Vicente Fox for 'Peace and Harmony'

Even though he was formally scolded for getting involved in the campaign to succeed him, President Vicente Fox is back in the middle of the brawl. For two full days, the Mexican media has been chronicling Fox's offers to "mediate" the simmering political crisis. Meanwhile, federal officers are descending on downtown Mexico City.

What had been largely peaceful demonstrations by supporters of left-leaning Andrés Manuel López Obrador turned testy on Monday. Several legislators from López Obrador's Democratic Revolutionary Party, or PRD, say they were injured in scuffles with police officers spraying tear gas.

Now 3,000 -- yes, 3,000! -- security agents from both federal and city forces are guarding the Mexican legislative building, known as San Lázaro. By the way, although they are wearing riot gear, the Preventive Police Force, says it is not armed. They are only using high-pressure water guns to subdue trouble-makers. Security officials have also installed a giant fence.

The barricade outside the Mexican Congress. (AP)

Fox, who ended 71 years of rule by the PRI with his election in 2000, was prohibited by law from seeking a second term. Through the spring, he used his bully pulpit and advertising budget to mock López Obrador and praise National Action Party nominee Felipe Calderón. When Calderón was declared the winner by 240,000 votes, Fox quickly called to congratulate him, even though the results were (and are still) being challenged.

With much of downtown Mexico City clogged with López Obrador supporters camped in the Zocalo and along major boulevards, Fox is attempting to play elder statesman. He said his government is "totally open" to dialogue to help resolve the political crisis and called for "order, peace and harmony" as a formula for creating a great nation.

Although he does not leave office until Dec. 1, Fox aides have been offering up interviews with the lame duck, including with the New York Times:

Mr. Fox predicted in the interview that Mexico's electoral institutions, which he described as "the most modern, well-structured, efficient electoral systems in the world," would bring the crisis to a peaceful end.
"This is a country of institutions," he said. "I am sure that this test, this real test of the democratic system, will be passed and resolved according to the law and democratic principles."
...On Sunday, Mr. Fox refused to give an opinion about the demonstrations led by Mr. López Obrador, which have snarled traffic across Mexico City for two weeks. But he made it clear he believed that disputes over the presidency should be fought in the courts, not the streets.

At a ceremony marking the anniversary of the founding of the Federal Electricity Commission, Fox said: "I once again call on each and every citizen, on the different political actors, to seek unity and dialogue together, to defend democracy and the institutions together."

The Fox administration has even been in contact with López Obrador representatives to try to resolve post-electoral crisis. The focus of discussions by Interior department officials is Fox's Sept. 1 annual address to the nation. López Obrador has called on his backers to block entrances to the speech.

So far, PRD leaders are denying they are engaged in talks with the president. (Hard to say if that's true or just political cover.)

The editorial writers at El Universal see Fox's efforts as a welcome -- albeit surprising -- effort.

Business leaders are warning of severe financial losses if the blockades do not come down soon. And they aren't the only ones unhappy about the latest security measures.

"Mexico City police chief Joel Ortega, who on Tuesday criticized the federal crackdown on the PRD protesters, said Wednesday that the ongoing Army presence was out of proportion to the situation. 'They need to be careful that this doesn't generate a spiral of violence that later can't be controlled,' Ortega said, referring to the use of the armored vehicles. The Calderón camp reiterated its support for the crackdown on Wednesday."

Changing Tone and Tactics

Reading the tea leaves, it appears López Obrador is moving toward the next phase of this endless political drama. Recent comments about his planned convention Sept. 16 hint that perhaps he realizes Calderón will likely be sworn in as the next president.

"'Never again will we allow them to install an illegal and illegitimate government in our country,' he told a baying crowd. 'Here and now begins a new period in Mexico...with the sovereign power of the people we will undertake the changes and transformations that this country needs.'

"For Jorge Zepeda, a political analyst in Mexico City, the speech signaled the start of a more radical phase in Mr. López Obrador's campaign to revert the result of last month's election.

"For the first time since election day, for example, Mr. López Obrador concentrated less on claims of election fraud and more on what he would do once Mr. Calderón, candidate for Mr. Fox's National Action Party (PAN) was named president-elect."

Washington Post editorial writers (who operate independently from the news staff) are getting tired of the López Obrador antics, and that counts as news south of the border.

Several indicators suggest Mexico's economy is at its healthiest in the six years Fox has presided. But many analysts worry that the political instability and divided Congress will slow that momentum.

"The showdown has deeply divided the Mexican public and raised fears that the next Congress won't be able to reach a consensus on energy, labor and tax changes that experts say Mexico needs for sustained economic growth," reports Marla Dickerson in the Los Angeles Times. "Mexico's GDP growth averaged less than 2% a year in the first five years of Fox's administration. Analysts say the nation's economy needs to expand at least 5% annually to create the 1 million jobs a year needed to provide employment for the growing population."

A Very Important Issue

Immigration is a high priority with U.S. officials these days. So a prominent Texas congressman and the University of Texas at El Paso convened a two-day conference on border issues.

"About 250,000 vehicles and 132,000 pedestrians cross from Mexico to the United States every day, according to the office of U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-El Paso, one of the conference organizers."

How important is the topic? Take a look at what Mariano Castillo of the San Antonio Express-News discovered.

"Underscoring the importance of the conference, two high-ranking Bush administration figures, National Director of Intelligence John Negroponte and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense Paul McHale, were slated to participate. But at the last minute both sent their deputies instead."

Now that's important.

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For the first time, Ceci, I think you have been rather partial in your posting... I think you are being unfair to Presiedent Fox in the first part of this entry. Looks like you may also be drinking a little of the kool-aid about him being some sort of "traitor" to democracy. I did not vote for him, but if anything, he has diminished the mythical imperial presidency into a more healthy size, more in line with a modern democracy (fallible but honest and hard-working, like his predecesor Zedillo) while remaining within the law. So he engages in some bare-knuckle politics from time to time, but so does everybody else. You don't get to be president by being the Dalai Lama. He has broken no laws, and history will remember him better than you seem to suggest.

Posted by: Gabriel | August 18, 2006 10:17 AM

Welcome to the Mexican banana republic!

Here you will not have enough reggae as you would like but a lot of nice and beautiful beaches. What we could guarantee you is a magnificent unstable political ambience which characterizes the region.

Now, with all these wise and mature political and democratic attitudes that Mexico is showing to the world, our beautiful country is getting far from its "developing country" position to join the group of instable Caribbean countries.

Yes sir! All this with the help of our super star: Mr. López. He is yearning for the presidency and it has turned this beloved Mexican friend completely crazy. He just wants to be president no mater at what price. And now he will call for civil disobedience if the outcomes are not favourable for him. Amazing, isn't it?!!

What is really happening is that he is bringing into international discredit of Mexican institutions.

This so called fragile de democracy from which M. López claims to defend is being destroyed by him self. We hope that all this drama will be over soon and in a proper way, if not it will be hard to have a "Happy End".

Posted by: Andrea Santoyo | August 18, 2006 10:35 AM

It is interesting to see how media has completely swallowed everyting Lopez Obrador has said. It would not take much investigative journalism to find out about his own shady past. Just take this about the protesters camping in DF? Who are they? If they are so poor, how can they be away from their jobs for several weeks? Who pays for this manifestation? What about possible fraud in electoral districts that the PRD won?
Calderon is not a particularly good candidate, but he won fair and square.

Posted by: Lars Backstrom | August 18, 2006 10:51 AM

Here is a freebie for all the AMLO hate club. Ooops... little Ahumada has fessed up that he was part of a government complot to stop Lopez Obrador from becoming president.... noooooooo really? and I thought it was just Lopez Obrador playing victim because he likes it so much. So much in fact people say he stuffed the ballot boxes with extra ballots for Calderon so he could become a danger to Mexico later on. Now where is Diego so he can explain who else was involved in the plot?

How funny it is to read a bunch of spot repeating robots. And now we even have Fox champions! ha ha ha

Confiesa Ahumada planeación de videoescándalos
Redacción EL
El Universal
Ciudad de México
Viernes 18 de agosto de 2006

Difunden nuevas imágenes del empresario donde señala a actores políticos con los que pretendió negociar un fraude millonario

09:24 Las imágenes de René Bejarano con los maletines de billetes, las de Gustavo Ponce en las mesas de juego de Las Vegas o las negociaciones con Carlos Ímaz, fueron planeadas por Carlos Ahumada para su protección personal por la acusación de un fraude millonario.

Esta mañana, en el noticiario de Carmen Aristegui, la periodista presentó un nuevo video donde el empresario argentino confiesa que estas imágenes las pretendió negociar con el Gobierno federal y otros autores políticos para conseguir una protección por la acusación de fraude de 31 millones de pesos y ampliar sus negocios en otras partes de la República.

La declaración de Ahumada Kurtz menciona a Diego Fernández de Cevallos y las negociaciones que gestó en el hotel Presidente para su protección y cómo no cumplieron algunos de los tratos. También al ex presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, al ex secretario de Gobernación Santiago Creel Miranda, el ex procurador Rafael Macedo de la Concha.

Señala que la grabación de los videoescándalos sí pretendían frenar el paso de López Obrador a la Presidencia.

El video de 11 minutos corresponderían a los interrogatorios a los que fue sometido Ahumada Kurtz en su declaración después de ser capturado en Cuba.

Aquí se observa al argentino con una camisa negra, sentado en un sillón floreado y en la parte de atrás, una cortina blanca. En esta misma grabación, cambian las imágenes que indican un nuevo interrogatorio.


Posted by: Vivi | August 18, 2006 11:08 AM

As an American citizen wanting to see justice and fair elections around the world, I admire that Mr. López is standing up to the current administration. It is not enough that the party in power declares, "we won, but you can't check to see if it is true". We have witnessed this same tactic in the US for the last six years with, in my opinion, terrible results.

Mr. López has the unique and historic opportunity to do what the United States has been unable or unwilling to do - peacefully fight for a fair election. And by the fact that poor, middle class and rich alike are joining with him, at personal risk and financial loss, makes a statement that their country is truly important to them.

I hope we in the US will do the same if another "close" election happens.

Posted by: Hamblin Peiters | August 18, 2006 11:39 AM


Or is it Vivi Peron, as in Eva. You signed out at 12:06 AM and kept going with another 14 posts before quitting at 02:41AM
Welcome to the party. Don't hate us capitalist pigs for being fun.

I have to make mucho dinero. I'll be back at 2:00 PM, Mexico City time.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 12:08 PM


Posted by: JESUS ORTIZ | August 18, 2006 12:34 PM

Ricardo Rocha .
14 de agosto de 2006.

´Focos rojos´

El gobierno de Vicente Fox amenaza con terminar en un desastre político y social. En las próximas semanas los mexicanos habremos de estar pagando los costos de la incapacidad, la ambición, la falta de visión de estado, la aplicación de la justicia selectiva, la impunidad y la frivolidad que han caracterizado a este régimen.

Pero sobre todo, estaremos expiando la monstruosa traición a la democracia perpetrada por Fox y su círculo cercano. La historia jamás le perdonará que siendo el primer beneficiario de este proceso democrático se haya empeñado en una reelección de estado a conveniencia: primero en la persona de su propia esposa, la señora Marta, intento que abortó gracias a la denuncia de Alfonso Durazo; luego, Fox pretendería prolongarse en un incondicional como Santiago Creel, quien para lograrlo vendió los más vergonzantes favores; finalmente, el presidente tuvo que aceptar la candidatura de Felipe Calderón y volcarse en ella no únicamente para garantizar su triunfo sino para proteger a la familia Fox-Sahagún-Bibriesca.

Lo grave es que, en todos estos años y en paralelo, Fox se ha empeñado en la destrucción del principal enemigo de sus intereses. El único adversario político que podía cambiar sus planes de continuismo en automático. Así, la tentativa de exterminio de Andrés Manuel López Obrador fue no sólo una constante, sino el principal propósito del gobierno foxista. Su prioridad máxima: "Ése... de ninguna manera".

Creo que sólo con este recuento se explica el actual estado de cosas. Un país dividido y confrontado. De un lado, los inconformes, que van desde los que ganan la calle para reclamar porque les quieren quitar el triunfo hasta los grupos extremos fuera de control y trepados en los cerros. Del otro, quienes invocan la infalibilidad de las instituciones para amacizar un conteo y transformarlo en un resultado inapelable. Lo malo es que no hay confianza ni credibilidad en una contienda apabullada por la sospecha de un presidente tramposo cuando debió haber sido el gran árbitro político que la nación le demandaba.

Por eso hoy nos pesan como una loza las consecuencias de esa escandalosa intervención de Fox en la sucesión presidencial: las sufre, por supuesto, un combativo AMLO; pero las padece también un Felipe Calderón que no acaba de convencer y las aguanta apenas todo un país que no merece este grado de incertidumbre.

Por ello hay que evaluar con extremo cuidado lo que ocurra en los próximos y críticos días. Las dos semanas más largas del nuevo siglo. Este lunes el TEPJF habrá de resolver sobre el recuento en las ya célebres 11 mil 839 casillas (apenas el 9% del total de 130 mil) que se han auscultado en los días recientes.

Que para el PAN refrendan el triunfo de Felipe porque "nada más ha habido irregularidades menores en apenas 25% de las casillas". En cambio, para la coalición Por el Bien de Todos "es una prueba del cochinero generalizado y la evidencia de que sí hubo un sesgo inocultable para favorecer a Calderón y perjudicar a López Obrador".

Ya EL UNIVERSAL documentaba también la extraña desaparición de boletas, cuyo número llegaría ahora a 70 mil y que son otro de los grandes misterios de esta elección que, después de todo, no rechina de limpia y que por el contrario es un catálogo de trácalas y torpezas. Cosas que sólo se explican por una pésima capacitación electoral de esa pesadilla llamada IFE, una manipulación ex profeso y concertada desde el poder o el lavado cerebral de Fox sobre el "peligro para México" que llevó a muchos de los participantes a cometer sus pequeños "fraudes patrióticos" para impedir que AMLO llegue a la Presidencia. De otra manera no se explican la cauda de tropelías y dislates.

Pero es el TEPJF quien decidirá si de veras se trata de insignificancias o de la suciedad absoluta; si se modifican y en qué proporción los números del IFE o si se anulan cuántas casillas y cuánto varía el conteo. En paralelo, ha de resolver sobre otros recursos e impugnaciones en jornadas que nos parecerán eternas de aquí al 31 de agosto. Al que sigue por cierto el 1 de septiembre, el día del último informe del desgobierno de Fox.
Mientras tanto, ahí están Oaxaca, Chiapas, el Paseo de la Reforma y tantos otros focos rojos en la geografía de la nación, a punto del estallido.

Posted by: RENE PADILLA | August 18, 2006 12:38 PM

Anyone who is truly objective can see that there is fraud in th the Mexican elections!
-ballot boxes that were supposed to be sealed opened, some emptied, many with excess ballots.
-an everage of an extra 15 votes per ballot box
-if the PAN has nothing to hide why would they reject a recount? If I were Calderon and had legitimately won I would want every vote recounted to end the strife

Posted by: manesso | August 18, 2006 12:52 PM

Jueves, agosto 17, 2006

Un video con evidencias del fraude electoral en 7 distritos... se me hace que éste, tampoco lo va a querer pasar Joaquín Lopez doriga televisa.

Jueves 17 de agosto de 2006

Se ven paquetes abiertos, sobres desgarrados y votos sin doblar

Video muestra violaciones en siete distritos electorales
Si se anulan las 7 mil 532 casillas con anomalías gana AMLO: Sheinbaum


Secuencia del dvd. La primera gráfica corresponde al distrito 1 de Morelos, donde se aprecia un paquete abierto y votos fuera del sobre; en la siguiente, del distrito 12 de Veracruz, se ven sufragios sin doblar que no entraron por la ranura de la urna; en la tercera, sobres violados en el distrito 2 del estado de México, y en la cuarta, paquetes abiertos en el distrito 6 de Baja California
Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, vocera de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos, entregó ayer a este diario un dvd con evidencias de violación de paquetes electorales en siete distritos del país.

Las escenas, disponibles en la edición electrónica de este periódico ( muestran paquetes electorales carentes de los sellos oficiales que exige la ley; sobres de la elección presidencial desgarrados o vueltos a cerrar con cinta adhesiva; boletas electorales que no fueron dobladas para ser introducidas por la ranura de las urnas y, coincidentemente, marcadas en favor del candidato del Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, entre otras muestras de lo que Sheinbaum insistió en calificar de ''fraude masivo''.

La vocera reiteró ayer que si el Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF) ''anula los resultados de 7 mil 532 casillas en las que el recuento ordenado por los magistrados probó que hubo alteraciones graves, se confirmará que Andrés Manuel López Obrador ganó las elecciones del 2 de julio''.

Los distritos electorales donde fueron videograbadas las infracciones al Código Federal de Instituciones y Procedimientos Electorales (Cofipe) son el 12 de Veracruz, el 3 de Durango, el 1 de Morelos, el 6 de Baja California, el 8 de Nuevo León y el 2 y el 3 del estado de México, pero ''prácticamente en los 149 distritos donde el tribunal electoral ordenó el recuento parcial de votos, repito, en prácticamente todos, encontramos paquetes abiertos, sobres desgarrados, votos de más que fueron taqueados y votos de menos que le robaron directamente a nuestra coalición''.

Sheinbaum ratificó que del total de 11 mil 839 casillas en las que el tribunal ordenó el recuento, en 3 mil 873 (33 por ciento) ''fueron introducidos ilegalmente 58 mil 56 votos, lo que da un promedio de tres sufragios por casilla, en favor de Felipe Calderón''. Al mismo tiempo, añadió, en 3 mil 659 casillas (31 por ciento) ''fueron retirados de manera ilegal, o para decir más rápido, se robaron 61 mil 688 votos, lo que da también un promedio de 3.2 votos por casilla que le fueron descontados ilegalmente a López Obrador''.

Así, resumió Sheinbaum Pardo, ''en 7 mil 532 casillas hubo 119 mil votos alterados, 58 mil 56 que sobran y 61 mil 688 que faltan, pero si proyectamos estos datos al resto de las casillas (91 por ciento) de la elección, estaríamos hablando de 149 mil 653 votos de más para el candidato del PAN y 692 mil 299 votos menos para Andrés Manuel López Obrador que fueron extraídos ilegalmente de los paquetes electorales''.

Causas de anulación

Claudia Sheinbaum recordó que la Ley General del Sistema de Medios de Impugnación en Materia Electoral del Cofipe establece en su artículo 75 las ''causales de nulidad'' de las casillas, entre las cuales destaca las señaladas por el inciso k, según el cual los resultados de una casilla se anularán si existen ''irregularidades graves, plenamente acreditadas y no reparables durante la jornada electoral, o en la actas de escrutinio y cómputo que en forma evidente pongan en duda la certeza de la votación".

El recuento ordenado por el tribunal electoral, continuó la vocera de la coalición, ''puso de manifiesto que hubo una falsificación dolosa de las actas de escrutinio, porque se anotaron en miles de ellas (y por lo pronto estamos hablando de más de 7 mil) números de votos que claramente no reflejan la voluntad de los electores, dando una variación de 81 por ciento entre los datos presentados por el Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) y los nuevos datos que mostró el conteo''.

En el video que Sheinbaum entregó a este diario aparecen paquetes, como los del distrito 6 de Baja California, en los que las tapas de las cajas que guardan los sobres papalotean de un lado a otro a medida que avanza la carretilla que las transporta desde la bodega hasta la sala del consejo distrital.

En otra escena, correspondiente al distrito 1 de Morelos, los jueces muestran a la cámara los sobres que contienen los votos y que presentan desgarraduras y otras anomalías que evidencian una manipulación ilegal para alterar los resultados de los comicios.

¿Cómo sucedió esto? Un video presentado por Julio Hernández López, en el programa televisivo de Víctor Trujillo, el pasado lunes -que también está a disposición del público en la página electrónica de este diario-, captó la siguiente escena.

Supuestos empleados del IFE abren y manipulan ilegalmente el contenido de los paquetes del distrito 5, de la ciudad de México, con sede en la delegación Tlalpan.

Dispositivo de seguridad en torno a la Cámara de Diputados Foto María Meléndrez Parada
Hasta el momento, dijo ayer Claudia Sheinbaum, ''es sintómatico el estado de indefensión en que se encuentra la ciudadanía ante el hecho de que la Fiscalía Especial para la Atención de Delitos Electorales (Fepade, adscrita a la Procuraduría General de la República) no haya hecho ningún comentario acerca de este episodio, ni procedido a actuar legalmente contra los mapaches que en el video son fácilmente identificables''.

Sheinbaum Pardo recordó que la semana pasada, después de una acción de resistencia civil pacífica realizada por partidarios de López Obrador en distintas casetas de peaje, la PGR anunció que ''analizaría los videos que les tomaron a los participantes para actuar contra ellos, pero no ha dicho lo mismo acerca de los que salen en el video del distrito 5 violando los paquetes electorales y cometiendo fraude contra la voluntad popular''.

A la vocera no le extrañó que la PGR actúe así, porque ''hace unos días la coalición demostró que la Fepade solicitó información estadística para defender jurídicamente a Felipe Calderón de la impugnación que presentamos nosotros. Por todo esto llamamos a los magistrados del tribunal electoral a no cerrar los ojos ante el cúmulo de evidencias de fraude que ahora estamos documentando con videos y los instamos a ordenar el recuento de todos los votos de la elección presidencial del 2 de julio, porque el pueblo de México merece saber la verdad y tener un presidente legítimo, no un impostor espurio''.

La página electrónica de La Jornada tuvo el año pasado más de mil 300 millones de visitas certificadas por la Dirección General de Cómputo Académico de la UNAM, lo que habla de un promedio de 3.5 millones de visitas al día, un dato que, en opinión de Sheinbaum, tomó en cuenta la coalición ''para dar a conocer en todo el mundo'' las pruebas del fraude electoral a través de este diario.

Para localizar en la página electrónica de La Jornada este nuevo video con pruebas de fraude electoral, sólo es necesario entrar en Internet y enseguida teclear

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 18, 2006 01:04 PM

There are a few journalist that make a very good job:


Sale esta nota de El Universal:

Confiesa Ahumada planeación de videoescándalos

Redacción EL
El Universal
Ciudad de México
Viernes 18 de agosto
de 2006

Difunden nuevas imágenes del empresario donde señala a actores políticos con los que pretendió negociar un fraude millonario

09:24 Las imágenes de René Bejarano con los maletines de billetes, las de Gustavo Ponce en
las mesas de juego de Las Vegas o las negociaciones con Carlos Ímaz, fueron planeadas por Carlos Ahumada para su protección personal por la acusación de un fraude millonario.

Esta mañana, en el noticiario de Carmen Aristegui, la periodista presentó un nuevo video donde el empresario argentino confiesa que estas imágenes las pretendió negociar con el Gobierno federal y otros autores políticos para conseguir una protección por la acusación de fraude de 31
millones de pesos y ampliar sus negocios en otras partes de la República.

La declaración de Ahumada Kurtz menciona a Diego Fernández de Cevallos y las negociaciones que gestó en el hotel Presidente para su protección y cómo no cumplieron algunos de los tratos. También al ex presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, al ex secretario de Gobernación Santiago Creel Miranda, el ex procurador Rafael Macedo de la Concha.

Señala que la grabación de los videoescándalos sí pretendían frenar el paso de López Obrador a la Presidencia.

El video de 11 minutos corresponderían a los interrogatorios a los que fue sometido Ahumada Kurtz en su declaración después de ser capturado en Cuba.

Aquí se observa al argentino con una camisa negra, sentado en un sillón floreado y en la parte de atrás, una cortina blanca. En esta misma grabación, cambian las imágenes que indican un nuevo

Posted by: mariel navarro | August 18, 2006 01:13 PM


Posted by: david lee | August 18, 2006 01:26 PM

Who will stop Mr. Lopez?

Each day that passes he pushes his blind fanatics to civil desobidience; I'm affraid violence might be around the corner. I, as many mexicans, think that President Fox should exercise his presidential and legal powers to start putting order in my country.

Posted by: Hector Diaz | August 18, 2006 01:36 PM

Last night it rained, in northern Mexico, Parras de la fuente, Coah. was turned to mud. No drainge to help take away, a killer water, which claimed one life. This in the middle of the desert is rare. Once every couple of years does it rain that way. So, the PRI, or the PAN, doesnt spend tax money, on public drainage, because, u cant see that money spent. As a politician, u cant point at it, like a bridge and say, see, i did it with your taxes. Whats buried underground, is wasted money as they see it. Especially when it rains once or only twice a year, sometimes more, sometimes less. Thats the PRI and PAN, hand in hand, not doing whats needed for the country. Going on what? 80years?
Enough is enough! Now that AMLOs won, real change will be inacted, things will get done, but thats a threat to those who benefit from things just the way they are. Those ppl who line their pockets with special intrests deals that only benefit a few, at the backs of the many.
Democracy is at stake in Mexico, will we the real Mexicans, just stand by, while a dictator from the right, FECAL is imposed on Mexico like some king? He did not win, the partial recount has shown all the irregularites, but that isnt good enuff for the PAN, and their conservative pals. They will never allow AMLO to gain the presidency with a free and open election. Things had been cooked up long b4, 2 prevent just that from happening. Democracy has been hijakced for the sake of the few again. Almost 100 years ago, Mexicans stood up violently against a dictator. Histroy is repeating itself.
By any means necesarry FECAL will be prevented from taking power. Any means.
We wanted a peacefull open and free election. But its apparent that this is not good enuff for the those in power and their cohorts. They have stolen the election, and this will not stand.
We will defend Mexican democracy from the threat, from within, and without, u have been forwarned.
We are Millions, you, only a few hundrend thousands. We have the numbers, We have the arms. U lose!
¡Solucion O Revolucion!

Posted by: maya0 | August 18, 2006 02:44 PM


Please grow up.

You don´t want a peaceful and free election, you want AMLO "Adolfo" in power, thats all.

How many people in Mexico actually voted for him? Would you like to find out how many would vote for him in a re-run?

Do you still want a recount? If, as you claim it was fixed, won´t recounting still include those fixed ballots?

And who do you approve of to do the recount? I imagine the only person you would trust to be honest is Adolfo himself.

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 02:57 PM



After searching our rabid capitalist pig
database, my employee Dick Morris and his team of dictator vanquisher campaign experts, (oops I was told it's secret, I wasn't supposed to divulge that), as I was saying, it has been brought to my attention just what mayaO's gender is. He/she is the last Neanderthal hermaphrodite of its species. She was developed in Cuban laboratories
and perfected by Fidel-or-Nada zealot anthropologist social engineers.

mayaO does not fool me anymore. She/he is a 500 pound gorilla on the outside with an inner Tinkerbell afraid to be revealed. A hermaphrodite gorilla, but very lovely if you are patient. She is vulnerable, as Hermaphrodite Neanderthals go, don't let that gorilla exterior fool you. She's really a foul mouth Tinkerbell undeneath it all.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 03:10 PM

Ceci-- I wonder if you ever thought how such a situation would be handled in Washington? What would the president do if the city government, in open violation of its own laws, allowed protesters to shut down the center of the city, attack the Congress, the Supreme Court and other important institutions, and block, with threats of violence, the beltway and other highways leading into the city?

President Fox has shown restraint, partly, I am sure, because the longer AMLO and the crazies of the PRD and other left/communist parties carry on this outrage, the more political support they will lose. Still, at some point, the president has to act to defend the people he is supposed to represent.

Of course, if he ever does act on behalf of the citizens to prevent violence or damage to property, people like Maya0 will howl about "repression." That is, no doubt, the strategy here. Too bad the court can't simply call for a runoff so that the left-leaning world press would see how few voters show up to support AMLO the next time around.

Posted by: Goyo | August 18, 2006 03:19 PM

Once again, Sergio Sarmiento nails it! Read this and understand what is really going on in Mexico!

Sergio Sarmiento

Visión de fuera

"Necesitamos la buena voluntad y respaldo de aquellos en la comunidad internacional con un interés personal, filosófico o comercial en México".

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

¡Cómo ha cambiado la percepción de Andrés Manuel López Obrador a nivel internacional! Un ejemplo lo tenemos en The Economist, el semanario británico que es en buena medida la Biblia del pensamiento liberal en el mundo.

En su número del 1o. de julio, publicado un día antes de la elección presidencial mexicana, The Economist respaldaba la candidatura de López Obrador en un editorial que se llamaba "Change, Please" ("Cambio, por favor"). En este texto los editores de la revista argumentaban que lo que "México necesita es un Presidente radical" para acabar con la parálisis legislativa y enfrentar el problema de la desigualdad social.

En un artículo de fondo en el mismo número, The Economist identificaba a López Obrador como un candidato de "centro-izquierda" y aceptaba sin cuestionamiento -sin siquiera la acostumbrada mención formal de la posición del "otro lado"- la afirmación de López Obrador de que el juicio por el desafuero había sido un intento ilegal del presidente Vicente Fox para impedirle llegar a la Presidencia de la República.

Con el paso de las semanas, la percepción ha cambiado de manera gradual pero constante. Este mes de agosto The Economist tilda a López Obrador de mal perdedor en un artículo titulado "Sore Loser" que señalaba los abusos del "poder popular" con sus manifestaciones y bloqueos.

The Economist no es la única publicación internacional que ha cambiado su posición frente a López Obrador. Otras y muy respetadas, como El País de España, el New York Times y el Washington Post de Estados Unidos, han ido cambiando su posición sobre el candidato de la alianza Por el Bien de Todos. De una cobertura aprobatoria, incluso en las primeras acusaciones de fraude al sistema electoral que lanzó el tabasqueño, han pasado a una creciente incredulidad y exasperación. Todos estos periódicos han publicado editoriales en que piden a López Obrador respetar el resultado de la elección y la decisión del Tribunal Electoral.

A esto hay que señalar la posición expresada por el presidente del gobierno español, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, del Partido Socialista Obrero Español, un partido que el PRD considera cercano a sus posiciones, quien también ha recomendando a López Obrador aceptar el resultado de la elección.

Quizá por eso López Obrador tomó la decisión de buscar apoyo internacional publicando un artículo en el New York Times la semana pasada. En un momento en que su apoyo dentro de México empieza a desvanecerse, especialmente como consecuencia del políticamente desastroso bloqueo del Paseo de la Reforma y del centro de la Ciudad de México, el perredista necesita más que nunca el apoyo de la comunidad internacional.

Se ve poco claro, sin embargo, que ese apoyo vaya a resurgir tan fácilmente. Como lo mencionaba en su editorial esta semana el Washington Post, los esfuerzos de Andrés Manuel por probar el fraude han resultado infructuosos. La acusación de que se había registrado un fraude cibernético cayó por tierra cuando los analistas internacionales se percataron de que en México no se vota de manera electrónica sino con boletas físicas. La afirmación de que el gobierno y los funcionarios del IFE habían rellenado urnas, que parecía comprobarse con la difusión de un video de una casilla en Guanajuato, se desplomó cuando se comprobó que lejos de rellenar urnas los funcionarios de casilla, con el asentimiento de la representante de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos, habían simplemente pasado un grupo de boletas a la urna que correspondía. Las protestas por falta de legalidad se han desvanecido conforme ha quedado en claro que el PRD no acepta ni las posiciones del IFE, ni las decisiones del Tribunal Electoral ni ninguna decisión que no sea el reconocimiento de un triunfo que todo parece indicar no obtuvo.

Hay, por supuesto, en el mundo una izquierda radical que comparte la afirmación de López Obrador de que un "triunfo de la derecha es moralmente imposible". Es este mismo grupo el que le ha dado apoyo al Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional y a organizaciones radicales como al-Qaida. El problema del PRD era que desde hace años había tratado de ganarse un lugar entre las organizaciones de izquierda democrática en el mundo y no las de carácter radical. Su acercamiento al Partido Socialista Obrero Español o al Partido Socialista chileno parecía señalar un compromiso con la democracia y un abandono de las tácticas de choque que usó el partido en Tabasco en 1994 y 1995. Pero hoy ese avance empieza a desmoronarse conforme queda en evidencia que a López Obrador no le interesan la democracia o el impulso de las causas sociales sino que vive obsesionado por conseguir el poder.

Posted by: Goyo | August 18, 2006 03:32 PM


Herr mayaO, as in Herrmaphrodite mayaO. Pound and pound the drums of war you go. Up and down Reforma, say it ain't so. Mucho
noise, poco nuts! Let's come together. Can't we all get along?

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 03:38 PM

mariel navarro,

So Lopez has his singing canary singing the complo song. Viente has his own singing canary, Gustavo Ponce, wrapped in
Almoloya, rearing and ready to start his song!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 04:10 PM

And now this story.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is Kidnapped.
The ransom is set at 100,000.00 U.S.Dlls. or he will be burned alive.
A public collection of funds is set at the Zocalo.
After one day the total amount is 150,000.00 Dlls. with the following description.
1. 1,000.00 Dlls in cash.
2. 1,500.00 Dlls in lighters.
3. 48,000.00 Dlls in gasoline.
4. 99,500.00 Dll in green wood.

Viva Felipe, Lopez you must go. You're not president. I say so.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 04:32 PM

Patadas de ahogado.

That is all Mr. Lopez Obrador and his acolytes are doing.
What supporters but radical leftists and anti-globalization punks like the ones invading these blogs?
What support from the people? The Plantones are and have been empty almost entirely in 18 days., that is not a planton, it is a simulation of a planton, same as a fraud simulation that nobody has been able to prove.
Even the imbeciles at Global Exchange who say they support a recount they said they do support it on the basis of the results being so close.
So if there is another recount and the results are again too close, there will be another recount again?
Why is it so hard to stomach that Felipe Calderon won?
Get a job!

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 04:47 PM

Check this out to find out where those imbeciles and hypocrites of Global Exchange come from:

Deborah James , de la ONG Global Exchange, Trabaja para Hugo Chávez, en Washington, Global Exchange reclama el "voto por voto".
En la pagina de Internet de Venezuela Information Office, está como directora ejecutiva.
VIO es la oficina de propaganda de Chávez en EU, entre el público y el Congreso; y cobra 5,333 dólares mensuales.
James depende de Caracas, lo que confirma, una vez más, la intromisión de Chávez en México.

This is the kind of dirty politics Hugo Chavez is into. He is attacking the federal government and trying to defend AMLO at the same time. The videos presented by Ahumada came after Hugo Chavez visited Cuba two days ago. Hugo Chavez is trying to get revenge from Mexico who does not support his candidacy to a seat in the UN security council.
Blackmailing is what this people are all about.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 04:57 PM


Lord Windsor has commented that this is an English site. Last I saw more than 12 hours later it still is. Stop pasting Spanish texts or pejistas will be ignored.
Please, thank you.

An option is that you paste your Spanish text in google's translating page and then drag the translated text here. Thank you.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 05:10 PM


How are the floods in Parras de la Fuente different from the floods in the DF on August 3rd? Why haven't 9 years of enlightened PRD government solved the flooding there? Did they also ignore the need for a good drainage system and build the useless second floors?

I just want to know. There is no need to rant.

Posted by: TG | August 18, 2006 05:28 PM


Is someone paying you to discredit the Mexican left or are you doing it all by yourself?

Posted by: TG | August 18, 2006 05:30 PM

Instead of seeing the way things actually are in Mexico, terrible, as they always have been under the PRI PAN systum, their suppoters cannot see any other way. They dont answer real questions, they just attack with thier lame insults, that please no one but themselves. A tiny percentage of Mexico, these dull people are, we are the millions, we have the numbers, and we will not allow a dictator of the right, FECAL to take power in Mexico. rodollputo and Peter the dick, emptynuts and other fools from the right, have no notion what life is, in the real Mexico. Try going into the profeco site and chking what gas stations in Mexico, steal, when they sell gasoline, if u can even get in. More than 46percent of gas stations, privately own, (theirs no monopoly their), steal at the gas pumps. This is the real Mexico, the Mexico where nada pasa, well, eso ya paso.
AMLO is change, like it or not. Here we come, where millions, your just a few hundrend thousands, we have the numbers, we have the arms. U lose!
¡Solucion O Revolucion!

Posted by: maya0 | August 18, 2006 05:31 PM


I translated, via google, Vivi's screed. With this new secret tool mayaO will be my
second favorite author. For now google rules.

The images of René Bejarano with the ticket briefcases, those of Gustavo Ponce in the tables of game of Fertile valleys or the negotiations with Carlos Ímaz, were planned by Carlos Smoked for their personal protection by the accusation of a millionaire fraud. This morning, in the noticiario of Carmen Aristegui, the journalist presented/displayed a new video where the Argentine industralist confesses that these images tried them to negotiate with the federal Government and other political authors to obtain a protection by the accusation of fraud of 31 million dollars and to extend their businesses in other parts of the Republic. The declaration of Smoky Kurtz mentions to Diego Fernandez de Cevallos and the negotiations that President for his protection developed in the hotel and how they did not fulfill some of the treatments. Also to ex- president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, to the ex- secretary of Interior Santiago Creel Miranda, the ex- solicitor Rafael Macedo of the Shell. It indicates that the recording of the videoescándalos yes tried to restrain the passage of Lopez Obrador to the Presidency. The video of 11 minutes would correspond to the interrogations which it was put under Smoked Kurtz in his declaration after being captured in Cuba. In the recording, Smoked it says that in 2004 Diego reached an agreement with the senator Fernandez de Cevallos to present the videos corruption by television, but that "they" (Juan Col, Santiago Creel, Rafael Macedo of the Shell) did not fulfill their part of the pact. "I said to Them that I also had an economic problem and that what I wanted I was to work. That in case at the moment lent something to us and to work without problems inside the Republic and in the Federation", it indicated. According to Smoke signal, Fernandez de Cevallos said to him that already Rafael had spoken with the then secretary of Interior Santiago Creel (ex- presidential candidate) and with the ex- solicitor Macedo on the videos that were going away to spread. "This yes knew the secretary to it of Interior and yes the solicitor general of the Republic knew to it. To me to me it becomes very difficult that (being) a subject of this size that the president of the Republic did not know it", indicated Smoky. The objective era "practically, to remove to Andrés Manuel from the presidential race" for 2006, indicated. Here it is observed the Argentinean with a black shirt, seated in a floreado armchair and the part of back, a white curtain. In this same recording, they change the images that indicate a new interrogation. goc/alcr

I love Mexican elections. Do you understand this "story"? We Mexicans are talking like this among ourselves. Enjoy.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 05:34 PM

Rodolfo, Peter, empty, I realize you guys enjoy playing with your pets, specially the newest one, but have they had all their shots? All that frothing at the mouth makes me wonder ...

In all seriousness, what do you think the real impact of the Bejarano tapes will be? One thing that stands out to me is that apparently Ahumada TRIED to negotiate to get protection something he obviously hasn't gotten. My general read would indicate that negotiations fell appart for whatever reason but Ahumada still used the videos on his own, otherwise there's no point in outing his "partners" or protectors.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 18, 2006 05:40 PM


No way Josehermaphrodite, we will not go.
Lopez is ugly, you tell him so. We're unhappy, getting angry and you know. Stop this now or to hell you go. Not happy to see so slow the Rayo of Hope stay in Zocalo
far too long. Solucion: Lopez go to Cuba, Fidel loves loquitos, he is so.

Posted by: rodollputopeter-thedick,emptynuts et al | August 18, 2006 05:48 PM


As I write this Ciro Gomez Leyva read an interview he did with Ahumada 2 years ago in jail. In it Ahumada tells Ciro that anything and everything they put in front of him he signed. Today's tape was given anonymously to the morning radio show. Ciro says the ONLY source can be the Cuban embassy. Ahumada also says that the taped interviews
were rehearsed time and time again until the Cuban videographers were satisfied.

Fox won't need Ponce just yet.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 05:52 PM

TG: zing! Great answer on the flooding thing.

