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Vicente Fox for 'Peace and Harmony'

Even though he was formally scolded for getting involved in the campaign to succeed him, President Vicente Fox is back in the middle of the brawl. For two full days, the Mexican media has been chronicling Fox's offers to "mediate" the simmering political crisis. Meanwhile, federal officers are descending...

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What To Do But Wait?

The counting has ended but the wait continues. A partial recount of votes from nearly 12,000 polling places in Mexico's July 2 presidential contest concluded Sunday evening, but the seven judges who ordered the exercise had little to say Monday. So for now, it's status quo in Mexico, which...

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From The Post: Years of Protest?

Protests in support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador continue to clog downtown Mexico City. As The Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia reports, López Obrador said Sunday the protests could last for years despite a partial recount that appears to be confirming his narrow loss. The opposing sides have waged a spin war...

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