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Staff Writer Manuel Roig-Franzia profiles PRD candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Friday's Washington Post. Excerpt: "Obrador, who is often compared with South American leftists, has found a model in an icon from the north: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

López Obrador's economics team has developed a blueprint for what they call the "Mexican New Deal." Their modern version of Depression-era populism is an ambitious program to create millions of jobs and stem migration by undertaking huge public works projects, including a railroad network, vast housing developments, ports and timber replanting."

Read the full article: "Using FDR as Model, Presidential Hopeful Out to Build New Deal for Mexico."

Click below to watch a video report on the Mexican presidential race. Video journalist Christina Pino-Marina tailed Obrador and PAN candidate Felipe Calderon, spoke with voters and got an expert's analysis of the presidential race.

This video looks at the two leading candidates for president in Mexico's July 2 national election and the issues they are campaigning on. (video by's Christina Pino-Marina)

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Interesting video by Christina Pina-Marino. No matter who wins the election, there is so much to be done in Mexico! Good luck!

Posted by: Norma | June 23, 2006 01:27 PM

The Alternative Model of Nation who proposes Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is the natural reaction against the merciless application in Mexico of the economical scheme "neo-liberal" implanted by the technocrats that Carlos Salinas leads, to freeze wages, to stop the workers movement and to his claims, to privatize the national resources, to bring down the budgets for the social well-being, etc... This economical model has been applied in form so awkward that has propitiating the closing of thousands of small-scale enterprises with the consistent loss of employments, the abandonment of the field and generated emigration in quantity earlier seen never, and finally it has propitiated the unjust distribution of the social wealth.
AMLO proposes to finish with the inequalities created in several decades of technocrtic neoliberalism with an ambitious program of government based on the just social assistance, suitable wages and a modern nationalism.
Writer Manuel Roig-Franzia is not wrong on having compared the economical model proposed by AMLO with the program of the Depression-Era of F. D. Roosevelt because simply Mexico is sunk and almost destroyed in a deep social and economic depression.
The program of AMLO is the solution.


Posted by: HUMBERTO ADOLFO VAZQUEZ VIDALES | June 23, 2006 07:45 PM

Estoy en total desacuerdo.

Denle su ayudadita a Felipe Calderón pero aun asi ganará el Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador y será un ejemplo para el mundo.

Sonrian Vamos A Ganar

Posted by: INFUNDADOS | June 23, 2006 08:56 PM

Al contrario, son las políticas actuales, implementadas desde 1982, las que ha ocasionado el flujo migratorio, políticas que habrá de cambiar López Obrador, revirtiendo ese flujo. Lamentable la falta de honestidad de quien elaboró el reporte que publican.

Posted by: Antonio Hernández M. | June 24, 2006 09:49 AM

I am all for Lopez Obrador! It is about time someone takes care of the poor to encourage a better life for all. We are tired of paying our taxes so the no good politicians of the PRI and PAN can live in the lap of luxury while there is extreme hunger in the rest of the country. My blessings to Mr. Lopez Obrador and his team.

Posted by: Karla A. Reséndez N. | June 24, 2006 01:05 PM

Los Gobiernos de Izquierda, han demostrado mayor responsabilidad en el manejo de las finanzas, que los de Derecha, cómo el de Bush por cierto.
La deuda del D.F. es triple AAA segun Standars and Poors, eso significa que es la deuda más pagable y para información de su perodico solo hay 3 deudad calificadas AAA en el mundo. en Cánada, en Europa y en el DF. Y SI HABLAMOS DE DESEMPLEO, Fox prometio más de i millón de empleos al año, y lejos de cumplir perdimos 40 000 empleos al mes, hoy mucha de esa gente está trabajando en USA haciendo grande con su trabajo impecable a ese país de Drogadictos, e invasores.
Los mexicanos somos los primeros interesados en no ir a vivir a USA, su país no nos merece, NO NOS GUSTA SU ESTILITO de mal vivir. López Obrador será Presidente les guste o no.
Así que mejor se acostumbran a la idea ... ¡¡ y sonrian vamos a ganar !!