I don't know if you guys have signed Dehesa's petition, but don't forget to do so:

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 18, 2006 05:53 PM


Jueves, August 17, the 2006 VIDEO THAT PUBLISHED the DAY A video with evidences of the electoral fraud in 7 districts... is done to me that this one, is not going it either to want to pass Joaquin Lopez doriga televises. Thursday 17 of August of 2006 Opened packages are seen, you exceed torn and votes without doubling Video shows violations in seven electoral districts If the 7 thousand 532 squares with anomalies are annulled gains AMLO: Sheinbaum JAIME AVILES Sequence of dvd. The first graph corresponds to district 1 of Morelos, where it is appraised an open package and votes outside on; in the following one, of district 12 of Veracruz, suffrages without doubling are seen that they did not enter by the groove of the ballot box; in third, you exceed violet in district 2 of the state of Mexico, and in the fourth, packages opened in district 6 of Baja California Claudia Brown Sheinbaum, spokeswoman of the coalition By the Good of All, gave yesterday to this newspaper dvd with evidences of violation of electoral packages in seven districts of the country. The scenes, available in the electronic edition of this newspaper ( show devoid electoral packages of the official seals that the law demands; exceed of the presidential election torn or returned to close with sticky tape; electoral tickets that were not doubled to be introduced by the groove of the ballot boxes and, coincidently, marked in favor of the candidate of the Party National Action (BREAD), Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, among other samples of which Sheinbaum insisted on describing as ' ' fraud masivó'. The spokeswoman reiterated yesterday that if the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) ' ' annuls the results of 7 thousand 532 squares in which the count ordered by the magistrates proved that there were serious alterations, will be confirmed that Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador gained the elections of the 2 of julió'. The electoral districts where the infractions to the Federal Code of Institutions were videograbadas and Electoral Procedures (Cofipe) are the 12 of Veracruz, the 3 of Durango, the 1 of Morelos, the 6 of Baja California, the 8 again Leon and the 2 and the 3 of the state of Mexico, but ' ' practically in the 149 districts where the electoral court ordered the partial count of votes, I repeat, in practically all, we found opened packages, you exceed torn, votes of more than were taqueados and votes of less than directly robbed to ours coalición'' to him. Sheinbaum ratified that of the total of 11 thousand 839 squares in which the court ordered the count, in 3 thousands 873 (33 percents) ' ' were introduced 58 thousand 56 votes illegally, which gives an average of three suffrages by square, in please Felipe Calderón''. At the same time, it added, in 3 thousand 659 squares (31 percents) ' ' they were retired of illegal way, or to say more express, robbed 61 thousand 688 votes, which also gives an average of 3,2 votes by square that were discounted to Lopez Obrador'' illegally. Thus, it summarized Brown Sheinbaum, ' ' in 7 thousand 532 squares were 119 thousand altered votes, 58 thousands 56 that exceed and 61 thousands 688 that lacks, but if we projected these data to the rest of the squares (91 percents) of the election, we would be speaking of 149 thousand 653 votes of more for the candidate of the BREAD and 692 thousand 299 votes less for Andrés Manuel the Lopez Obrador who were illegally extracted of the packages electorales''. Causes of cancellation Claudia Sheinbaum remembered that the General Law of the Means System of Opposition in Electoral Matter of the Cofipe establishes in its article the 75 ' ' causal ones of nulidad' ' of the squares, between which emphasizes the indicated ones by the interjection k, according to which the results of a square will be annulled if serious irregularities, totally credited and nonreparables exist ' ' during the electoral day, or in acts of scrutiny and calculation that in evident form put in doubt the certainty of the voting ". The count ordered by the electoral court, continued the spokeswoman of the coalition, ' ' it showed that was a dolosa falsification of scrutiny acts, because they were written down in thousand of them (and so far we are speaking of more than 7 thousands) numbers of votes that do not reflect the will of the voters clearly, giving a variation of 81 percents between the data presented/displayed by Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) and the new data that conteó' showed. In the video that Sheinbaum gave to this newspaper appear packages, like those of district 6 of Baja California, in which the covers of the boxes that keep you exceed them papalotean from a side to another one as it advances the wheelbarrow that transports them from the warehouse to the room of the distrital advice. In another scene, corresponding to district 1 of Morelos, the judges show the camera you exceed them that they contain the votes and that they present/display it tear and other anomalies that demonstrate an illegal manipulation to alter the results of the elections. How happened this? A video presented/displayed by Julio Hernandez Lopez, in the televising program of Víctor Trujillo, the past Monday - that also is to disposition of the public in the electronic page of this newspaper -, caught the following scene. Supposed employees of the IFE they illegally open and they manipulate the content of the packages of district 5, of the city of Mexico, with seat in the Tlalpan delegation. Safety around the House of Representatives Photo Maria Meléndrez Stopped 0 Until the moment, said Claudia Sheinbaum yesterday, ' ' is sintómatico the defenselessness state in which the citizenship is before the fact that the Special Office of the public prosecutor for the Attention of Electoral Crimes (Fepade, assigned to the Office of the judge advocate general General of the Republic) has not commentd out any about this episode, nor come to act legally against the raccoons that in the video are easily identificables''. Brown Sheinbaum remembered that the week last, after a pacific civil resistance made by those in favor of Lopez Obrador in different houses from toll, the PGR announced that ' ' would analyze the videos that took the participants them to act against them, but has not said the same about that they leave in the video of district 5 violating the electoral packages and committing fraud against the will popular''. To the spokeswoman it was not strange to him that the PGR acts thus, because ' ' days ago the coalition demonstrated that the Fepade asked for statistical information to legally defend Felipe Calderón of the opposition that we presented/displayed. By all this we called to the magistrates of the electoral court not to close the eyes before the accumulation of fraud evidences that now we are documenting with videos and we urged them to order the count of all the votes of the presidential election of the 2 of July, because the town of Mexico deserves to know the truth and to have a legitimate president, not an imposter espurió'. The electronic page of the Day had the last year more than thousand 300 million visits certified by the Main directorate of Academic Calculation of the UNAM, which speaks of an average of 3,5 million visits to the day, a data that, in opinion of Sheinbaum, took into account the coalition ' ' to present in all mundó ' the tests the electoral fraud through this newspaper. In order to locate in the electronic page of the Day this new video with tests of electoral fraud, it is only necessary to enter Internet and immediately to key in

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 18, 2006 06:04 PM

So now the Peje fanatics are fingering themselves with the new video tape shown by Carmen Aristegui.
It is OK, the only thing is that is does not prove anything, contributes anything, and if those videos, produced by the Cubans, only show one single thing is how desperate AMLO is.
But we have been here before, this Ahumada revisited, Peje revisited.
Truth is, AMLO's informative assemblies are not getting anymore attention in the national and international press. There is nothing he has said we have not heard before and too many contradictions to restore his credibility with the Mexican people.
We still remember how in his first or second or third "informative meeting" he said they were going to resist pacifically and without affecting other people.
They have already affected hundreds of thousands of people who need to drive through Paseo de la Reforma to go to work or business, thousands unemployed from the absence of business, many business closing down, tourism going to other areas of the country, or even worse, other countries.
Let's see how long the perredistas can finger themselves with these videos and the hope their movement will be revived.
It won't last long and already the questions about the origins of the tapes are floating in the air. PRD conecction to Cuba, Mexico's support for Guatemala - Venezuela's attempt to get support for the security council - Hugo Chavez visit to Cuba - Global Exchange demands for a recount - Video filmed in Cuba handed to PRD - Carmen Aristegui.
Patadas de Ahogado.
The TRIFE will confirm Felipe Calderon in a few days. The closer we get, the more desperate actions we will see from these clowns.
Felipe Calderon will have the support of the great mayority of people. Thank you AMLO, thank you PRD.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 06:18 PM

rodolfo, beggining to hear the same things on W Radio. Hosts mention that apparently this videos were in the possesion of the PRD since Ahumada was in Cuba and think this is a maneuver to distract from AMLO's freefall or payback for Rosario Robles accusing AMLO of betraying her. They also critizice heavily Ortega for saying they were going to present this "evidence" at the TEPJF, because this has nothing to do with what the tribunal is reviewing.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 18, 2006 06:32 PM


I am a Mexican capitalist pig. I can read and the writing on this WPost site is in English and published from inside the USA. How would you like The Pejelagarto's La Jornada forums flooded with endless Wall Street Journal newstories in English. To me this seems haughty and lacking manners.
The use of this site is for free, we should correspond by exercising politeness.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 06:34 PM

Ricardo Rocha. 14 of August of 2006. ´Focos rojos´ The government of Vicente Fox threatens finishing in a political and social disaster. In the next weeks the Mexicans we will have to be paying the costs of the incapacity, the ambition, the lack of state vision, the application of selective justice, impunity and the frivolity that have characterized to this regime. But mainly, we will be expiando the monstrous treason to the democracy perpetrated by Fox and its near circle. History never will pardon to him that being the first beneficiary of this democratic process it has insisted on a re-election of state to convenience: first in the person of its own wife, Mrs. Marta, attempt that aborted thanks to the denunciation of Alfonso Durazo; soon, Fox would try to extend in an unconditional one like Santiago Creel, that stops to obtain sold it the most shamefaced favors; finally, the president had to accept the candidacy of Felipe Calderón and to turn upside down in her to guarantee his triumph but not solely to protect the Fox-Sahagún-Bibriesca family. The serious thing is that, on all these years and parallel, Fox it has insisted on the destruction of the main enemy of his interests. The only political adversary who could change his plans of continuismo in automatic. Thus, the attempt of extermination of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador was not only one constant, but the main intention of the foxista government. Its top priority: "That one... of any way". I believe that only with this count the present state of things is explained. A divided and confronted country. Of a side, the inconformes, that go from that gain the street to protest because they want to them to clear the triumph until the extreme groups outside control and twilled braids in hills. Of the other, who invoke the infalibilidad of the institutions to amacizar a count and to transform it into an unquestionable result. The bad thing is that there is confidence nor no credibility in a fight squashed by the suspicion of a cheating president when must have been the great political referee who the nation demanded to him. For that reason today the consequences of that scandalous intervention of Fox in the presidential succession weigh to us like a stoneware: it undergoes them, of course, a combative AMLO; but a Felipe Calderón also suffers who does not finish convincing and a country holds everything hardly that does not deserve east degree of uncertainty. For that reason it is necessary to evaluate with well-taken care of end what it happens in the next and critical days. The two longer weeks of the new century. This Monday the TEPJF will have to solve on the count in the already famous 11 thousand 839 squares (as soon as 9% of the total of 130 thousands) that have been auscultated in the recent days. That for the BREAD they authenticate the triumph of Felipe because "nothing else have been smaller irregularities in hardly 25% of the squares". However, for the coalition By the Good of All "it is a test of the generalized cochinero and the evidence of which yes there was a inocultable slant to favor to Calderón and to harm Lopez Obrador". The UNIVERSAL one already documented also the strange disappearance of tickets, whose number would arrive now at 70 thousands and that they are another one of the great mysteries of this election that, after all, it does not squeak of cleaning and that on the contrary is a catalogue of trácalas and stupidities. Things that are only explained by a terrible electoral qualification of that nightmare called IFE, a manipulation specifically and arranged from the power or the cerebral washing of Fox on the "danger for Mexico" that took to many of the participants to commit its small "patriotic frauds" to prevent that AMLO arrives at the Presidency. Of another way the tail of outrages and dislates are not explained. But it is the TEPJF that will decide if truely it is about insignificancias or the absolute dirt; if the numbers of the IFE are modified and in what proportion or if squares are annulled how many and how much it varies the count. In parallel, it has to solve on other resources and oppositions in days that will seem to us eternal of here to the 31 of August. That it follows the 1 of September by the way, the day of the last report of the anarchy one of Fox. Meanwhile, they are Oaxaca, Chiapas, the red Stroll of the Reformation and so many other centers in the geography of the nation there, to point of the outbreak.

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 18, 2006 06:45 PM

Thanks rodolfo for the translation.

I´ll be back later with some more of my wisdom, gained in my previous incarnation as Lord Dick-Windsor, former ambassador to the arseholes of the world. It was a very heavy burden, trying to understand their rants, their misuse of any language, and of course the constant repeated threat that there were millions of them, and only a few of us.

We use to call it "the right mans burden".

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 06:48 PM


I understand your frustation. If your mother language was Spanish you'd be roaring with laughter. We Mexicans are having a ball using English with Spanish syntax. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes inadvertently. I wouldn't be too worried about the millions. My big worry is my many misspellings. Most of what we write is banter and bombast for effect.


Mexican elections haven't been this fun since the 1920's. Do you have a guess in Chiapas?

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 06:58 PM



Why not give a link, maybe cite a FEW lines from the article, and then give YOUR take on the subject BACKED WITH LOGICAL ARGUMENTS, not with a bunch of name-calling & ranting (except for maya0, we need the humor). If you're going to cite from newspapers with an obvious bias, either left or right, be prepared to defend your viewpoint with something more in-depth. I also think Rodolfo, or whatever the rabid are calling him nowadays, has it right about posting in English; we are guests of the Post after all.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 18, 2006 07:01 PM


Posted by: EDUARDO | August 18, 2006 07:11 PM

K. Vronna, I guess you can help me here, since I live in Chihuahua, as a capitalist, vote rigging, ex Lord of the territories.

I have heard people use "chihuahua" as a word out of context, is it a way of avoiding saying another word instead? Like some will say "Flipping Hell", or " To heck with that"...

This is a serious question from me, no Spanish book or course teaches you real "street" language, so although I study, a lot of what I hear doesn´t connect. I´ve found that the news is the best way to improve my listening ability, they seem to enunciate better. But I still don´t get most the picture from that, so I enjoy being educated, (and threatened) on this site.

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 07:16 PM


I don´t know what the etiquette is here, but normally CAPITAL letters indicate shouting or anger in a comment section or e-mail etc.

Effectively, it is very easy to insult or threaten people in this type of communication, things which I´m sure most of us wouldn´t do face to face with someone.

Can we keep it polite?

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 07:28 PM

PeterN: I think it will be something like: ALAS
It expresses grief or misfortune.

We say chihuahua! When for example somebody doesn't show up to an appointment also. It alse expresses disappoinment.
"To heck with that" will be something like: a la chingada!

We use chihuahua! and it is accepted, it is not street language or slang, it is more a very Mexican expression but it does not offend people so you can use it in any situation or context.

Like when people use HECK instead of HELL.

I hope that helped.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 07:30 PM

PeterN, aka Peter Windsor, Lord Dick, etc.,

Yeah, the interjection "¡Chihuahuas!" is a euphemism for the "ch" word. Like we use "¡chin!" or "¡Híjole!".

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 18, 2006 07:37 PM


Sheinbaum Remembers her old days as Enviroment Secretary:

A fact that the Special Office of the public prosecutor for the Attention of Electoral Crimes (Fepade, assigned to the Office of the judge advocate general General of the Republic) has not commentd out any about this episode, nor come to act legally against the raccoons that in the video are easily identificables''. Brown Sheinbaum remembered that the week last.


Pejeloco is grasping at straws and he knows it. This Ahumada stunt is Castro's

Posted by: | August 18, 2006 07:37 PM


What I have come to realize is that I don't buy the lefty side and leftists don't buy the capitalist pig side. I see what I want to see and you do the same. The only thing that makes things in this election less tense is to use humor to acknowledge we are hopelessly talking to a wall and laugh in the process.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 07:42 PM

What is going on with these PRD imbeciles?
Do they actually think for a minute that their sorry and shabby candidate will ever become president of something?

maya0: What is going on with your revolution? I fail to see anybody at the plantones, they are all empty, is it a revolution of empty canopies?
The empty canopies are going to come and get me and all Panistas. I can use a good canopy for my backyard.

Those canopy manufactures in DF are going to have a lot of work. I think I should invest in a good canopy shop, maybe I get a contract from Noruña.

Here comes the Canopy Revolution.
Solution or Canopy Revolution!

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 07:45 PM

rodolfo, I don't think I'd bet whatever the odds on the Chiapas result, lets put it that way. Still, the PRD is too strong there, I think. We'll see.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 18, 2006 07:47 PM

Peter, I've got something to cheer you up:

picture some female cheerleaders yelling
Reeeaaaaady??? Ok!
We've got spirit
Yes we do!
We've got Death Threats
Just for you!

As a fringe benefit you can picture the barbarian in a cheeleader outfit. :-)

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 18, 2006 07:53 PM

emptyboxes and K. Vronna:

Thanks for that info.

Remembering a few instances, I think I can see how people were using both your slightly different definitions.

Thanks again.

Posted by: | August 18, 2006 07:56 PM

K Vrona,

I used to be rodoputo. I have been upgraded/degraded to rodollputo!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 08:04 PM

Ariel R. Orellana:

Good one, thanks.

To be really British, I must say that the sun is certainly over the yard arm, anyone fancy a pint? I´m afraid there´s no cocktails, and even worse, no Guiness, but some of these Mexican beers do hit the spot on a hot day like this.

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 08:06 PM

Chiapas election.

The last poll I saw was the one from Reforma, and both PRD and PRI Candidates had the same percentages with the PAN candidate with 11 percent and the PANAL some 2.

My guess is that after the first weeks of July and after AMLO´s second meeting at the zocalo, he has gone from being an asset for the PRD Candidate of Chiapas to being a liability.
The national television networks have consistently shown the discredit of the Plantones and the negative image the PRD is getting at the DF is trickling down to all states, Chiapas included.

Some of the polls about the Chiapas election mentioned in some tv programs, like Trujillo´s, were the Mitowsky and the one from El Universal. Both of them were taken during the fist and second week of July, and they were slow at showing any toll taken by the local PRD Candidate from the negative image the PRD is getting in DF because of the plantones and AMLO´s reactions to the results.

Something always strikes me about mitowsky and el universal polls, and it is that they always either take a long time to analyse the information from the days they phisically take the polls to the day they publish them. During the Presidential campaign, mitoswky failed to show the polls form March when Calderon was very high in most polls. They actually skipped it. El Universal did not skip any but their poll dates were always from 2 or 3 weeks before.
That is why I prefer Reforma´s polls, they take the poll and take two days to publish them, when they are telephone polls, they publish them the very next day.

Based on the last Reforma´s poll about the Chiapas election, which was taken two weeks ago and not a month ago like the ones from El Universal and Mitowsky, I firmly believe PRI will win the election there. But the election will be decided at the TRIFE, where the PRD has lots to lose because the PRI has been denouncing the state interference timely and orderly and their legal team has gathered many evidences of such state intervention. Unlike PRD in the Presidential election where they gave the TRIFE some boxes full of videotapes showing nothing from Betty la fea, and President Fox statements that prove nothing, and newspapers articles from La Jornada and Proceso.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 08:12 PM


No offense but I think rodollputo sounds better than rodoputo, I find the second one a little cacophonous while on the first one the ll adds a little colorful touch to it.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 08:17 PM


You might have a very big point about the Chiapas election being anulled or decided by TEPJF. My guess is that southern states
love to stick it to the Federal government and vote against it. There are a lot of Christian congregations stealing adepts from the Catholic church (Acteal), feeding a drive away from mainstream Mexico.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 08:22 PM


This is cyberspace. Who cares what I am
or if rodolfo is my real name, if I'm puto or puta, pimp or gigolo. I'll tell you a secret rodolfo is my dog's name. Is your name really K.Vrona?

Please don't answer that question, I couldn't care less. I like the name, though. Nice ring to it.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 08:33 PM

rodolfo: I guess I don´t really understand Chiapas or the region. I know the Mormons have got their largest communities outside USA in southeast Mexico and I also know there are many other fiercely religious congregations or little towns.
Excuse my ignorance but when the more I learn about the many and different indigenous peoples of that region, the more I feel they don't see Mexico as a united nation, but rather as a divided country.
Some people actually tells me there is some kind of balkanization going on there.
I have some friends from Oaxaca, they talk about their different towns and people as if they were other nations or races.
Is that so?
I thought they ate Gansitos and watch Televisa and TV Azteca´s respectable excremental contents.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 08:34 PM

Watch out Rodolfputo and Peter the dick, Maya subzero has got the guns. Now, if she can just figure out which end goes "bang", she gonna cap you!!

Posted by: Jerry B | August 18, 2006 08:43 PM

This latest video is going to boomerang seriously. "Smoky Kurtz" wants to be interviewed badly, he sent a letter to Gómez Leyva asking him to help and Ciro challenged Encinas to let Smokey be interviewed. Too bad Smokey's a political prisoner and being held incommunicado; he wants to tell what happened in Cuba besides what happened in DF.

Cuba, get your grubby hands off Mexican politics you FOREIGNERS! YOU'RE NOT MEXICANS!

Rodolfo, I'm a fanatical dog-lover as well as my husband. That's really cool to name your blog-handle after your dog, although I'm afraid that I'm more a K. Vronna (double 'N', please) than a "Bobi" (our mutt).

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 18, 2006 08:55 PM


Comandante mayaO (remember comandante zero from Nicaragua) is very cabrona I agree so.
Her big guns are scary as the mob she runs.
Killing capitalist chapuceros- orders by the azteca sol. No sissy this muneca, she's Barbie with a grudge. Mighty AMLO rules her thoughts, she rules here, though. I say so.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 09:13 PM

K.Vronna: I really hope you are right and that video boomerang. Nothing really is more miserable than to see how these PRD people get support from totalitarian regimes to try to advance their political agenda.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 09:30 PM


I lived for a year in the Oaxaca coast and
I must tell you, they have well defined political views. If nihilism were a party
it would rule! I was never able to understand the HATRED between opposing rivals during elections. Once, there was an election for mayor and the same man everybody knew, became persona non grata to a degree that he was conked in the head with a stone pelting by the same people that greeted him good morning after the election. I think he won anyway, bandaged head and all. The only word that comes to mind is "Magic". The locals have magical expectations and react forcefully if their leaders negate their expectations. Oaxaca City a good example. A labor dispute turns into a governor ouster dispute.

The root of it is they have the most entrenched authoritarian culture in the country.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 09:40 PM

Speaking of the Oaxaca coast, imagine my surprise when I was in Puerto Escondido in April, and discovered that the Adoquin was now called "Blvd. Lic. Jose Murat". What a disgrace.

Posted by: Jerry B | August 18, 2006 09:54 PM

Jerry B:

Thanks for the heads up on maya0.

Isn´t he an art student, or was that someone else?

I´m still waiting to see if my questions to maya0 and vivi were answered on the last comment.

In the mean time, check this link to see who I really am like, according to some posts here......enjoy

Don´t worry if you only catch the odd word or half sentence, thats the whole point.

Unlike maya0s rants

Posted by: PeterN | August 18, 2006 09:56 PM


complo is making a comeback. The clowning never stops.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 09:57 PM


Bad politicians, comedy good:

18:29 Jesus Ortega, coordinator of campaign of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, affirmed in press conference that with the Smoky video of Carlos presented today demonstrates the "plot" against the candidate of the coalition By the Good of All. "It is demonstrated that, yes there was that plot, participated from the president of the Republic (Vicente Fox), the secretary of Interior - in that then Santiago Creel, now coordinating of the senators panistas-, the ex- general solicitor of the Republic, Rafael Macedo of the Shell; the coordinator of the panistas senators, Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, and other actors". In opinion of Ortega "they are such actors who are still doing violence to the citizen will, being against to that Andrés Manuel is president of the Republic. I add a personage: Carlos Salinas de Gortari". Horacio Duarte, representative of the coalition By the Good

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 10:07 PM

Yes. I always knew that bejarano and imaiz were obligated to chat and take the money in plastic bags and in their pockets. I guess after the shoot the video they probably, off camera, took the money away from the poor bejarano and imaiz.
The extrem of cynicism, AMLO crying out loud in the zocalo that this video proves the plot against him and that the TRIFE will have to give him the presidency.
These people stop at nothing.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 10:15 PM


I have no idea how I was able to look for him in my first try.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 10:25 PM

Presidential Election

Both AMLO and Calderon act as if they have a mandate from the people, but the sad truth for both candidates is that almost two-thirds of the elctorate voted for someone else.

Chiapas Gubenatorial Election

Juan Sabines lost the PRI nomination for the Chiapas governors race to José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas and immediately became the PRD candidate for governor. I think that tells us a great deal about the PRD.

Posted by: Jim Saunders | August 18, 2006 10:26 PM

Jim Saunders,

You must be new to Mexican politics and politicians. Shame is not a job requirement

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 10:31 PM

Here is what will happen in the next few days after Carmen Aristegui presented this video.
Hypocrite Denise Maerker will have a day interrogating those "involved" by Ahumada in a video produced in Cuba, and under very questionable circumstances and no defense lawyer for Ahumada. But that is not important for hyoocrite and mediocre journalists like Denise Maerker and Carmen Aristegui. No, according to them, there is nothing questionable about these videos. Then AMLO apologist Denise Dresser will come up with another one of her long articles to demonstrate how AMLO is a victim of the cruel people if this world and that this video explains all the nonsense we have been seeing from AMLO.
On Monday, Trujillo and his Mesa de Periodistas, all of them stupid leftists with nothing but masturbating wishes of annulment and interim presidents and chaos, among them Raymundo Riva Palacios, Julio Hernandez cocaine la jornada, Denise dresser probably, Marcela gomez, she used to be pro madrazo and now turned pro AMLO, and maybe they will invite Sergio aguayo or another equally biased and brainwashed unam leftist like lorenzo meyer, They will all have a day to discuss the video and their cocaine evidences of a plot to destroy their god AMLO.
All these bunch of imbeciles and frustrated leftist who dreamed of AMLO and a totalitarian communist regime for another 70 years have not learned that the people do not eat their sorry cocaine conspiracy theories. If Mexican people believe such imbecilities, then La Jornada would be the most respected newspaper in Mexico, as it is, only the brainwashed dumbs graduated at UNAM and the rest of radical ignorants read it today.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 10:33 PM


Reading La jornada is like reading l'osservatore romano. You gotta believe.
Denise Maerker wrote a surprisigly scathing article against Lopez on Aug.16 in Excelsior. Riva Palacio is also denuoncing Lopez, the strange thing is that in TV he seems a lot more liberal than in his newspaper articles.

Good night. Hasta tomorrow.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 18, 2006 10:52 PM

The next days it is going to get bumpy as the TRIFE gets ready to declare a president.

The closer we get to the fatal date, the worse AMLO and his people are going to get, more violent in his speeches, and resorting to everything they have in store.

This video is another one in a long list of audio tapes, emails and many other secret little things given to the public by the PRD in times they think most appropiate for them. But they missed this one, it does not add to AMLO's cause at all. If they want AMLO to look like a victim the he has to act like one, lift the Planton, take your people and tents to an area where you don't affect anybody, and stop vociferating like a mad dog at the microphone every evenining.
AMLO and PRD and their case is no news anymore, most people I talk to have lost their interest on them.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 18, 2006 10:53 PM

I BET the Washington Post will IGNORE these news. That was not part of the deal with Calderon who told the Post: do not talk about any irregularities, just say I won. And the Post followed his command jumping into the bandwagon of the negative campaign. Emptyskull: Aristegui a sell out... common! Even for you that is a little bit too much. She is the only journalist with credibility we have right now in Mexico. Sorry honey, Lopez Doriga and your friend Pedro Feriz do not match up.

Recording Points to Plan Against López Obrador
Diego Cevallos

MEXICO CITY, Aug 18 (IPS) - The Mexican leftwing presidential candidate, Andrés López Obrador, received support for his contention that government circles and the politically powerful had plotted against him, when a businessman revealed that a number of videos were aired in 2004 with the aim of bringing the politician into disrepute.

On Friday, a radio station broadcast a tape recording in which Argentine-born businessman Carlos Ahumada, in prison on fraud charges, declared that a series of videos, showing associates of López Obrador committing alleged acts of corruption, had been handed over to television channels by government authorities.

The videos, broadcast on television when López Obrador was mayor of Mexico City, were filmed by Ahumada and given to the leftwing politicians's opponents, among them former president Carlos Salinas (1988-1994), according to the businessman's statement.

They then reached the hands of the Vicente Fox administration, Ahumada said, and were subsequently handed on to the media with the intention of damaging the political aspirations of López Obrador, who belongs to the leftwing Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Ahumada's statements form part of an 11-minute video which apparently portrays an interrogation of the businessman in Cuba, where he was arrested in 2004 and subsequently deported to Mexico.

It is not known for sure who delivered Friday's tape to the local media. However, the Monitor radio station, which aired part of the recording, said that its investigations suggest that it was the PRD, which probably obtained it directly from Cuba.

According to López Obrador, the government of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and "the powers that be" have been trying to undermine him by different methods for several years, and he maintains that Ahumada's actions were a part of this conspiracy, and also that fraud was committed in the Jul. 2 presidential elections.

According to the official count, the election was won by governing party candidate Felipe Calderón by a narrow margin.

PRD spokesman Carlos Noroña told IPS that Ahumada's story that emerged this Friday "substantiates what we have been saying for a long time: that the government and others were behind the idea of pushing López Obrador out of the presidential race."

He added that now a "fraud" is being planned to illegally impose Calderón as president. He said that thousands of ballot papers had unaccountably gone missing, while others have appeared inexplicably, which will allow the "right" to declare themselves the winners. The PRD, which is demanding a vote-by-vote recount, filed a number of legal challenges regarding irregularities allegedly committed in thousands of voting stations on Jul. 2. The Federal Electoral Court, which ordered a partial recount of the vote, has until Sept. 6 to declare a president-elect or annul the elections.

The government, the business community and many analysts say there is no evidence of fraud, but are urging people to await the Electoral Court's decision. The left, which has been holding protests and blocking traffic, has warned that it will not accept the ruling unless the election is shown to be clean by a complete recount, or unless López Obrador is declared the winner.

A statistical analysis carried out by political scientists Alejandro Poiré of Harvard University and Luis Estrada of the University of California, San Diego, found no evidence whatsoever of fraud or manipulation of the election.

IPS learned that this study is one of the documents under consideration by members of the Electoral Court.

However, Víctor Romero Rochín, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico's Physics Institute, and Bolívar Huerta, a science professor at the university, said the vote tally by the Federal Electoral Institute's (IFE) Preliminary Electoral Results Programme (PREP), designed to carry out a quick vote count, had reflected "unusual" and "unlikely" statistical patterns.

In an interview with a local radio station, W Radio, Rochín explained that he and other researchers had carried out their own count of the votes, based on the results that IFE had made available on its web site, and said they found "strange patterns."

"Statistically speaking, the results fall outside of any reasonable pattern. Either there was meddling, or I don't know what happened," he said.

Salvador García, a columnist for the newspaper El Gráfico, said the appearance of this latest tape recording of statements by Ahumada is probably a PRD ploy to strengthen public support and sympathy for López Obrador. "It attempts to reinforce the idea that there has been a conspiracy against him for a number of months or years."

Ahumada said he used the video recordings of López Obrador's associates to obtain promises of protection from the government and other actors against accusations of corruption that he was facing, but that this protection never materialised.

Ahumada owns a construction company and had several contracts with the Mexico City mayor's office, until López Obrador became mayor in 2001. According to the businessman, López Obrador cancelled his contracts and through his associates subjected him to extortion -- allegations that are strenuously denied by the presidential candidate.

After the videos were broadcast in 2004, Ahumada fled to Cuba, where he was arrested and deported back to Mexico. Since then, he has remained in prison pending trial for alleged fraud and money laundering.

The videotapes, filmed with hidden cameras, show close associates of López Obrador receiving thousands of dollars from Ahumada. Another shows the former secretary of finance of the city government, Gustavo Ponce, gambling large sums of money at casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Senator Diego Fernández de Cevallos, of the governing PAN party, acknowledged Friday that he had seen the videos before they were aired on television, but denied that he had given them to the media.

"And even if I had, it doesn't matter now. The only thing that's certain is that the videos show associates of López Obrador taking part in acts of corruption, and that's the truth," he said.

Opponents of the leftwing candidate criticised him in 2004 for not admitting that his colleagues were corrupt, and for delivering instead a speech in which he maintained that the video scandals were all part of a smear campaign against him.

As mayor, López Obrador was accused by the attorney-general's office of contempt of court after allowing the construction of a short access road to a city hospital to continue. The road was being built on a disputed plot of land expropriated by the city government. Congress even stripped him of his immunity as a legislator so that he could face prosecution.

But the case, which López Obrador -- who was ahead in the polls for several years -- dismissed as a maneuver to bar him from running for the presidency, merely increased his popularity.

Eventually Fox instructed the attorney-general's office to drop the charges, and López Obrador's path was open for him to stand for president. (END/2006)

Posted by: To get a rise out of emptyskull | August 18, 2006 11:18 PM

Hey! Aren't you the guy who works for the FEPADE and was caught working as Calderon's legal team in those e-mails? The nerve to be talking about legality... you should quit your job you electoral criminal.

And that is ANOTHER piece of good info the Post decided to ignore... keep it up Washington Post...

Posted by: To Hector Diaz | August 18, 2006 11:20 PM

Rodolfo and Emptyboxes:

How can you support an ultraconservative
like Calderon? Mexico is about to go back to the times of the inquisition (but now with the opus dei in the mix). Not only the election is fraudulent, he keeps using the system to achieve his religious ends. Don Benito Juarez must be shaken in his tomb in El Angel...
And it is bad for Americans too since Calderon will never stop the influx of all those undocumented aliens (i guess as mexicans that is how you call them instead of illegal alliens). Calderon is just another Reagan wannabe but this time without the carisma (but he is probably smarter which is not hard).
YOu people are fools!

Posted by: Julie | August 18, 2006 11:26 PM

I repeat my earlier post of today:


Why not give a link, maybe cite a FEW lines from the article, and then give YOUR take on the subject BACKED WITH LOGICAL ARGUMENTS, not with a bunch of name-calling & ranting (except for maya0, we need the humor). If you're going to cite from newspapers with an obvious bias, either left or right, be prepared to defend your viewpoint with something more in-depth. I also think Rodolfo, or whatever the rabid are calling him nowadays, has it right about posting in English; we are guests of the Post after all."

That said....

What legal value does a video have that's recorded in the police facilities of a dictatorial country and the person being interrogated has no legal representation or even the counsel of his country's ambassador?

Who stole the tape from the Cuban police? The Cubans say that they had nothing to do with the video's appearance, so that means someone very sneaky infiltrated Cuba and spirited off the tape. Not even the CIA has been able to do much in Cuba, so these new guys must be very good. Maybe it's the same ones that intervened in the stolen e-mails of the PAN.

Posted by: K.Vronna | August 18, 2006 11:28 PM

One of the worst aspects of this election has been the behavior of the media in Mexico. The TV monopolies and most newspapers have renounced to their role as promoters of plurality and democracy and have acted as interested parts in the negative campaign against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Sadly, some respected newspapers like The Washington Post and the LA Times have followed their example.

An alternative source to remain informed of what the other side has to say is the most popular blog in Mexico:

I must warn you in advance el sendero is not a chatroom for rightist freaks.

Posted by: For people who want to be informed | August 18, 2006 11:39 PM

"Calderon will never stop the influx of all those undocumented aliens"

Julie, and what would AMLO do to stop it? A lot new statist laws don't create opportunity.

Mexico actually has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the hemisphere. Granted this is partially due to immigration to the U.S. but it is a whole lot better than the socialist "utopias" further south.

Posted by: RC | August 18, 2006 11:44 PM

For people that do not want to read the ramblings of rightist freaks and Pinochet lovers with too much time on their hands

Julie I agree with you about these fools. Nothing will improve in Mexico if fraud is allowed and Calderon becomes president. We can expect more of the same. The Fox sexenio can pay countless TV spots... and still thousands of Mexicans will keep on risking their lives to abandon their country in search for work. The model these guys have implemented does not work for the majority of Mexicans. We need change and we need it urgently.

Posted by: Once again | August 18, 2006 11:48 PM

senderodelpeje's equivalent for the rightwingers would be something like

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 18, 2006 11:55 PM

Now you are trying to impose your rules on the blog? We can contribute, copy and paste if we want to. Only right wing looneys like yourself feel like they can impose their views (and their fraudulent candidates) on everyone else. I will keep on contributing in this plural and open blog in any way I see fit.

We all tolerate your ramblings. A little bit of that trait dear will do you much good. Having said that... I think North Korea would be a much better place for you to live in since you like it your way or the highway. Of course, you would have to get in with the right sort of people there first :)

Posted by: K whatever | August 18, 2006 11:55 PM

I was just watching Televisa and it seems like today's big news is that kids are returning to school... HELLO... and the Ahumada videos? I feel like I am living in an Orwelian nightmare... these Televisa people have no limits... and no more of those spots of actors telling people that there was no fraud... everytime they come on first thing that comes into mind is why are they so anxious that people do not question results?

Posted by: Bonnie | August 18, 2006 11:57 PM

Whatever rocks your world honey...

Posted by: K whatever | August 18, 2006 11:58 PM

Do check out as alternative news source. Page is updated continiuously with news links and information. Unlike the nazi sites no one visits sendero is by far the most popular blog in Mexico with over 1 500 000 visits.

If you want a few laughs about conservative freaks in Mexico I found this new site very enjoyable

Posted by: To all non right wing freaks that come to this blog | August 19, 2006 12:01 AM

Come on Vivi, didn't you take the time to get up to speed on this blog before making your comments? If you don't know where I come from and what I propose, what relevance do you expect your comments to have? I made the suggestion to give links and make your own comments because it's supposed to be an exchange of ideas, your ideas.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 12:08 AM


I've just finished reading your piece and I must recognize that you sure have a nice deal: you write as La Jornada correspondent, enjoy Georgetown bars and restaurants, get paid in US dollars and live in Washington D.C. suburbs.

Why don't you come back to live in La Merced, and get paid in pesos to write as a Washington Post correspondent in Mexico City?

That way you would be real close to where the revolution is brewing and, with some luck, perhaps you could touch the hand of the Peje and become one of his acolytes.

Just think about it!
Isn't it tempting?

Posted by: spoiler | August 19, 2006 12:30 AM

emptyboxes and rodolfo

why do you make that kind of derogatory comments about the unam? did you fail the admission test to the school? i can understand your dissapointment, unam has a decent reputation all over the world. The programs on civil engineering, astronomy, mathematics,geophysics and latinoamerican literature can easily compete against the very best anywhere.

Posted by: julie | August 19, 2006 12:32 AM


you should refrain of personal attacks. why do you care if she gets paid or not?
do you know for a fact that she gets paid in dollars? WHO CARES!
besides, perhaps she gets paid in pesos.
that would be just terrible...
furthermore, if you do not know the facts you should keep your mouth shut!

Posted by: julie | August 19, 2006 12:52 AM

Sorry to burst your bubble K whatever I don't blog here for your benefit nor is my cup of tea to exchange ideas with nazi lunatics. Frankly I don't care what you are about or what you propose. I came to blog because it is an open space where people can express themselves freely so other readers can have different views of the situation. I advise you to start your own chatroom with your own rules so you are not annoyed by people not willing to put up with your intolerance. Having said said that I leave you once and for all to your ramblings.

Here is an interesting note, Father Raul Vera is asking for a vote for vote recount. I guess Norberto could not get everyone to side with him on his campaign for Calderon. Some people in the Catholic Church have ethics and a real commitment with the Mexican people, their needs and demands.

Posted by: K whatever | August 19, 2006 01:46 AM

Hey, here is the link to the youtube video to Aristegui's commentary on the new Ahumada video where he fesses up about a federal government conspiracy to prevent Lopez Obrador from winning the presidency.

