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Antojitos: Mexico's Moore?

What do you get when you cross Michael Moore and Al Gore? Possibly Luis Mandoki....

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Keeping It Interesting (and Keeping the Peace)

A wise editor cautioned me long ago against writing "inside baseball" political stories. She jumbled the cliche, but made her point: Only junkies have any appetite for inside baseball developments. Mexico's presidential election is certainly starting to slip into inside baseball status. Without a good weekend rally in the...

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From The Post: Democracy Tested

As Mexico awaits a resolution to its July 2 presidential contest, The Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia reports on how the bitterly disputed election has put Mexico's emerging democracy to the test. Stoked by ever-more incendiary rhetoric, the capital has tensed since the July 2 presidential balloting...Felipe Calderón, dubbed the "virtual" winner...

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