Posted by: Ariadne Lamont | June 24, 2006 01:58 PM

Whatever you say, I simply don't agree with your point of view and next July 2, I'm gonna vote for Lopez Obrador and so will do the most of the mexican people. Viva AMLO!

Posted by: Giorgo Moroder | June 24, 2006 08:51 PM

Open Letter to President Vicente Fox Quesada:

H. President Vicente Fox Quesada:

We, the Mexicans that are currently living abroad, want to respectfully address you in these times when important issues are debated in our country:

It is our desire that you look first of all to the current situation of Mexicans, who due to economic and political reasons, are exiled in the Unites States, Canada and Europe (in the so called developed countries), looking for better opportunities and protection for their families. These Mexican expatriates, are facing a tremendous attack, in a way that has never seen before. Their honest work is criminalized and their family unity and solidarity is threatened.

For that reason, in the case of the United States, we have gone out on the streets, to fight for the full recognition of our fundamental rights as human beings. We want these rights in full and for that reason we do not accept a partial solution that contemplates only temporary workers that are nothing else that modern slavery contracts. In this type of labor arrangement, people do not have the right to have their families together, neither the right of a residence or citizenship in their host country.

We are not in agreement with the course of events and we are going to continue fighting to get our rights in full. For that reason we request you, respectfully, not to accept this kind of arrangement and not to thank the US government for that, especially because it includes the building of an offensive border fence and the militarization of the Mexican-US border.

This is our fight and we are the ones that should be invited to discuss and negotiate on it, not the Mexican government that caused our necessary migration as a result of unemployment and /or the systematic persecution from radical groups such as "El Yunque" which does not accept diversity. These reasons have obligated thousands of Mexicans to abandon their country and to request asylum abroad.

Another of our priorities is the improvement of the current political situation of Mexico. We are observing the alarming actions of the Mexican government, such as intromission in union's activities, attacks of miners in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, and the murder of indigenous people in Atenco, as well as a flagrant manipulation of the electoral process. The protests of Mexicans abroad denouncing the rapes suffered by women in Atenco are expanding. These events are not only sad, but also an embarrassment for our country.

It is very disturbing for us to witness the "dirty war" made in the Mexican media, the waste of the nations economic resources, many from migrant's remittances, used to attack rival candidates. It is clear that we do not learn from experience. Civil society, with independence of their electoral preference, is not going to allow the abuse, the partiality neither an electoral fraud.

For the very last time, and despite the severe mistakes of your government, we give you the benefit of the doubt. Remember that in 2000, many of us supported you, because we considered you were democrat. We are concerned to realize that we could be wrong.

We desire a federal government that respects the democratic decision of people. A government that stops the "dirty war" in the political process and acts with transparency. One that avoids the abuse of the policemen force against workers, women, and children.

We will be very attentive of the coming events in Mexico. We hope that your presidential actions reflect the enormous responsibility that our country means for you, and we will be, as always, unconditionally supportive of the Mexican nation and its decisions.

We will do, whatever we consider necessary to keep the democratic progress in our country.