Posted by: Aristegui comments on Ahumada | August 19, 2006 01:55 AM

Here is the latest note from Proceso about the Ahumada scandal

Opportune Tardiness Jorge carrasco araizaga Mexico, D.F., 18 of August (apro). - Sooner than later we have confirmed the political conspiracy against Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador to prevent its arrival to the Presidency of the Republic. It was delayed for effects of the voting, but opportune for the legal process in which is the presidential election. The Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) is next to conclude the judgments of opposition of the presidential election after the partial count of squares that ordered two weeks ago. Surpassed that stage, that will include new sumatoria of the votes due to the cancellation of squares, the magistrates of the Superior Room of the TEPJF will enter the qualification of the presidential election and if they consider it legal, they will make the declaration of the elect president. After reviewing happened the day of the electoral day, which at the moment is in course, the magistrates they will weigh the conditions in which it happened all the electoral process, including the interference of president Vicente Fox in the electoral campaign to dissuade the vote towards Lopez Obrador. That interference, that nor in the authoritarian times of the PRI was so coarse, happened long before the electoral times and that could be an argument so that the magistrates refuse to consider the confirmation of intrigues it like an additional test at the time of describing the election. It can be that in the Superior Room the orthodox interpretation prevails to reject as proves the plot against Lopez Obrador, corroborated by one of its main actors, industralist of Argentine origin Smoked Carlos, at the moment imprisoned by fraud to several delegations of the Federal District. The given video to know by the journalist Carmen east Aristegui Friday and that comprises of the recordings that to him the government did of Cuba when he stopped it in 2004, confirms in words of the own one Emitted smoke what as much he criticized Lopez to him Obrador: that there was a plot in his against removing it from the presidential race. The tried violation aborted in 2005, but the conspiracy followed in the Pines. Sacrificed Smoke signal, the Presidency was concentrated then in soon promoting the first insolvent candidacy of Marta Sahagún and the frustrated campaign of Santiago Creel, one of the participants in the confabulación, according to the declarations of the Argentine industralist. Now the elect senator was then the secretary of Interior and like so, person in charge of the Research center and National Security (Cisen), whose delegate in the Federal District, was in charge of the adjustments so that Smoky it met in a hotel of the Stroll of the Reformation, in the City of Mexico, with the panista senator Diego Fernandez de Cevallos. The meeting was for designing the strategy of Smoked defense of after which, as he leaves from intrigues policy, public did the videos recorded by the own industralist dedicated to the construction in which he registered the corruption acts that committed with near collaborators of Lopez Obrador, in special of René Bejarano, then leader of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and exsecretario individual of tabasqueño in the capital government. In agreement with the denunciation of Smoke signal done before the Cuban authorities, in addition to Creel and Fernandez, in the plot they also participated the then General solicitor of the Republic, general Rafael Macedo of the Shell; the ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and the lawyer Juan Col, that has served like Saline defender of the family. The incrimination of Smoke signal reached to president Vicente Fox: "This yes knew the secretary to it of Interior and yes the solicitor general of the Republic knew to it. To me to me it becomes very difficult that (being) a subject of this size the president of the Republic did not know it." Two of the accused ones, faithful to their style, denied from the cynicism the evidence. Creel defined with a public letter and Fernandez with press declarations. In the best one of the cases, the Presidency will do the same, but hardly the public opinion will ignore its performance against Lopez Obrador. Exhausted its bet of the scandal, from the Pines the insolvent violation against the then head of Government was also promoted then. And failed his intentions of designation of candidate, Fox did not have more option than to support Felipe Calderón. And he made the apparatus yet governmental, with frank interferences that forced to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and the own Electoral Court to take part to restrain it. The facts are evident. It is not necessary to prove the magistrates of the Court who Fox violated in serious form, repeated and coarse, the constitutional principles to them of free, authentic elections and in equality of conditions. The magistrates have an element more to consider a possible annulment of the presidential election.

Posted by: Proceso's latest: new evidence could mean election to be annuled | August 19, 2006 02:28 AM


May I say that that denostating a tin pot
Pol Pot wanna-be like AMLO doesn't make me a Calderon supporter. If it was Calderon doing the antics and subverting REALITY, my ranting would be directed at him.

I was born in Mexico into a dictartorship that pretended to be a democracy. The PRI ruled with an iron fist for 73 years. We Mexicans were all strangely prescient about our "elections". If you bet the house on the PRI the odds would be 100% in your favor. For 73 years democracy in Mexico was BORING, predictable, castrating. If you wanted to get ahead in life all you had to do was join the PRI bandwagon. You didn't have to agree with them, you had to be their partner in crime. You had to do some serious whoring
and pretend nobody was looking.

AMLO embodies a regression to the old patronising Big Brother brand of political thuggery. AMLO's antics are vintage PRI rabble rousing.

One last thing, it's not the first time I've been lumped together with emptyboxes. Who am I to tell you this but if not a fool: He's a democratic philistine, I'm a know-it-all. A democratic know-it-all.

Proceso's latest: new evid...bla bla bla,

Me hate U long time, big long time. You ugly,
your English disguise, transparent and uglier than you. Your candidate for the life of himself, lose this time. Don't cry for me, Andresito, the truth is shafted you, big time. One more thing, your story funny indeed.

K whatever,

FYI: mayaO rules, K. Vronna is second in command. She speaks we obey. If you don't like it, adress your complaint to comandante mayaO. She will kick K. Vronna's behind, and mine and yours twice. Once because she likes to kick behinds, twice because she likes to kick behinds 2 times. You have been forewarned: mayaO will
kick you 2 times, one if she likes. If you obey K. Vronna, we'll pretend this never happened. K. Vronna is nice in only once!

This gem is from Ceci Conolly:

"Although he does not leave office until Dec. 1, Fox aides have been offering up interviews with the lame duck, including with the New York Times"[sic]

Who she callin' duck.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 07:33 AM

Seems to me like those fellows at Proceso and La Jornada are reaching ecstasy fingering themselves with cocaine annulment and interim presidents ideas. It's OK, I undertand them, this is the last time they will have to enjoy their gluttony for conspiracy theories and they should take advantage of these very few days.
I see Julio Hernandez has reached a different plateaux in his cocaine conspiracy theories with this video.
A tear comes out of Lorenzo Meyer's eyes as he remembers the Desafuero saga and reaches the conclusion that we are living the Desafuero Reloaded. He will finger himself a little wishing perhaps the Court will take a look at the video.
Horacio Duarte took a copy of the video and ran to the TRIFE all exited hoping to be able to convince those Judges that AMLO was a victim of a greater plot to destroy him.
Maybe the TRIFE will take a look at the video, they have nothing else to see these days and are getting bored to death recounting a little Casilla here and there, where AMLO lost one more vote or one another one and where Felipe remains victorious.
Some people report that Tte 800 pages file of the impugnation ended up in the TRIFE's bathroom as the honorable memebers of the TRIFE decided to find a more productive use to so much paper.
The weekend is coming and we see more trouble for AMLO as the Chiapas election will not be won by PRD because the powerful alliance PRI PAN and PANAL will have the upper hand, both at the Casillas and at the court.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 19, 2006 08:33 AM

The main issues of the country have been put aside, while AMLO, Fox and Calderón and their respective coterie jockey for power. Is it too much to hope that women, youth, the rural population and the poor come together and resolve their problems by themselves? The "big" leaders are thinking only of themselves. In the words of my favorite writer:

Palabra de Mujer, de Joven, de Campesino, de Pobre

Hay temor de que AMLO, Fox y Calderón pierdan el control y explote la violencia.
Los periódicos nos recuerdan que diario, 5 mujeres mueren en actos de violencia. Estériles reportes muestran que el raquítico crecimiento económico del país no está aliviando la pobreza. Este año morirán 60 emigrantes, que al fracaso de México de no ofrecer una vida digna, se exponen a mayores barreras físicas y legales al cruzar a EEUU. Los maestros en Oaxaca, viviendo precariamente a la intemperie, heridos por maleantes, no han podido resolver sus peticiones desde hace meses. Los que viven en el norte del país, están en tensión, porque la redada de las cabezas del grupo de Arellano Felix, va a crear aún otra reacción violenta en varias ciudades fronterizas.
La injusticia del supuesto "fraude" electoral, es, en comparación, sin importancia.
La protesta de AMLO, en el zócalo y ciertas arterias simbólicas de la ciudad, lo llama John Gibler de ZNet, "un levantamiento de alto diseño"(A designer uprising) ya que el control absoluto del movimiento se lleva a través de un grueso manual de instrucciones por el grupo coordinador del candidato ofendido. Muy distinto a los movimientos populares espontáneos de otras épocas. Este Suena falso.
Suena también falso, que Calderón, el candidato "sensato," solo se dedica a reaccionar a las injurias de AMLO. en lugar de dedicarse con urgencia a actividades tales como:escuchar al pueblo, coordinarse con los varios gobiernos y organizaciones ciudadanas para que en forma incluyente se elimine la pobreza, se proteja al medio ambiente, y se formen grupos que resuelvan diferencias con justicia e igualdad. No le queda otra, a las mujeres, a los jóvenes, a los que viven fuera de las grandes urbes, a los pobres, que son la mayoría del país, que resolver sus propios problemas. El experimento del movimiento zapatista de liberación en Chiapas se ve como una mejor alternativa---el crear desde la base, poco a poco, nuevas formas de acción colectiva con los grupos Indígenas de Chiapas, y con los marginados del resto del país. También lo son las ideas de Patricia Mercado y de sus jóvenes simpatizantes de una política de inclusión y sin confrontación basada en la educación.
México necesita confiar en la palabra de mujer, de joven, de campesino y de pobre. Solo así se reducirá la violencia real, no la fabricada por AMLO, Fox y Calderón .

Posted by: Viper | August 19, 2006 09:22 AM

Ricardo Rocha. 14 of August of 2006. ´Focos REDS´

The government of Vicente Fox threatens finishing in a political and social disaster. In the next weeks the Mexicans we will have to be paying the costs of the incapacity, the ambition, the lack of state vision, the application of selective justice, impunity and the frivolity that have characterized to this regime.

But mainly, we will be expiando the monstrous treason to the democracy perpetrated by Fox and his near circle. History never will pardon to him that being the first beneficiary of this democratic process it has insisted on a re-election of state to convenience: first in the person of its own wife, Mrs. Marta, attempt that aborted thanks to the denunciation of Alfonso Durazo; soon, Fox would try to extend in an unconditional one like Santiago Creel, that stops to obtain sold it the most shamefaced favors; finally, the president had to accept the candidacy of Felipe Calderón and to turn upside down in her to guarantee his triumph but not solely to protect the Fox-Sahagún-Bibriesca family.

The serious thing is that, on all these years and parallel, Fox it has insisted on the destruction of the main enemy of his interests. The only political adversary who could change his plans of continuismo in automatic. Thus, the attempt of extermination of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador was not only a constant, but the main intention of the foxista government. Its top priority: "That one... of any way".

I believe that only with this count the present state of things is explained. A divided and confronted country. Of a side, the inconformes, that go from that gain the street to protest because they want to them to clear the triumph until the extreme groups outside control and twilled braids in hills. Of the other, who invoke the infalibilidad of the institutions to amacizar a count and to transform it into an unquestionable result. The bad thing is that there is confidence nor no credibility in a fight squashed by the suspicion of a cheating president when must have been the great political referee who the nation demanded to him.

For that reason today the consequences of that scandalous intervention of Fox in the presidential succession weigh to us like a stoneware: it undergoes them, by all means, a combative AMLO; but a Felipe Calderón also suffers who does not finish convincing and a country holds everything hardly that does not deserve east degree of uncertainty. For that reason it is necessary to evaluate with well-taken care of end what it happens in the next and critical days. The two longer weeks of the new century. This Monday the TEPJF will have to solve on the count in the already famous 11 thousand 839 squares (as soon as 9% of the total of 130 thousands) that have been auscultated in the recent days.

That for the BREAD they authenticate the triumph of Felipe because "nothing else have been smaller irregularities in hardly 25% of the squares". However, for the coalition By the Good of All "it is a test of the generalized cochinero and the evidence of which yes there was a inocultable slant to favor to Calderón and to harm Lopez Obrador".

The UNIVERSAL ONE already documented also the strange disappearance of tickets, whose number would arrive now at 70 thousands and that they are another one of the great mysteries of this election that, after all, it does not squeak of cleaning and that on the contrary is a catalogue of trácalas and stupidities. Things that are only explained by a terrible electoral qualification of that nightmare called IFE, a manipulation specifically and arranged from the power or the cerebral washing of Fox on the "danger for Mexico" that took to many of the participants to commit its small "patriotic frauds" to prevent that AMLO arrives at the Presidency. Of another way the tail of outrages and dislates are not explained.

But it is the TEPJF that will decide if truely it is about insignificancias or the absolute dirt; if the numbers of the IFE are modified and in what proportion or if squares are annulled how many and how much it varies the count. In parallel, it has to solve on other resources and oppositions in days that will seem to us eternal of here to the 31 of August. That it follows the 1 of September by the way, the day of the last report of the anarchy one of Fox. Meanwhile, they are Oaxaca, Chiapas, the red Stroll of the Reformation and so many other centers in the geography of the nation there, on the verge of the outbreak.

Ricardo Rocha,

My team of capitalist-pig-tin-pot-Pol Pot-wanna-be-plucked rooster-dictator-vanquishers have brought to my attention your silly text. Politically correct "El Pejed dictated this to me" mumbo jumbo will be exposed. You have been searched and you have been found. mayaO will read this and kick you in the teeth. You will run back into Peje's lap and not take it like a man.

Anyway, is The UNIVERSAL ONE the new self aggrandizing nickname of your dictator-wannabe? If so, I like it. It has a nice Castro-ish ring to it, charming in so many ways... Let's get real here!!! Only mayO can be adressed by such superlative titles and more.

Mr. Lopez, dictate this to yourself: you are no mayaO.

Nice try but only mayaO rules! I say so.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 09:52 AM

Vicente Fox had 6 years to straighten up Mexico --- and at the end of his term, how many millions are fleeing Mexico, even dying to get out.

Posted by: fitz | August 19, 2006 11:04 AM

Mijo (emptyboxes), siempre fuiste medio pendejito, pero veo que desde que tienes ese ridiculo anillo que portas con tanto orgullo te graduaste de "Pendejo de Mierda".

Si, si ... yo se que estas palabras ofenderan los castos ojos de otros que merecen el mismo titulo, como lo son Kvroncita, Jerry Bullcrap, Rodolfox, etc.

Creo que lo que deberian de hacer es reunirse para ir a tomarse un cafecito y de esta manera tener la oportunidad de componer el mundo. Ya que el Dios Yunquista les dio toda la inteligencia universal.

Simplemmente de imaginarme dicha reunion me dan muchas ganas de ir a vomitar. No es dificil de entender el dia de hoy, porque estamos como estamos. Gente muy poderosa que comparte esos ideales tan generosos en todos aspectos estan colaborando a que pronto (pienso que en un sexenio mas o inclusive antes) todos lleguen a mi.

Atentamente, Tu Madre

Posted by: La Chingada | August 19, 2006 11:52 AM


May I submit for your consideration the source of the brilliant cut and paster by the name

"to get a rise of emptyskull" Aug18,

IPS, civil society's leading news agency, is an independent voice from the South and for development, delving into globalisation for the stories underneath. Another communication is possible.

Their motto: "Proceso with good spelling,
but still way Left"

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 01:14 PM


One mean progenitora, your mom. When she abandoned you and your 10 brothers and sisters to join Pejeproyectodenacion Affiliated Gangsters in Defelandia Party (PRD), she sure took her "Padierna, Brugada, O la chingada, soy diputada" megalomania of hers to heart. Sheeesh.

What she meant was:

Mijo (emptyboxes), always you were Great and handsome, but I see that since you have that ridiculous ring that portholes with as much pride you graduated as "Extreme Cool".

If, if... I that these words the chaste eyes would ofenderan of which they deserve he himself am titled, as they are it Kvroncita, Jerry Bullcrap, Rodolfox, etc.

I believe that what deberian to do is to meet to go to take a cafecito and this way to have the opportunity to help the world. Since the God gave all universal intelligence you teach me.

Simplemmente to imagine this meeting to me gives many desire me to go no vomit. It is not difficult to understand today, because we are as we are. Very powerful people who share those so generous ideals in all aspects estan collaborating at that soon (I inclusively think that about sexenio but or before) all arrive at my relief.

Kindly, Your Mum

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 01:43 PM

Ceci: Thanks again for the space, and now I'll direct my comments to the spanish-writting-speaking fellas of this blog: Señores, no se hagan bolas...Felipe ganó y ganó bien...No hubo tal fraude...corrección si hay un gran fraude, se llama AMLO y está enfermo...muy enfermo. El Sr. Ricardo Rocha, ya no sabe que decir y balbucea sus tonterías de siempre, no es detras de la detrás del hueso...Carmen Aristeguí, necesita una rápida exploracion del punto G y lo traduce como..échenle porras al PG. Now Creci, let's get back to bussines, Mr.Lopez Obragore is a very sick person, the problem is than there is not a suitable mental-institution to keep him away from the society, probably we can convince the Spandau authorities to host him as an important Honorary Fellow.

Posted by: Enrique Moreno R. | August 19, 2006 01:49 PM

Here is the link to Carmen Aristegui's interview where Ahumada confesses he teamed up with the federal government, the PAN and former Mexican president Carlos Salinas (responsible for political assasinations, the zapatista uprising and the worst economic crisis in decades), against Mexican socialdemocrat candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Enjoy Mexico's version of Watergate!

Also link to video where Aristegui comments with Jose Antonio Crespo PhD about this new evidence.

Posted by: Enriqueta Moreno | August 19, 2006 01:58 PM

Seems like not all of American mainstream media is backing fraud in Mexico.

The Houston Chronicle: so it wasn't paranoia... LOPEZ OBRADOR WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.

Go Houston Chronicle and its responsible coverage!

Posted by: The Houston Chronicle sets the record straight | August 19, 2006 02:03 PM

Here is an interesting article from Tijuana where the PAN is compared to the PRI in its manipulation of information to impose a candidate.

Posted by: Jose Luis Durán | August 19, 2006 02:09 PM

You are so rational my evil twin... have you thought about pursuing a PhD? I am sure you could write a respectable thesis using such compelling arguments as:

AMLO is crazy
AMLO is a lying
Aristegui is a bad journalist
It is all true because I say so

Posted by: Enriqueta Moreno | August 19, 2006 02:12 PM

Yes, people are dying to get out of this country where crony capitalism has flourished while the majority remain impoverished and with no hope of the government ever acting on their behalf.

Expect more thousands to cross the border in the next six years (Fox can claim a record ammount of migrants) if the Tribunal backs fraud and imposes Calderon.

Posted by: To Fitz | August 19, 2006 02:17 PM


if there was a prize for dumbest reply ever, yours will take the cake. Not even funny.
running out of translation words anyone?

I thought my son was the worst person of this board, oh boy! how wrong I was.

So you know exactly where I'm sending you right? yep! come and see me.

Posted by: La Chingada | August 19, 2006 02:52 PM


Mucho hay, ugly grammar:

19 Ago of 2006, 12:35

To record restores Mexican theory of the conspiracy the recording backwards moves the demand of the perdidoso presidential candidate of the diagram against him By DUDLEY ALTHAUS and LLOYD de MARION
Chronicle 2006 of Houston of copyright

CITY OF MEXICO - the demands of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who exact a long-range ones of politicians and the mega-rich one has conspired to rob it of the presidential election of this summer have been dismissed of length by their critical like paranoia.

But the interrogation of a revealer of real estate properties, recorded two years ago in Cuba and spread here Friday in a radio program, could flow confirms the notion that hardly because a man could be paranoico does not mean that people are not towards outside obtaining it.

In the tape, the businessman jailed Carlos Smoky alleges that several Mexican ministers of cabinet, a long-range senator of the party of president Vicente Fox's and previous president Carlos Salinas de directed Gortari the launching of the February of 2004 of others videocintas that demonstrate to the revealer that bribes adjutants to Lopez Obrador.

"It is the fight for 2006, of which he is what they won," Smoked Carlos, a natural one of the Argentina that had been active in the construction of City of Mexico, says in the tape. "I mean, they I practically removed from Andres Manuel the presidential race."

Most of the men accuse to plan the scandal of the denied bribe Friday that was any conspiracy.

Scandal the 2004 of bribe, combined with a separated criminal processing that would have disqualified Lopez Obrador of the operation, almost made derail its search for the presidency.

The administration of the fox left of side the federal processing, implying the illegal building of a way in City of Mexico whereas Lopez Obrador was mayor, after the hundreds of thousands of people marched in protest against her.

Lopez Obrador worked. Now, it is the desafiadores official results that demonstrate it that it loses by a margin finísimo to preservative Felipe Calderon of the national party of the action of the fox.

Protest of City of Mexico those in favor of Lopez Obrador have all but paralyzed City of central Mexico in protest whereas a federal court decides the election, that he will be solved before month end.

"He confirms what Andres has ahead been saying all," Hernandez Nava said to Rafael, legislator of the city for the party of Lopez Obrador, in a will in center seat of the city City of Mexico. "Era a diagram sworn in for above by (Diego) Fernandez de Cevallos (national senator of the action), by Salt mines and the fox.

"It is a diagram by the same rich people in this country that has always opposed Andres."

Videocintas 2004 of the bribe demonstrates to allies of Lopez Obrador Rene Bejarano and Carlos Imaz that takes great amounts from cash of Smoke signal, probably in exchange for favors in their projects of the development in the Mexican capital. Head of the finances of the tape of a separated City of Mexico of the demonstrations that plays extreme great of money in a casino of Fertile valleys.

A Bejarano unsuspecting was ambushed with the video that it is inside in an inclined political demonstration of char it of City of Mexico in which civil employees of the interviews of the host the stops and other guests dressed like clown of the circus.

Whereas they defended Bejarano and the others, the civil employees of Lopez Obrador and City of Mexico had indicated of length to the political enemies, including salt mines, like probably behind the public launching of the videos of the bribe.

In the recording sent again, Smoked demand that the effort to make the public of the bribe went upper "to the one of the level. Inner minister and General Procurador of the Republic were found out this of the principle."

Emitted smoke he says to interrogators who its lawyer, Juan Col, worked in tandem with Fernandez de Cevallos in the review of tapes of the bribe and to draw up how haceros to public. It suggests saline them, that family Col also has represented in legal subjects, were implied.

Requested $30 million He had originally requested $30 million in financing for his businesses in exchange for tapes, Emitted smoke said in the interrogation. But it placed for which it called "official protection" for and its family and the occasion to gain contracts of government in the future.

"Its difficult one so that he believes that the president did not know, in a question of this magnitude," Emitted smoke he says of fox. "You think secretary of the government and the General Solicitor of the Republic knew, and not the president"

Fernandez de Cevallos, prominent lawyer who was presidential candidate of his party in 1994, denied any misdeed. He said that he advised Smoking like lawyer - favorable bond - in what making with tapes and how defend itself in problems with the government of the city.

He said that he did not have any contact with the salt mines on tapes.

"It never gave a single video me," radio this Fernandez de W, the network that broke history. Fernandez said that he had all his distributions with Smoke signal documented final.

Basket of Santiago, inner minister when the scandal of the bribe was broken, denied to know or to deal with Smoky in a written declaration Friday.

"Neither nor others knew of the existence of the videos to which it refers before they were scattered by medioses of communication," the basket said in a declaration.

Saying he it would not be lent to the "game from which they try to obtain that political advantage with slander or the manipulation," basket said that he would not comment out any other in the matter.

Rafael Macedo of the Shell, the General Solicitor of the Republic at the time of the scandal, resigned the last year when the loads against Lopez Obrador were left of side.

But the office of the General Solicitor of the Republic did not have "any official commentary at this moment," spokesman Jose Luis Manjarrez this. Macedo of the Shell, at the moment attache military man in the embassy of Mexico in Rome, was little inclined to comment, the spokesman this.

A presidential spokesman declined to discuss to the allegations Friday, saying to a conference of the news that the civil employees "were not scared" of their impact.

The representatives of the Lopez Obrador said that they would present/display the tape to the court of the election, call the Trife, because the additional evidence of the fraud who said was perpetrated against him.

A presence that shows nevertheless Jailed in several loads, Emitted smoke has been something of a presence that showed through the bitter station relative to this year of the election. Much people suspected - and not some feared that the new videos of the incrimination would in time appear to influence against Lopez Obrador.

In fact, Emitted smoke she announced the new videos that implied other Lopez which they would send to the allies of Obrador June at the beginning of.

Those plans changed some days more ahead when the gunmen alleged threw upon the car in which their wife and children mounted in an elegant vicinity of City of Mexico.

To clean to investigators said to throw, in who nobody was damaged, appeared to be carried out.

One did not file any loads, and the investigation was fallen. No other videos of the bribe appeared. And Smoked descoloró of public interest.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 02:53 PM

Mrs. emptyboxes's bad Mother,

Ask your son if he's laughing.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 02:57 PM

rodolfo: I could not stop laughing at it. Thanks!

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 19, 2006 03:22 PM

Voto por Voto demand reach la Basilica de Guadalupe.

The Virgin Mary did not want fraud, hundreds of Mexican protesters chant.

Note from El Universal

Posted by: votoporvoto | August 19, 2006 03:39 PM


Just holding down the fort. We are a few hundred thousand capitalist amigos waitin' for Lopitos and his can't shoot straight amigos...

mayaO, send real warriors not tontitos.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 05:13 PM


Claudia Bolaños The Universal City of Mexico Saturday 19 of August of 2006

13:34 the peregrination of supporters of the coalition By the Good of All arrived at the Basilica of Guadalupe. Its large posters with the legend of "Not to the electoral fraud" and "Vote by vote", as well as another political propaganda, was left outside the enclosure, stops in silence to enter the house of the Morenita of the Tepeyac. The route later made by the Cardinal red Axis Lazaro and by the runner of Calzada de Guadalupe where their prayers were mixed with their political demands.

While, some motorists sent improperios to them that were not affected by this peregrination, three priests who accompanied the supporters by the Aztec Sun, in answer raised their hand to give the blessing them.

Javier Hidalgo, National Advisor of the PRD, went to this event, of which he said is for asking to him the Virgin of Guadalupe who illuminates the electoral advisors.

During the route the complaining ones, several of them seated in the long wait on the Reformation and streets of the Historical Center, took to placards and signboards in which it was ***reflxed mng: "Mother mine, dale to magistrates of the TRIFE the grace of the honesty and justice so that they decide please in the town". Also in unison they said "to the Virgin Maria, the fraud did not want". sgf/mgg

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 05:36 PM

I'm really worried about Vivi's multiple personality syndrome, she's already taken on, let me see:
1-To get a rise out of emptyskull
2-To Hector Diaz
3-For people who want to be informed
4-Once again
5-K whatever
6-To all non right wing freaks that come to this blog
7-Aristegui comments on Ahumada
8-Proceso's latest: new evidence could mean election to be annuled
9-Enriqueta Moreno #1
10-The Houston Chronicle sets the record straight

Eleven different personalities! Well I guess it could be that she wants to make it appear that there's all these By the Good of All people blogging all of a sudden, but they aren't cheaters, are they?

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 05:46 PM


Jesus Ortega responds
: He will not invite himself to the Convention

Indifferent. For Jesus Ortega, Cuauhtémoc Cardenas (founding of the PRD) "he is a companion like other companions".

With indifference signs, Jesus Ortega, member of the team of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, assured that invitation to Cuauhtémoc will not be turned Cardinal red, founder of the PRD, so that he participates in the Convention agreed to for the 16 of September, in which the party will define his strategy after the failure of the Electoral Court on the presidential election.

"A specific invitation will not become", said Ortega, although in the text of the spread call 15 of August Lopez it expressed that the organizing commission "would direct invitations to personalities" of all the scopes in the country.

-Perhaps is not important that Cardenas it is added/sunk to this movement?

- Or the general invitation became, hopefully is the greater number of citizens, but also much people, in the exercise of her right, will be able to attend or no. CCS it around the call moral leader of the PRD arose as a result of which this one declared last Thursday that was to respect the opinion that will announce the Court in the next days and that in addition, some of the measures of resistance ordered by Lopez, affected the image of the PRD.

"It said that the resolutions of the Court are inatacables and yes, they are, the parties we know that to it... But the count must be made and also annul squares that fall within the casual ones of invalidity".

- PRD member Spoke of the deterioration of the image, with the blockade and other measures...

- Some actions cause annoyances and generate inconveniences, we know that it is certain, but the great majority of the population knows that we fought by a right and democratic cause and that those inconveniences sometimes are inevitable in regard to that cause.

- Is lost proximity with Cardenas?

- He is a companion, like other companions, and I have not had recent conversations with him.

Cuauhtémoc, during the inauguration of the new seat of the Argentine embassy also advanced that it would not attend the Convention of September, which opened the possibility for the PRD of sending a personal invitation and of filing harshness to him.

"We will not do it, is in its right of not participating, the call is free, some will attend and others not".

- Would not be a good opportunity to approach him?

It was not defined if one is going away to invite in writing some citizens, the invitation became generic to all Mexican the free ones - it responded Ortega with coldness.

Senator Serafín Ríos endorses the engineer [Cecilia Courteous Téllez] The senator PRD member Serafín Cardinal red Ríos endorsed the call of Cuauhtémoc to respect the decision that he gives to know the TEPJF and to obtain that the PRD operates within the legality. He indicated that if is not wanted to be within the law, the delegated senators and would not have either to take possession from their positions. "One is not worth to be with a foot within the law and with a foot he was", said. He indicated that the PRD members are called to respect the dictations of the court because their decisions are inatacables.

In any case, he commented, if the legislators decide to swear the Constitution, that he is from the tribunes of the Cameras where they give the fight.

"We are a political party that has like only objective: to be within the illegality", he indicated.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 06:20 PM

K. Vronna,

El peje sent the Vivi trojan...uh, another
kooky idea done the macuspana way. We are no trojans but we have a brain. No flu by this chiquita, we'll outsmart her every step of the way.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 06:31 PM

here is an article of La Jornada, that many pro AMLO should read:

Posted by: A. Ramos | August 19, 2006 07:02 PM

This is a very interesting article that summarizes what's going on in Mexico

Posted by: Martín Campos P. | August 19, 2006 07:27 PM


I get the feeling that pro amlo is going to become the new pro-marcos.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 07:35 PM

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! Don't look now but poor Vivi's got another two personalities: A. Ramos & Martín Campos P. Maybe it's a demonic possession and Legion has taken over.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 07:43 PM

I post the translation this e-mail I received last May from a Panista youth group so that the American public can see the sort of people behind the Calderon campaign.

It was sent from Edgar Döring (related to a Panista senator) and from the address

"Their hero Lopez Obrador had thought himself very macho, but he encountered the great eagle our candidate Felipe Calderón, he will be relentless and he will not allow that macuspeño to rise again. He is not very macho now, the indestructible one, the ray of hope of the working classes and farmers. We thought that he would have endured more but he did not get past round one. ha ha ha ! With this we have demonstrated that the damned little nacos (poor people) are not made to govern. THE INDIAN SHUTS UP WHEN THE PATRON APPEARS! The PAN finally is going to govern Mexico after Fox declined to govern with his party associating with individuals that do not represent our ideals. For that reason we demand to Felipe from this moment to answer: With whom is he going to govern? They will have to be faithful panistas this time. Only with them we will manage to impose our justice and all our ideas for this country. There are some who complain about the violence in Atenco these last days and we say to them that the only way to respond to violece is with more violence, How is it possible that those rebels of villa who live now in Atenco protest of being beaten, kidnapped, raped? If it was so they surely deserved it by the way in which they always treat the police that represents the LAW and nothing less. Although Fox did not have the trousers to face those rebels when the issue of the airport Felipe will not have doubts about how to proceed. THAT ALL THE REBELS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, THE CITY, IN THE UNIONS, FIND OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT THE STATE IS TIRED OF THEIR EXCESSES, ZERO TOLERANCE, ZERO IMPUNITY!"

Posted by: M. Lozano | August 19, 2006 08:27 PM

rodolfo (and proximately emptyboxes)
supporters of democracy:

After reading your posts, it is clear that:

1.- you are as mexican as much as George W is a brother of Chirac.

2.- If you are short of money, cleaning toilets is more honorable than what you
are doing. Your favorite source of information, Wikipedia has a good HOW-TO. Of course,you need more skills than the one you have displayed so far.


Posted by: julie | August 19, 2006 08:29 PM


Told you K.Vronna is one mean smart subcomandante, just like Marcos but her cannons are real desmadre. No beatin' around the bush here, comadre. You were seached and you have been found. Fake name by desperate fake name. No imagination was your downfall. Shoulda call your real madre.

mayaO this baby is all envoltura no tamale.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 08:35 PM

This is from The Guardian. Luis Mandoki came to present his movie Voces Inocentes (great movie, don't miss it!)

The Michael Moore of Mexico

Stephen Applebaum
Friday July 21, 2006
The Guardian

'I don't rule my life by fear' ... Mandoki's Innocent Voices

Luis Mandoki is meant to be discussing his new movie, Innocent Voices, the first film he has made in his native Mexico since going to Hollywood 15 years ago. But it soon becomes clear that he has something else on his mind. Namely electoral corruption.
Mandoki, it turns out, has become something of a Mexican Michael Moore in his country's presidential election, sticking his lens where it is not wanted - at least by one candidate. Felipe Calderon, of the rightwing Pan party, was declared the winner over arch rival Lopez Obrador after the poll on July 2. Mandoki, however, claims that he has filmed proof of widespread vote rigging. The election has not been getting enough coverage in the international media; he wants to talk about it.

"The world doesn't know about it because people think Calderon is president-elect, and he is not," Mandoki insists. "The court has to decide whether it is a valid election or not." He tells me that after our first meeting, at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2005, he asked Obrador to let him film him up to this year's election. Mandoki was fascinated by the candidate. Obrador was facing impeachment by the opposition, and being pilloried in the press. Was he as bad as they were saying? "I realised he was truly an honest man," says the director, "and that a lot of the problems he's gotten involved in are because he hasn't accepted bribes. He has fought corruption to death, and that means he's dangerous for the people who have owned the country for decades."
Mandoki decided he had to tell people before polling day, to "give voters, who are so misinformed, just a piece of the truth". His documentary about Obrador was distributed via an improvised grassroots network, and sold over 2m copies in six weeks. Mandoki then enlisted 300 volunteers to cover the election itself, "kind of in a spy way". Out of this came footage showing officials apparently removing voting slips, and putting them "in the trunks of their cars and dumping them in the river".

Rumours that Mandoki has received death threats for his campaigning are exaggerated, he says. "I'm too famous in Mexico for them to threaten me. They've hacked my email, though, and my phones are tapped." I think of some of the famous people that have been murdered, and ask if he is scared none the less. Mandoki shoots me a quizzical look.

"I don't rule my life by fear," he says. "You know, if Obrador is doing this, he's putting his whole life at stake, and a lot of Mexicans are. I believe you lead your life by doing what you think is fair, not what you think is safe."

He returns to what he's meant to be talking about, but not in the way that one would expect. Working on Innocent Voices - based on the childhood experiences of screenwriter Oscar Torres during El Salvador's civil war - changed him, he says. "You realise how tough life can be, and how we sometimes take what we have for granted. You think about what you are doing with every movie you make, and the way you live your life. And probably part of that took me to the documentary. Now it's hard to find something that means something. I will, but I can't go back to what I was doing before."

· Innocent Voices is released on August 11

Posted by: Follow up on Panista intolerance | August 19, 2006 08:38 PM

Personality #14: "Follow up on Panista intolerance"

My nickname is Norton McAfee, sniff 'em out, flush 'em down.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 08:51 PM


Bowing to a paranoid, no go, damaged goods, has been candidate will make you happy?

I've lived here long enough to be an expert in intolerance. You don't like tolerance, no problem I tolerate your arrogance. Just don't tell me what to believe.
I wont get angry if you tell me what you believe. I won't pretend political correctness to make any one happy.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 08:53 PM


I also was prepared. My machine carries one mean firewall of nasty express rebuttals.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 08:58 PM

What does the Ahumada scandal have to do with the election? The attempt to discredit AMLO rebounded to his advantage, did it not?

Posted by: RC | August 19, 2006 09:10 PM


I don't know if you can see the plantonista
leaders sound bites on TV. The cynicism is
so preposterous and the spin so lame even
Marlon Brando would skip the invitation to
lie without shame.

Their ploy can't work, they have only themselves as friends. And Castro. Yeah that is one big ally of democracy.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 19, 2006 09:21 PM

Why has Smoky Kurtz been held incommunicado for 2 years by the GDF/PRD? Why did the ETA terrorist suspects get THREE press conferences?

El que nada debe, nada teme.

I missed one of the alter-egos; remember this is just the beta version, still getting the bugs out.

Personality #15: Jose Luis Durán

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 09:49 PM

Va dedicado especialemte para todos los Yunquistas de este foro:

¿Mexicanos al grito de guerra?.

Manú Dornbierer.

Ya trajo los tanques o tanquetitas "democráticas" para que lo protejan el 1º de septiembre el día de su Informe, que por otra parte hemos estado oyendo hasta la saciedad durante la larguísima campaña de salida del candidato Fox que nunca llegó a gobernar.¿Espera el ranchero Fox a un extraño enemigo? AMLO puede ser su enemigo, pero no es un extraño, al contrario, le es muy familiar. ¿Acaso no lo ha perseguido incesantemente durante los últimos seis años? ¿Y los acampadores son enemigos o simplemente mexicanos venidos de todo el País para protestar porque les (nos) robaron el voto? ¿Cómo se puede combatir en México un fraude mayor y más sofisticado que todos los que conocimos, un fraude de dimensiones neoliberales que ni los gringos pudieron combatir en las dos ocasiones en que Bush les robó la presidencia a Gore y a Kerry?.

Al periodista gringo David Swanson le da vergüenza no ser mexicano, como uno de esos que acampan en Reforma, por no haber protestado contra Bush por las elecciones robadas y por todos los crímenes que comete.Pero a los 'Polkos mexicas' de hoy -émulos de aquellos señoritos del siglo XIX que festejaban la invasión que el presidente Polk había lanzado sobre México- no les da vergüenza el megafraude de Fox, les dan vergüenza los nacos de Reforma. Les molesta el bloqueo, lógico, pero sobre todo el mal olor del pueblo burlado.

¿Acaso hay muchas maneras de protestar contra un gobierno con todo el dinero y todo el poder, que te roba la Presidencia de tu País por una diferencia, te roba la única esperanza de dejar de ser esclavos del dinero como es el caso de todos los países suramericanos que han votado por su dignidad, por su identidad, por sí mismos?

¡Qué vergüenza no estar con ellos! ¿Fox quiere guerra contra 15 millones de votantes mexicanos? ¿Una guerra de secesión mexicana entre el Sur amarillo, pobre y paradójicamente dueño del petróleo y del agua y el Norte blanquiazul que quiere ser gringo?.

La bien armada Guardia Nacional de Estados Unidos sigue plantada a un paso de nuestra frontera... y ni chista. Observa. Dígame Presidente, ¿qué los tanques no son para vigilar las fronteras, si es que no protegerlas, especialmente cuando un sector del ejército más poderoso del mundo se despliega arrogantemente contra los migrantes mexicanos? ¿Eso no le molesta? ¿Con ellos no es usted macho?.

Sí, Fox ha perseguido al "Peje" desde su elección democrática (salvo en lo referente al nunca resuelto Amigosgate). Pero pronto, prontísimo, olvidó todas sus promesas de campaña y se convirtió nada más en un marido embobado, embotado, al servicio de la ambición presidencialista de su mujer, lo que le impidió gobernar realmente y ocupó al mandatario democrático en otra chamba: LA PRINCIPAL DE SU SEXENIO, DESTRUIR AL 'PEJE', el hombre que ella detestaba porque podía ser su rival en la elección del 2006, a la que soñó con llegar "empoderada".

Megafraude fraguado¿Ya se les olvidó, mexicanos?.
Fue la mujer de Fox la que inventó el desafuero y cuando no le resultó porque partidarios o no del "Peje" los ciudadanos rechazaron la aberración, la liquidación política de López Obrador, es cuando empezó a fraguar el megafraude electoral que debía salvar al Yunque de la derrota que preveía el pésimo gobierno de Vicente Fox.

