From The Post: AMLO's Determined Defiance

Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues to press his case as the rightful winner Mexico's July 2 presidential election. As The Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia reports, the Federal Electoral Judicial Tribunal on Saturday rejected the runner-up's request for a full recount. Instead, the special court on Wednesday will begin overseeing a partial recount, which López Obrador's campaign believes is unlikely to shift results in his favor.

Speaking inside the 18-by-9-foot tent where he has lived for the past week, López Obrador was utterly defiant. He will not accept results of the partial recount, he declared during his first interview since a special election court on Saturday rejected his request for a full recount. And he said he would not ask his supporters to disperse even though they have brought gridlock to Mexico City's downtown.

The tribunal has until Sept. 6 to certify a winner.

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