA) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) last spring and signed into law January 28, 2008, the Commission is charged with addressing the systemic problems associated with the federal government's wartime-support, reconstruction, and private security contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan," Webb's announcement said.

"This Commission was inspired by the work of the "Truman Committee," which conducted hundreds of hearings and investigations into government waste during and after World War II at an estimated savings of more than $178 billion (in today's dollars) to the American taxpayer."

By Robert O'Harrow |  June 20, 2008; 5:36 PM ET
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Frankly, I'd feel better about this commission if Webb himself were on it and IdiotBush had absolutely no input. Above all, keep any lawyers off this commission.

Posted by: Doubtom | June 23, 2008 11:26 AM

what's that quote about closing the barn door?

Posted by: Johnny E | June 23, 2008 12:44 PM

Oh yeah, this is going to make a big difference in contracting policies. Sure it will. With politicians on the Commission too! Yep, you want to bet what the Recommendation line on the end-result study will say? Let's try: "We found no systemic problems in the contracting policies/contract awards regarding the war in Iraq." Business as usual guys. o.k. now the commission is over and we can go home. Wasn't that easy hmmm??? This administration is coming to an end (thank the stars) so who will look at this report in Feb 09 -- much less DO anything with the recommendations (if there are any constructive ones anyway)? It is a waste of time and money with no real actions/results at the end. Same old stuff.

Posted by: nicholjo | June 23, 2008 6:32 PM

Sorry do to the democrats NOW being the majority we will see a airing of dirty laundry thanks to the republican majority refusing to exercise their constitutional responsibilities of oversight. Not one investigation was implemented even though their were hundreds of patriotic citizens outlining abuse. Republicans did not want to embarras this administration. Many of the whistle blowers were republican appointees who thought it criminal the way money was spent. Get ready to be sickened by the abuse..

Posted by: Kevin H | June 24, 2008 9:52 AM

Today I received my so-called "stimulus" check from the IRS. I'd donate the whole thing to an independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated toputting those responsible in prison if I could be assured they'd work relentlessly to do it. Talk about irony, what if everyone donated their "you're trying to buy my vote," er, I mean, economic stimulus check to stimulate justice, instead?

Posted by: paul | June 25, 2008 1:40 PM

Now let's use our heads! The number of hours in a seven (7) day week; 24 hours per day equates to 168 hours per week total for Operation1-6-8.

There are 5280 feet in each MILE, IRAQ is or claims to be 171,555 square miles, you do the math and get 905,810,400 feet total. The size of targeted areas per trooper's responsibility, equates to 1.0211 MILES per troop member's responsibility. Now if you reduce that number (size) by the mountainous square miles and take into consideration other impassible routes, each military personnel would be responsible for even less square footage or square miles and that reaching a preplanned and focused approach within their performance is very high! This formula is a non-failing equation. The United States will not have to continue to prolong the inevitable... OPERATION 1-6-8: - MISSION: RESOLVE AND RESTORE

Military operations should begin at midnight, so as to allow observance of United State's troop progressions by the break of the new day! The late night and or early morning military strikes using heat and body seeking armaments will allow for United States military strategists to view their advance, or the lack thereof, under the cover of darkness. I find this approach most beneficial as the United States has the superior weapons and or armaments to successfully restore and resolve this conflict. A new attitude must be developed and adhered to that would certainly assure all United States troops members that in their effort to deliver the utmost aggressive, decisive and militarily progressive means of assaults, they too play an very important role in our military success. The superior training will be evident in their application of military strikes or attacks. Precise and decisive attacks on insurgents' military bases of operation will be the key to closing this military conflict or war! Military attacks from air, sea, ground, etc. will help render this conflict moot and bring it to a close. The sheer number of our mighty troops is a clear indication that the United States has the strength to defeat the insurgents and the wherewithal to exact swift and decisive strikes at military opponents in Iraq. When this event becomes a military success, with the likes of a military operation previously not seen in awhile. The United States military strategists realize that having a multi-prong assault will ensure victory! Troop casualties and/or loss of life will be considerably reduced, when targeted military strikes take place. To get some prospective of our military options: A joint effort defensive, with or without the Iraqi government is still an option. However, non-participation by Iraq government forces will not interfere with United States military planned procedures. When dealing with religious zealots, such as these, being careful not to intimidate it is an arduous task! However, the United States will be firm in its resolve to having closure and restoring a level of peace that would only benefit all parties.