Que fuera Marta, Creel o Fecal, el Prian desplegó su bicéfalo poder para cancelar a la izquierda combinando los antiguos métodos priistas a cargo de la talentosísima Hidra Gordillo y las ventajas de la ciencia moderna en manos del no menos genial Hildebrando, cuñado de Fecal, con el indefectible apoyo de los delincuentes ricos del País, de todos los empresarios enriquecidos a la sombra del poder, de la Iglesia y por supuesto de todas las transnacionales a las que Fox siguió como su antecesor, fabricante de bancos exclusivamente extranjeros, entregando a México.

Fue en aquel momento temprana e ilegalmente electoral porque a su vieja se le quemaban las habas, cuando se convirtió 'Chente' en el presidente más incompetente que ha tenido este País. Daba un empujón a su magna tarea antipejista y luego se iba de viaje. Fue un viajero frívolo, muy caro para el País, como sus predecesores priistas. Disfrutó a fondo el puesto con su corte, botando el dinero de México, mientras lo ponía en ridículo con su falta de tacto y su ignorancia. Al cabo que los precios del petróleo subían ,y subían las remesas de los indocumentados que le permitían mantener al País y presumir que estaba disminuyendo la pobreza.

Para eso no movió un dedo. Sus propagandistas le hacían creer y decir que todo iba maravillosamente, mientras la pobreza real de los mexicanos, ésos que ahora quiere rescatar el monísimo Fecal, aumentaba de los 40 millones de pobres dejados por el PRI, a 50 millones; mientras se iban cada vez más a buscar fuera los empleos que aquí nunca creó Fox.Creó en cambio 'Foxilandia', esa perfecta nación bananera en que ha vivido y que hoy la imponente, ensordecedora, estupidizante propaganda de los goebbels yunquistas de la radio de la TV con pocas excepciones pretenden hacernos creer que fue realidad.

Se quejaba Fox: El Congreso a todo me dice que no (por fin se le hincó con la Ley Televisa). Es que no me dejan gobernar, decía. Lo que para él significaba no me dejan entregar el petróleo como le prometí a los gringos, no me dejan entregar la electricidad, no me dejan privatizar el Seguro Social, no me dejan entregar el agua, etc. Pero lo hacía en lo oscurito, ¿a beneficio de quién? ¿O no señor Medina Plascencia?Presidente incompetente para los negocios del País, no lo fue para los suyos.

A su alma máter la Coca Cola, mejor universidad que la Ibero, decía Fox, le entregó como o más que Zedillo concesiones monstruosas de cuencas y ríos enteros, según una investigación precisa que detalla cuánto se dio a cada una de las plantas ("El Prian", págs. 211 a la 220).Concluye el investigador: "... El agua concesionada a las empresas equivale a 8.6 millones de años de consumo diario de una persona".

Petróleo, a beneficio familiar.
No se puede cuantificar con tanta precisión el petróleo que entregó a través de sus famosos contratos "bajo el agua" nunca investigados, a no ser que el próximo Gobierno no sea su cómplice y tapadera, contratos de petróleo -y todo lo relativo al oro negro- otorgados a toda suerte compañías extranjeras.¿No informará el 1º de septiembre?.

El que sabe de esto y de la compañía "Oceanografía" en que participan los Bribiesca, es el ahijado de Marta Sahagún, César Nava, el hoy austero secretario adjunto del PAN que se permite unos sermones sobre moralidad que hay que ver. Ella lo impuso en Pemex como abogado general de la empresa.

Pero hay infinidad de asuntos diversos sobre la explotación que para beneficio familiar aplicó al País: A los trabajadores de la compañía camionera actualmente llamada Estrella Blanca les hizo perder un juicio que ya tenían ganado sobre la empresa original y 25 mil plazas. Después de lo cual 100 autobuses de la línea están escriturados a nombre de Vicente Fox de la Concha.Como éstas, insisto, hay muchas denuncias que ni siquiera se molesta nadie del Gobierno en contestar.

No hay manera de probar la muy cacareada honradez de Fox en lo familiar. Tampoco como Presidente. La denuncia de los 2 mil 500 millones de pesos que según la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación sacó Fox de Michoacán, robo oficial cometido contra los maestros (expuesto en este espacio el pasado sábado) utilizado para el fraude electoral en la sección de la organizadora del fraude, la talentosísima, insisto también, Hidra Gordillo, no se contesta.Se pasa todo por las botas este señor Presidente.

Reconocer la victoria de López Obrador como Presidente de México sería, pues, su perdición.Y finalmente le robó la elección. Se sabe que tenía planeado el fraude en caso de que no le funcionara el desafuero. Marta, Santiago y por fin Fecal tenían que mantener el poder por 100 razones, entre ellas la de conservar la impunidad. No es de menor importancia.

Hoy Fox pretende intimidar no al "Peje", sino a 15 millones de electores con sus guaruras. Esperemos que no con el Ejército, todavía marcado por el estigma del 68.Por fortuna, el secretario de la Defensa, el general Clemente Vega, se negó, dicen, a sacar la tropa a la calle cuando el desafuero. ¿Tuvo Fox el descaro de pedírselo? Pero ahora saca tanques para que despeje "El Peje" -y desde luego tiene el aplauso de los Polkos-. Fecal lo llama " ex candidato de la coalición" y ambos lo acusan de protestar por "capricho personal", no en nombre de más de 15 millones de votantes.

Llama el "valiente" Presidente a sus guaruras del Yunque, del Estado Mayor y de la PFP, Policía Federal Preventiva, experta en atencados, a impedir la entrada al Palacio Legislativo a legisladores, precisamente 'atencando' contra el Poder Legislativo.

¿Pinocho o Pinochet?.
El emperador de 'Foxilandia' llegó demasiado lejos. El pedimento espontáneo de ayuda del mentecato panista Álvaro Elías Hurtado, presidente de la mesa de directiva de la Cámara de Diputados, no se lo traga nadie. La conducta de Fox es la del mentiroso Pinocho ¿o Pinochet? Así lo demuestra la reacción de todos los diputados ante la violación de la Carta Magna de la que se hizo responsable el mandatario al no respetar la división de poderes y la constitucional inmunidad de los diputados en su trabajo.

De la manera más bananera y gorilesca, el inflado Estado Mayor, que se ha apropiado y no momentáneamente de varias hectáreas del Bosque de Chapultepec sin que nadie diga pío, como si estuviéramos en el siglo pasado en el Haití de Papa Doc , "dio órdenes" a los policías federales preventivos de golpear a los legisladores y de impedirles el paso al Palacio Legislativo, ése que se construyó después de que el panista Diego Fernández de Cevallos quemara en 1988 el que había para evitar el conteo de votos que daban la victoria electoral al hoy maestro de ceremonias, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.Si se hubieran contado esos votos, estaríamos en una verdadera alternancia ergo democracia desde entonces.

Tiene razón Carlos Montemayor: "Es exasperante el bloqueo, pero más exasperante un fraude más".Al día siguiente de la instalación de los campamentos de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos, 10 tráileres transportando dos tanquetas cada uno se vieron circular por la carretera de Toluca. El 9 de agosto reseñé en este espacio la caravana de nueve plataformas con tanques oruga circulando hacia el DF por la carretera de Querétaro y en la autopista Del Sol, el jueves pasado, en la misma dirección se vieron incontables tráileres del mismo tipo estacionados a pie de carretera, con lonas que cubrían ¿qué?Todo esto sucede lejos del último Informe de Fox, por lo que se colige que la operación "tanques" estuvo prevista dentro del operativo general del fraude. Los tanques no arriban a la capital porque los hayan pedido los capitalinos cansados. Todo estaba fríamente calculado y qué curioso, los que más gritan y pagan desplegados son los empresarios de Monterrey y de Chihuahua, el estado de las Muertas de Juárez...

México no es la dictadura perfecta como escribió el brillante novelista e ideólogo conservador Mario Vargas Llosa, es una "dictacracia" imperfecta -pretende juntar a conveniencia dictadura y democracia- porque el País lo gobierna con mano de hierro una dictadura oligárquica económico-mediática que utiliza cada seis años el guante de seda democrático para "fabricar" elecciones a su medida.

En México se fabrican las elecciones.Así fue desde que en 1928 el PRI se instaló en el poder y así ha sido también en estas elecciones de 2006, pues si como acaba de señalar el New York Times, México fue históricamente "líder mundial en fraude electoral", las elecciones del 2 de julio pasado confirman ese vergonzoso liderazgo antidemocrático, colocando al País al borde de la quiebra institucional.

Plan preparado.
El fraude electoral organizado por el gobierno presidido por Vicente Fox y por su partido, el PAN, en beneficio del derechista Felipe Calderón -asesorado por el jefe de las campañas electorales de Aznar, Antonio Sola-, contra la candidatura del anterior alcalde de la capital, el socialdemócrata Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), líder del PRD, viene preparándose desde hace dos años.

Empezó cuando la Presidencia de la República pretendió "desaforar" -quitar los derechos políticos- a Obrador para que no se pudiera presentar como candidato, operación que no pudieron rematar desde las instituciones ante la masiva movilización de la población en defensa de AMLO.Siguió luego con la exhibición de videos en las televisiones que supuestamente probaban la corrupción que rodeaba al líder del PRD y terminó estos últimos meses preelectorales con una sucia campaña mediática utilizando todos los recursos públicos y privados para presentar machaconamente a Obrador como "un peligro para México", tal como lo definió el propio presidente Fox contraviniendo la norma constitucional que prohíbe cualquier intervención presidencial en las campañas electorales.


Posted by: Anti-yunque | August 19, 2006 10:15 PM

Personality #15: Anti-yunque

This one was a slam-dunk. Norton McAfee rules! Before you know it the AMLO's will copy & paste their whole case before the TEPJF.






Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 10:33 PM

So they are now trying to get change the perception of the public.

But in order to change it they need first to stop the Planton, because that is what made people stop talking about the vote by vote and instead talk about the Planton and its terrible consecuences.

But the prd leaders are so dumb they can't recognize the mistake they made.

Nothing is going to change that perception unless they start by lifting the Planton.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 19, 2006 10:40 PM

I finally pinned down what it really drove me away from the left, it was not all the influx of PRIistas, it was not the proposals to go back to economic practices that put so many people into poverty, it was not the huge number of conspiracy-theorists although certainly none of these factors helped. It was the hatred. That underlying current of all-out hatred: they can get so radical they touch the other side of the spectrum and practically become one with George W. Bush: you're either with them or against them.

They can hate homosexuals, jews, moderate or progressive left politicians (Ms Mercado is a good example), catholics (I'm not one, before you ask), most particularly anyone from the right but, in truth, just anyone who gets in their way.

Throwing around death threats, insults like "puto", "jewnited states", insulting mothers and foreigners who have come to love Mexico and are thus interested in what happens here, celebrating (yes, celebrating) the death of more than 3,000 people on the Sept. 11, no matter that some of them were migrants, our blood brothers, calling Fox a Nazi, like they had any idea of the kind of hatred that true fascism implies (oh wait, I guess they do), the seething hatred of Mrs. Dornbierer (who, among other things, believes that Bush and friends orchestrated those Sept. 11 attacks). This, all of this and a long list of etceteras, finally brought this to the forefront of my consciosuness and now I feel a tremendous sense of loss and grief: I'm a liberal and if it weren't for Ms. Mercado there would be no one that would come close to reflecting my views, but I had to vote Caledorn. Obviously, all these rabid PRDistas have done nothing to help convince me that its safe to go back to the left.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 19, 2006 11:12 PM

Ariel, you've got a great insight with the hate factor. If you look at the placards, the banners, the artwork of the poor kids in the camps (shades of Al-Qaeda camps) and then read the venomous comments in the news or listen to the sound bites, you can only come to the conclusion that these are hateful people for the most part. It shows why there is no negotiating with them; if you aren't with them you are against them, like you said. It is sad to see how they suffer with their hate baggage and frustrations. One of the reasons I've lived in the pueblos has been that pueblo people know how to laugh and "echar relajo".

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 19, 2006 11:31 PM

Want to listen to a really cool new recording? This is a chat with my friends from the PRI who helped our great party Accion Nacional commit FRAUD in the Mexican elections. Some years ago we would have not been caught in the same side of the street with this PRI guys. Now they are our best friends because we all need to work together to keep that Lopez Obrador out of the presidency. We are all working as a team in Chiapas, me, the Gober Precioso from Puebla, Quique Peña Nieto... one big happy family.

Posted by: Manuel Espino | August 20, 2006 12:11 AM

Personality #16: Manuel Espino

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 20, 2006 12:30 AM

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 20, 2006 12:58 AM

Funny, look who got caught red handed buyin votes. Any bets on how the try to turn this around? I pick "Complot".

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 20, 2006 12:59 AM

"I don't want to go back to Mexico, to misery and hunger" Migrant tragedy

El mañana de reynosa

El drama migratorio que se da en Chicago, Illinois, desde el pasado martes 15, pasó por Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Ayer conversé al mediodía con Elvira Arellano, de 31 años, originaria de Maravatío, Michoacán, migrante desde los 21, madre de un hijo de siete años, perseguida por agentes federales estadunidenses, hoy viernes cumple 72 horas refugiada, acuartelada, en la iglesia Metodista Unida Adalberto.
Ella es el centro de atención de los medios noticiosos. Me dijo vía telefónica "contigo ya van más de cien entrevistas para prensa de todo el mundo, no esperé esto, esperé que los agentes ya no me molestaran, no soy terrorista, no soy delincuente, menos una asesina, ¿por qué me quieren tratar así?:

"Soy una madre soltera que pide que la dejen trabajar para mantenerse y mantener a su hijo"
"No quiero volver a México, allá me espera la miseria y el hambre, mi hijo nació aquí, y yo quiero quedarme aquí para verlo crecer y que no sea como yo, lo quiero con oportunidades, quiero que estudie."
¿Nadamás campesinos?

Elvira Arellano no es una campesina, tampoco analfabeta. Ella estudió los tres años de la secundaria y dos más en un instituto "para secretaria ejecutiva".
"Me puse a trabajar pero ganaba poco. Simplemente lo que llevaba a la casa de dinero no completaba. Y un día pensé: ¿me caso?, ¿me voy de la casa?, ¿estudio más? Entonces decidí venirme a la frontera. Me vine sólo con el pasaje. Dios me cuidó.
Es otra página más en esta discusión absurda que no resuelven nuestros gobiernos. Ellos, los vecinos del norte necesitan mano de obra barata, la nuestra. Nosotros "necesitamos" expulsar a 400 mil mexicanos por año (desde el 2000) para sobrevivir. Simplemente no hay un plan económico para detener esta sangría poblacional.
Elvira Arellano llegó a los 20 años a Reynosa. Su destino era cualquier cosa, menos la frontera. Sin embargo, los polleros cobran mucho desde entonces y se vio obligada a pedir asilo a su tíos María de Jesús Martínez y Martín Arellano.
Trabajó en una maquiladora cerca de un año. Todavía quiso hacer el último intento por no marcharse al país extraño, pero lo que hacía en la maquila tampoco la satisfacía.
"Conozco Matamoros, su playita Bagdad, es bonita, ahí fui con mis tíos a una velada, me divertí"
Un día, varias amigas le contaron que tenían conocidos en California. Ellas irían a Mexicali y luego cruzarían, sin papeles. Ella aceptó, se despidió de sus tíos y se fue. Se fue con el mismo ánimo que dejó Maravatío.
Cruzó a los Estados Unidos y llegó muy al norte: al estado de Washington. En 1999, otra vez de costa a costa, arribó a Chicago. Como su conducta siempre ha sido ejemplar y trabaja duro, no tardó en consiguir un empleo en el aeropuerto. Hace unas semanas llegaron agentes del FBI a su trabajo.
Investigaron sus documentos y le formularon cargos criminales porque "tenía un seguro social falso".
Cuando llegó la hora de ir a la Corte, el pasado martes, le dijo al pastor de la iglesia metodista de su barrio que se refugiaría ahí, en el templo. Ahí sigue. Esta historia continuará. Con ella o con otros personajes.

Posted by: Mario | August 20, 2006 01:29 AM

K.Vronna, Ariel:
EZLN, ERP, AMLO and other "liberation" movements find the space they need in the mentality supported by most people in the left, moderate and radical the same, that we are guilty for the miserable living conditions of the poor.
The idea behind them and their radical ideology is that someone else is guilty of the misery of our people: Us the regular Mexicans who have a house and a car or two at our garages, as if we never paid for all of it, as if we didn't pay taxes.
It is the same trickery used by racist politicians in USA who accuse Mexicans of abusing their well-fare system and committing crimes. What they sell to the American voter is the same as AMLO: You are not guilty for the living conditions, it is them, the others, someone else, and I will finish them for you.
But the PRD and AMLO have gone a step further, they have printed images of their political adversaries and have inspired hatred towards them among their followers.
What is worst is to see intelectuals and journalists who are willing to play his little games.
Take for example that hypocrite friend of Fidel Castro, Carlos Fuentes, he has said nothing to come in defense of the constitutional life in our country. His friendship and respect for Castro is stronger than his Mexicanity. He knows very well Fidel Castro has intervened in Mexico many times, Marcos himself is an example of it, funny how he will never mention Fidel Castro, and the Cubans never mention the EZLN, is as if they had much respect for each other. And Carlos Fuentes knows that the moment he steps in to defend our institutions he will be in a dilemma. Communism or Mexico, and he will prefer the first, because communism is an ideology with a book, an ideology with a book is a religion, a religion is more important than a country for a person.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 01:53 AM

México D.F. Jueves 17 de junio de 2004
Donantes-beneficiarios, aportes a Legionarios, parientes de Fox...
Todo bajo sospecha en la Lotería y Vamos México
Figuran múltiples irregularidades en los reportes del auditor superior
Recursos triangulados de empresas donantes que se convirtieron en beneficiarias; apellidos de la familia presidencial que aparecen entre los integrantes de las asociaciones favorecidas por el fideicomiso Transforma México de la Lotería Nacional o por la fundación Vamos México; personal que labora para la Presidencia de la República y para la fundación, y donativos a asociaciones religiosas -prohibidas por la normatividad respectiva- figuran entre las irregularidades que se derivan de los informes de la Auditoría Superior de la Federación (ASF) a partir de los reportes de la Lotería Nacional y de Vamos México.
En los reportes se enlistan asociaciones religiosas, además de una prima y una cuñada del presidente Vicente Fox. Las agrupaciones religiosas son: Legionarios de Cristo -a la que es cercana Marta Sahagún-, Amigos de María, Don Bosco y Fundación León XIII. Se añaden el Tecnológico de Monterrey y el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), entre otros.
Entre los donantes como personas físicas y morales a Vamos México en 2001 y 2002 están Mario Laborín, Jaime Camil Garza, Carlos Peralta, parte de la familia Servitje, Televisa, Grupo IMSA, Modelo, Palacio de Hierro, Ford Motor, hospital Angeles, Kimberly, Maseca, Bacardí, Transportación Marítima Mexicana, Cemex, Vitro, Tv Azteca y Bachoco, entre otros. Algunos estuvieron en el Fobaproa.
Promoción y Acción Comunitaria, una de las asociaciones beneficiarias, recibió en 2002 1.5 millones de pesos de Transforma México, pese a que su titular, María del Carmen Fuentes Quesada, es prima del Presidente de la República.
La Asociación Mexicana de la Diabetes, que recibió 850 mil pesos del fideicomiso en 2001, figura como donante de Vamos México con 200 mil pesos. Esa agrupación es presidida por Gema Padilla de Fox, cuñada del jefe del Ejecutivo.
Legionarios de Cristo recibió recursos de Transforma México y 5 millones de pesos que les donó Vamos México; el Indesol participó con un millón más. Pro Vida, por su parte, obtuvo 3.5 millones de pesos de Transforma para la compra de aparatos de ultrasonido.
La fundación Don Bosco, entidad religiosa, en 2002 recibió 1.5 millones de pesos de Transforma, 392 mil de Vamos México y 250 mil pesos de Indesol. Esta fundación aparece como donante a la fundación que preside Sahagún.
En ese año, el Tecnológico de Monterrey recibió 8.9 millones de pesos de Transforma, otro millón de la Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y 1.3 millones del Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, revelan reportes de la auditoría externa de Vamos México. Mientras, el ITAM no recibe apoyos de Transforma pero sí de la Secretaría del Medio Ambiente, aunque es donante de Vamos México a través de Peñoles, empresa de la familia Bailleres.
La propia auditoría externa de la empresa KMPG identifica las triangulaciones de empresas que donan recursos a Vamos México y luego los recuperan.

Posted by: Peñoles and Vamos Mexico | August 20, 2006 02:05 AM

Personality #16: Peñoles and Vamos Mexico

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 20, 2006 03:02 AM

K. Vronna :

I love your hunting of the nameless! Track them all down please.

Posted by: PeterN | August 20, 2006 05:06 AM

Chiapas in our mind. Well see the exit polls results tonight, and the PREP results too.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 08:24 AM

Lord Windsor,

You are one handsome plutocrat. Teach you to speak like that at Oxe's ford?

I will soon be posting my own video little
bombita. Paying attention Evita "Vivita" Peron?

Be afraid. Very afraid, chiquitita.


That last rant of yours! Are you the real mayaO that's out to get Lord Windsor and you and me and another few 100 thousands?

We are under siege here, amigo. Paranoia running rampant, distrusting our own shadows. mayaO, I mean emptyboxes, whatever(K.Vronna has made me a paranoid complo believer) we are looking for leaderhip here, not hypoxic brains (eg. mayaO) waxing gory.Your rant: Extreme Cool.

The operative words in your screed are guilt and blame. Il Duce Lopez did the same magic trick in his earlier Italian impersonation and was exposed alongside his Evita, tied upside down like strange fruit in a tree.

Lopitos, be careful what you wish for, you might get it.


Since you pulled your pants down ( I saw your site, mr. 99.9 & 3/4% out of 100 TOEFL
score) you don't sound like a liberal to me. Liberals only like books and numbers galore. Football is ignorant-fool country.
Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. No, sir, to me you sound like a man.

K. Vronna,

Sorry I left without saying buenas noches. I'll tell you a personal secret, just between you and me:

julie is my mom and after my last post to her, she snuck up behind me and wacked me with her mescal gallon jug. Seems she's loosing her sense of humor as she ages(I'm over 60 years old, so you do the arithmetic). She lives with me in the other room of our capitalist shack where she surfs wacky internet places in her own computer, like we all amigos here do, and found me out and started her own WPost Campaign Conexion "Mum knows Best" digressions.

I have just recovered conciousness and have one mean chipote on top of my fragile big skull.

Don't hate me if i make beautiful excuses, julie. In Mexico we all have a Doctorate in Excuse Elaboration.

I do not see myself as a ranting extreme right wing card carrying Opu Dei anti liberal Mo--- I do not see myself as a Mexican professional hater. I AM an upset person that was born in this Mexico. As a grown up adult I don't like to be denigrated by one loco, crying complo all the way to the bank. We people voted by the million on July 2 and pledged to abide by the rules.

Lopitos: we are mad as hell that you think we believe you and your truth twisting thugs. WE'VE all grown up a lot more than you think.
We are the people and we are millions. We are card carrying Credencial de Elector amigos. We're not going back to the old ways of election by concertacesion.

I am one very amused election junkie mo' fo--er. I'm not joining your expriista religious love parade.You go with your expriista amigos and take your little behind to your Macuspana little zocalito.

Since we all have exposed ourselves one wacky little bit, may I submit for your consideration my capitalist web site built from scrtach by my Dick Morris-led team of
masters of the universe web site building team. Do not be afraid by what capitalist ugliness you may find. I'm showing my cards poquito by poquito, mayaO.

Enriqueta Moreno,

Your haiku rocks. Sorry to say you can't count, haikus have three verses, not Lopitos' 2+1=4. You surely are a Macuspana U. mathematician like him, your numbers say so.

I may be laughed at:

I say so, amen. rodolfo aka la mermaid

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 11:58 AM

Muy estimado vacíacajas:

Esperando, su merced, se encuentre bien este domingo bello, me dirijo, atentamente, a ud. con respecto a su comentario que reza: "los de izquierda, sea ésta, moderada o estridente, descansan en la premisa de que nosotros somos culpables de la miseria de los pobres"

El concepto de "nosotros"para ud. es de aquellos que tienen casa, uno o dos autos, mismos que fueron pagados en su totalidad, o se contribuyó con impuestos. Suponiendo que el parque vehicular de México no excede de 20 millones, ésto quiere decir, que máximo, 1 de cada 5 personas tienen autos (1 de cada 3, sí quisiera ud. ser exacto al tomar en cuenta que hay un % de la población con menos edad para conseguir licencia). O sea 2 terceras partes de la población según ud. esperaría que los sacaran de la pobreza uds.

Concuerdo con ud. que esto es muy probable que nunca va a pasar. Es más agradable blogear y pontificar, y al mismo tiempo, vituperar en contra de aquellos que tratan de imponerle reglas a ud. y a los que son como ud.

Es por eso, que yo descalifico a AMLO, a Fox y a Calderón ya que ellos tienen esa misma mentalidad---"yo ya la hice, la quiero seguir haciendo por eso voy a decirles que les voy a ayudar" cuando realmente no lo van a hacer.

Por cierto, lo que es izquierda, y lo que es derecha depende de donde está ud. parado y hacia donde está ud. viendo.

Lo único que le queda a la mujer, al joven, al campesino y al pobre es su palabra. Esa palabra va a mover montañas. Y lo harán con o sin su ayuda.

Me despido de ud. su atento y seguro servidor,


My dear emptyboxes:

Is one great wave you have house and one or two cars paid with money and forced upon. Today, mariposita is flying in the big, big jardín so I write to you.

You have done it. Many people not still. Securely more have not done it. Securely, also, AMLO, Fox, Calderón, Juán Sabines, Encinas, Elba Gordillo, Camacho Alone, Cárdenas, Smoked (who is in jail), and others will not go to help those who have not done it.

So, with pain and sadness, is the only solution that those who are not listened to, the women, the young, the rural workers, and the poor (which, by a caprice of the destiny) if my fingers do not lie, are the most in the country will have to do it themselves. First is to believe their word, their word of woman, of young, of rural workers, and of poor (to much honor), then together they will surprise you.

By truth, are your cars hybrid
or is it a polluting machine. And do you really have two or are you presuming?

I am your listening, and securely servant,


Posted by: Viper | August 20, 2006 12:45 PM

K. Vronna,

Do you have something smart to say here? or I guess your next post will be:

Personality #17: My mom

I guess you are one of those yuppies who thinks they are so cool because they hang around those "pueblo people", but guess what? you wish you'll ever be like them in terms of being good hearted people.

Personality #18: K. Vronna del pueblo (yeah right)

Posted by: La Chingada | August 20, 2006 12:53 PM

Mrs. emptyboxes Mum,

Still angry reverse-racism mongering...
Go to your house and suffer more and then visit us again with more of the same repetitive mumadas.

Have you read your Aug.19 2:52PM reply.
Bitter and humorless ayayay...

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 01:30 PM


I respect you for the Aug19 9:22AM post.
Not only do I wish I had written it, I agree 100% with it. I didn't feel anyone has made fun of it or even adress it. It was not discussed.What you posted was respected

With your latest bilingual folly:
Are you planning to go south on us or what.
The spanish part is again exellent then you trip on yourself by assuming that the stereotype you describe fits your assumption.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 01:53 PM

Apologies for the absence, I was returning in my private jet from peasant shooting, and couldn´t get an uplink for my pc.

Why are all you AMLO supporters so envious and jealous of my wealth? I was not born in to it, but rather I gained it from hard work, sweat, and using my intelligence. Do you now think that I should share it all with you? If you want what I have, work for it, and if there aren´t any jobs where you are, get on your bicycle and go look for them. That´s what I did. Or do you expect somebody to knock on your door and say "Hey, I work for a large multinational company, and we´re looking for ignorant, uneducated, lazy people to join our executive team, we can start you out at 200,000 dollars a year".

If you really can´t work, through disability, then you should be looked after, as for the rest, go find work, or better still, work for yourself, expand your business, and give decent paid jobs to others.

Do you really believe a socialist / communist reform of this country will suddenly make you all rich? You are all, in AMLOs private thoughts (of his desire to be president) "useful idiots".

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

This post should liven things up a bit.

(that should have read "pheasant shooting" above....maybe)

From the office of Lord Windsor, Ambassador to the Arseholes of the world.

Posted by: PeterN | August 20, 2006 02:51 PM

Lopes Obrador the PRD candidate is desperate!
The new videos that came from Cuba
(even though Cuba denies it) show it.
According to the videos, Ahumada, a Mexican businessman, claims during a Cuban interview, that:
He was trying to negotiate his recorded videos, with FOX and FOX political party.
The bottom line is that Ahumada was being blakmailed by Lopez Obrador and his corrupted employees.
Ahumada was tired of it and decided to put cameras inside his office.
Once, videos were recorded,
He decided to sell them to the President and Diego Ceballos.
OF course, if Diego Ceballos advised Ahumada to report it, this was not illegal.

UNITED STATES also pays for information that leads to prosecute criminals.
Ahumada's videos were showing a corruption being in process where the main leader was LOPEZ OBRADOR. This is considered in United States FRAUD for that reason,
It is a felony crime.
Now, Lopez Obrador, angry at the fact that the videos came out, and that he did not win the presidency,
He is playing the victim's role.
He is saying that the president was part of the COMPLOT of advertising these videos.
The Mexicans needed to know what kind of gobernment representative AMLO was during his time of being the mayor of Mexico CITY.
FOX (the president) did not hire the persons in the video tapes.
They were actual employees of Lopez Obrador caught on tape!!!!
Now, Ahumada (the tapes producer) is in jail and the corrupeted employes are free,
helping Lopez Obrador in his protest.
How cynical Lopez Obrador can be.
Of course, for the international people, he plays to be the victim!!!
And a lot of people believe it.
If there is a survey in Mexico, International media would find out that Lopez Obrador lies.
Everybody knows that he is full of lies.
He is friends of Chavez and Castro (communists) who are also trying to push for him to became the Mexican President,
Mexicans are waiting for the tribunal to make the final decision,
where Calderon would be recognized as the Mexican President.

Posted by: Kukiss Garcia | August 20, 2006 02:54 PM

Lord Windsor,

I'll be sending you a 2008 solid platinum, diamond encrusted satellite internet link ready to blovinate laptop to your Chihuahua
State. My executive jet with a gold bathtub is down for repairs so you'll be getting it through my executive helicopter "in 30 minutes or less or you're fired" knicknacks of the very rich very fast delivery company. Do not tip the delivery pilot. He's lucky to have a job.

mayaO, here's proof of life. Come and take it at:

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 03:22 PM

Has anybody ever met an intelligent communist?

Posted by: PeterN | August 20, 2006 03:35 PM

another very interesting article from El Universal.

Posted by: A. Ramos | August 20, 2006 03:41 PM

You have a nice way to explain your Free-Ham-and-Cheese-Sandwich ideology.
You say I made it because I got a car and you think I should feel bad because many people in this country didn't have that chance.
You think the car is a priviledge.
Well I didn't get my car from the PAN office, I mean it's not like you belong to the PAN and then you get a little car.
Because after working hard to get the money to pay for it I fail to where the damn priviledge is, I paid for it, and some people worked to produced it and they got paid for working too, those people bought a product produced in the company I work for. The government collected taxes also. So the last thing I want is some perredista to come and tell me I am priviledge because I got a cat damned little car.
Fact is, there is no free-lunch, in nature every bit of matter or energy presuposses a certain effort by something or someone, nothing is free, nothing occurs spontaneusly, same in economics, you can give a sandwich to anyone and say it was free because it wasn't, somebody paid for it.
The only way to get our people out of poverty is by providing the best education and creating the opportunites for themselves to grow, national or foreign investments bring jobs, directly and indirectly, they also bring new technologies and sometimes they even bring some people from abroad with fresh and new ideas to contribute to our society.
But we also tell our people there is not tata or messiah or zapata to come and save their sorry existance out of poverty. That has to over because it only breeds the kind demagogues like AMLO who pretend to be their tatas.
Those collective prejudices against individual achievement have to change.
Many Mexicans who voted for Felipe Calderon are demanding this change too.
I myself, I demand to live in a society that respects the individual more than anything else.
And I oppose AMLO and PRD because I don't want to collectivize stupidity in our country, as it has sadly occured in Cuba and other communist experiments in History.
There is no free lunch, you have to work for it.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 03:54 PM


My ignorantfool prediction is getting some concensus. From knowitall "investigators"

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 04:16 PM


Was I addressing you at all? what's with those Yunquistas who have to speak in behalf of others? don't they have enough cojones to reply by themselves?

*** same repetitive mumadas

can you write something right for once? guess it's the same situation as my little son emptyboxes, lots of money spent for a useless education. Oh boy!

Go back where I sent you last time with all your Yunque pals. My little bastard.

Posted by: La Chingada | August 20, 2006 04:33 PM

Why all Pro AMLO people think that everybody who disagree with them are supporting Fox and PAN?? there is more AntiAMLO people that Panistas in Mexico, It's pretty obvious that AMLO has been crazy and mentally ill all the time, even people from PRD has been telling about the very dirty things around AMLO:

Posted by: A. Ramos | August 20, 2006 04:41 PM

And why do pro AMLO people have to use bad language, intimidation and threats when they discuss politics?

Posted by: PeterN | August 20, 2006 04:54 PM

Angry no humor specialist in bullying Mrs. Mother,

I picture your eloquent bigotry would like me ending a strange fruit like this song:

I wrote MUMADAS on purpose. We are in the prescence of polite company, Mrs. Brugada.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 04:55 PM

Lord Windsor,

That answer is easy: They're communnists.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 04:58 PM

I would appreciate if you address my mum with a little bit more respect!

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 05:10 PM

emptyboxes Lord Windsor,

for your eyes only: catch this song

Humorless ones, this video is fun, not serious stuff like you Mrs. Brugada, angry to have an extreme cool son emptyboxes

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 05:24 PM


On two fundamental concepts I fully agree with you:

1) There is no such thing as a free lunch.
2)Each individual must make his or her own choice, no one can really make that choice for them, not a messiah, nor a Zapata, nor Ahmadinejad, nor Olmert, and certainly not George W.

On some other concepts we have differences, but hell´s bells ain´t this world grand:

3)Any choice made has consequences: Buying a car especially one that sends CO2 into the air, and 03 and particle pollutants, that affects the world. So when you say you pay the full price for the car, you really don´t because there are "externalities" that are not considered in that price. I believe, somehow, these externalities need to be brought into the cost/pricing equation.

4) I do agree that the focus to break the poverty cycle is education, investment, but I do not agree that only multinationals should be those investors. Most large companies, and I am sure this is a great huge, oversimplifying generalization, are too self involved to listen to their consumers. A large movement is beginning that focuses on consumer co-creation as the source of growth for companies. It is no longer a case of just increasing market share. The Coke´s of this world, for example, are no longer betting the farm on Coca Cola for their success. And Pepsi, in México, with GAMESA, SABRITAS, GATORADE, QUAKER OATS has the larger business even though they never took market share away from Coke in the soft drink market. So I favor creative entrepreneurship, (more self-reliant, by the way) rather than big corporate decisions from afar, that have nothing to say about the local economies. Most importantly, the communities themselves should decide the role and their education.

My main displeasure with AMLO, Fox and Calderón is that they assume they can answer for all of us (And Rodolfo, thanks for the comments, for clarification purposes I am a Mexican, though I live in the US, and also an American, by naturalization, having married an American, eons and eons ago): They assume that we need (all the diverse gamut of us)guidance in deciding what the country should focus on. What with technology, and with the ability to communicate and learn I really believe we can expand our political, economic, social and personal discourse and change this global village.

For the purposes of the original focus by Ceci on explaining to us that Fox is asking for peace and harmony, to me the onus is on each and every one of us to listen to our own conscience and regardless of whether we feel there was fraud or not, focus on changing our community by participating actively in politics and in social activities as well as our private work.
Local activism is more important than who is president, I think.

Y Rodolfo, no traté, en ningún momento de ofender tus sentimientos localistas. Reconozco que, por un capricho del destino, mi español (y sus traducciones jocosas), a veces alburero, otrora del PUP (partido único de pendejos), e ilustrado por Picardías Mexicanas, se ha quedado fuera de época, y modificado por haber vivido en Sudamérica, y en otras partes del mundo. Pero como diría Juárez...."el no fijón en la onda de otros chavos, es el puro aliviane," que otros han traducido a "laissez Faire, laissez Passer" o "Let it Be"

Posted by: Viper | August 20, 2006 05:28 PM

Viper, I like Mercado and what she stands for. I voted for AMLO because I knew she had no chance of winning and I did not want the left to be reduced to a minority once again, I wish she would have joined in, there are many interesting things in her program. I think all the forces that back real change in this country and are not satisfied with the status quo should unite to stop these mediocre, corrupt and self-serving panistas from handing over the country to a few empresarios. If there is a topic that can unite us now is the full recount of the votes, the only way to give legitimacy to our next president. The fact that Calderon refused from the start that there could be such a recount is proof to me that he did not win the election and he knows it. He does not want all the dirty tricks Elba Ester used to impose him to be known by all Mexicans because he fears for his party's chances next election.
So what you say viper, full recount? Alianza Civica, Proceso, and other organizations are backing it because TRIFE until now has not acted to make results as transparent as the Mexican people deserve. If you care to join in the effort here is the link

Posted by: Manuel Lozano | August 20, 2006 05:44 PM

Here is a note about Elba Ester's efforts in Chiapas. Yesterday there was a recording released where Espino talks to a PRI delegate, promises him money to help today and tells him some governorns chipped in, namely the Governor of Durango, the Governor of Estado de Mexico (responsible for Atenco) and the Gober precioso friend and protector of child molestors.

And these Elba Ester accomplices were denouncing eleccion de Estado? I guess the way to counter an eleccion de estado is with vote buying.

Posted by: Manuel Lozano | August 20, 2006 05:51 PM

And this is my last post for the day... it is clear the Catholic Church sided with the PAN in these elections, asking people to vote for Calderon. Yet the bishops and Norberto Rivera have to understand that they are not doing a good service to the Catholic church by acting with such bias. Many people who voted for AMLO and feel represented by what he stands for are Catholics. What Norberto is doing is very irresponsible and damages efforts to build a plural democracy in which all voices and concerns are represented. Is that the role the Catholic church in Mexico wants to take? To declare God is panista and everyone who is not is commiting a sin?

Worst of all, it shall never cease to amaze me the hypocrysy of people like Norberto and the panista Catholics. Here are a few reminders to these very vocal christians that betray with their actions everything the Catholic social doctrine stands for: that the world's resources were meant for all to share, so that each individual and people have a sufficient share; that the market alone can not address all human needs, and that shortcomings need to be addressed; that we must recognize there are unjust political and economic structures; that the way they demonize or make fun of the plight of the poor is plain wrong; that as Catholics we must exercise a "preferential option for the poor"; that concrete actions and not only pious wishes are required to help the poor; that individual acts of charity are not enough and social political and economic policies must be addressed.

I expect next thing will be for Norberto and his panista friends to ask for the Catholic social doctrine to be branded as "demonic", communist, and part of a plan by that Anti-Christ AMLO.

Posted by: Manuel Lozano | August 20, 2006 06:14 PM


was that respectful enough, son of la Brugada?

Manuel Lozano,

I've got news for you. Panistas and a few hundreds of thousands empresarios are one and the same. As I recollect, Lopez gave half El Centro to Carlos Slim to renew and own, all by himself.

The big weakness of your demand for a vote by vote recount is that if you want to make peace, you do it no questions asked, no buts no ifs. The recount was done by the IFE. You are twisting reality and the rules every party involved agreed to play by. The people counted your votes, not martians, traitors and corrupted crooks.

