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In case you missed it the first time around, check out Post correspondent Manuel Roig-Franzia's interview with Felipe Calderón. The PAN candidate and disputed winner of Mexico's presidential election "said Tuesday that he would accept a partial recount but that a complete recount would be 'absurd' and illegal."

"I will respect what the tribunal says," said Calderón, of the National Action Party.

During the wide-ranging interview at his Mexico City campaign headquarters, Calderón also took exception to remarks made Monday by President Bush's spokesman, Tony Snow, about Calderón's opposition to building more walls on the U.S.-Mexico border. Snow told reporters that the "last time I checked, Calderón did not have any official authority over the activities of the United States government."
n the interview, Calderón said, "President Bush's spokesman is someone who does not have the authority to tell me what I should be saying."
Calderón also repeated his contention that the immigration problem "cannot be solved with walls." And he said he would rather see "one kilometer of road built in Michoacan or Zacatecas than 10 kilometers of wall in Texas or California."

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