Please try to remember, that the LORD will not give you more than you can handle. Okay?
In the end our troops' performance will be staggering and off the military charts. And with a leader with the fabulous name of PERTREAUS, the United States will not fail! Zero tolerance for any thoughts of military failure. Thinking of failure is tantamount to TREASON! Iraq and the US military task will be completed with very high levels of decisive and aggressive military strategies. Question: Would Washington, Grant, Lee, T Roosevelt, Pershing, MacArthur, Cochise, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Swartzkoff, or Powell fight this conflict the same way as its being...uh...fought?

To The Republican Party: What are the names of those soldiers who have paid the 'ultimate' price? Why is your administration insistent on continuing this conflict and accumulating bodies along the way? An answer is demanded for the people are on a need to know basis! Give careful consideration for OPERATION-1-6-8.

DATE: February 29, 2008

When Justice, Treasury and State departments announced the reward in September 2002. I immediately put my thinking cap on and sent the following suggestions to Ms. Janet Barksdale, who for the next 12 months engaged me in conversation relating to my suggestions:

How to find Osama Bin Laden
Using GPS systems to track monetary transfer from US to foreign countries
How to minimize terrorist sympathizers in our country, so we can better protect our citizens

Needless to say, I was shocked and dismayed when I read two weeks ago that the government was awarding the reward to a government employee! What is going on here? I was assured by both Ms. Barksdale and Willie Williams, the coordinator for the fund, that my suggestions were not only timely, they would prove to be very beneficial for our country and these suggestions were also related to White House Operator 64; who on works only on Thursday. I gave her, the same information that I gave to Ms. Barksdale. So, my question is this. Since I was assured that I was eligible for the Justice reward, please explain to me how that position changed. Not only how but also why did it change? Obviously, no one is doing anything about really finding OBL, and goodness knows, why not? Further, as a citizen of this great country, I now have to request that the office of the President, get a detailed listing of my long distance phone calls to Washington DC, and my time spent speaking with Justice, Treasury and State departments about the above suggestions. The office of the president can resolve this issue by demanding that Verizon, my carrier at that time, using the Freedom Plan, which is for disabled people on fixed income. I strongly request this information as it will prove, to my knowledge, that no one, I repeat no one has come forward with better suggestions! Please, I need resolution to this burning question. Without any answers, I will go forward and deal with this in the public and with the public's media outlets. I thought I was doing the right thing for our country. Low and behold, my country has turned on me, and my suggestions albeit worthy and timely and good for the benefit of our country, went for naught. Why? What happened? I need to know why I was not considered to even sharing the reward with this alleged government employee. I am very upset. Please advice soonest. I have called and left messages in the last couple of weeks to Justice, Treasury and State. To no avail! I am still awaiting callbacks from these departments. If it is any consolation that this government is being run like a gin mill so be it! Better try to make sense, and if the government can't, why are there no one being held responsible for being irresponsible about the safety of our great nation? Please have someone reply to my inquiry.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Chico Clinton
109 West 112th Street, #51
Harlem, NY 10026

Posted by: carmelita chico | June 30, 2008 10:01 AM

To Carmelita Chico,
You know the doctors told you not to skip your medication. Doing that causes you to become paranoid and delusional.

You expect the government to pay you 5 million dollars for your idea of tracking funds transfers with GPS? For real?? you're actually serious?!?

Definitely delusional!

Posted by: Bob Klenck | June 30, 2008 12:04 PM

To Carmelita Chico,
You know the doctors told you not to skip your medication. Doing that causes you to become paranoid and delusional.

You expect the government to pay you 5 million dollars for your idea of tracking funds transfers with GPS? For real?? you're actually serious?!?

Definitely delusional!

Posted by: Bob Klent | June 30, 2008 12:08 PM

The horror that Bush/Cheney co. visited upon the people of Iraq constitutes crimes against humanity,war crimes,profiteering and opportunism.There was no plan in place to protect the hospitals and clinics,universities,schools,libraries or museums.There were no protections in place for children or the elderly and innocents. The only directive was to protect the oil.Iraq went from being a rare and incredible jewel of the middle east to a 3rd world nightmare over night.We surely could have used a "smart bomb" and surgically removed Saddam and the boys without all the devastation.But then how could certain folks have lined their pockets so well.

Posted by: Dawn Garland | July 3, 2008 3:45 PM

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