Besides the rules we are playing with say it's foolish to have agreements that pass over TEPJN's jurisdiction. This election baby has been delivered. It's full term and healthy.

We are only waiting for the TEPJF doctors to tell us if this baby is a boy or a girl. They're not pushing it back into Mama Democracia, just because the IFE nurse told us its healthy.

You have used vote by vote recount as a wedge issue not to unify.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 06:14 PM

a) We agreed.
b) We agreed.
c)You are right on this point. As the end consumer I must worry about the products I purchase, that they fit my particular need and that they do not harm people or the environment. I once saw a documentary about some very poor children working at a maquila factory somewhere in Asia, they were manufacturing Nike tennis shoes. I have never purchased anything Nike eversince.
However I believe governments, while in my opinion they should not own any companies, They indeed should strictly regulate them and their products and whatever damaging consecuences their product may have on the consumer or the environment. The problem in Mexico is that our contry owns too many companies and does not regulate any. Our government is slowly begining to learn to regulate and there have been some advances but we have a long way to go.
d) I agree with you on this, specially: "So I favor creative entrepreneurship, (more self-reliant, by the way) rather than big corporate decisions from afar, that have nothing to say about the local economies. Most importantly, the communities themselves should decide the role and their education."
I look forward to seeing proud and self-reliant people everywhere in Mexico. I voted believing that Felipe Calderon was a step, however big or small, or even very small if you will, but a step into that direction. I consider AMLO a step into another direction, unknown probably.
Thanks for the reply.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 06:19 PM

"You have used vote by vote recount as a wedge issue not to unify."
Thanks rodolfo for putting it so clear.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 06:30 PM

I had to answer that before leaving... as a citizen who wants to believe he lives in a democracy I demand that my right to question the actions of institutions- meant to act on my behalf- is respected.

I don't believe in infallible acting by IFE nor TRIFE nor any institution in this country. I think citizens should permanently question and express doubts about our institutions so they can improve. Otherwise, expect no progress in any area.

I think the citizen recount (even if it lacks legal effect) will be key to answer the doubts of many citizens in this country who do not share your ideas about how IFE and some people in casillas acted.

The partial recount demonstrated mistakes in the acts and, most worryingly, more votes than voters in the casillas. I believe all of these matters should be clarified, even if the TRIFE decides against so. I don't think that burning the ballots will work this time around.

Don't worry, thousands of Mexicans have already signed up with Processo so there will be no lack of willing citizens to participate in this effort for transparency and accountability.

Posted by: Manuel Lozano | August 20, 2006 06:37 PM

"I expect next thing will be for Norberto and his panista friends to ask for the Catholic social doctrine to be branded as "demonic", communist, and part of a plan by that Anti-Christ AMLO."

Posted by: Manuel Lozano | August 20, 2006 06:14 PM

Manuel: What is the point in accusing the Church? You are not making any friends by going and disrupting mass services and offending the Cardenal. The PRD is making a fatal mistake here.

Your ever growing list of institutions and organizations to block, attack or accuse is running out of more prospects:
Televisa, TV Azteca, Reforma, Milenio, etc. all these media are corrupted and sold out to PAN.
Polling companies like Mitowsky and GEO ISA are also corrupted.
IFE committed fraud according to PRD
The President intervened according to PRD
TRIFE is also corrupted according to AMLO
European Union Observers did not see anything
Jose Woldenberg is corrupted.
Catholic Church is corrupted and biased to the PAN too?

Stop the madness please.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 06:44 PM

"I don't believe in infallible acting by IFE nor TRIFE nor any institution in this country. I think citizens should permanently question and express doubts about our institutions so they can improve. Otherwise, expect no progress in any area."

Yet you believe the actions of AMLO and his arguments are all infallible.
Citizens should also permanently question their political leaders too so they can improve. Have you questioned your own leader?

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 06:48 PM


Modesty is my biggest defect.

Having said that, from time to time I am blinded by my brilliance. Actually all the time, if I may so say, son of Mrs. Brugada or la chingada diputada, Padierna seguidora, daughter of the tostada, despite extreme cool son.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 06:58 PM


Yeah, let's question what the other playeres are doing, especially the ONE that BEAT us. Not the congress really tainted and senate spurious certification
or Carnal Marcelos almost deification by el pueblo. That little puppet pelele will not do some serious ass kicking. That's IMMORAL, o SUPREME PRIEST PEJANDRESITO.

You and your big brain think for us, we are little people, give us our monthly pensioncita we'll go to el despenadero contigo. We are tontitos, guide us tu solito, PADRE ANDRESITO.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 07:11 PM


You forgot to mention the hellholes of reactionary ultrarightist paid-for spurious lackeys of the right, really really bad arse WPost, LATimes, Spain's El Pais, bla bla bla...

They're IMMORAL! Somebody call the Vatican, COMPLO is going global in a handbasket!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 07:17 PM


Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 07:27 PM

rodolfo: I am so sad we don't have the Holy Inquisition today, they would have taken care of these infidel perredistas in the most appropiate way.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 08:17 PM


The Lopez superheroe is a sadomasochist. He struggles to fail not succeed. He don't need no Holy Inquisition: he self-flagellates Marcos too. Lopitos cannot win, what a relief.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 08:25 PM

I made translation of Marcelo Ebrard's speech today in the Zocalo. Sorry in advance for grammar mistakes. Marcelo did a great job putting the situation in context and he was firm and clear: the panistas did not win and we will not let them run over popular will. There is ample proof there was fraud. No more cynisism, no more lies. This is not only the presidency, nor is it only the quest of one man, Lopez Obrador. This is a project millions of Mexicans share. Mexicans who do not want more of the same are demanding no more impunity, no more corruption, no more ineffectiveness, no more government for the minority.

Ceci, Fox may demand dialogue but he has to know he renounced to dialogue since he intervened in the desafuero plot. Later on he had the chance to back out, to let people decide freely. But he chose not to do so and he intervened illegaly in the campaign to support Felipe Calderon. His interventions were more gross than Zedillo's. His actions have left him with no room to maneuver. He speaks and no one listens. He is, as you say, a lame duck.

Here goes the speech


Compañeras and compañeros,

First of all I would like to thank, in the name of all compañeros of the Federal District, the support to our movement of all our sisters and brothers who come from the states of the Mexican Republic.

Welcome compañeros of all the federal entities in Mexico. Here in Mexico City, the Alternative Project prevailed, like it did in all the Republic. We gained the Headquarters of Government and also the majority in the Legislative Assembly, the House of Representatives and the Senate here.

We are loyal to the citizen vote and for that reason we are here endorsing the cause of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador. The city, Mexico City, we know and do not forget had always been a combative and libertarian city, a city that has always promoted democracy. Here, in front of the City council Palace, the movement by Independence began. Mexico City backed the magisterial movement, to the railworkers movement, the medical doctors movement, and the student protests in 1968. Here in this city the first government was gained in 1997.

This is a progressive, generous city and q democratic one. For that reason, in this city we have endorsed the movement to make the votes be respected. We demand that the popular will be respected! What we defend, compañeras y compañeros, is the essential rights that makes us citizens. If we allow the imposition over the will of the citizens, all our rights and liberties would be in danger. Today we defend the essential right to define, to decide, who must govern the country and towards where the Republic must go. For that reason we are here, companions and companions.

This fight has to do with the rights of all. We know that the Permanent Informative Assembly has generated annoyances to the citizens and we have reiterated our excuses to them, but we are also defending their rights. And if we do nothing, at some future date our children will say to us: You did not have the stature, the greatness and the conviction to defend the citizens, to defend the vote and to defend our Mother country.

For that reason we are here. In the city we are prepared to govern in the same direction. We are going to govern with fairness, we are going to govern with justice and we are going to defend the majority. We will govern for all, but we are going to defend mainly justice, equality and fairness, that is our cause.

And we are going to be in this movement, compañeras y compañeros, all along. Those who have thought that the city would be satisfied, that we who had been elect would shut up and would not go on with this movement are wrong! We are going to follow ahead, because we have convictions and for that reason we are here. We will continue in this movement, compañeros. This city always has always raised its voice. We have always been organized, the same in the political movements, like the 68, that in the great social events, like the 1985 earthquake, and now in 2006 the city is participating also.

We are not going to allow for them to run over the vote of the citizens , we are not going to allow Fox's authoritarianism nor his cynicism. We are not going to allow the imposition of the candidate of the right, because he did not win the election. We are not going it to allow, compañeros. We are going to be with the right cause. Today we have evidences, of all sorts, that there was a plot, that the president of the Republic had knowledge of it, that it was orchestrated by the Party National Action and its government.

We have evidence that they betrayed democracy. Fox is a traitor to democracy. And they know it. The size of their fear is big- and you can see that with the occupation it of the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, for the first time, with light tanks.

They have taken the House of popular representation because they are scared, because they have panic, because they are scared of the city, because they have betrayed democracy and because they know that we are not going to let them get away with it. They shall not pass.

Here we are, companions and companions, we are in the fight, we go until the end, we are going to work closely with you and we are going to be loyal to the mandate that you gave us. We are going to back Andrés Manuel, the Alternative Project of Nation and the Convention, from the 16 of September onwards. Compañeros and compañeras: they will not be able to shut us up, they will not be able to hide the truth. Someday in the future, all of us who are here will be able to tell our country that when it needed us, when our convictions demanded it, we took action and we won. Thank you very much.

Posted by: GO MARCELO! | August 20, 2006 08:42 PM

Two out of three polling companies call the Chiapas election for Sabines. A third one says it's too close to call.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 08:42 PM

UNAM poll: Sabines by one point. Another poll calls it for Sabines' opponent.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 08:49 PM

Ahh... finally, someone with actual points to make, Viper. I'm a little late to the party but hope you stick around.

BTW, it seems some idiot or another has my gender confused, I cannot even begin think why that is, as only Americans use Ariel as a name for girls. Oh well, at least I use my real name, not hide cowardly behind an ever changing array of personalities, all equally brimming with hate, vitriol, poison and frustration. You know, usually those types of people usually contract cancer at an early age, something about somatizating their emotions, hope you get some therapy soon.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 20, 2006 09:11 PM

Carnal Marcelo,

You big great hombre. You study in Paris elite school no tontitos of UNAM there, only mucho macho carnal marcelito and his french senoritos.

Encinas was Lopitos lap dog first, so when Lopez presidente he to Gobernacion, you second lap dog no first, carry Camachos briefcase, like you know when and macho Camacho was Salinas almost favorite for dedazo.

Camacho will re-educate you in expriista
far out neo-historismo. Independence start when you carry Camacho
briefcase no more. Maybe year 3000 or more.
This control freak loves nothing more than
make happy to his self, or he'll tell mayaO.

Ugly situation, yours, bonito almost mayor, Lopitos and macho Camacho will not let this city go. Next six years of lap dog duty for you and crazy "artist" wife Mariagnita doll. Window dressing is OK Lopes too busy running city to ground to window dress as well. You major joke, pueblo like lopitos, no joke. Marcelo lap dog but bonito, the other honchitos will not let go.

By the way Marcelito, what's with the hair.
One day look one way, terrible the next day. Explain that first. El pueblo wants to know.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 09:17 PM

Personality #17: GO MARCELO!

Sorry, Mrs. Emptyboxes' Mum, it wasn't "Personality #17: My mom" as you predicted. Better luck next time and try out the link I posted for the betting line, you might just nail my next post.

I wish I could say I'm a yuppie, but I'm neither young nor particularly upwardly mobile at the present. At least I am a professional, although it's not my main activity nowadays, but what the heck. As for the pueblo living, well I can't help it; I was born in a pueblo. I'm also short, dark-skinned and 1/4 Zapotec Indian and if anyone gets into my face enough I turn into my blog-handle real quick.

"Posted by: Viper | August 20, 2006 05:28 PM" - Very good post, Viper, you show you can present rational arguments and make people think, whether in agreement or not, but think nonetheless. Thank you for this effort, I hope you'll stay with us.

Manuel Lozano, as for who will do the actual counting and have custody over the election materials in the citizen recount; what's the deal? I fear that this will end up a farcical enterprise. Many involved have a political agenda and will do what they can to reach their preconceived judgment. What then? Another recount?

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 20, 2006 09:41 PM

Lord Windsor,

No answers yet on your 3:35PM question. Interesting.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 09:42 PM


Told you, you was good!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 09:47 PM


"I just had to answer this last one... "

---------- "Vivi" posting Aug.18 12:12AM

"I had to answer that before leaving..."

----------"ManuelLozano" postAug20 6:37PM


Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 10:30 PM

Yes, Interesting.

The PREP has been consistently reporting PRI Candidate Bodegas slightly on top of Sabines, the PRD candidate.
We might be need those dumb cocaine engineers from UNAM and CIDE to start another useless and imbecile investigation of cyberfraud and algorith, they haven't finished the July 2 PREP manipulation investigation yet. We will see.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 10:52 PM

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 11:08 PM

Another tight result. Another election decided at the TRIFE, another bunch of impugnation. I guess the TRIFE is going to be busy for a while.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 20, 2006 11:27 PM

The Battle for Chiapas is more a tactic battle than a political battle, a PRD chiapas will be the oportunity for Crazy-AMLO to buy arms from Guatemala and form a base for his dirty "revolution" he is planing to lead, Crazy-AMLO want's to have a "Coup d'État", One way or another he is going to be president.

Posted by: Vale Madres | August 20, 2006 11:30 PM

Vale Madres,

Lopitos likes words to fight. For this loco
rifle noise louder than his oice. No go there, he likes the sound of oice better than noisy matraca gun.

Good night.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 11:53 PM

Although Sabines is in the same party as AMLO, he is not subordinated to him. He received support from AMLO, but Sabines was in the PRI not too long ago and the Chiapas Governor, and Sabines friend, it's not a good friend of AMLO.

A victory for Sabines, while giving a high but short lived morale to AMLO's base, if accepted by PRI and PAN without impugnations, will have a negative impact to AMLO's movement, because it will render his claims useless by showing there is real democracy in Mexico.

A defeat for Sabines will demoralize AMLO's base in Mexico city.

An impugnation by PRI and PAN and PANAL calling for annulment will send a message to PRD that either they play by the rules and accept the results now and discipline AMLO or every time and everywhere they get or are likely to some more votes than the others, PAN, PRI and PANAl will use all
resources available to stop their advance.

The sad thing for us citizens is to see how the parties are sending lawyers to many Casillas where their candidate is unlikely to win, in an effort to find a excuse to annul it, or even to create such excuse. This has been the case in Chiapas from both the PRD and the PRI.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 12:02 AM

This is how pathetic Fox and the PAN are getting to avoid people who protest fraud. Fox and Calderon have been meeting only with Panistas or Príista governors associated with elba esther gordillo. Everytime in closed spaces so people cannot confront them about fraud. In Baja California people were even asked to drop their pants to see if they were not carrying say no to fraud banners.
Fecha de la noticia: 21-Agosto-2006
Fecha de impresión: 21-Agosto-2006


Gobernador critica 'humillante' revisión de guardia presidencial

El gobernador del estado de Baja California, Eugenio Elorduy, calificó hoy de 'humillante' la revisión que hizo la guardia presidencial, que obligó a 'bajar los pantalones' a asistentes a un acto con el presidente Vicente Fox.

El gobernante dijo que el pasado jueves en un acto en la mexicana Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, al que asistió el presidente Fox, elementos del Estado Mayor Presidencial, un cuerpo militar de elite, sometieron a una 'humillante revisión' a ciudadanos, incluso a algunos de sus funcionarios.

Agregó que también fueron revisados varios representantes de la prensa, y ancianos a quienes les invitaron para entregarles apoyos económicos.

Supuestamente, la medida de revisión buscaba impedir que los asistentes metieran al acto pancartas con leyendas de protestas por las pasadas elecciones presidenciales, y querían evitar que el presidente fuera molestado.

En ocasiones anteriores, simpatizantes izquierdistas han mostrado pancartas contra Fox, a quien el líder izquierdista Andrés Manuel López Obrador llama 'traidor a la democracia' por el presunto fraude electoral en las presidenciales del pasado 2 de julio.

El resultado de los comicios aún está en manos del Tribunal Federal Electoral que debe resolver las impugnaciones y tiene como plazo hasta el 6 de septiembre para validar la elección y declarar al presidente electo.

Según el primer cómputo oficial, el conservador Felipe Calderón, del mismo partido de Fox, obtuvo 243.934 más votos que el izquierdista López Obrador, quien exige un recuento de todos los votos.

Terra Actualidad - EFE

Posted by: Karen Cuevas | August 21, 2006 12:23 AM

Maybe the police were looking for something more than placards; it's been known to be a little dangerous up there in Colosio territory.

Personality #17: Karen Cuevas

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 01:00 AM

My therapist has recommended I should come clean to the kind readers of this blog and talk about my multiple personality disorder which prompts me to talk to myself all day long and keeps me from having a normal life, a job or friends. It all started with an extreme obsession with Mexico's presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. I cannot talk of anything else. I dream of him. I hate him. I want to be him. I am sick. Please help.

Personality K.Vronna

Usually emerges after emptyboxes and rodolfo to add a feminine voice to the conversations with my other selves. She has a know-it-all attitude and loves life in the pueblos where poor people who want to be poor live. She is a nationalist and wants dark skinned foreigners out. Other foreigners may intervene and Article 33 can go to hell.

Personality emptyboxes

Usually comes after rodolfo and K. Vronna, also an outcast with no friends. Loves private schools and will spend hours defending them against communist universities like UNAM. Thinks having a car or two makes him a winner and the envy of the town. Like his hero Felipe, little empty was not accepted by UNAM when he applied.

Personality rodolfo

Comes in the same hour lapse as K. Vronna and emptyboxes. Also talks right wing nonsense. Thinks himself too smart for the world. A sample rodolfo monologue: me mucho loquito me toco my palito when I think of Lopitos. Yo been in the closet too much tiempito. I pray to San Macielito and San Felipito to take away demonic pensamientitos.

Personality Ariel Orellana

Sometimes a regular guy from Guadaluoe, sometimes a Little Mermaid under the sea. Tries to convince himself he is not bad person because he calls himself a liberal and only hates Lopez Obrador.

Personality PeterN

An inglesito who misses Las Malvinas and has not reconcilied with Great Britain's decadence. Thought he could come to Mexico to feel superior but did not know oil was nationalized by communist Cardenas. Likes to brag about Oxford. No one paid attention to him at bops there and he used to hang out all by himself with a pint of cider in a dark corner. Feels superior to dark skinned people and is against Article 33 who does not let him vote. Reminds other selves to mind the gap.

Posted by: Sybil reloaded | August 21, 2006 02:08 AM

Posted by: rodolfo | August 20, 2006 10:30 PM

Very good post rodolfo

Personality #67: Sybil reloaded

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 02:32 AM

AMLO is lost and he knows it. The PRD is making one fatal mistake after the other. AMLO is alone and people hate him like I do. AMLO was rude for saying the TRIFE was taking a bribe. AMLO is crazy.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 02:39 AM

gu gu ga ga

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 02:40 AM

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 02:40 AM

Very good post rodolfo. I am with you a hundred percent. I wish I could be a yuppie like emptyboxes. But I am poor and not upwardly mobile. I have a crush on Lopez Obrador. It's like in grade school, I like him so I make fun of him. You know what I mean. I think he could fancy a short, dark-skinned and 1/4 Zapotec Indian who has no life and uses this blog to pass the time.

Personality #890: emptyboxes

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 02:44 AM

Oh my...! One weekend out of town and look all the fun I've been missing!

About the new Ahumada video, here's a link explaining the whole mess. It is actually really good:

An excerpt of it (I'm too lazy to translate it):

"En el plan, efectivamente participaron Diego Fernández de Cevallos, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, el abogado Juan Collado y el diputado Federico Döring, pero no el presidente Vicente Fox, por la sencilla razón de que quienes planearon el asunto no confiaban en él."

"Las revelaciones que el empresario supuestamente videograbó en Cuba no tienen la menor validez jurídica, y eso lo sabe el partido, pero les servirá para hacer escándalo... por el contrario, revivir este asunto puede ser peligroso para el PRD, pues podría descubrir la porquería en la que se mueve el partido y las marranadas que dirigentes como Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, Carlos Navarrete, Jesús Ortega, Leonel Godoy y muchos más toleraron durante la presidencia de Rosario Robles al frente del partido."

It is funny to see that AMLO supporters think international media are a bunch of sell-outs and biased in favor of Calderón. Like the PAN, El Yunque, our Presichente and all the rest of the members of the "complot" had the money, or the influence, to actually dictate what is plubished in different newspapers all around the globe. Really, think about it. Is Mexico really that important to the US, to Spain, to France? Of course not! We need some "ubicatex" pills. The US is the foreign country who is most interested in the mexican election, for obvious reasons, but being realistic, Mexico is propably the priority #458 in the US foreign policy list. I'm convinced we come behind Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Europe, North Korea, Cuba and a veeeery long etc.

Why the international press isn't reporting about the supposed "fraud"? Beacuse the arguments are childish, the proof is dubious and AMLO's speech is dated and antidemocratic, at least in the eyes of the international media. The vast majority of the international press hasn't actually seen a massive fraud in the making, period.

Changing the subject, I, as a mexican, have absolutely no problem with PeterN posting about our political situation. His postings are actually good and gives us a different perspective of our reality. We have people from all over the political spectrum like emptyboxes, Jerry B, my fellow PASCista K. Vronna, maya0 and pasilla. Why not a foreigner? It is called plurality people!

I've seen the "sendero del peje" webpage and, despite what some people are saying, it is far from being a news source. It is a blog where most of the post are simple opinions and impressions. It is in no way more objective than what we are posting here. Now, if your source is Proceso, that's a whole different story! At least Proceso has a well earned fame of being a respected magazine. It is completely on AMLO's side, of course, but at least they try to give intelligent arguments to defend his position, unlike "sendero del peje" that keeps making poo jokes of Felipe Calderón.

Posted by: bunburina | August 21, 2006 03:23 AM

"Has anybody ever met an intelligent communist?"

Some friend of mine just said to me: "If in your twenties, you are not a communist, then you don't have a heart. If in your thirties, you are a communist, then you don't have a brain."

It is kind of true. If you are 20, 21 years old and you read Marx, you just can't avoid agreeing with him. A society free of opression, where everyone is equal, sharing everything with your neighbours seems like a piece of heaven on earth. It is part of the natural idealism of being young. Then you read what happened with the Soviet Union, how communism actually works in real life, how hard is to make yourself of a decent patrimony and then you think that maybe socialism isn't quite the ideal you thought it was. I know it for a fact, I've been there. My conclusion: the trick is to find a balance between communism-capitalism, right-left wing. Extremes are never good. And I confess, I tend to believe that center-left is the right option.

Posted by: bunburina | August 21, 2006 03:44 AM








Posted by: YunqueFAN | August 21, 2006 03:55 AM



Posted by: YunqueFAN | August 21, 2006 03:59 AM

Hahaha This serious people also call AMLO for being crazy !!!! thank for helping YUNQUE

Posted by: Rocio | August 21, 2006 06:55 AM


Vivi Lopitos, not Peron:

This "Vivi" author is one subtle mother. She is taunting us with the same simple game I played on Theiss.., drgecc. We are talking serious soul searching here. Should we leave like humorless knowitalls one by one and have her win or should we decide to ignore her bland political correctness or maybe fall into her really
subtle trap by echoing her sociopathic bitterness with our own two cents of election madness gouche spoutings.

The fun part is Lopez and Vivi are one and the same. The tenacious blandness, the lame
sermonizing the "we're not that evil, really" baloney.

People reveal themselves in a crisis: Lopez has and confirmed a lot of people's
suspicion that this man is not right in his head. Vivi mirrors Lopez in every way. Adressing Vivi aka Many Names is Lopez
one and the same.

I like this election junkie looney, she's just like me.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 07:40 AM

Manuel Lozano, K. Vronna, Rodolfo, Emptyboxes,

1. I can´t agree that a total recount would be better. I am sure mistakes were made in the counting. I do not think, though I don´t know, there was massive fraud; but re-counting won´t fix the doesn´t matter who is president. What really matters is what we do at the community level, even the cybernetic community level.

2.Juán Sabines, son of a governor, and nephew of a great poet, is associated intimately with Chiapas. It is poetic justice, that he is ahead and backed by AMLO, no recount there, I bet! The PRD/PAN coalition that made the present governor has morphed into a losing PRI/PAN coalition. Welcome to the world of democracy.

3.On the "smoked" tapes (Ahumada) here is a brilliant young man putting it all in perspective...incidentally, one of the strong backers of the PASC (Alternativa) and of Patricia Mercado

4. I am also indian. And very dark. And have lived for some time in Teutila, Oaxaca. No roads, no phones, only small airplanes and horses and mules. And my daughter is a farmer. Thought I would present my campesino credentials....just as solid as anyone else´s.

Gotta go. Gotta be with the dentist. We indians have strong teeth....what´s wrong with this picture.

Tally ho, and top o' the mohning to ye!

Posted by: Viper | August 21, 2006 07:47 AM


Have you read Vivi's posts since my Aug.20,
10:30PM post. Paydirt, we are communicating with one bad Lopez droid sent out for total world domination.

With the Sunday Lopez sermon, crazy is not the word that comes to mind. Concession speech more like it. The magistrates are as amused as we are: he has declared himself loser in his own quaint Castro-ish sort of way. To think he had no "altura de miras". Man, this loco has no altura in his IQ.

This Waterloo speech is his callate chachalaca, traidor pelele Sunday buenos dias to the electoral court. I'm shure they are amused, I certainly am.

Senor peje, buenos dias to you. Will you be traveling with your Vivi droid to her morada soon? Orale, perdedor, apurate. Carnal Marcelo is getting restless, your pretty chihuahua might turn into rabid but
still chihuahua lap dog pretty soon.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 08:39 AM

Funny, now some of this idiots are trying to discredit me with my company, we all had a good laugh. Futile attempts and I'll leave it at that. Ooooohh, somebody actually knows how to use whois to find out information, good thing I already moved, although I should probably be worried about whoever lives there now.

The funniest thing: I'm supposed to be the one "vomiting venom" (this coming from people seeking to discredit or even get me fired, something that is NOT going to happen), that because at some point of my life I worked for Peñoles (left more than 6 years ago, even beofre Fox was elected) that I would surely be involved in some conspiracy, and that I have no way of blocking their emails (surely, they realize I'm root).

Yeah, real constructive fellas.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 10:45 AM

I have lost my ability to be surprised by these people.
It is all madness with these people. AMLO and his planton blocking streets and annoying and affecting thousands of people everyday, Sarmiento reports on areas of Reforma that already stink because of the feces and urines, it is gross. And I cannot imagine all the damage done to gardens, sidewalks, street, statues, electricity installations, etc. Then the empty Planton, because that is all we see, huge yellow canopies, but empty, only one or two guys standing guard. And of course in those informative meetings we see the Panchos villas and other popular organizations that had found a another cause to pursue their particular interests. Vendors and all with them, labor leaders, homeless, punks, underachievers, CGH and a bunch of radical fosil students from UNAM. The bottom of the barrel of our society.
Antonio Crespo, Monsivais, Granados Chapa and other mediocre pseudo-intellectual providing a fake argument to continue their plight for, what was it?, oh yes!, the vote by vote or just give the presidency to AMLO?
EZLN and United Colors of Benetton-Marcos moving his imbecile radical friends in the USA like john ross and others from narconews to spread around the world the cocaine theories of Julio Hernandez and the fabricated stories of fraud of La Jornada. But the world knows them already, we all know the kind of garbage this people feed on. George Bush is in power now precisely because of imbeciles like Michael Moore who exaggerated his cocaine stories about Irak being a happy and green country before the invasion and other silly stories that he edited and fabricated so much he made Bush look like the victim of a dirty campaign, when the anti-globalization and other similar imbeciles joined in the chorus with Michael, George Bush's victory over Kerry was more than secured. The Republicans were so happy watching dumb Michael insulting the armed forces and the national pride they did exactly the same PAN and Fox are doing now with AMLO and company.
These is what these dumb radical leftist cannot understand, they have questioned all institutions (even Catholic church) so much and for so long people has grown accustomed to believe in their institutions despite the noisy claims of these imbeciles. Polls indicate the mayority of Mexicans believe in the credibility of the IFE and TRIFE and support the President.
The more radical organizations like the EZLN, ERP, APPO, Panchos Villas and labor unions continue supporting AMLO, the more he will fade away from Mexican politics. His daily rantins aren't news anymore, a word of moderation from AMLO would be great news today.The other day a PRD lady interrupted mass, yesterday they tried to storm the cathedral and insulted the Cardenal. Now they want to use the image of our Guadalupana in their protests too.
These people are all of them crazy.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 10:56 AM

Obrador is desperately seeking a violent revolution, that's pretty obvious, no need to see televisa or read any "rightist" newspaper to realize about that, stop calling AMLO leftist, that is not "left", "Left" is far more reazonable than this fanatical movement.

Posted by: A. Ramos | August 21, 2006 12:08 PM

Dedicated to our anit-semitic, PRD-militant, lets-threaten-everobody pets.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 12:16 PM

Why do people sometimes post here stuff like I am 14% Indian Mixteca or something like that?
Who cares? Who gives a damn?
I know I don't. I guess all Mexicans have indigenous blood one way or another.
I know I do.I know some of my ancestors roamed wildly around these northern lands of Mexico one day. They were wild and fierce and practiced brutality everyday. They didn't waste their time looking at the moon or the stars or building pyramids. They were having fun with their hard earned northern brutality. I am proud to say some of that brutality and wilderness trickled down on me. I evince proudly everyday in my posession.

Why, K.Vronna, do you post stuff like that? Is that because you are very proud of the people who built those pyramids?

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 12:36 PM

gREAT timing Proceso. Seems like it's pay back time for corporations that supported Calderon's agressive negative campaign "Lopez Obrador is a danger to Mexico", "You could lose everything". Tax break ensured so they can keep on paying spots and pamphlets against the recount.

Link to Proceso's article:

These are the corporations benefited from tax break. No surprises here Jumex.

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 21, 2006 12:58 PM

empty, come on. First of all the group to which she belongs didn't build "those pyramids" and to be proud of one's heritage is not bad. Sure, I can see that it doesn't really belong here but there's no need to get on anyone for that. There are plenty of reasons to make fun of the other side, but in this case you're taking on someone from our side and for something completely unjustified. I realize you like ribbing people but when you go this far its no longer fun.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 01:58 PM

Eduardo, correct me if I'm wrong, but these days prices for the products you mention have gone down, precisely because they no longer pay this tax, benefitting primarily, the low-income tax bracket. Is this not correct?

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 02:10 PM

mORE ON PAN Corruption, this is what Juan Camilo Muriño, Calderon's campaign member is up to. Stealing money in his gasolineras. No wonder these guys are desperate. They want impunity to keep on stealing from Mexicans. They speak and its only cynicism, a gross mockery of the Mexican people. Mexico is too damn sick of these thieves.

No Enron in Mexico. No more impunity for white collar criminals.

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 21, 2006 02:30 PM

Sabines will be governor. It does not matter that PRI and PAN plotted to stop him with vote buying and fraud. The Proyecto Alternativo was too strong in Chiapas and Lopez Obrador's visit gave a boost to the campaign. They did the same in Chiapas as in the national level with their phonecalls to induce fear. It did not work here as it did not work at the national level. We are not stupid and they are stupid for thinking of us in that way.

Sabines has showed he is the governor Chiapas needs. He has accepted a recount of all the votes if his opponent demands it. How different from Calderon who is too scared of what a recount might show. Calderon is certain he did not win and he wants the Tribunal to impose him nonetheless. He does not care about democracy or the people's will. Sabines is ready, let the votes be recounted if the PRI demands it, he is acting for the good of all chiapanecos and not only those that voted for him. Meanwhile his opponent is hiding like a rat. Like Calderon has been hiding all these weeks.

This is a good quote from Jaime Sabines the poet and related to Sabines the new governor: "A piece of moon in your pocket
works better than a rabbit's foot."

Sabines and Lopez Obrador have a big chunk of the moon in their pockets.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 02:46 PM

I just don't get it. Don't we live in a country where it isn't suppose to matter?
Anyway you right the topic doesn't belong here and I will not post anything else on that.

K.Vronna: I always enjoy your posts, just thought of asking. Sorry.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 02:47 PM

chiapaneco: don't go fingering yourself so quickly. TRIFE rules and they will annul the election. It's the new vogue in our electoral system, the counting of the votes carried out by the citizens don't really matter anymore.

You got to get real. These imbeciles at Proceso are so dumb they don't understand that big companies never pay any taxes. This is true in China, in the USA and in Mexico.

The market rewards you if you are an investor or entrepeneur. The first reward from the market it's that it is up to you as businessman to pay taxes.

If for example I invest in my own business 10 pesos in merchandise, sell the merchandise for 20, I have a profit of 10 pesos, out of which I am suppose to pay 30 percent or so to SAT, but if I decide to use the 10 pesos profit to reinvest it into the business I could end up paying zero in the end.

Investors, companies, national and international, entrepeneurs, venture capitalists, they are all in the RISK business, they invest, they venture, and the market rewards them and their marketing skills, manufacturing know-how and innovation and research investments. They are trees that yield jobs and wealth to their communities and modern governments have learned this lesson and care after them and yes, If I were the government I would rather have them reinvesting their profits and taking dividends while they create jobs and bring wealth in our communities. It arrests social unrest.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 03:03 PM

hey Eduardo, PAN has always been corrupt as hell, That's nothing new about that but it's has been always easy to fight against a corrupt in power than to fight a CRAZY in power, the question in Mexico now is, How are we going to fight for more justice and less corruption, reinforcing institutions with the law in hand or destroying institutions and breaking the law as AMLO propose?, People in PRD are already taking distance from Crazy-AMLO:

Posted by: A. Ramos | August 21, 2006 03:10 PM

As for these posts:
K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 02:32 AM
K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 02:44 AM

They are not mine as you probably deduced, identity theft is rampant.

The part about my heritage was in response to the post:
La Chingada | August 20, 2006 12:53 PM, a gem from your mother, Emptyboxes, and I just couldn't stomach that part about yuppies. I am proud of my Indian origins, especially when the Zapotecs, with the help of the Mixtecs, usually their bitter enemies, kicked butt & took names at Gui ' ngola (o Guien - Gola), when the Chilango Mexicas came looking for tribute. They even made a wall of the Mexica skulls of those they had slaughtered and when it was shown to one of the generals it was a factor in calling off the battle.

Ariel, thanks for defending my heritage, although I recognize that it was irrelevant to this discussion. It's just frustrating putting up with these attacks from AMLOites that assume anyone that doesn't support him is a güero popis racist. I support anyone who takes some pride in their ethnic origins and is tolerant of those of others. Emptyboxes, please keep your spurious parents of the net, it's embarrassing. Apology accepted.

What happened to all the scandal over the videos from Fidel? Looks like it raised more questions than it answered. Can't wait to see what Ciro says today about the interview he asked for with Smoky Kurtz. Is Fidel or Roque black? I thought that there were all shades of colors in Cuba.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 03:12 PM

"Presidente El Revolucionario"

Starring : You know who.

"The most important changes in Mexico have never come about through conventional politics but rather from the streets," he told the FT in a rare interview. Asked whether there was a danger that people would brand him a revolutionary, he replied: "Mexico needs a revolution."

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 03:15 PM

K. Vronna: You are above evertything. Please be proud of yourself and where you come from forever. But be prouder of being a Mexican and being capable, as you very well are, of encompassing everything Mexican.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 03:21 PM


YOur comments used to be funny and interesting. I can only attribute this wittiness to the Cambridge influence. In fact, did you ever take a class from Sir James Lighthill?. Unfortunately, your purported oxford education is taking over now, or could it be just that the herculean effort to support a nonsensical, weak position is driving you up the wall?
Look, Calderon is just another George W. A few friends of his will benefit from his administration; so much that if calderon becomes president, the next mexican election will be called the
habitat for humanity election ("REBUILDING for a better tomorrow").

Posted by: Julie: | August 21, 2006 03:27 PM

The PAN and corporations are uniting to buy the Tribunal so they can impose Felipe Calderon. Mexican newspaper El Siglo de Torreón leaked the information on August 2, here is what El Siglo said. Translated: some corporations want to protect their interests and they invested in Calderon, now they want the Tribunal to act in their behalf. They are gathering some millions of pesos to give the magistrates to rule for Calderon. It is not clear if they will be successful as a couple of the magistrates in the Tribunal seem to be less corrupt than the others.

"Por si faltara enrarecer el ambiente del pais ante la creciente certeza de un fraude electoral, en el ámbito empresarial corre, insistente, la versión de que algunos magnates se estarían cooperando para integrar una vaquita, cuyo monto se entregaría, a título de donativo secreto, a los integrantes del Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación. Los recursos garantizarían un retiro placentero. La intención, naturalmente, es reconocer como definitiva la ventaja de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa en los conteos del Instituto federal Electoral. rechazando la posibilidad del conteo voto por voto, casilla por casilla.

El handicap para los aportantes, al margen, naturalmente, de la reconocida integridad de un segmento importante de los magistrados, es la molestia que provocó en el Poder Judicial el que el aspirante panista le haya ido a dictar linea al Trife el domingo pasado, señalándole no sólo lo que debe hacer, sino como hacerlo".

Posted by: EDUARDO | August 21, 2006 03:33 PM

Emptyboxes, I'm very proud to be Mexican, especially in times like these when we have the opportunity to express ourselves in open, uncensored discussion. It's been a long struggle to get here, let's not throw it all away now.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 03:36 PM


You seem to believe AMLO didn't receive any support from businessmen. But he did and this post-electoral conflict is happening precisely because there are powerful interest groups in each side of the conflict.

Have you seen the Perredistas protesting or blocking a Telmex office, why not? Mr. Carlos Slim is the richest man in latin american and one of the richest in the world.

Does he support Felipe Calderon? Certainly not. Felipe Calderon was supported by Roberto Hernandez form Banamex, and archi-enemy of Carlos Slim, they have eternally been rivals and even offended each other personally at events.

Why is it that AMLO and the Perredistas pick only on Banamex and certain companies but not on those belonging to Carlos Slim?
He owns the Centro Historico because AMLO sold it to him during his tenure.

Why was AMLO so angry when President Fox appointed the people to the telecommunications regulatory agency back in March this year? Why did he raise hell over that issue, demanding Fox from abstaining and to wait until the next president?
Why was the PRD so interested in this issue at the congress that they wanted to block any presidential nominee for those positions?

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 03:43 PM

This is absurd. The PRI and the PAN lost in Chiapas. Not even with their fear campaign and phonecalls could they convince voters. Andres Manuel won in Chiapas and so did Sabines. PRI and PAN want to change the results with lawyers and are crying faul. Yesterday they were buying votes with money they got from PRI governors. I would advice them to watch the TV spots of Sociedad en Movimiento, Lupita from the tortilleria, Juanito the teacher, and Panchita from the pharmacy of the corner counted the votes... are they calling these citizens cheaters? What a bunch of hypocritical clowns.No one believes anything they say.
Andres Manuel and Sabines won. None of this clowning and screaming will do. They will have to accept results. Sabines has said he accepts a full recount, there is nothing to hide here. Calderon is a coward, he knows he lost. He should concede and respect the will of the people.