The exiles of poverty, freedom, and diversity

Por California Agricultural Workers Organization (OTAC),Stockton, CA,Luis Magaña. North American for Democracy in México and Frente de Mexicanos en El Exterior,Sacramento,CA,Al Rojas and Alex Garza.Por Grupo Aguila,Salinas, CA,Enrique Mendez Flores.Por Unión Primero de Mayo,Sacramento, CA.,E. Páramo Hernández and Isidoro Hojman.
Por Community Volunteers,Sacramento Chapter,Felipe García.Por el Community Volunteers,San José Chapter,José Sandoval, Isela Díaz.
Por Coalition for Justice for Immigrants,Atlanta Ga ,Fresno Chapter,
Leonel Flores.Por Frente de Mexicanos en El Exterior,San Diego,Maria Curry.Por Mexicano Canadienses por la Participacion Social,Vancouver Canada,Eva Nancy Trigueros.Eva Chavez,Vancouver, Canada.Leticia Parks ,
Portland Oregon.Blanca Luthi,Portland Oregon.Jaime Ruiz,Auburn Hills, MI.Patricia Ibarra,Mexico.Por PROBEA, PFEA,CAATI Antonio Cardenas,
Tijuana-San Diego.Francisco Lizarraga,Colectivo de Redes Ciudadanas de Mexicali,Mexico.Andres Morgan Medina,Bruselas Belgica.Vice-Presidente Casa Michoacan,Co-Fundador, Secretario General de la COMM Confederacion de Organizaciones Migrantes Mexicanas),Salvador Andrade Mendoza.
Fundador y Presidente de Casa Michoacan en el Estado de California y miembro de la Confederacion de Organizaciones de Migrantes Mexicanos Residencia Modesto,California,Manuel Mireles.Dpl.Dr.Jose Mora Osorio,
Organizacion Mexikayotl,Grimmelshaussengasse 12)7,Viena Austria.Gabriel A. Becerril Aragon,Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.Presidente de la Red Ciudadana Europea,Ernesto Calderon,Paris Francia.Miembro de la Alianza Nacional pro derechos de los inmigrantes,Rev Luis Angel Nieto.latinos united/Unidos of Michigan, Rosendo Delgado.Comite de San Antonio en Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Mexico, Unidos por Mexico, Antonio Cabrera. Profesora de la Universidad Pedagogica nacinal, mexicali, Carmen Longori Magallanes. Director de Latin American Studies at Simon Fraser University, Gerardo Otero.Organizacion del Distrito Federal y de la Republica Mexicana en Chicago, Jorge Ramirez (Presidente).Migrante en Bellingham Washington,Rolando Valdes. Presidente de Fundacion Coalcoman y miembrode la Confederacion de Organizaciones Migrantes Mexicanas, Luis Alberto Rivera. Torreon, Coahuila, Ariadne Lamont. Estudiante doctoral Instituto de Estudios latinos Universidad de Notre Dame,NC, Xochitl Bada.De Vancouver, Canada Naiyeli Fuentes. Artista, Profesor y Director de la Iniciativa de Estudios Latinos Duke University, Pedro Lasch. Por Comite Binacional de Derechos Humanos del Valle Imperial, California, Juan Carlos Ruiz Rubio, Jose Luis jaral Moreno.Armando Pineda Osnaya, Vancouver Canada. En Toronto, Ont. J.J Chavez. Por Organizacion Nacional de Jornaleros Armando Garcia. Por Zacatecanos en Marcha, Victor Manuel Sanchez. Estudiante School of development Studies University of East Anglia, UK, Adriana Alvarez-Andrade. Por Comité de las Redes Ciudadanas por un Proyecto Alternativo de Nación en Madrid, Sergio Hernández. De México, Daniel J. Ruiz Bastos.

Posted by: Eva nancy Trigueros | June 24, 2006 09:35 PM

Para nosotros como mexicanos, es una lucha constante el defender nuestra casa. El extraño ha entrado en ella y pretende quitarnosla, dejarnos sin nada, y que permanezcamos, como un favor, viviendo en ella bajo el regimen de esclavos.

