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Mexican Elections, Off With a Bang. Literally.

So far there has been a purported assassination attempt, complaints of meddling by both the Catholic Church and the sitting president, allegations of influence peddling and whispers that Mexico may be in store for its own version of the U.S. presidential recount of 2000. And this is just Day...

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Ceci Connolly began working for The Washington Post in 1997. During the 2000 election cycle, she spent 18 months on the campaign trail with Democrat Al Gore. Her coverage of that election included a Washington Post Magazine cover story on the vice president's fundraising machine, scoops on internal shakeups...

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Welcome to Mexico Votes 2006, a daily dose of news and analysis on Mexico's hotly contested presidential race. The July 2 election is the first to be held since 2000, when Vicente Fox's National Action Party (PAN) knocked the longruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) from power for the first time since 1910. While Fox's ascension marked a historic shift in government, many of his campaign pledges of reform - among them a new economy and a major crackdown on crime and corruption - remain unfulfilled. Five candidates are now competing to replace him.

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