Sabines and Lopez Obrador do have a chunk of the moon in their pockets. And the support of the people.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 04:36 PM

Yeah, I think el Chiapaneco has something with the moon chunks, seems like some of the AMLO comments are from a LUNAtic.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 04:46 PM

Empty: yes, you're origin is not supposed to matter as a handicap or advantage. Alas, we do not live in utopia. Witness those idiots, unfortunately quite a few of them on our side, that still use "Indio" as an insult, along with sayings like "its not the fault of the indian...". It is not as bad as the jokes and epithets used against homosexuals, but still... if race didn't actually matter indigenous comunities would not be overwhelmingly poor. My wife is quite dark skinned, I am certainly not albino but have much "fairer" (hate the term) skin, the treatment we receive from strangers, clerks, government officials, etc. is very, very different. I believe that in many ways our closeness to the US has fed this subtle racism in recent times, specially as the influence of US media (movies, TV shows) grows. I've had the good fortune of having all types of friends, black, white, practically every shade in between, gay, jewish, christian, etc. and thusly this a very sensitive subject for me, and a reason I am so hard on pasilla on the subject, I hope you'll forgive me for such a long post on the subject. I posted the subject does not belong in this blog, so I'll stop now.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 04:49 PM

Top 10 reasons why Calderon is the best choice for Mexico:

1. First and foremost, Calderon will make sure that Mexico continues the trend set out by Echeverria, Lopez Portillo, De la Madrid, Salinas and Fox. What trend is that? The trend of a long list of accomplishments occurred in the last 30 yrs. of PRI-PAN government.

2. Calderon will make sure that 50% of Mexicans remain with an income of less than $1 dollar a day.

3. Calderon will make sure that the exodus of millions of unemployed Mexicans continue going to the USA.

4. Calderon will make sure that the lack of gains in science and technology occurred during the Echeverria, Lopez Portillo, De La Madrid, Salinas and Fox continue.

5. Calderon will make sure that Mexico remains a 3rd world country.

6. Calderon will make sure that none of the participants of the bank frauds committed every sexenio are brought to justice.

7. Calderon will make sure that the Durazos, Hank Gonzalez and Salinas are able to steal with absolute impunity.

8. Calderon will make sure that the income and social disparities between the Mexican north and south increase.

9. Calderon will make sure that millions of young Mexicans have limited access to quality education.

10. There has been absolutely no improvement in the living conditions in Mexico for the past 30 yrs. But thank God we have Calderon to maintain the status quo.

God bless you.

Posted by: Top 10 !!! | August 21, 2006 05:00 PM

Chiapaneco provides the much neede comic relief of the day, lol.

First things first: I believe the PRD won, Salazar Mendiguchia was not a bad governor, I do not know if or why he used old-school-PRI tactics to influence the election. We're cool so far.

The issue here is very different and very similar at the same time to the national one: we believe that fraud at the station level is basically impossible (what? all of a sudden the PREP, station counting and polls are all reliable? Say it ain't so!!!) but that maneuvers to buy votes before hand and even some new ways of influencing voters ("take this phone and take a picture of your vote") are in place. Problem is, this goes on on both sides. Sure, BOTH sides are hypocritical in denouncing a "state election" but the real problem here will be this: if the Tribunal upholds the PRD victory in Chiapas, and the PRD celebrates, what leg are they going to stand on to keep trying to discredit the voting mechanisms, the IFE, the TEPJF and, most recently, its magistrates? Remember, this is the same tribunal that annuled Madrazo's victory in Tabasco, to the benefit of AMLO.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 05:01 PM

Isn't this a fine mess...


I know of a one butt kicking Zapotec by the name Juarez that put down his foot in no uncertain manner. I wouldn't dare make assumptions he was the exception. As you quietly but clearly stated before, for one and all: watch your distance, she's no fool.

Juarez would have had you in his Cabinet,
no doubt about it.

Any more takers, she is not alone.


You are behind the times, amigo. The new proyecto is Revolucionario, as in "institucional". The Nation awaits this loco warrior Tabasco Sun with mesmerized devotion. Bring on the happy days, perdedosos.


When I visited Montealban, it was one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. Oaxaca cultures are as sofisticated anywhere in the world. Their jewelry is almost unbeleivably well executed. Albrecht Durer saw jewelry and art objects that were brought from America and said it was some of the most beautiful objects he had ever seen. I agree.


Reporting from your impetuous electoral soldados: sub K.Vronna is kicking butt.

FYI, emptyboxes: mayaO rules, K. Vronna is second in command. She speaks we obey. If you don't like it, adress your complaint to comandante mayaO. She will kick K.Vronna's behind, and mine and yours twice. Once because she likes to kick behinds, twice because she likes to kick behinds 2 times. You have been forewarned: mayaO will kick you 2 times, one if she likes. If you obey K.Vronna, we'll pretend this never happened. K. Vronna is nice only once! (from "election rules and other disasters" posted far above almost in the Moon)

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 05:02 PM

Ciro Gómez Leyva is kicking butt. Who will answer for Smoky Kurtz the political prisoner? El que nada debe nada teme.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 05:11 PM


We have a joker here that is impersonating
author's names. Her name is Vivi. Check Aug. 19 5:46PM entry. most of us can spot her but you are new and might be fooled by her. "Manuel Lozano" is one of her impersonations.

This ride is shakin'!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 05:20 PM

Top 10!!!,

Your point is:

Oh, I see. Muchas gracias.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 05:21 PM

You nailed it Top 10! This is why we will NEVER let this grey character who did not win the most votes become president. We are sick and tired of them all. Calderon did not win. He is afraid of the recount. He is a puppet of interest groups who invested a lot of money in him. He is obsessed with becoming president no matter what because he needs to repay his bosses. But us Mexicans who believe in democracy and the respect of the vote will not let him. He should be a man and concede. His irresponsibility and authoritarian character are not to be tolerated by a country that believes in democracy and will demand for the vote to be respected.

K. Vronna does not read poetry. The shame. K. Vronna would benefit from a Literature class. K. Vronna could ask that Rigoberta Menchu, Dr. Simi's partner in Central America, is read at this class. First assignment "An Indian Woman in Guatemala"... enjoy K. Vronna

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 05:31 PM

I see.. this is why K. Vronna does not have time to read poetry. She is one of many Yunque personalities. I don't buy it you voted for the PASC. Nevermind no poetry for you. Ridiculous how some use the PASC to make the case that the "responsible" left is with the PAN. You are no Mercado supporter so quit using the PASC to back derechoso arguments OK? Thank you.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 05:47 PM

It is obvious that there is no validity in the posted comment of someone not signing for it.
As whoever posted the comments criticizing Felipe Calderon. It must be another perredista that as usual either is known to hides his real identity or expertices in the use of bad language.
The fact is that Mexico has voted and the majority voted for Felipe Calderon.
and even most of the people that voted for AMLO has already changed their minds.
Felipe Calderon would be our next Mexican President.
His educational curriculum, his intelligence and ideas makes him to be the perfect choice.
On the other hand, AMLO is fighting for the presidency.
What good would he bring to MEXICO???
His college grades were terrible, his language skills are awful, and he does not speak good spanish, nevertheless english language.
He makes false promises when he claims he would be increasing the salaries,
This is not the solution to improve Mexico,
THe solutions are: Better educations, better and affordable housing, better health programs.
Calderon would continue what FOX already started.
For the international people that don't know, it so easy now to buy a house in Mexico,
Easier than United States.
Everybody qualifies now,
Even with a low income salary,
FOX created that!!!! PAN DID IT!!!!
Before there were no Mortage loans,
Now look at any Mexican paper and there are all kinds of loans for mexican residents.
I KNOW IT because I have friends and family members that earning the minimiun salary they already own a house,
A HOUSE that would be paid soon.
Not like in USA where takes forever to pay off a home mortgage.
AMLO wants to implement a communist government in Mexico,
He is friends with Chavez and Castro.

Posted by: Kukiss Garcia | August 21, 2006 05:53 PM

Kukiss is your real name? I have to say it is a quite stupid name... and it fits the person who carries it. All your arguments are looney. Seems like you have spent too much time on the phone listening to negative campaign recordings.

There is such a thing as a stupid opinion. Not everybody has a valid point. You don't have one galleta. What you are saying is just plain stupid.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 05:55 PM

I was wondering who broke into my house and stole my Jaime Sabines' books. My question for el Chiapaneco is "Are you taking your doses every two hours?" Because your philosophy intoxication seems to be worsening, maybe you're not taking that exact and controlled dose.

Ariel, I forgot to comment on your August 21, 2006 10:45 AM post. I can't believe the hatred and sneakiness of these jerks; meddling in the personal life of someone like that to cause harm is an important indicator of the moral bankruptcy of the extremists in the movement. A lot of my friends from my UNAM days have had some problems too, saying that because they didn't support all of the strategies of the coalition they have been the target of harassment. Intolerance seems to be a trait of many of the more rabid.

Gee, I could have sworn that I marked my ballot with the red hand on a blue background, or did I confuse it with the white letters? Oh, well, see you in Chichicastenango with Roberta and the rest of us Indian women.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 06:03 PM

Sabines won despite vote buying tactics of the PRI-PAN to help bad candidate Aguilar. I guess this is where the 1.5 million Espino took from gober precioso and PRI governors went to vote buying. But it was not enough. Sabines does not oppose the recount. They have no case. This is just beggining for the whole PRI-PAN alliance to crumble. These hypocritical thieves will not be able to impose Calderon as they will not be able to impose Aguilar. Mexico is tired of them and we will not let them run over popular will.

Año VII - Madrid, lunes 21 de agosto de 2006

El PRD parece que revalidará su victoria en unas elecciones en Chiapas marcadas por las acusaciones de fraude

Con más del 60% de las casillas computadas, parece que el Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) revalidará el Gobierno en el estado de Chiapas ya que su candidato, Juan Sabines Guerrero, saca dospuntos de ventaja a la Alianza por Chiapas. De esta forma, todo apunta a que la alianza entre el Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) y el Partido de Acción Nacional (PAN) no ha logrado sus objetivos.

Con todo, en lo que comienza a ser una constante en la politica mexicana, ambos candidatos, Sabines del PRD, y José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas, de la Alianza por Chiapas se han declarado ganadores, si bien parece que finalmente aceptarán el resultado.

Lo más destacado de esta jornada electoral, marcada por la abstención, ha sido la detención de por lo menos siete personas. Entre ellos líderes empresariales y familiares de diputados federales contrarios al Gobierno local, que habrían sido sorprendidos por la policía en prácticas de compra de votos con el propósito de ganar la elección.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 06:06 PM

If you want the latest numbers:

"Kukiss is your real name? I have to say it is a quite stupid name... and it fits the person who carries it. All your arguments are looney."

Another Vivi try, look at that word "looney". Her fingerprints are all over the post, especially the courteous and respectful language. Don't worry Kukiss, Vivi just needs her moon medication, when she's blogging she forgets to take it every two hours.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 06:21 PM


I guess the Encinas interview went nowhere. Lopez Doriga editorialized that Carnal Marcelo effectively took control. He also said "Thanks for nothing".

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 06:28 PM


I think Vivi is bad news and must go. Should we e-mail Ceci?

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 06:34 PM

Aaaaand back to same old, same old. Never thought I'd actually miss pasilla. At least he presented real arguments, not just disqualifications. Avoiding the question, Chiapaneco?

On another topic... after thinking longer about the videos, is seems quite plausible that Ahumada was not pressured and that he was just telling the truth. This would lead to 2 important conclusions:

- The PAN was trying to knock off AMLO. Nothing new there. However, it seems Ahumada didn't actually receive any money or protection, he probably was just left to hang all by himself. As to the illegality of publishing his videos, I cannot say, but if I were to draw a parallel with the latest favorite comparison from AMLO, Watergate, this would be akin to Deep Throat illegaly revealing secret documents. Yes, it was illegal, but he was a whistleblower. In this case, the whistleblowing was done with political gain in mind, but it still fingered illegal activities.

- Bejarano, Imaz and other implicated by the videos are indeed guilty, no setup or doctoring of videos. Paco Calderon in his Sunday cartoon said that the PRD was preparing the resurrection of Bejarano. We'll see. I certainly hope they do, the explanations will be fun to watch.

K.Vronna, thanks, as if we needed further proof of the intolerance of the PRD shock troops, they now try to stop one from expressing his opinions by any means necessary.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 06:35 PM

Hey guys, we should sign up for Proceso's recount, we don't want to leave this in the hands of the radicals, do we?

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 06:38 PM


Re Aug 21 5:01 entry

The Tabasco election was annulled but PRI won again. PRD has really good legal logic. Fascist are wacky subverters and so cute. Lopez is toast.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 06:45 PM

So I see, there is a monopoly on the use of "looney"... and also on what is or what isn't "bad news". Interesting.

You yunquistas think you can disqualify and mock anybody that does not agree with you but yet you cry and shriek when another acts in the same way you do. It's funny and entretaining only when you do it. Wrong.

I said it and you confirm it. You are hypocrites.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 06:49 PM

Well, what can you say? I only hope that Smoky Kurtz doesn't mysteriously come down with a terminal illness before getting an interview. Besides, if it were to come out that Castro had a hand in helping AMLO, he just might die for real this time. The real question is not whether Smoky was under duress in the interview from Cuba, but HOW the recordings got here from there. Also, WHY were the Cubans asking him about Mexican political issues?

Rodolooney, you can do what you want, I'm beginning to take a shine to the girl, and now that maya0 is off in Washington D.C. laying down the law to the US government, who else will get us mirthfully through our day since we don't have a life?

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 06:50 PM


STOP! I want this radicals to rule! I like the plantonista Revolution, they are wrecking their themselves on their own. I have a wild guess that as soon as Calderon is certified Fox is going to do more than wait for the revolutionaries to leave on their own.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 21, 2006 06:54 PM

Where are the Yunque?? I have never seen any Yunque terrorist anywhere, but what I do see are Panteras, Panchos Villas, and crazy STALIN and MAO followers inside PRD tents, you don't need Televisa or Panistas to tell you that the fear campaign was started and is still continued by Crazy-AMLO, It's sooo evident, AMLO was and still is a danger to Mexico.

Posted by: Vale Madres | August 21, 2006 06:59 PM

People like you are a danger to Mexico. People that with no arguments but what they get from negative campaigns call another "a danger to Mexico".

You are grossly violating another Mexican's human rights when you say, with no proof, with no evidence, that he is a danger to Mexico.

You are also insulting millions of Mexicans who do not agree with you by calling them "a danger to Mexico".

What is truly dangerous to our country is that the same group keeps on getting rich at the expense of the majority, that corruption and impunity continue to be the rule in our federal government, that hundreds of thousands of Mexicans have to risk their lives each year to get some work across the border.

Those are the dangers to Mexico. Not one man. Not the millions that back change.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 07:06 PM

OMG!!! Chiapaneco rules! I haven't guffawed so loudly in a looong time.

Chiapaneco, I'll only address the "lack" of arguments once: you are quite late to the party. Go back and read the posts in order, from the blog's first entry until today and THEN tell us we have no arguments. Besides, I did ask you a direct question and you keep avoiding it.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 07:13 PM

Oh the richs are coming, the richs are coming!, they are going to eat your children! run for your lifes!, Oligarchy are coming!, Panistas, the Yunke! they are all coming to get you! against us the good and pure and inocent people of the PRD!!
no man, Im not insulting millions of mexicans, I'm just insulting you.
Pejefollowers always tend to put the shout on heaven everytime someone says the truth, you certanly are a disgrace for the real Left.

Posted by: Vale Madres | August 21, 2006 07:18 PM

HAHAHA!! that one was good!!

Posted by: AntiAMLO | August 21, 2006 07:20 PM

"If the Tribunal upholds the PRD victory in Chiapas, and the PRD celebrates, what leg are they going to stand on to keep trying to discredit the voting mechanisms, the IFE, the TEPJF and, most recently, its magistrates?"

Any takers on this one?

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 07:26 PM

HAHAHA!! that one was good!!

Posted by: AntiAMLO | August 21, 2006 07:20 PM

OMG!!! Chiapaneco rules!

These two are from the same person.No need to multiply to cheer such intelligent remarks as those made by Vale Madres.

Vale Madres You are in no position to criticize the Left. Who would believe you have anything remotely objective to say coming from the extreme fanatical right yourself? You also have serious problems with grammar. You need some lessons. Urgently.
I say you are a disgrace to the PAN as a christian democrat party.

Posted by: | August 21, 2006 07:27 PM

You are insulting me? and you accept you are? I think I will follow Rodolfo on this one and ask for you to be removed. I think you are "bad news". We all have to follow the rules. Even Hitler fans like yourself.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 07:33 PM

The same person???? Another Complo inside the washingtonpost blogs??
No man, I'm not Panista as much as it seems a little complicated to you, there are more Anti-AMLO people than Panistas, you need a psychoanalyst, Urgently!!.

Posted by: Vale Madres | August 21, 2006 07:44 PM

I see it pleases you to spread your lies. No problem. But no personal insults gracias. I still think I will e-mail Ceci about you. No personal attacks on this blog. Rodolfo says so. Rodolfo is the law. You are "bad news" according to him. And "bad news" are not to be tolerated.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 07:47 PM

Why not?
I think I want to report this as well...

Yeah, I think el Chiapaneco has something with the moon chunks, seems like some of the AMLO comments are from a LUNAtic.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 04:46 PM

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 07:49 PM

Aren't we all the insolent beasts?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 07:49 PM

Good for you Vivi, I mean Chiapaneco, report the insolent beast, and while you're at it, report the person that wrote this:

"Kukiss is your real name? I have to say it is a quite stupid name... and it fits the person who carries it. All your arguments are looney."

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 07:50 PM

K.Vronna: AMLO and PRD can do both things at the same time, they have no principles, they are far away from common sense. PRD is demanding the Federals to get out of the proximities of Congress, they say the Federals are affecting the citizens in the area!.

However I think the whole business was a loss to PRD and AMLO.

Sabines was suppose to win by 10 points two months ago.
Now PAN and PRI and PANAL are going to impugnate the whole election, either to annul some casillas and revert the result to favor Bodegas or to annul the elections. But when you see Manuel Espino personally involved in this whole business is because they will not let PRD get the victory.
Manuel Espino wants to have something to horse-trade with PRI, and to blackmail and threaten PRD.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 08:08 PM

Apparently K. Vronna is "bad news" according to rodolfo's rules. No apologies to you senorita. I wonder who isn't "bad news" in this blog. Is rodolfo "bad news" himself for insulting and harassing everyone who comes to the blog and expresses an opinion favourable to Lopez Obrador? This is the sort of intolerance that the hypocritcal right practices. No K. Vronna, you are no PASCista so stop using Mercado, she is cool and does not deserve to be entangled in your personal attacks against Lopez Obrador. By the way you should know that, unlike Calderon, Mercado supports the recount.

From Milenio an interesting editorial on the return of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos. I guess i was not the only one who thought it "sospechosista" that Diego was hiding after July 2. Probably he knew this explosion would come sooner or later. The s..t has hit the fan and everyone will get sprinkled. Now there is no way out of it: the Fox government plotted against Lopez Obrador and the evidence is out there. And if talking heads like Lopez Doriga insist on covering up facts they will end up being sacked. King Rating rules. There is already talk of Lopez Doriga being fired because he lacks credibility. Not surprising after his behavior the past weeks. He will have the same fate as Jacobo.

Como Terminator, Diego is back! in Milenio

I hope other journalists follow Ciro Gomez demand and Ahumada can be interviewed not by one but by a group of journalists. He has to give a lot of answers. No political prisoner. He is in for FRAUD. Aristegui has to be there since she was the one that dropped the bomb. I think we all need to know what Ahumada has to say and to find out who else was implicated. I fear for the little Bribiescas, Creel and Martita. Maybe little Felipe will get his hands dirtier.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 08:45 PM

"Detrás de la Noticia
Ricardo Rocha
21 de agosto de 2006

La hoguera

El video de Carlos Ahumada presentado por Carmen Aristegui es nueva leña al fuego que alcanza ya proporciones inimaginables. Las revelaciones en él contenidas confirman lo que gran parte del imaginario colectivo y por supuesto Andrés Manuel López Obrador daban ya por un hecho: desde el poder hubo y hay un complot para aniquilar al más férreo de sus opositores; el mismo Ahumada advierte que el presidente Fox no podía ser ajeno a una maquinación que llevó semanas, que fue urdida por Carlos Salinas de Gortari, operada por Diego Fernández de Cevallos y llevada a cabo por Santiago Creel como secretario de Gobernación y Rafael Macedo de la Concha como procurador."

This comes only to illustrate you fellas on the kind of cocaine stuff our friend Rocha has got himself into.

This poor fellow who used to lick Salinas shoes, has got himself on the wrong side of history time and time again.

He was the first one to laugh at Fox when he first announced his intention to run for president three years before the elections. Then during the elections he was all in support for Labastida, who lost.
Fox won.
Now in 2006 we saw him behind AMLO, and he lost, and behind and alledged fraud, that did not exists, and now behind an alledged plot to destroy AMLO, that all it did was to make public some videos showing his partners taking millions in plastic bags.

Sorry, Rocha, you missed it once again.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 09:00 PM

Vivi, show me my post where I say I'm against a recount, please, or forever hold your peace. Like it or not, there are many, many anti-AMLO people that are definitely not panistas. The world is not just black and white as AMLO's psychotic mind believes, heck, it's not just black and white and shades of gray; it's a wonderfully Technicolored tapestry. Bunburina and I have made the case for Mercado representing a rational left instead of an authoritarian trash talker like the new Porfirio from Tabasco. For all we know you might be a Yunque troll trying to discredit the left, you seem to be doing such a good job of it.

Soy la mancha, un punto en la pared, alguna raya
que tus ojos, sin ti, se quedan viendo.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 09:07 PM

Is it cocaine stuff when Ahumada accusses the PAN, Fox, Creel, Salinas and Diego but not cocaine stuff when he accusses Bejarano, Ponce and Imaz? Give us a break. Anyone with a brain knows that the plot is as real as the failure of the Fox government to create jobs in Mexico so people would not have to drag themselves to the border.

Mmmm seems to be this is another proof of the hypocrisy of the right.

Cocaine or no cocaine. That is the question.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 09:11 PM

Chiapaneco: It would appear to me the only ones that got dirty were Bejarano and Imaiz, their political careers are gone. I think Imaiz is now trying to make a living in writing. Bejarano lives off his rents.

Because as far as the Mexican people can see, the only ones that actually appeared in video were the people from PRD.

The last video does not show a formal testimony, there was no lawyer next to Ahumada or official. We can't even see the face of the person asking questions. The video is clearly an intimidating interrogation, bears the style of Cuban justice system.

Cuba had no business at all. So far none of what Mr. Ahumada says has any business whatsoever with Cuba or Cuban citizens. No Cuban law was broken by Ahumada. The interrogation by Cuban authorities clearly shows their intentions to help the PRD.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 09:12 PM

Chiapaneco: There clearly was a plot against the PRD or AMLO, but it was based on true events.
a) There was corruption inside AMLO's administration at the DF.
b) Nobody obligated or forces Bejarano and Imaiz to go to Ahumada's office and pick up the money.
c) Huge contracts from DF Government to Ahumada's companies without proper bidding processes.

The faces of Bejarano and Imaiz in those videos clearly brings down any conspiracy theories.

You can't be accussing other people for expossing your faults specially if you are in politics.

If Diego is implicated, or anyone else, they will simply be accussed of trying to show to the public the corruption inside the DF Government.

The greater plot to destroy AMLO is all a cocaine story invented by AMLO to make himself look like a victim, many people believed the story back then, and it was very well supported by many intellectuals, but today it certainly does not help AMLO, specially when it shows his links with Intelligence officers from Cuba or Venezuela, something that was pointed out by his political adversaries.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 09:24 PM

I don't share your opinion. I don't see rational or irrational left. I see those who back change and those contented with corruption, impunity, ineffective government and exclusion. In which side are you?

I don't demonize Mercado, although I accept a minority of AMLO backers do. I try to look at the big picture. I would have wanted Mercado to join AMLO. I am tired of progressives in Mexico to be forced into a minority. That is the strategy of the conservative right and I don't fall for it. It's just a game to them. Divide and conquer. Sun-Tzu for dummies. Meanwhile, the people get scr..d.

If you have the time I would recommed that you get past your prejudices and read a bit about the Alternative Project. Maybe you would surprise yourself agreeing with much of it.

If Mexico allowed for a two person ticket I would have very much liked the idea of Mercado running with AMLO. Maybe that's heresy to you but that's the way I see it.

What the right attempts with its negative campaign is to destroy the image of a person, AMLO, to fulfill their real goal: to destroy the alternative project that many Mexicans demand after years of failed Washington consensus governments.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 09:24 PM

K.Vronna: Gilberto Gómez Maza held an interview with Oscar Mario Beteta, it was interesting how he described the manipulation and fraud in the elections coming from both the PRI and the PRD, and he also said he was in the PRD before.
I checked in the PREP, he got some .53 %, does that affect Alternativa's project in the state?
If it does, I'd say that Chiapas will probably be the last place where a moderate and modern left party could ever win anything, at least for now, because of their educational level, when we see a 40% of participation. That's 20% less than the national average!

But I am sure many people will reward Alternativa for their moderation during the post-electoral conflict. I was afraid at first, that Patricia Mercado was going to join AMLO in an effort to look good in front of the traditional left in Mexico City and to win more fans that way. But she stood firm and resisted criticism from Monsivais and other leftist intellectuals. I remember once Loret de Mola once inquired her: Was there any fraud? to which she quickly replied: NO, At least I didn't see any and I don't think so.

Later on she said she would support a vote by vote recount but that the TRIFE will have the last word and everybody should respect that.

Now many people who voted for PRD and AMLO are looking at Alternativa. And if Patricia Mercado continues caring for Alternativa's political capital they will be rewarded.

It looks like the only clean party in Mexico today. And Patricia's personal image remains their best asset.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 09:45 PM

No cocaine here. The issue is quite simple: it is about the use of the state apparatus to prevent a man from becoming president. That is what makes this situation similar to Watergate. Creel, Diego, Salinas and presumably Fox should be held accountable. They are no different from the PRI. Nor are they different from Nixon.

The issue here is also about inequity, uneven grounds of competition. This is why I believe Fox is a traitor to everything he campaigned on.

And also...are you so naive as to think no one has bribed people from the PAN? COMMON... only none of them has set foot in prison. Diego, Creel, Sodi, the Bribiescas, Martita, Cajigal, and many others on their service.

A cocaine story if there ever was one was Calderon's claim that AMLO was getting money from Venezuela. They could NEVER prove an association between AMLO and Chavez.

On the other hand Aznar's intervention was very clear in Calderon's campaign. He even sent his own consultant, Antonio Sola, to advise Calderon. Antonio Sola is NOT a Mexican. His actitivies are ilegal and interventionist. By the way, he is still around and behind agressive negative spots that promote hate and division among Mexicans.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 09:47 PM

That's wishful thinking from emptyboxes. The reason why Mercado is acceptable to the right is because she poses no real menace to their grasp on power. If Mercado's party were to grow a little bit too much she would be demonized like AMLO. She would need to stay small to please the PAN. Something like the PARM and the PPS in the old days, or the PT with Cecilia Soto. I hope she does not continue on that line for her sake.

Mercado cannot act as the PAN wants her to because her constituency is against the status quo which is what the PAN is basically defending. If Mercado was seen as too close to the PAN and TRIFE validates fraud and irregularities, she would lose her party's registry in 2009. Simple as that.

Perhaps she did not see fraud because she did not have party representatives at the polls herself. I observed in a district here and many mistakes in the acts were against her. In one casilla she was missing 6 votes, in another 2 etc. Sometimes her votes were given to PANAL, sometimes to PAN in the acts. She did not have a party representative at the recount so I am not sure if results were corrected. I emailed Alternativa about a couple of acts but I do not know if they did anything with the info.

I guess she got her party registered and she did not want to be part of the post-electoral conflict. Still, as a progressive and sympathetic to what she stands for, I think it was irresponsible on Alternativa's part not to care about these 6, 2, 3 votes lost. These are people who trusted her, who voted for something different, people who did not vote for PANAL or PAN. And I think they deserved better.

Funny, Lopez Doriga says the big news of today are the naufragos. Bye bye Lopez Doriga. What's next? chupacabras 2?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 10:04 PM

Chiapaneco: "it is about the use of the state apparatus to prevent a man from becoming president."

To prevent a man from becoming president? According to who?
AMLO's government was corrupted and was exposed, just as the lies of the electoral fraud and ballot stuffing and Actas falsification were all exposed as nonsense by the partial recount.
The only ones with the right to choose a President are the voters. The videos only showed corruption inside the DF Government of AMLO.

Or maybe in your logic we need a law to forbid anyone from exposing corruption inside the government of DF or any other state governed by potential presidential candidates.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 10:10 PM


Ur right. I can´t tell. Even after I checked le cedit posting.

But I will keep on reading, and learning. Slowly, oh so slowly.

Oh, what tangled webs we weave:
(....stealing the poetic phrase)
We who try to fit
the tortuous spaces of our minds
And infinite corners beyond the suns
In deed, in word, unseemly, it may be.

Beauty sleep beckons.....

Posted by: Viper | August 21, 2006 10:12 PM

"Perhaps she did not see fraud because she did not have party representatives at the polls herself. I observed in a district here and many mistakes in the acts were against her. In one casilla she was missing 6 votes, in another 2 etc."

Chiapaneco: Was there Fraud or not?

Because all you are saying here is that there were mistakes of 2 votes here 6 votes there.

Are you actually saying that PAN carried out a massive fraud in that way?

So they got their 15 million votes from 5 votes here and 2 there?

So they hired, how many people? two hundred thousand? 500 thousand?

That's cocaine conspiracy theories. You have been reading Julio Hernandez too much.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 10:23 PM

Emptyboxes, I am tired of this right wing mumbo jumbo. Wake up. Corruption is everywhere. It is part of our political culture. And the PAN has proved to be every inch as corrupt as the PRI. The only person they have not been able to expose as corrupt is AMLO himself. And they have tried. There are also levels of corruption and the PAN beats the PRD anyday on this regard.

The fact is they used the federal government to attack a person and prevent him from becoming president and that is WRONG. They did it not because he was a dangerous person, but a dangerous candidate as Campa once famously said before being completely bought by Gordillo. Fox agreed on this on his famous TV appearance after ending the desafuero circus he had started by stating he would not intervene to stop anyone from becoming president. Big lier. He soon started his campaign to support Creel and then Calderon.

They used CISEN, Gobernacion and PGR. They also used the state to support the desafuero. They bribed Ahumada to conspire against an elected official which means conspiring against his popular mandate. It is quite clear that what AMLO stood for and his enormous popularity was a danger to their interests, not a danger to Mexico.

Frankly, it bores me to argue with people like you who insist on ignoring the fact that many of us believe the Fox government was a big failure and many of us see AMLO and what he stands for as representative of our goals and interests. You will never get it because you don't want to. Keep clapping for Calderon. You will do well reading La Cronica de Hoy and listening to Oscar Mario Beteta.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 10:33 PM


Mercado does not support the recount.

Delegate Zero won the elections in Chiapas. He supported abstention.

Sabines has the political pros from the state behind him....Pariente, De Coss, Naumann, Sardaín. Sabines knows how to neutralize ex-governor Velasco´s son in law, Camacho Solís. Tabasco has the refineries. The oil comes from Chiapas.

AMLO in charge in Chiapas? Heck no. Plus
ca change, plus ca reste la même.

Beauty sleep beckons.

Posted by: Viper | August 21, 2006 10:39 PM

There were concerted actions to benefit Calderon and affect AMLO. I call that fraud. Acts were modified. Irregularities are all over the place. And the worst: more votes than voters at the polling stations a clear evidence of vote stuffing. This happened at thousands of polling stations. Any decision TRIFE makes has to answer to a lot of questions that the partial recount left unanswered. 2,3,6 make up a lot of votes in thousands of polling stations.

Calderon's refusal to back the full recount from the start is very suspicious. It is also quite disrespectful for the majority who did not vote for him and has doubts about the results. I guess he does not care if millions of Mexicans do not think he won the election and that tells me he lacks the stature to become president.

With such close results you do not need a BIG fraud to win. A small fraud would do to construct a wafer thin .5 %

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 10:39 PM

Posted by: K. Vronna | July 20, 2006 11:16 PM:

"My prayer is that someday Mexico will have a truly worthy left:

One that is more interested in delivering results to the people than just to the political bosses of the party.

One that speaks clearly when it comes to personal freedoms and doesn't support regimes that jail dissidents.

One that is not tied up in ideological chains and ignores the world economic reality.

One that can build bridges with the political players from all sides so that legislative gridlock does not rob us of another six years.

One that will realize that it takes two to tango and see both entrepreneurs and workers as part of the same team.

One that recognizes that handouts are only temporary emergency measures and that fair employment and the CREATION of wealth are the best road to cure economic inequalities.

One that doesn't include prostituted "intellectuals" that only look for a budget niche and contribute nothing to intelligent solutions and can't think out of the box because they can't even find the box.

One that doesn't back down from the right wing pressure against drug decriminalization and sees that the only way to stop the drug business is to take the profit out of it and invest the law-enforcement money that will be saved in educational programs to prevent the abuse in the first place. (I'm really tired of narco-governments, how about you?)

One that proffers valid arguments instead of name calling."

This is part of why I couldn't support AMLO with a clean conscious, but the biggest impediment was his associations with the dirty priistas that stole the '88 elections from the Mexican people and the virtual expulsion of Cárdenas from the party.

Hasta mañana, Viper, sleep with the angels and I already think you're beautiful, but that beauty sleep never hurts. I've never been to San Pedro, but I've certainly been in the Cañada country; had some mango & chicozapote businesses around Cuicatlán & San Pedro Chicozapotes. Always liked to swim in the river, even thought about traveling down it from the Mixes/Sierra Juárez. Sure hard to beat all the variety in Oaxaca, just hope they get all this political mess straightened out before destroying the place.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 10:42 PM

chiapaneco: I enjoyed the discussion. I hold no dogmatism and I understand the plurality we live in Mexico today.
I believe Felipe Calderon understands that too. He is calling for a great Coalition. PAN got mayority in both houses, with 206 in Congress, only needs some 50 votes more and they will get far more than that with PRI, PANAL and VERDE.
Felipe Calderon will have the mayority to pass reforms needed to make Mexico a modern and rich country. All the yelling from Padierna and the PRD punks in congress will be useless. As useles as the planton and all those silly informative meetings.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 21, 2006 10:48 PM

Sorry Viper. Mercado supports the recount. Maybe you won't like her after knowing this? Maybe you will reconsider your vote now that you know she is not in full agreement with Calderon? She supported the full recount early on and I must say it pleased me. I think it showed congruencia with her platform. She was for the recount because she perceived there would be legitimacy problems. She clearly mentioned voto por voto. Sorry Viper.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 10:53 PM

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 10:54 PM

What Alternativa said from their website:

A partir de un proceso de deliberación que se realizó en el Foro-Debate "El conflicto post electoral: ideas para construir soluciones" el día 27 de julio en la Ciudad de México; Alternativa manifestó "Consideramos que el Tribunal cuenta con las herramientas jurídicas y políticas para dar certeza sobre este apretado resultado electoral.
Estamos convencidos que un recuento de los votos, parcial o total, puede contribuir a darle mayor certidumbre al resultado y gobernabilidad al Presidente electo. Sin embargo, reiteramos que respaldaremos cualquier resolución que adopte el Tribunal."
Confiamos que la decisión del Tribunal Electoral será aceptada por todos los partidos, coaliciones y candidatos, pues ofrece seguridades de que se está actuando con imparcialidad, con sensibilidad a las circunstancias del momento, y con apego a la ley.

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 21, 2006 10:56 PM

I think you need to read between the lines. I thought The Universal was very keen on "amarrar navajas" and promote division between Sabines and AMLO. Not long ago the PAN was criticizing AMLO for supporting Sabines campaign saying Sabines needed a cheerleader.

Most of the remarks against the civil resistance movement to defend the vote are made by El Universal and not by Sabines. He tried to focus on the local while El Universal wanted him to attack AMLO. I don't see a deslinde. I see Sabines taliking about Chiapas, about the issues he will face as governor and the reporter wanting him to talk about something else.

The most important declaration is the example set by Sabines of supporting a full recount in a close election. This speaks well of him and of his willingness to guarantee to the people of Chiapas that his victory is legitimate and he has nothing to hide.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 11:05 PM

Today's corollary:

Chiapas has spoken and the 'jodidos' will remain 'jodidos' until the end of times. That is the way democracy works, whether we like or not. Who needs investment if Lopez Obrador's gospel will take la 'gente' to kingdom come: 'jodidos pero contentos'

Posted by: spoiler | August 21, 2006 11:12 PM

This is the note of Sabines declarations from La Jornada. AMLO called Sabines to congratulate him. Sabines said he did not want movilizations that questioned his legitimacy. This is why he is supporting a full recount. The PRD is also supporting a full recount if Aguilar calls for it.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 11:17 PM

K Vronna I read Alternativa's manifesto. I can't say I disagree. I never have. Do read my 10:04 PM posting.

Good night.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 21, 2006 11:22 PM

Ahhh, what a pleasant surprise, Chiapaneco actually CAN hold a rational discussion without insulting the opposition. Good for you and good for everyone.

Actually, I agree many players tried to get rid of AMLO, however, there are 2 very different and diverging points to that: one, trying to knock off the opposition is every day stuff, the question is wether its illegal. Fox and friends are not dumb, they rarely put themselves in clearly illegal situations, even if they're highly questionable (I do not include here Martha's sons, that I do hope someone busts sooner or later if they indeed did do what the allegations say they did); two, AMLO's collaborators were caught in plainly illegal situations. The question is, what is more important to you: corruption or the questionable release of private conversations a.k.a. spying (btw, if Ahumada videotaped transactions in his own business, does it count as spying?)

As to the non-existing relation between Caracas and AMLO, you might want to check emptyboxes post from August 18, 2006 04:57 PM regarding the "NGO" Global Exchange. There might not be direct money (yet), but then again there is no direct proof about any of the components of the complot, is there? And what is Ahumada's latest hit? Direct help from Cuba obviously. So, is circumstatial evidence enough for the complot but not for the Caracas-Havana axis meddling? Keep in mind that I've already agreed with the existence of a part of the complot, specifically that attempts were made to get him out of the running, with the rather important qualifier that the attacks were based on real problems (Imaz, Bejarano, ignoring the "amparo", etc)

Next, on Fox's government being a big failure, while I will concede that more could've been done, you should check Carlos Fuentes' comments during his interview with Aristegui, they shine some much needed long-term perspective on the matter.

Next: "Calderon's refusal to back the full recount from the start is very suspicious", well, we could equally say that AMLO's disqualification of the whole process a priori is EXTREMELY suspicios. HOWEVER, why would Calderon, who is basing his position on following the law, back something that was outside the law? Why would he agree to be part of an AMLO favorite tactic (for more reference, look at previous PRD internal elections, where statutes were ignored in the same manner).

Finally, it does not really matter that the PRI's Sabines... uh, I mean, the PRD's Sabines calls for a recount, the margin is such that law MANDATES a recount. That's like saying "I support not murdering people"... well duh!

P.S. you do have a direct question left to answer from my August 21, 2006 05:01 PM post.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 01:10 AM

For humorless pedants knowitalls, Ignorant
philistines, K.Vronna, bunburina (like your name a lot), assorted ignorant fools, Viper, julie, New Arrivals et al: I was digressing about having fun. I haven't had fun like this since high school!(PAN-Y-PALO High, class 1910).

Talking about myself is a drag but I love it. Since I first posted in Ceci's blog,
on Aug. 14 up to yesterday daily average posts have shot through the roof:

Weekday average daily posts: 122

Weekend average daily posts: 62.5 (includes friday)

Mean weekday average before Aug.14: 37.2678

Mean weekend average before Aug.18: 31.5

We ignorant nonothings are philistines indeed, but fun.

drgecc et al, can you hold a candle to this.

Lord Windsor this post is dedicated to Ceci, you and of course ME.

WPost, thanks a million for putting up with an idiot like me, Lord Windsor of the North and emptyboxes, extreme cool capitalist pitbull.