Hace algunos años tuve la suerte de subirme al ferrocarril mexicano, por única vez en mi vida, medio que para muchos ciudadanos era la única posibilidad de transportarse, sobre todo en el caso de trayectos largos de norte a sur o viceversa. Ahora es una empresa privada en la cuál transportan de norte a sur quien sabe que cosas. Tramitado en el gobierno de Salinas y entregado por Zedillo los mexicanos dejamos que privatizaran Ferrocarriles Mexicanos. ¿ahora que es lo que sigue? Se han metido a nuestra casa a debastar. ¿Ahora ustedes se quejan por la cantidad de migrantes?; Si el modelo economico que hemos tenido hubiera sido exitoso y las condiciones para los trabajadores hubiesen sido adecuadas no tendrían tal cantidad de inmigrantes. NOSOTROS ESTAMOS INFESTADOS DE EMPRESAS TRASNACIONALES, ESTAMOS INVADIDOS POR USTEDES, Sueldos bajos, precios altos, jornadas de trabajo de 12 horas, enagenación, enfermedad, riesgo.
Ya no podemos consumir productos o servicios que nosotros mismos produzcamos. ¿De que estamos hablando? Las empresas llegan, arrasan con la naturaleza, venden productos bajo estandares de calidad propuestos por quien sabe quién, con sustancias dañinas para nuestra sociedad, eso si, bien baratos y nos quieren hacer creer que eso es lo que debemos de seguir. NO SEÑORES MILLONES DE MEXICANOS ESTAMOS ABRIENDO LOS OJOS.

El PAN con su candidato FELIPE CALDERÓN quiere seguir con la DEBASTACIÓN, con convenios que favorescan a las empresas esclavizadoras de espíritus obreros; FALSOS RELIGIOSOS, que sostienen las mentiras con la cara en alto, gracias a tantos cursos de seguridad ante todo o de superación personal.

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA LA CONSCIENCIA!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Daniela C. | June 26, 2006 01:40 PM

In fact Lopez obrador represents the better choice.

Grupo Alianza Empresarial

Posted by: Angel | June 29, 2006 10:46 AM

Reality cannot hide oneself. Mexican Mass-media work fine: Turn-on the fear, and millions of mexican electors stop to vote... Moreover, the fact that companies of software linked to a relative of a presidential official candidate had intervention in the design of software and data bases of the computer system that the electoral authority uses, together with the hysterical insistence across all the hertzian Media that the electoral authority is reliable and unquestionable his declarations, it gives as result that many mexicans suspect that an ELECTORAL FRAUD was performed to wrest the majority electoral decision.
We all mexicans need go out of this impasse of highly dangerous stress... AND THE BEST WAY TO DO IT, IS TO GO TO A RECOUNT OF VOTES... VOTE BY VOTE.
If recount vote by vote confirms an undoubted majority for the candidate of the official political party, he will govern with all legitimacy and the Mexicans we will endorse it.
But if the inventory marks evident majority for AMLO, the perverse plan against the Mexican democracy will have been demonstrated.

Posted by: HUMBERTO ADOLFO VAZQUEZ VIDALES | July 11, 2006 10:57 PM

hola desde la ciudad de mexico estamos organizados defendiendo el voto por voto, queremos tener un gobierno legitimo , no un gobierno impostor, viva la democracia, viva mexico. saludos a ariadne lamont.

Posted by: bernabe bello adunas | July 19, 2006 05:57 PM

Hasta la muerte por mi amada patria, aunque tenga que morir a mis 15 años defendiendo el futuro de mis futuros sobrinos, y de todos los mexicanos.

Mi tatarabuelo Ciro Arenas lucho en la revolucion mexicana, a mi me toca terminar lo que comenzo! Apoyare a AMLO este 16 de septiembre, aunque mis padres me lo prohiban y voy a salir al zocalo, tal ves nos masacren como en el 68, pero moriria defendiendo una causa justa y honorable: el bien de mi pueblo, y el bien de mi patria.

Viva la democracia!
Viva mexico!
viva AMLO!

muerte a los traidores a la democracia, no caeremos en la provocacion, y si se arma una guerra civil les aseguro que los conservadores la iniciaran, nosotros no iniciaremos ninguna agresion, pero nos defenderemos si somos reprendidos por la ultraderecha.

Abajo la derecha! por el bien de Mexico

Posted by: Antiderechista | September 5, 2006 08:20 PM

Don't worry, people, AMLO is president at last! The bad news is that it's for the Little Duck Party.

Posted by: K. Vronna | September 20, 2006 10:27 PM

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