Now let's get the rant going, full blast ahead!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 06:48 AM

Chiapaneco, K. Vronna, et. al.:

I like Mercado, ´cause I believe she holds the key to the future. She will build bridges, she will be inclusive, she will set practical goals. She does not consider herself, the leader of the pack. She believes in a democratic process even within her own party. I like her slogan, Palabra de Mujer, as opposed or maybe as a fuller version of Palabra de Hombre. Have you seen her in the youtube video? She does not deliver a speech with the flowing and singing cadence of a practiced politician. She stumbles on her words. She makes mistakes, but she gives me a sense of honesty and earnestness. I, of course like the folks she surrounds herself with (including a nephew of mine)

I do not support Mercado ´cause she separates the left, I support her because I believe in the strength of ordinary people. In the longer term of evolutionary politics, she is that political mutation, that will be the natural selection of a successful species, the one that will create a new set of creatures, those that build, a series of communities that work together rather than fight each other.

I also like Delegado cero. I thought of him as just a Zapata revolutionary. Today, I think, he is bringing the folks together. We need more Delegado ceros and Mercados.

It is not power to the people, it is people show your power, and don´t let the AMLO´s, the Foxes, and the Calderon´s run your life.

And oh, by the way, K. brought tears to my eyes, I absolutely loved your piece. I agree with all of it.

And your re-telling of la cañada and of San Pedro Teutila.....I lived beyond the town, in a ranch called El Condor, where the river that flowed eventually into the sea beyond the sierra made a 90 degree angle, where we planted corn, and coffee, sugar and ate guayabas, still green as we snapped them from the trees that surrounded us. The town had cement courtyards right in the middle of the street, where the coffee beans would dry. And the aroma of green coffee, as the berries got red from the sun, untoasted, has never left my senses.

We rode on mules, ´cause they were sure footed in the mountain paths and the leafy forests. And it was so green, the trees so tall and leafy, that the paths would be darkened even in the middle of the day by the shades from above.

Posted by: Viper | August 22, 2006 08:45 AM

Well said Viper.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 09:25 AM

Your arguments to discredit Global Exchange sound pretty much like cocaine stuff from the right to me. It's all about a Chavez, Castro conspiracy eh? That man cannot get his hands off Mexico even on his death bed? Tales for kiddies.

The Panistas have been going on and on about observers who saw nothing. I say take a look at the man who headed the observer mission from the European Union, Jose Ignacio Salafranca. He is a member of the Partido Popular of Spain from Jose Maria Aznar whose intervention is well documented in Calderon's case. You can read what some newspapers in Europe have to say about Salafranca's record. You can also do some research on another interventionist, Antonio Sola and in CANF links with Calderon and formerly with Amigos de Fox.

Carlos Fuentes does not even live in Mexico. He is a wonderful writer who sometimes passes as a political analyst. I would not take his views as reflective of what's going on here. I guess he is a good quote for most newspapers.

Why would Calderon have to agree to a recount? Well, maybe because 72% of the population demanded it from him (check Parametria poll of July). This legal mumbo jumbo is just a distractor. Bottom line: he did not want a recount, not a full one, not a partial one and that is because he fears the irregularities would come to the surface as they have. And your argument that the recount is ilegal you mean a partial or a full one? That's just PAN strategy so Felipe voters would not agree to a recount. The recount is possible, legal and necessary. You can read what respected Constitucionalista lawyers have to say about it. Diego Valades and Carranca for example. The fact is IFE issued a memo during the first recount of acts so packets were not opened. IFE acted against certeza and TRIFE was very clear about it when they ordered the partial recount. IFE's actions were WRONG and I am still wondering how Ugalde and the rest of the Consejo tienen la cara not to resign their positions.

Maybe it's peanuts to you that there are more votes than voters at the polls. That show's Panista democratic credentials for you. Maybe I could have been given some ten extra ballot's myself to vote for AMLO? I guess AMLO was not in good terms with Ugalde for that to happen. These issues must be clarified and it is no small matter as the PAN voceros are trying to make of it.

You compare Chiapas and Mexico at the national level. It is quite simple: stakes are higher for Mexico at the national level. PAN does not care about Chiapas, they were using Chiapas to pressure the PRI into accepting Calderon's fraudulent win.

Delegate Zero is fading away quite rapidly. I am sorry Viper but he is as much as a pop icon as the Che with no real political clout. This is exactly what the antidemocratic right wants of progressive forces: divide them and force them into a minority. A falso construction because progressives and people who want change and not more of the same are a big majority in Mexico.

I never talked about Mercado separating the left as you say. My point was that I don't fall for the right's scheme of sun-tzu politics and that Mercado runs the risk of alienating her constituency if she is seen as too dependant on the PAN. I don't agree she will capture AMLO's backers if the TRIFE backs Calderon's fraudulent win. As soon as she gets a little bit too powerful the right will begin its demonization campaign. Same story all over again.

Now Fox is declaring Calderon president. Who is disrespecful of the law? The man is a lame duck, nothing he says matters now and only makes matters worse. He intervened during campaigns, he plotted to use the state against an elected official, and now we should accept his word for good that "Felipe won"? I don't think so.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 12:15 PM

"One that is not tied up in ideological chains and ignores the world economic reality."

K.Vronna: This is a very good point. In Spain, Germany, USA (except for those ignorant wackos in Texas), and in France and in many other modern and prosperous nations the small and medium size businesses owners and employees along with their families traditionally support social democrat ideologies and political parties. While in Mexico they have all been completely aligned behind PAN out of fear of the radicalism and Marxism of the PRD, PT and Convergencia.
This the sad story of the left in our country, taken hostage by a bunch of radical communist (I am not going to expand here on their Alma Mater because I don't want to hurt some feelings today).

I think Alternativa could one day become a strong social democrat political force.
However the challenge for Alternativa will be, once again, almost insurmountable, for the PRD has many moderate social democrats also who will not leave their party and who will eventually, hopefully sooner than later, take control the many radical forces within the party. Alternativa stands to win in this interlude and from any further radicalization of the PRD.

But Alternativa must remain independent and not sell themselves like the other little parties have consistently prostituted their cause and principles in exchange of miserable political crumbs.

Then Alternativa could be a Lighthouse to harbour the modern and social democrat endeavours of millions of Mexicans.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 12:23 PM

"This day I am jetting the stuff of far more arrogant republics" Walt Whitman.

There are two people declaring themselves President of Mexico today.

One, by the results of the IFE district countings of the votes cast by the Mexican people who gave him the mayority.
He has remained calm and clever during the post electoral process, respectful of the forms and authority of the IFE and TRIFE and the community.

The other one, by his guts he is declaring himself president. Estridently crying fraud everyday without showing one single evidence to support his claims. Blocking streets, insulting just about every person, official, institution, organization or even the Church.
He has already affected hundreds of thousands of people who need to use the avenues and areas occupied by his people. Many have lost their jobs because of it and many businesses have closed doors.
He calls himself President in foreign media networks.
He has thrashed away his statementship and position by showing videotapes and audiotapes products of spionage and deliberately edited to cheaply advance his cause.

You figure out the names.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 12:43 PM

What would Porfirio Diaz think in this situation... Mexicans are or are not ready to choose their president? It all sounds so PC... we cannot accept this type of Left, this is not the Left we want and so on...we can keep throwing the ball of democratization into the future.

If Alternativa poses a menace to their grasp on power AND there is not a transfer of corporate support and backroom dealings with Mexican monopolies to Alternativa... hello demonization of Mercado. She will go from modern progressive to authoritarian witch in a second.

Who is your source when you state the middle classes are all for the PAN? does that include Mexico City? Wake up. The reason why northern middle classes have bought the whole negative campaign package is reflective of their lack of political culture and plain ignorance. You can read galleta's post to see what I mean.

The strategy of the right has been to demonize and destroy the image of one man, Lopez Obrador, but the real goal is to neutralize the much too real demand for fundamental change in the way this country is governed.

Check out these two articles from the mag at David Rockefeller Center that explain, without emotion and without contamination from negative propaganda, what an AMLO win would mean to Mexico.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 12:43 PM

One pacifico one violento? Good one. Very creative. Who is your source now? Antonio Sola?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 12:51 PM

"Mexican people gave him the majority"

I am sorry but, haven't you noticed this is the contested issue? Millions of us are not convinced he won the majority nor trust IFE's results. That's the whole point of the civil resistance movement. We want a full recount, with neutral observers and citizen watch. If Felipe won great, we will accept it and get on with it. If AMLO won you will accept it and get on with it.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 12:52 PM

They were not my arguments Chiapaneco, still, it looks like a compelling connection when an NGO member is in the payroll of any government, there's no way around that. Besides, Castro sent this tape a couple of years ago in all probability (if he did at all), not "from his deadbed" quite obviously.

As far as observers, you seem to zero in on one particular one, does that discredit all the others? Even the questionable Global Exchange said the same thing regarding the stations.

So now Carlos Fuentes is a traitor? What, Mexico's most important writer at this time is what? Chopped liver? Come now... You should probably know he supported a full recount, what are you going to say now? "pfff!! he doesn't live here, doesn't know anything".

"Why would Calderon have to agree to a recount? Well, maybe because 72% of the population demanded it from him". Doesn't change the fact that he's being asked to agree to something outside the law to try to force it down the Tribunal's throat. If the Tribunal rules that a full recount should be made, then he must abide by that or risk looking like a liar. Legality, Chiapaneco, is what keeps us from each other's throats, it is not "legal mumbo-jumbo" just because you either do not understand it or don't agree with it. If you don't like the laws then you have to lobby to change them, not break them because they don't suit you. Also: "And your argument that the recount is ilegal you mean a partial or a full one?" I didn't say that, I said Calderon was being asked to call for a recount and THAT is outside the law because he's being asked to tell the tribunal what they should do. EVERYBODY has stated that if the tribunal rules for a full recount then they'll abide by it. "You can read what respected Constitucionalista lawyers have to say about it. Diego Valades and Carranca for example." I have, but then again, you should read the rulings recently made by the supreme court dismissing petitions for them to review the election. You don't get to pick who is right, I'm sorry to say, neither does Calderon or AMLO. You know who does.

"Maybe it's peanuts to you that there are more votes than voters at the polls." Did I actually say this? NO. Those stations will probably be anulled. So? We're waiting for the tribunal to tell us how many of those there really are and how many they will anull. Do not assume if you haven't been for the whole debate.

"if the TRIFE backs Calderon's fraudulent win." Judging a priori, anyone? So let me paraphrase here: "If they declare AMLO the winner then they will be palladins, redemptors of our cause, but if they don't they will be traitors, corrupt puppets." Does that sum it up correctly?

Regarding Fox, I realize you do have a point in his intervention, but, tragically for you, he was smart about it, never TECHNICALLY broke the law. We need to change those laws.

Finally, you keep avoiding the question, I guess you haven't got an answer for my August 21, 2006 05:01 PM post then.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 12:56 PM

Same thing, you zero on one member of Global Exchange on pretty cocaine stuff evidence.

When did I say Fuentes is a traitor? Why do you have to make a cartoon out of everything? I said he is no political analyst and that's a fact. I say he does not live in Mexico. And that's also a fact.
You want to take his opinion about Mexican reality as the universal truth? That's your choice but it does not have to be shared by all.

I say authoritarian regimes always use "legality" to back their impositions. The PRI was always legal. They held elections didn't day? The question here is about legitimacy. You seem to imply Calderon does not give a s..t about being legitimate. And he will not be if all doubts are not clarified by TRIFE. That not only hurts him, it also hurts Mexico. It's pretty irresponsible on his part not to have agreed to a full recount. He had the opportunity and he did not take it. He should have followed Oscar Arias example. Now don't lie to yourself about this. TRIFE could have ruled for a full recount in aras of certeza. Can you imagine a scenario of both front runners asking for a full recount? a lot of trouble would have been avoided.

And then you go on and on about traitors and insults. I am convinced AMLO won yes. You are convinced Felipe won, that's your opinion. TRIFE needs to give certainty to all and if it doesn't then it is not doing its job.

He did not break the law? He broke the principle of equity that according to our Constitution must rule over all electoral processes... how's that for breaking the law?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 01:09 PM

To argue with the pro Claderon happy people is a waste of time. They will never accept that their little dictator from the right, didnt win. FECAL will never be accepted as the legitimate president of Mexico, and will be hounded for the rest of his days if he trys to impose himself on Mexico. AMLO is the true president elect, he won, and a full recount will prove it, that is why FECAL and all his happy people here will never support a full recount. Happy are they to keep Mexico a thrid world country, happy are they to keep seeing kids and whole familys begging at almost every intersection in every city and town in Mexico, happy are they to see millions of mexicans leave for more money in the USA, happy are they to not pay their fair share of taxes, happy are they for conflict of intrests that keep their companies humming along, happy are they to keep the wages for the avarage worker in Mexico to less than 4 bucks a day, happy are they to keep Mexico just as it is.
AMLO makes them unhappy. Lets hear it for AMLO, who makes FECALs, happy ppl sad.
Voto X Voto, Casilla X Casilla

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 01:19 PM

"The reason why northern middle classes have bought the whole negative campaign package is reflective of their lack of political culture and plain ignorance."

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 12:43 PM

The votes in the northern states would seem to imply that more than the ignorant middle classes voted for Calderon. Should the votes of the northern states be annulled because of the "lack of political culture" (whatever that means)? Doesn't seem very democratic, but then who cares? They didn't vote for the "right" guy, so they're stupid.

Posted by: Furnifold | August 22, 2006 01:56 PM


Your full of yourselfness, magnificent one, I kneel before thee, Tinkerbell senorita.

We have kept the tribe peaceful and rested, let the madriza begin.

First I have to wash my hair. I'll be right back.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 02:09 PM

rodollputofeopendejo, tu mama es la unica tinkerbell around, she should have aborted u when she had the chance,(couldnt afford it, and turning tricks wont work if u pay the customer for sex) but then again, she couldnt have put u in the ugly baby contest which of course u won hands down., or should I say patas pa arriba?
Quit dadeling with her used kotexs, and stop sniffing her panties. Anytime anyplace boy or girl, or whatever u are. Or only words are all u have? Yeah keep running away u one day to die piece of caca. U wont be missed, expcet by your dear old dad, who wont have your nalgas 2 fill up. Had enuff señorita? Naw I dont think u have, let me perra slap u around some more. Pls!

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 02:26 PM

"Same thing, you zero on one member of Global Exchange on pretty cocaine stuff evidence." While I will concede the zeroing in part, its ridiculous to dismiss the evidence. The observer is in the payroll of Venezuela's government, Cuba sent the tape. You want to believe on a complot based on flimsier evidence than that for the most part. We'll agree to disagree I guess.

"You want to take his opinion about Mexican reality as the universal truth?" Sigh... please go back and read my original comment, then come back with something that makes sense.

"The PRI was always legal. The question here is about legitimacy." I guess you weren't around to witness ballot stuffing, collection of voter registration cards, changing or even prefilling of acts in plain view of the other parties. Never mind the illegal detention of students, labor leaders and other "trouble makers", murder of PRD militants. Yeah sure, the PRI was always legal. What are you? 18? ANYONE over 30 or so lived through 1988 and REMEMBERS. As for the other part, you want a future president to act outside the law, yeah, THAT will legitimize him. Going through legal process and channels is what would make him legitimate. Besides, didn't St. AMLO himself say "even if the full recount is done, I'll never accept the election as legitimate"? What's the point then?

"TRIFE needs to give certainty to all and if it doesn't then it is not doing its job." Yet again, you're asking someone to act outside its purview or demand that it rule in your favor. IF the tribunal does EXACTLY what you demand THEN it will give certainty. Right. Not for you to decide.

"And then you go on and on about traitors and insults." Um... what?

"how's that for breaking the law?" Where's the indictment? Who is prosecuting this? Could it be because there is no case? There is some kind of case against the Bribiescas, do not let up if that is indeed the case, no matter what Mrs-I-wanna-be-president says. But this is not the case here. And please, do not talk about the constitution, AMLO is there stomping over it every day and has been for 3 weeks now.

Maya, I'm sorry to say, you're not worth the time. Chiapaneco at least brings some points to the table, not dogma. Go play outside with the kiddies.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 02:46 PM

I have a feeling Furnifold is one of the regulars using another nickname. Nevermind. No one talked about annulment of these votes even though large segments of the Northern middle class did buy completely the negative campaign and that's pretty sad. Again another lame attempt to make a cartoon out of all of this.

The right tried to make it about a choice between one man and another man. They attack AMLO as a person thinking they can neutralize what he stands for in this way. The fact is this election was a referendum on change or more of the same, if it was a question of personalities AMLO would have been the winner by many percentage points. Like it or not he is a charismatic figure. Calderon is not. Many people who voted for Calderon did not vote for him but to uphold the status quo they came to believe was endangered by AMLO's proposals.

Millions of us voted for AMLO for the exact opposite reason, not only we do not share the view that this project is dangerous, we all feel that's what our country needs to move forward: an effective government that rules for all and not for a small group, more investment in education, health, social programs, a "New Deal" for Mexico to address gross inequalities.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 02:50 PM


Let's not get personal here gorilita, we are in the presence of polite company, pendejita.

If you must know, just call me "en el presupuesto sexenal" Calderonista. Big Hildebrando happy presupuestista receipientista. My fine hands will ferret out all ugly hermafroditas and send them to Hacienda hell, courtesy one ugly long sexenio Calderonista.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 02:51 PM

Mi querida bastardita K. Vronna.

Mis nalgas tambien son zapotecas y muy sabrosas por cierto, pero no las ando presumiendo tanto como tu.

Asi es que mi unica sugerencia es que no le pongas tanta crema a tus tacos y ya le bajes.

PS. RodolFOX, por favor evita contestar por ella. Siendo 1/16 parte indigena estoy seguro que si tiene la enaguas bien puestas.

Posted by: La Chingada | August 22, 2006 02:52 PM


Take your moon prescription tablets, Chiapaneca/o. I sense a new psychotic episode. Hurry or I"ll be gone!!!!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 02:57 PM

Still, your claims on Global Exchange are cocaine. Have you done your research on Jose Maria Aznar, Salafranca, Sola and the CANF? Pretty compelling stuff there.

I am not sure if you know this but Fox swore to uphold the Constitution when he became president of Mexico.

The fact that he incurred in actions to violate the principle of equity in electoral processes means he betrayed this commitment. Now they talk about legality, rule of law? Please. He has behaved no differently that PRI presidents before him.

No indictment? Since when did justice impartition in this country became so objective, so impartial, so neutral than no one may dare to question it. Newsflash: justice impartition in Mexico is way corrupted, if we cease to question it then we can expect no progress. That's not what many of us want, as I have stated repeatedly, we want things to be different and you want them to remain the same. We are sick and tired of impunity.

AMLO is leading a civil resistance movement to pressure institutions into acting fairly and on behalf of millions. Wasn't that the cause of many Panistas not so many years ago? It is only in government that they have began to act EXACTLY like the PRI.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 02:57 PM

Rodolfo you can read galleta's and Valemadres postings... that's a good boy who feels in good company!

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 03:05 PM

I am off...

"Going through legal process and channels is what would make him legitimate."

This sounds pretty much what happened with Salinas. The guy did not win the presidency. The ballots were burned. He was legally declared president. Then the PAN and Diego agreed to let him gain legitimacy and engaged with Salinas in a campaign to demonize and isolate Cárdenas. Great uh? Except this is sexenio is one of the darkest chapters in our recent history with political assasinations (even the PRI candidate murdered) an uprising in Chiapas, hundreds of perredistas murdered by the state and of course, who can forget the wonderful economic crisis they left as a parting gift.

This is why we cannot go back. We need full certainty. These were very close results coming after a very aggressive campaign in which the state intervened to tilt the playing field and favor a candidate. The TRIFE had a papa caliente on its hands.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 03:11 PM

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 02:50 PM

"I have a feeling Furnifold is one of the regulars using another nickname. Nevermind. No one talked about annulment of these votes even though large segments of the Northern middle class did buy completely the negative campaign and that's pretty sad. Again another lame attempt to make a cartoon out of all of this."

Nope, I'm not masqerading as someone else. I am someone else and am also a regular reader. Your dismissal of the northern middle classes because "of their lack of political culture and plain ignorance"
is typical elitist drivel.

No, you didn't call for the annulment of the votes of the middle classes in the north, I suspect that you would like to do so, or better yet pack them all off to re-education centers, so they will think just as you do.

The cartoon here is AMLO parading as a democrat. What did the PANista propaganda machine say about AMLO that paints a worse picture of him than his own post-election activities including his recent comments that Mexico needs a revolution? Face it: your boy is an irresponsible demogogue playing on the legitimate needs of Mexico's poorest classes for personal aggrandizement. All he lacks now is to don a clown suit.

Posted by: Furnifold | August 22, 2006 03:34 PM

Chiapaneco, you don't do that bad on the "making a cartoon out of everything" part. For one, yes, we don't want AMLO to be president precisely because of the things he's pulling right now, but few will try to discredit what he stands for. Fair enough?

Look, this is the crux of the problem: for every problem you point at on one side there is the equivalent on the other, Global Exchange and Cuba vs Aznar and Sola, corruption on both sides, trampling over constitutional rights, the PRIAN vs the PRD being Jurassic Park (the PRI reloaded if you prefer) and on and on and on. Few people here will disagree that the most important problem we have is poverty and in this AMLO is right, but we have wildly diverging views as to how to solve this.

However, from my point of view and one that will probably be upheld in the tribunals, the one thing that is against AMLO and that he probably won't overcome is that he's trying to validate a perceived win via extralegal means. He has chosen this path and it will end up costing him dearly, as he will never be president, this time because he lost, and in the future because he won't be postulated again, not by the PRD, I will bet on that.

There are issues as to the type of leader he would be, you just can't or won't see them. I don't really care at this point, I just care that AMLO plays by the rules, not try to be judge, jury and executioner.

I'll let go of the rest of the points, we won't get anywhere, even though I could go on. You think I'm blind and I think the same of you. History will have to be the arbitrator.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 03:43 PM

"This sounds pretty much what happened with Salinas." Puhleaaaaaase... I'll ask again, how old are you? You evidently didn't live through it, otherwise you wouldn't ready like a bad history book.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 03:48 PM

So now us who support AMLO are the elitist? Funny. I thought we were a bunch of piojosos renegados who pay no taxes. So what are we? elitist or piojosos? You have it all wrong pal, you would be surprised to know that AMLO's backing coalition includes people from all social strata in Mexico.

There IS a lack of political culture in the North evinced by the fact that many fell for a negative campaign. In more consolidated democracies negative campaigns have a harder time convincing voters. In those democracies voters hold incumbents accountable and pay a little less attention to propaganda. Take Italy's case for example where Berlusconi made use of a strategy much like the one used by Calderon. Yet he was not able to stop Italians from voting for Prodi even after spending millions on a campaign to paint him as worse than the devil. The reason Berlusconi's party was ousted? He did not fulfill campaign promises.

You choose to believe propaganda has been proven right by the civil resistance movement? That't great. You must feel good about yourself. An so must Antonio Sola and the consultants behind the strategy who are making a lot of dólares out of all of this.

You say AMLO is no democrat, I say he stands for a true social democracy in this country which is what many Mexicans are supporting.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 03:52 PM

That last one was my posting.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 03:52 PM

"Elitist" as in the middle classes in the northern states are "just plain ignorant", thereby setting one's self and one's judgement above that of others. All revolutions have a "revolutionary elite". Historically, the new elite usually just want to take the place of the prior ruling clique (as in czars and commissars).

The rest of the equation is that the revolutionary elite must have shock troops in the street, i.e. "the masses". The support of the masses is usually bought with promises of "bread and circuses". Sound familiar?

Posted by: | August 22, 2006 05:04 PM

chiapaneco: Seems to me you got your numbers all upside down. The poorests state of these country were the ones who got obrador elected.
The northern states have long been changing parties, they were the base of the PAN to start the fight for democracy against the PRI. In the old days when Cardenas and Obrador were happy militants of the PRI, Felipe Calderon was already fighting againt the PRI dictatorship.
PAN and Felipe Calderon are still fighting against the same thugs, Camacho Solis, Monreal, Lopez Obrador, they just happened to change shirts. But they are the same.

Lopez Obrador is crazy for power but he isn't going anywhere. He has already lost all his political influence and all he has left is the threat of civil unrest supported by the lowest of our society, the panchos villas, the atencos, marcos and ezln, the radical communist and marxists and stalinist dumbs who still believe him.

But they are a minority and AMLO will never be able to get the people who trusted him and voted for him behind him. Those people believed him when he said he was a democrat, and he has let them down and the city that loved him so much is turning their backs on him.

Empty plantones, empty canopies. Where are the people? Taxistas Piratas, Panchos Villas, People of Padierna and Bejarano, street vendors getting their permits, DF government workers passing by protesters.

As soon as Felipe Calderon is declared Elected President, AMLO's support is still going to fall more. He will become a useless clown who pretended to be our president and a good example for the people to check carefully before voting for someone from PRD next time.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 05:05 PM


Get a load of this Aristegui expose.

Complot theory deep thikers: don't hate her because she's beautiful. She's saying you're not only ugly but also credulous Castro worshipers duped.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 05:16 PM

You can check my previous posts. I refuse to argue with cartoonish portrayals of what's going on. You can chat with galleta, valemadres and the rest of them to feel in good company if you keep at it.

"The poorests state of these country were the ones who got obrador elected." What's this? a lapsus? so now Lopez Obrador is elected? Do you have insider info? Hurrah!!!!!

What you are saying is Panista wishful thinking. All of it. AMLO is not just one man, his platform represents the interests and demands of millions of Mexicans who want change in the way our country is governed. Deal with it. You have been reading a little too many La Cronica de Hoy and Reforma editorialized notes.

You people are maniqueos. You cannot get past your AMLO obsession to see what is behind the massive support he has so you turn to insults and hate-speech. The thing is the strategy is getting a little bit too old. Many of us supporters of the Proyecto Alternativo de Nacion have withstood these attacks, on the phone, TV spots, e-mails, for months. I am sorry empty, we did not fall for it then nor are we falling for it now. So save the effort.

AMLO was one heck of an elected official even if it pleases you to brand him a "thug". The fact is his performance is what explains that Marcelo Ebrard was elected with such a wide margin. On the other hand, even through benefiting from a negative campaign grey Calderon was not able to get more votes than Fox. Sorry.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:21 PM

La Cronica de Hoy? This is the level of the discussion? I rest my case. Tiresome to argue with Cronica fans.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:27 PM

Fursomething... Cold War nostalgia? wrong century pal. Must have something better than that.

Quick history update: Berlin wall fell. Germany re-united. No more USSR.

You need some catching up to do.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:29 PM

Chiapaneco. The conversation is degrading into a shouting match. I invite you (I'll do the same) to step back for a bit, calm down. You say you don't want to fight cartoonish protrayals but are doing the same and then we build from there and on and on. Let's pause, continue tomorrow, shall we?

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 05:43 PM

Who's shouting? Nevermind.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:51 PM

Who's shouting? Nevermind.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:51 PM

Nobody obviously, we're typing. You know what I mean.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 05:56 PM

Frankly I don't. What I see is a pattern by Calderonistas to completely annul what the other side is about through insults and hate speech. Very efficiently done during months through a well funded negative campaign which convinced a lot of undecided voters. Not so positive for the construction of a plural democracy though.

As I have said, it has gotten old. Everytime anyone from the AMLO side presents reasonable arguments and tries to puts things in perspective on goes the Cold War switch and the cartoonish interpretation of reality. On goes the CastroChavezStalinMao singsong-the-reds-are coming-AMLO-is-crazy psychobabble. Boring. Or pretty scary in some cases (Reference: galleta, valemadres and other postings).

I have work to do so I leave too.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 06:11 PM

"For humorless pedants knowitalls, Ignorant
philistines, K.Vronna, bunburina (like your name a lot)" Oh, rodolfo! You just made me blush! Thank u!

maya0, have u ever considered making a career in music? Maybe reggaetón or rap? Your rants seem perfect for some angry rapping. Maybe that way we can start taking you seriously, who knows? It might work. Give it a try!

Have you ever wondered why Patty Mercado didn't support AMLO? Uhmm... what a difficult question! It isn't that hard to see what kind of intolerant, antidemocratic, opportunist people AMLO and Co. really are. The PASC is the only viable left party in Mexico nowadays. It is a question between the Cold war revolutionary left wing AMLO thinks he is, and the modern day, realistic, open-minded left wing the PASC is. The PRD? Home of Bejarano, Padierna, Imaz, Camacho Solís, Fernández Noroña? It should be called PRI-reloaded. They represent the worst side of the mexican left: no respect for the isstitutions and legal means, antidemocratic attitudes, intolerance, no real will for dialogue and negotiation, cult to the leader's personality, corporativism and a very looooong etc.

Posted by: bunburina | August 22, 2006 06:30 PM

Had to have the last word didn't you? You big man, you, oh bringer of truth. Behold!

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 06:30 PM

Actually Bunburina, I don't think those guys are the left and that's a big part of the problem. Could you imagine Heberto behaving like AMLO or even Batres?

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 22, 2006 06:36 PM


I'm gonna check out this guy's spiel and get back to you with the truth police's report...

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 06:52 PM

Chiapaneco 5:27 PM entry,

Cronica majority shareholders, sir. We' no little people.

Posted by: | August 22, 2006 06:57 PM


That's my report, for now. Forgot to post my name.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 06:58 PM


like your name, like your 6:30 PM entry better.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 07:00 PM

"Actually Bunburina, I don't think those guys are the left and that's a big part of the problem. Could you imagine Heberto behaving like AMLO or even Batres?"

Of course not! This electios has been useful to see our politicians true colors. I have a renewed repect for Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas and for Amalia García. The rest... I'd beter not say.

Posted by: bunburina | August 22, 2006 07:05 PM

august 22 5:04 entry,

"Pan y palo" rings truer to home warm and fussy feelings. This is the panista century rocking!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 07:09 PM

Que pasa? Did I hurt your feelings? Good!
Serves u right for starting the name calling, and not hashing out issues,(a obvious sign of lack of brains when u have to retort with names)like the fact that no one who supports FECAL wants to see a full recount. Wide spread fraud was evident in the partial recount, that only a full recount would bring the whole enchilada into focus. Dont come back rehashing that why recount if their was fraud, thats doubletalk, a la orwell. U conservatives may blind yourselfs into that reasoning but those who pursue the whole truth, not just half baked, want the whole issue resolved. And it looks like the PRIPAN tent show, fell down on Sunday. Look whos calling for a full recount now! Te digo, con esta gente no se puede. Reminds me of some fat porker kids from some "campestre" from anywhere Mexico, who rather burn their toys with matches than see someone else play with them. If anyone needs to grow up, especially mentally, its you people who support FECAL at the expense of peacefull civic life in Mexico. Just a bunch of little Neros fiddling away at their computers, while all around them Mexico lies on the brink.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 07:12 PM

Maya0 you rock!

I had to come back to post this very interesting piece of news. Jaime Aviles' blog la hora del pueblo is smokin'...

Juicy gossip about Televisa's favorite talking heads. Seems like Cirito Gomez has a personal interest in defending pampero Ahumada. Cirito is scared sh...less he might be starring in the next video bombshell. Lopez Doriga is a goner, no one believes him anymore, and some are already lining up to occupy Jacobo's chair.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 07:26 PM

Check out this link:

Is an editorial by Denise Maerker, "Los estresados". It just kind of explains the position we, the moderate left, are in.

Posted by: bunburina | August 22, 2006 07:41 PM

Chiapaneco, thanks for the support. Its good 2C more and more posts that bring up issues, and not dwell on nit picking name calling, because they cant argue well.
Case in point, my post on Parras de la fuente, whos PRIPAN administrations have done little for the population in their real needs, like adequate sewers to drain excess water. Conservatives attack by bringing up Mexico citys drainage, or lack of it in some places. Well, isnt el D.F like 20 something million souls? With more streets than their are people in the whole state of Coahuila? Parras is a tiny town, of less than 30thousand. And the PRIPAN cant do right for them. How can u compare Mexico City with Parras? Te digo, con esta gente no se puede. They use no logic, they just attack and attack and put foot in mouth, and disengage brains.
Nearby Parras coah, is a PRD town called San Pedro, only about 1hour away form each other. In this its 2nd PRD administration, San Pedro streets that have never been paved are now paved. Adequate drains have been placed, no killer waters in San Pedro, but in the next town Parras, it fell to havoc. No wonder the PRIPAN has lost twice in a row to the PRD in little San Pedro, in the north of Mexico. Suprised? I bet they are, or more akin to their way of thinking, they will ignore the facts and go on with the name calling. Cant expect them to see reason. They voted for the same ppl who have buried Mexico in poverty for almost 80years.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 08:01 PM


The real mayaO, you can find in a series of entries from Aug. 17 10:54 PM entry on down. Vivi joins soon after. mayaO is the president-for-life-or-else democratically elected by acclaim bombshell gangsta literary phenom of our heady Ceci's log. Churchillian no less, in a psycopathic yet gripping I'll knock your teeth manner. Lord Windsor (PeterN)formerly a sedate British old bastard gets
smoking in a legendary tete a tete_that lasts well into the wee hours. To a question I ask about his mouth he answers when he's done with mayaO and Vivi. Must read material.

Who won? PeterN. He kept going even when nobody was answering anymore.

Mother Julie, this bog's mom, has just last night scolded PeterN for jivin' and misbehaving. Julie works in the Political Correctness Command and is very serious. She like no jive. This tortilla and frijoles uncorrectness must stop!, so she says. I"m not buyin'.

This detailed explanation so you compare the real mayaO and Vivi's impersonation on the Aug. 22 7:12 PM entry.

Vivi pops up when I make an entry and calms down if I leave.

The 7:26PM entry is also Vivi. She likes to imitate other poster's writing style and it shows. You probably can't catch her as easily because you have a life and make
few entries. We, on the other hand are like the knitting ladies at the French guillotine. Naughty busybodies untangling all this electoral mess, voto por voto, casilla por casilla.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 08:11 PM


If the people in Parras de la Fuente live so close to a well run PRD town, why haven't they voted the PRIPAN out of office? I was the one that asked about the floods in the DF. You still didn't answer my question. I guess that having so many more people and a lot more money including federal funds the PRD could have solved the flooding problems in the DF, too. Or is it heresy to ask? I didn't call you any names. I just asked why it was different.

Posted by: TG | August 22, 2006 08:25 PM

Ahh It is good to be back. Maya, do your parents know you are using the computer without their permission? You better watch out, or they will take away your allowance for next week; I would like to hope they didn't teach you some of the words you are using. (They obviously didn't teach you spelling...)

On to other things. It looks like AMLO finally found his eleccion de estado, only it was in Chiapas, and the "estado" was the PRD state government. What we just saw in Chiapas is a good preview of the 2012 presidential election if AMLO somehow were to win this one. What a loser...

Posted by: Jerry B | August 22, 2006 08:30 PM

Posted by Sybil Reloaded, some time ago:
"Personality PeterN
An inglesito who misses Las Malvinas and has not reconcilied with Great Britain's decadence. Thought he could come to Mexico to feel superior but did not know oil was nationalized by communist Cardenas. Likes to brag about Oxford. No one paid attention to him at bops there and he used to hang out all by himself with a pint of cider in a dark corner. Feels superior to dark skinned people and is against Article 33 who does not let him vote. Reminds other selves to mind the gap."

Dear Sybil Reloaded, or should that be just "Loaded"?

The Falkland Islands were, and still are British, the people there did not want to belong to Argentina, and the war that was fought over them also served to liberate the Argentinians from a dictator. After we mopped up their crap army and navy. They should thank the Brits. I don´t miss the Falklands, because I have never been there

I didn´t assume anything when I came to Mexico, I happen to married to a Mexican, so I guess that gives me the right to be here. Yes I knew oil was nationalised, but what has that got to do with anything? I don´t make my money in the oil trade, so it doesn´t effect me. Though I could probably run it better than PEMEX, which appears not to know its arse from its elbow when it comes to management, like the CFE. Why would I feel superior when I am married to a Mexican and have two Mexican children?

Actually your statement about me coming here to feel superior really shows your massive insecurity, how many people of other countries would write about their own "you came here to feel superior"?

Please point out were I bragged about Oxford, and as you seem to know so much about me, can you also tell me what I use to eat, as well as drink. Anyway, it´s not bragging if you can do it.

You say I feel superior to dark skinned people. What colour am I?

You have made so many assumptions based on your class envy, you assume I must be white, rascist and aloof because you don´t agree with my opinions. Is that how AMLO would govern the country? Just asuming stereotypes about people then deciding the "masses", or at least the one third who voted for him, should be entitled to take from them what they have worked for? You might find there´s somebody worse of than you, who wants your house, computer, car etc. And why shouldn´t they have the right to take it? To those less well off than yourself, you may fall into the group that should have their wealth re-distributed, for the benefits of the work shy.

I am eligible for citizenship, and hence to vote, if I choose to option that.

I still haven´t met an intelligent communist.

Thanks Rodolfo for the 8:11 pm mention. I´ve been busy the last couple of days moving some of my assets (Chihuahua, to be precise) out of the country in case AMLO starts his revolution. It took longer than I thought it would, but it should be safe where I left it.

Posted by: PeterN | August 22, 2006 08:31 PM

Fursomething... Cold War nostalgia? wrong century pal. Must have something better than that.

Quick history update: Berlin wall fell. Germany re-united. No more USSR.

You need some catching up to do.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 22, 2006 05:29 PM

You are quite right. Communism fell of it's own weight. Only a few countries left to suffer under that misguided system. Statist solutions rarely work and apparently Mexico will be spared one with the defeat of AMLO.

I did use "czars/commissars" which gave you your opening with the "Cold War" and "catching up" phrases. Unfortunately, history does tend to repeat itself. I could have used "The Red Terror" in France, or Castro's Cuba. By the way, you missed a shot: "bread and circuses" dates from the time of the Caesars. It's the same old game.

Best bungle of the year: Bozo Morales nationalizes Bolivia's natural gas resources only to find out they can't run it without foreign capital and expertize. In this case the evil outsiders are Brazilian. Again, I think Mexico was spared a very expensive economic lesson.

Posted by: Furnifold | August 22, 2006 09:07 PM

TG, well, if Parras hasnt booted out the PRIPAN from office, its not from a lack of trying, but well entreched political mobsters are quite hard to get rid of.
And your second point, about Mexico city, well, they have got more to work on in a city that size, dont they? Its gonna take a while, whats the excuse in a wee little town like Parras? Cant think of any can u?
The spellnazi is back! Did u catch any illegal tomatoes in your oh so dangerous job as a airport security enforcer? Guess u lucked out again by not getting shipped to Iraq, oh but 2days news says, a call up was made to many guardsmens who thought their time was up. Maybe we all will get lucky and you will be doing guard duty in the green zone soon enuff. Till then, keep on the look out for spelling errors. Seems they make your heart beat faster.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 09:24 PM

maya naise

What is it you do, aren´t you an artist of some kind?

Posted by: PeterN | August 22, 2006 09:47 PM

Lord Windsor,

Don't forget to say hello to mom Julie, she scolded you last night...

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 09:57 PM

So the Chuchos got their leaders in both houses elected and Jesus Ortega came out the winner with power to negotiate with PRI and PAN and other forces. Carlos Navarrete Ruiz, a chucho reporting to Jesus Ortega and Javier González Garza, a Cardenista long time friend and very close to Amalia and the Cardenas.

Ricardo Monreal and Miguel Angel Navarro ended up cooking rabanos and will have to put up with Ortega and Amalia´s control of the PRD congressmen and senators.

AMLO, Marcelo Ebrard and Camacho Solis are going to cook rabanos. No cotrol or influence in the legislative branches. Ortega and Amalia and Cardenas rule!
Jesus Ortega will aslo rule in the DF Assembly were already his group is the biggest, plus a few Cardenistas.
Seems like the old man might be ready to come back to his party.
Both Navarrete and Gonzales Garza have already stated they will work with PRI and PAN in the congress.
AMLO is quickly becoming useless within his own party.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 10:37 PM


It is obvious that there is no validity in the posted comment, of someone not signing for it.
As I noticed that whoever already has posted comments criticizing Felipe Calderon.
It must be another perredista that as usual is either known to hides his/her real identity or expertices in the use of bad language.
The fact is that Mexico has voted and the majority voted for Felipe Calderon.
and even most of the people that voted for AMLO has already changed their minds.
Felipe Calderon would be our next Mexican President.
His educational curriculum, his intelligence and ideas makes him to be the perfect choice.
On the other hand, AMLO is crazyly fighting for the presidency, BUT,
What good would he bring to MEXICO???
What good would he bring to the Mexican Citizens.
His college grades were terrible, his language skills are awful, and he does not speak good spanish, nevertheless english language.
He makes false promises when he claims he would be increasing the salaries,
This is not the solution to improve Mexico!!
THe solutions are:
Better and affordable school education, better and affordable housing, better health programs.
Calderon would continue what FOX already started.
For the international people that don't know, Now, it so easy now to buy a house in Mexico,
Easier than United States.
Everybody qualifies now,
Even with a low income salary,
FOX created that!!!! PAN DID IT!!!!
Before there were no Mortage loans,
Now look at any Mexican paper and there are all kinds of loans for mexican residents.
I KNOW IT because I have friends and family members that earning the minimiun salary they already own a house,
A HOUSE that would be paid soon.
Not like in USA where takes forever to pay off a home mortgage.
AMLO has critized FOX in the past,
for FOX having a good relationship with United States, AMLO does not like United States, AMLO wants to implement a communist government in Mexico,
He is friends with Chavez and Castro.

Posted by: Kukiss Garcia | August 21, 2006 05:56 PM

The post before this heroic epic was made at 10:52 AM

If there was doubt that Kukiss is for real,
doubt no more. This sceed is legit.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 10:37 PM

Ceci and blog fellows,

I guess it´s time to change the subject and to review our rules of engagement. I've just reviewd today's postings and
confirmed that this is an empirical proof of the Law of diminishing returns to scale.

I find boring to read comments plagued by foul language, as if these words make the arguments stand. Honestly, I really don´t care for visitors biographies or resentments. My concern is that we live in a divided country, where a few have everything and most don´t.

I'm also convinced that Lopez Obrador doesn't have a plan nor the team to solve this problem effectively. I think he has lost touch with reality and that calling for a revolution is irresponsible because our own history shows that violence is not the way to development. Every one hundred years mexicans kill each other and nothing happens, except for the fact that all families have a tragedy to remember.

Mexico needs us all working together and would be stupid to think that one party or one individual has the capacity and the ability to solve our main problem: poverty.

So, why don´t we start discussing what would be the best way to do it and forget for a while about our inept politicians and our own ideologies.


Posted by: spolier | August 22, 2006 10:43 PM


Julie's admonition is Aug. 21 3:27 PM.

I meant "screed".


Thanks for the information on the PRD congress. I just wonder when the "Lopistas"
are going to start abandoning ship. I guess after Sept. 6 the many divorces from Zocalo's revolutionary loco will be official.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 10:47 PM

PeterN, what i am is what u can never be.
A 100 percent Huichol, born in the state of San Luis Potosi. Un verdadero Mexicano, whose roots go back to a timeless era. Who the hell are U? Some reverse wetback from across the ocean? I guess u live in fear of Gobernacion finding u and applying article 33 on your arse. Heres hoping they do find u and deport your illegitamate butt back 2 the land of Monty Phyton.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 10:54 PM

Good night.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 22, 2006 10:54 PM


Much obliged for the guidance.

I may not write that much, but I read various times a day the string of comments.


Wish I had the talent to develop so many personalities. And to keep it all straight. And in deference to Mother Julie, narrow.

I don´t have the guts to ask PeterN, what his preferred brew was back in the UK.

I bow humbly to MayaO and read you loud and clear that Vivi follows your posting.

Only a few hours before we know the decision of El Tribunal.

Once again, thank you very much.

Posted by: Viper | August 22, 2006 10:59 PM

That last post of yours was the best u have ever made, clear, straight to the point. Brief. Just add one thing,
Good riddence.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 11:02 PM


You are a good example of what I mean. We couldn't care less about your origin and shortcomings. Why don't you change the subject and engage in a constructive discussion of the real issues?

Posted by: spoiler | August 22, 2006 11:05 PM

Well said spolier,

I think one of the things which really holds Mexicans back is the absence of venture capital for most people, and if you can get it, the interests rates are tantamount to usary. They will only lend to those who probably don´t need to borrow. I would love to set up some sort of banking society that allows people to borrow to start small businesses and let them grow, but it may be a culturally difficult thing to do. You would need a very fair person with entrepreneurial knowledge, as well as local knowledge, to assess if a project was viable in a given town. He or she would also have to have high integrity, so that they wouldn´t just do a "I wish I´d thought of that...." and pass the idea on to a family member. It´s ideas which have the most value really.

Perhaps with time we can arrange a bank society of small businesses that will try to promote other business opportunities through placing their excess funds there, and charging a fair interest rate. Ultimately, the best use of my excess money (when I have some) would be to create other businesses so that they can afford to use mine...and round and round....

Obviously there is more to it than this, but my idea is "capitalisms answer to communism", by trying to create a responsible capitalist society that provides an ever growing base of self employed, money making business people.

Posted by: PeterN | August 22, 2006 11:06 PM

As a gringo just returned from Mexico after a five week stay there, and with last weekend spent trying to navigate the horror that has come to be the traffic of the DF post-Reforma occupation, I can honestly say that, from my perspective, and as someone sympathetic to the leftist ideology of the PRD, that AMLO has utterly ruined Mexican democracy and has, sadly, damaged the PRD beyond repair.

It is truly a shame.

Posted by: santiago | August 22, 2006 11:15 PM

viper, the most heavenly brew ever invented is Guinness, the jet black Irish beer. I can find it here only in Sams or wal mart, and it is comparitively expensive, about 28 pesos for a 16 once can.

It isn´t that strong, so you can sit in an english pub all night, talking politics politely, without threatening a fight. Unlike some people on this blog.

Posted by: PeterN | August 22, 2006 11:22 PM

spoiler or is it soiler?
Chk out Peter the dicks post, hes asks what I am, so I do tell. And you seem to understand that their are far many not haves in Mexico, but dont seem to understand why. Well the PRIPAN systum is to blame, for most of Mexicos woes. When the PRD has taken charge of cities of all sizes, or states, things always change for the better. And that is a real issue, not something I invented. U hang on to fantasy issues, like calling AMLO a friend of Castro and Chavez. Now in this video age, where everything is caught, do tell where I can find el commandate giving AMLO a bear hug? Or Chavez patting AMLO on the back? Would u care to define what a friend is? Or perhaps u have none, and thats why u are so confused.
Oh and PeterN, what is Red China? A bastion of freedom loving capitialists? Or the largest country in the world, that happens to be communist, rich, corrupt, polluted, with magnetic trains whipping about empty, whose prisons are not? Pls oh 1st world man, tell us ignorant Mexicans what the hell China is? And why its ok to trade with them, but not little old commie Cuba? I await, oh man from the land of warm beer.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 11:26 PM


I appreciate your answer to my prayer. I agree that financing is a key to make small business firms survive and grow, but I guess we would have to address other problems first, that affect millions of mexicans today. For instance:

- Population fragmentation: almost 25 million mexicans live in towns with less than 2500 people, without basic services;
- Almost one tenth of the population is still iliterate;
- In some states, half of their population live more than 3 kilometers away from the closest road;
- One out of ten new mothers didn't finish primary school;
- School desertion is rising at all educational levels.

These problems are causing poverty everywhere and will continue to promote it unless we attack them first. Don't you agree?

Posted by: spoiler | August 22, 2006 11:32 PM

maya naise

If I could understand your question about China I would try to answer it. You are right in your earlier comment though, I could never be what you are...

Thank God

Posted by: PeterN | August 22, 2006 11:34 PM

PeterN: The problem is Mexico, and in most latin american countries is the lack of respect for the private property.
Nationalizations are common throughtout latin america.
Right now the imbecile of Evo Morales is privatizing many lands and businesses. Forcing many well prepared bolivians to go somewhere else with their money and good entrepenurial skills.

The one thing these imbeciles of the radical left and communist, marxists, stalinists and the like will never understand is that the wealth of a country is not the oil, gold or other natural resources, but the people, the people are the greatest asset a country has.

In Chihuahua, the Tarahumaras live in misery and many die every winter, in mountains rich in copper and gold and other precious metals that themselves cannot exploit.
Because imbecile former president Lazaro Cardenas nationalized our natural resources, in a way that nobody, not even the Mexicans themselves, can get the wealth. This stupid former President created PEMEX, one of the most corrupted and putrefact state company in the world, PEMEX has made many millionaries, government officials and labor leaders alike, while the populations of the states where PEMEX extracts the oil are some the most impoverished of the country. Cardenas also copied another cocaine marxist imbecility, the Agrarian Reform, which gave many poor farmers land for free, and the stupid land reform was so good, the farmers have been going to work in the USA eversince.

While the people of Cuba live in misery, except for those belonging to the ruling class, and Castro continues his communist dictatorship, the Cubans in Florida have created so much wealth they made Florida one of the most important states of the USA, they own banks, tv networks, manufacturing companies, etc. They arrived in a boat with nothing but themselves and now many of them enjoy one of the best living standards of the world and many are also successful businessmen, artists and politicians. It´s the power of the people when they live in complete legal and economical freedom.

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 11:35 PM


are you disfunctional? I didn't write the trash you quote so get lost and don't even take the time to read my comments because I won't read yours.

Posted by: spoiler | August 22, 2006 11:36 PM

santiago, we in Mexico would like to say, where very sorry for the inconviences caused by the taking of an important blvd. in Mexico city. Just one of thousands, but none the less important. Perhaps if u take the time to see what has happen in your country, and has seen the effect of a illegal president being imposed on a country, and all the after effects, from 911, thru Afgan, Iraq, to Katrina and her waves, well u might understand that what the PRD and AMLO wants, is to have a legitmate goverment for the people, not some imposition, like what has happen, not once, but twice in your country. So, dont be amazed at what is happening in Mexico, be like others in your country, keep an eye on what is going on, maybe, u people will learn how to defend democracy, and not just lay over and play dead. Sit fido sit.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 11:37 PM

Maya0 Rules!
Kick some butt, and then kick some more.

Good Night

Posted by: emptyboxes | August 22, 2006 11:45 PM

Your right, u didnt post that about chavez and castro being buddies with AMLO, that was Rodolfo, but his post was right above yours, and it seemed to blend with what u wrote about AMLO being not in touch with reality. Thats not really touching issues with facts right? Its more like your idea of what is in AMLOs head? Do u read minds?
Again, u seem to sense that their is a serious promblem with poverty in most of Mexico, but again, u fail 2 put the blame at the feet of the PRIPAN incompentence, and done right treachery. Your reaching, but cant seem 2 comprehend.
Oh, and Peter, u only wish u could be like us, a real Mexicano, not some racist who thinks because they have some lana, they get a saviour mentality about how they could fix everything, if only anybody would just be culturally ready for it. Isnt that just like a racist to not see when they use racists terms? Hasta nunca faulty tower head.

Posted by: maya0 | August 22, 2006 11:49 PM


I take that as an apology so I take back my remark. I don't think we would get much at the finger pointing game. I pointed out some problems that should be addressed regardless of who wins the election and our own ideology. What we need here is to discuss ideas on how to solve them. So I'm open for the discussion.

Posted by: spolier | August 22, 2006 11:58 PM

This can't be the true Fearless Leader, the Firebrand of Durango, maya0, speaking. Or did those demons from the CIA get to him when he fearlessly went to DC to lay down the law to Dubya et al. The masculine, bodily threat language is missing, did they shoot him up with estrogen?

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 22, 2006 11:59 PM

1,2,...,2000008 and counting

Posted by: spoiler | August 23, 2006 12:04 AM

I guess I'm over optimistic so enjoy your lives and may the Lord be with you!


Posted by: spoiler | August 23, 2006 12:07 AM

Perhaps a little finger pointing is a good thing, what would have happen to Hitler and his pals, had enough jews and non jews in Germany had pointed their finger at Hitler and his thugs and called them the monsters that they where before it was too late. And what would have happen to the civil rights movement in the USA, had enough whites shared the finger pointing that blacks where using at the KKK and their racists cohorts? Sometimes a little finger pointing is a good thing, like when its used to point out a direction of a fire so that blaze can be put out. The ongoing economic mess that is Mexico, can be pointed at the direction of the PRIPAN allience. One needs to indentify the promblem b4 it can be fixed.
Oh and K. Vronna or my sharona or whatever u are, thats good ga ga talk, but whats your point? Worried that u might be found wherever u may hide? All IP addresses are locatable, and a good buddy of mine a Zapotec, who works 4 the CISN has a pretty good record of finding just about anybody we want. So get some sleep, dont fret about it. In time.

Posted by: maya0 | August 23, 2006 12:18 AM

"PeterN, what i am is what u can never be.
A 100 percent Huichol, born in the state of San Luis Potosi. Un verdadero Mexicano, whose roots go back to a timeless era. Who the hell are U? Some reverse wetback from across the ocean? I guess u live in fear of Gobernacion finding u and applying article 33 on your arse. Heres hoping they do find u and deport your illegitamate butt back 2 the land of Monty Phyton."

Oh maya, maya, maya... what would we do without you? You are so much fun! Your rant seems to be flirting with racism but on the inverse. So, let's say, if PeterN gets the mexican nationality, in your eyes he would be a second class mexican because he isn't a full blooded indian. My dad is an indian from Tlaxcala, my mom is a redheaded spaniard and I'm as white as a sheet of paper... so I guess, in your point of view, I'm not really a true mexican. Uhmm interesting... Innocent me used to think that a mexican is a mexican regardless their origin or race.

Posted by: bunburina | August 23, 2006 12:44 AM

maya O My!, may be you were behind that little attack on Ariel, (re: Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 21, 2006 10:45 AM) This kind of behavior is not becoming of so-called "democrats".

Posted by: K. Vronna | August 23, 2006 01:18 AM

Maya naise

I am Lord Windsor, of the clan Windsor, born in the highlands of Scotland over three hundred years ago, I cannot die, save by taking my head, I am an immortal.

So thats my history, about as real as yours I guess, you man from the masses, working class hero, revolutionary leader (from 1000 kilometres behind the lines)

Here is something to think about, see if you can work out which parties manifesto this came from, I´ve put "(name of country)" in to make it just a little harder, but you´re a bright boy, you´ll get it.

4. Only those who are our fellow countrymen can become citizens. Only those who have (name of country) blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no (name of country)can be a countryman.

5. Those who are not citizens must live in (name of country) as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens.

Not that you ever answer any question.

Still haven´t met (or read) an intelligent communist.

Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 02:01 AM

The second (name of country) under point four (4.) of this particular partys´ manifesto should actually state (name of foreign entity)


Anyway, the Borg Collective are kicking my arse and I have to find a way to preserve the freedom of the federation of planets. Same old same old...

I´ll check back later to give you the benefit of my wisdom but for now, I wish you a good night, full of dreams of all those things you desire, like a life, functionality, and a sense of humour.

Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 02:20 AM

hehe I can't resist.

Ms Maya, you say you are "100% Huichol" from San Luis Potosi....Just a question, did your parents hang around Real del Catorce about 9 months before you were born? Did they maybe "experiment" a little with the mushrooms and peyote that grows there? Because I think you are some kind of mutant, and fetal alcohol/drug syndrome might explain where you are coming from.

Posted by: Jerry B | August 23, 2006 02:53 AM

Real de catorce. Damn keyboard.

Posted by: Jerry B | August 23, 2006 02:56 AM


These are very good issues you have raised, I Would like to see where the data came from, because I´m like that! Joking aside, and for example only, they have a commonly quoted statistic in England that 10% of the population are disabled. This is used to support all sorts of arguments, but when you look deeper into the data, you find that what some people claim as a disability, you and I would shrug of as being "a bit inconvenient".

Now, despite maya 0 (or less IQ)s belief that I have no right to be here, and am trying to play saviour to people who wouldn´t care if I live or die anyway, lets get this positive debate going.

I have been here only a few years, and my experience is limited to (mainly) the state of Chihuahua, so no doubt conditions may change in a country as big as this, from place to place. I will state my view anyway, and standby to be corrected.

1. Population fragmentation: almost 25 million Mexicans live in towns with less than 2500 people, without basic services;

OK, I can´t accept that might be the case, it would take 10,000 towns to do that, maybe 20,000, if we take a medium of that figure. That represents a very sizeable electorate, do they get to vote? They should have basic services, if they can provide telephone lines, electricity to my beloved Sierra here in Chihuahua, why not elsewhere? If you are correct that these are "towns" and not just mostly annexes to bigger towns, I will concede the point

Constructive note: Let the Mayor or jefe go to town and explain the situation, create some noise. I´ll even go with you, if I´m local.

2. Almost one tenth of the population is still illiterate;

You´re doing well then, in UK I´ve worked with so-called graduates who could barely write, one of the published figures is "Around 16 per cent, or 5.2 million adults in England, can be described as "functionally illiterate". They would not pass an English GCSE and have literacy levels at or below those expected of an 11-year-old.

3. In some states, half of their population live more than 3 kilometers away from the closest road;

OK, that's about a mile and a half, 20 to 25 minutes walking. My wifes father started his business at the age of 13. He would walk every morning to the nearest market (about 15 kilometres) with a big box. He would buy fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, corn whatever and then carry it back. If he was lucky, he might meet someone going near where he lived, if not he hiked it back with 25 to 50 kg. Obviously, he marked up the produce a few pesos for his time and effort, but that saved many people doing that walking themselves. Sweet Jesus, I walked to work everyday in UK, it was 6 kilometres.

Constructive note: If there´s nothing there to warrant the building of roads etc, you can always move. If there is, then of course somebody will build an infrastructure , look at what they´re doing to Ocampo, Chihuahua, because some Canadian firm reckons it worth going through old, old, gold mines with some new technology (search google, "Gammon Lake Ocampo")

4.One out of ten new mothers didn't finish primary school;

Can´t really comment on this, what is a new mother? How fresh? My experience tends to lead to believe that many young women see the idea of having a baby as "having something that I can love,and who will then love me back". They are, I´m afraid to say, victims of the "I want what I want right now" culture prevalent very much so in UK, USA, the rest of the hated west etc. Maybe education would help in this, but I doubt it, the boys just want to be boys

Mexico has a real population problem, to be honest; the women of Mexico should have a maximum of two children (slightly lower than replacement rate) for this and the next generation. The rapid improvement in health care in Mexico over the last 40 years,has changed the demographics, whereby previously it was necessary to have as many chidren as you could, because of the risk of child mortality, (the other being a large family was a way to ensure your later years with children to look after you) we now have a vast array of mothers and potential mothers. Don´t get me wrong here, I love the big family thing in Mexico, but when my wife has a total of 27 aunts and uncles, and they are averaging 4 children each, do you wonder that the economy can´t keep up?

Constructive note: Explain to young mothers that an education will benefit their children. You can have babies after you finish school, college or whatever. The boy who says "you would if you loved me" is just another guy trying to pressure you into something. He might grow up to be a politician.

5. School desertion is rising at all educational levels;

Again, can´t really comment. I think this is maybe due to an almost worldwide phenomena that places celebrity and "instant fame" over old fashioned work. The "Big Brother", "you´re a star" mentality of media, the manufactured pop bands. Why do things the hard way, if you can convince yourself that the world owes you a living?

Constructive note: Show the figures, if you want to get on, you need education. Not just high school, but at least one degree from university. If you are not able then there are other roles available.

Finally Spoiler: this is just my input to the new debate you wished to open up, I'm quite happy to hear rebuttals of what I have stated. Despite that some people believe I should not be here, I have come to love this State of Chihuahua, and would not change it for anything. We could probably (51% chance) make it work.

Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 05:11 AM


Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 05:15 AM

K.Vronna, bunburina,

This is how you look to me by what you write:

Mi alma frágil se asoma a la ventana obscura
de la torre terrible en que ha treinta años sueña.
La gentil Primavera primavera le augura.
La vida le sonríe rosada y halagüeña.
Y ella exclama: «¡Oh fragante día! ¡Oh sublime día!
Se diría que el mundo está en flor; se diría
que el corazón sagrado de la tierra se mueve
con un ritmo de dicha; luz brota, gracia llueve.
¡Yo soy la prisionera que sonríe y que canta!»
Y las manos liliales agita, como infanta
real en los balcones del palacio paterno.

Part of a poem by a windbag named Gongora. Talk about "good" authors.

K.Vronna, 11:59 PM entry,


Lord Windsor, 2:01 am entry

Does it rhyme with nazi?

By he way did you notice the "Fawlty Towers" misspelled and the My Sharona by The Knack. This not so bright yet highly involved in early 80's British pop culture.
This beast is no Einstein but she sure has her trivia in ship shape.

So should we transform this country of ours into a cackling of opinionators or should the we let the humanist party get going. I'd vote for Gongora as president
for life, anytime. And El Greco after that.

Posted by: rodolfo | August 23, 2006 07:04 AM


Excellent beer Guinness! Fully agree with you that it is not that strong, the bad thing is they add sugar to the brew. The Guinness you find here in the US is a bit watered down for my taste....I like the frothy, mealy, sweet but sour taste of the brew. I have had the occasion to sit in Temple Barr (you know where, not Edinburgh) but the other Celtic country, so close to Scotland yet so far. As you know, Guinness is now owned by Diageo, and they are watering it down, I suspect. They are favoring Harp, also from that same country but lighter colored and more "drinkable". And the best Guinness, granted, as clearly expressed by MayaO, is warm. On the subject of whether you should give your opinion or not, I would say to MayaO and others:

Why was she born so beautiful, why was she born at all, she's no bloody use to anyone, she´s no bloody use at all, (and then pointing fingers) it´s´s her.

Or even more, there is a dark tribe in Africa......oops, I better not go there.

Slainte, PeterN

On the politics of the future...this is my humble contribution

To me the next president of Mexico needs to do three main things.

1) Must focus on devolving government: with the hope of placing the onus for providing the conditions for economic development to State governments. Just for example....Sabines putative election to Chiapas should be a great boon...because then, since he has the backing of the local elite powers in the State (the Parientes, can focus on bringing the coffee regions in the Soconusco to the heights they should have. I hear everywhere of Costa Rica Arabica, even Guatemala robusto, etc. but not of Soconusco or Chiapas bitters or aromatic something or other. There is no better place to provide for the growth of that beverage as in Chiapas. Similarly, the north of the State is full of oil, near Pichucalco, and we are throwing the gas away in getting to the oil. Natural gas, technology along with oil extraction is something that would give great benefits.

The center of the State, the Villaflores, Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Cristobal de las Casas axis should be a cultural, intellectual, haven. And then the Bonampak, Comitán, as well as San Cristobal again, should develop modern techniques for agriculture, consonant with the local indigenous populations.

For better or for worse, Sabines will have to deal with the Zapatista movement. He will need to sit and listen and strengthen the municipal and local focus they advocate. That actually would be a great political thing to do. And to an earlier blog, from Chiapaneco, I think, that said that the Sub is dead and irrelevant, I say he is like that tumor that lies dormant within your belly. It is lying in
wait, before it metastasizes.

The second thrust is that the federal government needs to focus only on key action steps...these should be: negotiating with the legislature to create the right infrastructure for justice. Look at best practices in justice administration, and in police protection. English, French and Spanish police methods (given the long experience with the IRA, the ETA, and the Algerian experience) have developed great practice in this area. Definitely do not look to the States for that....the National Guard, jeeez, louissee.

The third focus should be on immigration. But first, the Mexican government needs to change its own immigration policies...they should accept foreigners, particularly those that are very likely to add to the economic and social improvement of the country. They should treat the Central American peregrinos with respect and dignity. This is something, by the way, that would require coordination with the Chiapas government for example.
By the way, the next president of Mexico has a unique opportunity to negotiate with the US for a better immigration deal in the US. An open discussion on the subject, now, in all likelihood would be a welcome element for Georgie. Based on the two items above, devolving government and letting state governments focus on economic development.

As to what to do with oil, education, health, other regions in the country, such as the Sonora Chihuahua---the Tamaulipas, northern Veracruz, or even the Guerrero, Michoacan Jalisco axis...those should follow the logic here. What is the issue? who can best deal with it? Where would be the best cost/benefit ratio be. For example, education, to me should be more of a local matter (financed by the federal government but locally implemented)to me a Secretaría de Educación Pública is like forming the National Federation of humor, it just does not make sense.

Oil since it is a big resource should be kept nationalized on functions that best require that...say where to explore, and how to explore, but I would have local Board of Directors, that follow a State logic, rather than a national logic.

The marketing, technology innovation, and financial functions, I would privatize. Further, the Federal Government should develop environmental regulations that each State, company, and process should follow.

So, three main axis...devolution (or whatever you want to call it, but following the Scottish sese of the term), justice, and immigration reform.

The skill sets required to do these thrusts would require negotiations with legislatures, treating state governments as partners, and listening to local power configurations. Also executional demands will require that the financing of state activities change dramatically.

In addition, Mexico´s relations with other countries would be based on its building its infrastructure not in trying to pontificate about world affairs.

Another thing: Keep all churches out of government, that´s one thing Juárez, Díaz (the dictator) and the PRI did right. And yet one more: Mexico must join OPEC.

Key intellectual gurus that the next president should consult:

Nestor Garcia Canclini, Martha Nussbaum, Amartya Sen, Michael Walzer, Candido Mendes and Simon Blackburn (Look them up, if you want, they are in the book, I mean in Google)

It is 7:53 a.m., I will go get a Warsteiner beer. I am feeling German right now.

Posted by: Viper | August 23, 2006 07:54 AM


This place has turned from a Davos-School of Rome-Berkeley voodoo numerology conspiracy baloney pedantics into a People's let me give a piece of my wisdom heaven. Mob rule is the rule.

Please another serving of your truly "two sides" (I love that) of the story rantings. The loonys have taken over, we need an adult. Lord Windsor scares me the most. HEEEEELP!!!!

Posted by: rodolfo | August 23, 2006 09:13 AM

Well, after taking time off yesterday I came to the realization that I was conned into engaging one of the loonies. He started out "reasonable" but then ended up radical, refusing to answer direct questions and just counterattacking, not counterproposing.

Now, I rarely take time to address maya's comments because he's a well documented loonie, only TG has managed to get something that was not profanity-laden out of him and began sounding like there might actually be a brain in there. Alas, he had to go and say something completely lacking in perspective and intelligence:

"Perhaps a little finger pointing is a good thing, what would have happen to Hitler and his pals, had enough jews and non jews in Germany had pointed their finger at Hitler and his thugs and called them the monsters that they where before it was too late. And what would have happen to the civil rights movement in the USA, had enough whites shared the finger pointing that blacks where using at the KKK and their racists cohorts?"

Perhaps a little finger pointing might have stopped: the tlatelolco massacre, the Chorpus day massacre, the Cambodian Killing Fields, the Chinese cultural revolution, the Stalinist gulags, the massacre of civilian Kurds with chemical weapons by Saddam, the massacre at Wounded Knee and, why not? the "colonization" of the american continent by the europeans. I'm sure that it could have also stopped Temüjin from leading the Mongols all the way to Europe and prevented Caesar from killing Vercingetorix, but that might be taking it a little too far, perhaps.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 23, 2006 09:56 AM

spoiler, I'll take your lead: one thing I would to know is which of AMLO's proposals deserve serious consideration.

I have one for sure: better pensions for old people and retirees. I believe this one is valid because this people cannot be expected to find new sources of income. Another one might be subsidized milk for poor families with children. This does bring along with it a question as to how to pay for it, possible sources are: gypsy cabs, the ambulant sellers, pirated goods dealers, corruption fighting. Obviously fighting and collecting money from these people takes more money, so we can't just say that this will solve the budget problem, but its a start. What I would like to hear is wether or not these are good ways of fighting poverty or not and why that is as well as how we would pay for this.

There are other proposals of AMLO I'm ambivalent on, but those two seem reasonable enough to start off with.

Posted by: Ariel R. Orellana | August 23, 2006 10:15 AM

Maya0 rocks!

Now we have more galleta admirers? Glad Calderonistas enjoyed that post, it only serves to shade more light on their ignorant, prejudiced and intolerant character.

This is a declaration by the Comité Coniudadano. They declare TRIFE is not doing its job and not ensuring transparency and certainty.
They also criticize the fact that TRIFE did not allow citizen observers in the partial recount. Apparently only Aznar's pal Salafranca was allowed in so he could repeat like a broken record fiestademocraticasoloerroresminimos psychobable. Could he ever admit of being wrong on his first evaluation? Never. Aznar would not like it. Neither would ABC newspaper or other right extremists.

The ball is on TRIFE's camp. Will they make all results and findings of the partial recount available to the public?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 23, 2006 10:52 AM

PeterN, lord of the files
well, if u never met a smart commuinst, perhaps a trip to china would be a start?
Smart Red commies are making China the hottest ecomomy in the world, and if u do go, try taking a side trip to Vietnam, where Ho Chi Men, was smart enuff to kick out the USA from his country, so if you havent met a smart commie, its for lack of trying o lord dick.

Posted by: maya0 | August 23, 2006 11:12 AM


I fear this blog is a lost cause. As I have said before, these guys are uncapable of reasoning and turn time and time again into name calling, hate speech and making a cartoon out of everything that's going on in Mexico.

I believe most of them are not even Mexican and I am sorry PeterN but that's our constitution that says no foreigners allowed to intervene. Article 33. This comes from a long history of outsiders trying to manipulate what goes on in this country. And it is far from over. Welcome to a former colony's quest for sovereignty.

My theory is the PASC people in this blog are Panistas posing as something else. I had a completely different idea of what PASCistas were like. It seems they share a sick obsession with Lopez Obrador with the PAN. I simply cannot understand how a PASCista, with a supposedly progressive agenda seems to have a lot more in common with the extreme and intolerant catholic right represented by Calderon and his cronies than with the Proyecto Alternativo de Nacion.

Either PASCistas have completely fallen prey to Panistas sun-tzu for dummies endeavors or these are fake PASCistas trying to convince readers on this blog that Calderon's wet dream of a plural governing "coalition" is a reality.

This election was a referendum between change and more of the same. The PAN had a grey candidate, no platform and failing marks on its first attempt at the presidency. They had to turn into a negative campaign that ended up breeding hate and distrust among Mexicans "to stop Lopez Obrador". They also broke the principle of equity they had fought so hard for during PRI rule. What they really wanted to stop was a platform for change, for a New Deal in Mexico that would serve all and not only a small group.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 23, 2006 11:31 AM

Are u a racist against users of peyote and mushrooms? In above posts, the old world man PeterN, goes on and on about beer, well, how many lives are destroyed by beer?, How many car accidents? How many familys ending because of beer? How many violent calamites happen because of beer?
Does the use of peyote and mushrooms even get mentioned as having anywhere near the fatal consequences of drinking beer?
Perhaps U and PeterN, have parents who practice to much elbow bending, which explains your nature, which seems lacking in brain cells, are your brain tissues softend by to much beer? Yeah, now i understand u ppl better.

Posted by: maya0 | August 23, 2006 11:34 AM

To counter his charisma the right has deemed Lopez Obrador as a crazy populist.

Paid historian Enrique Krauze even came up with the Messianic adjective so the Panistas could use it to attack Lopez Obrador and his platform (No original ideas Fox used it yesterday). According to this view only faithful idiots could share his proposals for change in this country. Why would we want something different if eveything is just great? (For more on Krauze's track record as historian-publicist on demand check out his work during Salinas sexenio when he tried to convince Mexicans Porfirio Diaz was not such a bad guy and Mexicans should support Salinas re-election)

Here is a sample of the extreme hypocrisy of the PAN. A link to a pamphlet distributed by Grupo Tepeyac depicting Calderon as Juan Diego, asking the faithful to vote for him and demonizing Lopez Obrador.

What say you Norberto? God is a Panista?

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 23, 2006 11:47 AM

Your quite right, these pro FECAL ppl, i also think are far from the reality of Mexico. Thou a few perhaps are Mexicanos, but yet, they feel less than one, I guess. Their is the post from burburina that makes it seems that they are not full mexicans because they are white as a sheet.???????? Who cares what color your skin is, or what blood u have, if your born in Mexico, or born of Mexican parents, no matter where, your Mexican. But in the case of Lord Peter of the files, hes clearly not Mexican, yet, if he chooses to become one, so be it, he could, but hes not. And article 33, clearly can be applied to him. Well, hes always looking for a smart commie, but he not so smart himself.

Posted by: maya0 | August 23, 2006 11:55 AM


Interesting. Article 37 states that a Mexicano por naturalizacion can loose the nationality if he uses a passport of a foreign country or passes as a foreigner in any public dealing. I guess Lord Peter does not want to see his prerrogatives as a Brit citizen and user of EU passport to go so he has chosen not to become Mexican. That makes his remarks interventionist and violatory of Article 33.

Posted by: Chiapaneco | August 23, 2006 12:18 PM

Maya 0 IQ, Chiapaneco,

Lets just try to work this out since you have gone on and on about your blessed article 33 and how I am illegally interfering in your election, (or perhaps in both your cases that should read erection, as your mutual masturbation and intolerence of others would show). Have I voted in your election, answer NO, was I an observer or poll counter, answer NO, was I appointed to make any decisions on a recount etc, answer NO.

If you still feel that I as a foreigner married to a Mexican have no right to express an opinion, then you might like to consider the fact that this is a comment section of a newspaper based in Washington DC, not Mexico DF. Do you have any opinions on the plans by the USA to build a wall to keep wetbacks out of USA? Surely not, it would be wrong to interfere in that countrys affairs.

Article 37. Ever hear of dual nationality?

You´re just a couple of third class constituitional lawyers, trying to silence people by quoting the law, when you can´t defend your situation.

Maya 0, I´ll get back to you on China and Vietnam soon, but it´s good to see your still picking your examples well.

Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 03:57 PM

And whats a violent calamite? Sounds like a very nasty type of crustacean.

Posted by: PeterN | August 23, 2006 04:00 PM

11 POLITICA. DOMINGÓ 27. IT WITHERED 2006 DOMINGO. President Maquío. Its cabinet. Dinosaurio rencarnó in blue. Pluto L ' ¬ to alter¬nos presidency and the cabinet of the MaquíO Clouthier was, rum ephemeral. They acted of the 23 of February to first of October of 1989, when del- happened the mysterious suction death presidential panista. A trailer embistio to the vehicle in which via¬jaba by a highway of the north of the country. In that half year, president Maquío. - therefore their those in favor called and his ga¬binete had oficial¬mente puestoen Saline hardships to the elect Carlos of Gortari, to that they described as usurper. The Ma¬quío by its Cardinal red side and Cuauhtémoc by another one - that one Cuauhtémoc, the one of now did not demonstrate with exceeded prue¬bas the hidden eectoral fraud in the phrase of Manuel Bartlett: "the system fell". The salinista press condemned resisten¬cia civil panista like "rebel". and the same Maquío it blamed it to forge a "treason to the mother country". Luis H. Alvarez ha¬bía taken the protest to the rebels with these words: "Gentlemen members of the Alternative Cabinet of the Party National Action: they promise to reflect, to comu¬nicar and to act with base in the principles and statutes of the party, to the political light of his plata¬formas, for good of Mexico ". I must to my writing companion, Mi¬reya Cuéllar' - author of the book panis¬tas- a data that receives relief today: in¬ or tegración of the cabinet of the Maquío: WHAT HAS BEEN OF THEM _ Carlos Perazaya Castle passed away, was the mentor of the youth of Felipillo. They di¬cen to me that the juarense industralist Francisco _ Villarreal Towers also let exist. Luis Brave Felipe Mena comprises of the foxista government, is the ambassador in ' Vatican ENRIQUE GALVÁN OCHOA. Jesus González Schmal no longer comprises of the BREAD, is concluding his delegated management as of Convergence and has been an implacable public prosecutor of the children of Mrs. Marta. On the other hand, Rogelio Sada Zambrano was mayor of San Pedro Heron delegated Garci'a federal and funcio:. nario of the Contraloríao Fernando Clariond Channels belongs to the cabinet, but no longer to the one of the Maquío; but to the one of Fox: it is the se¬cretario of Energy, after to have been of Economy. The Matapapas Fernandez de Cevallos has made fortune: this se¬mana will stop being senator and so _ time seráincorporado to the cabinet so that it continues te¬niendo law, _dicen that it must many. And Vicente Fox is the one who took to the cat al' water, exceed the commentaries. CHANGE OF SKIN and what happened after the death of president Maquío? The event marked breaks important in the life of the BREAD. They left the way of the revolt and co¬menzaron the one of the;corrupción. Chorejas captivated to the Matapapas, to the end that ex- secretarioo of the interior was the one who gave cerillazo so that the tickets of the electoral fraud were burned. Soon the adjustment in the oscurito by the governments came from Guanajuató and Baja Califomia. Time later, the same Matapapas would let _ gain the Presidency by Zedillín; according to it has lamented Don Vicente MegaSpot. But the great prianista concertacesión was la_del Fobaproa: Felipillo twisted the three "not" that had decided the reunited na¬cional panismo in Port Would fence - not to the Fobaproa, not to impunity, not to the con¬versión of the losses of the bankers in national debt and the party that presi¬día guaranteed the fraud along with the PRI. Sal¬dos? The pro is lost everything, or almost. Di¬nosaurio left its trico¬lor incarnation and rencarnó in blue. It follows plenty of life and health. Although six years ago some ingenuous ones gave it by dead, already is going to fulfill more than 80 years in the power. QUESTION INC6MODA is not a sarcasm that today the BREAD calls rebel to the Peje when it announces that the 16 of September the Democratic National Convention could designate to an alternating president cabinet? _ E-VOl POPULI Subject: Pluto the Prague (24 August 2006). - Pluto per¬ or gave to east Thursday his estatus of ninth and more distant planet of the Solar System, that thus happens to have tán only eight plane¬tas, according to decided Unio'n Astronó¬mica Internacional (UAI). I protest! Exijóun count xpla¬neta planet. This is a plot of pirrurris for we cleared to Pluto. We are going to put a camping in the Moon to prevent that they put its satellites artificial, pro¬ducto more of the globalización, of impe¬rio, to press to those of down. Who is in agreement with this initiative of pacific interplanetary re¬sistencia I request to him that she attends the next informa¬tiva assembly in the Triangle _ and the Bermuda. Francisco Federal PerazalDistrito R. Why we did not command astro¬nauta Ugalde to make the count? Cuán¬tos Plutones wants? Note: The original texts and the electronic mailboxes of their authors appear in the forum. Fox, only lacks 95 days Maquío Clouthier President of the Republic and coordinator of the cabinet Diego Fernandez de Cevallos Inner Políticá Jesus González Schmal Foreign policy Fernando Clariond Channels Infrastructure, Services and Paraestatales Companies Francisco Villarreal Towers Human rights - Rogelio Economic Political zambrano Sada. Carlos Educative Political Peraza Castle and Cultural Maria Elena Alvarez Political Bemal Social Moisés Channels Health and Ecology Vicente Fox Political Quesada Farming Luis Brave Felipe Mena Technical Secretary

Posted by: RENE PADILLA | August 28, 2006 01:29 PM

It turns out Vicente Fox is not even Mexican (Technically speaking)

He was born in OHIO, just like his father, who was declared mexican and catholic before dying.

Fox's grandfather was a contemporary of Bush'es own grand father.

Posted by: Jose | August 31, 2006 09:20 PM

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