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Face-to-Face with the Pontiff

.As Catholics across the Eastern seaboard scramble for tickets to Pope Benedict XIV's huge masses in Washington and New York, one student will get the chance to meet the man in person. A total of 128 students at Catholic University are in the running in an essay contest entitled: "How...

By Jacqueline L. Salmon | March 21, 2008; 4:31 PM ET | Comments (1)

Musical Disharmony over Pope's Visit

Newsflash: Not everything about planning a papal Mass is love and sunlight. Namely, debates about the music that will be sung there. A small crowd of serious Catholic music traditionalists went on a tear in the last few days after a list of pieces was posted on the Web purporting...

By Michelle Boorstein | March 20, 2008; 8:45 PM ET | Comments (3)

How Many Have Bailed Out of Catholicism?

Benedict will have a big audience here in the United States. According to a megastudy of Americans' religious identification released recently by the Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life, almost one in four Americans--24 percent--is Catholic. But Pew also found that no American faith group has lost more adherents...

By Jacqueline L. Salmon | March 19, 2008; 11:03 AM ET | Comments (81)

Popemobile Alert!

New details are now available on where area residents who aren't going to the Nationals Park mass can catch a glimpse of Pope Benedict. According to Catholic News Service, a Vatican-affiliated news agency, there will be three popemobile opportunities in Washington -- and one in New York. The CNS report...

By Michelle Boorstein | March 18, 2008; 4:45 PM ET | Comments (3)

Wuerl on Benedict

When you least expect it, expect it: a sports analogy about Pope Benedict. Speaking to reporters and editors at The Washington Post yesterday about the pope's upcoming visit to Washington, Archbishop Donald Wuerl said Americans should expect something different from the man than what they saw when he served in...

By Michelle Boorstein | March 18, 2008; 4:34 PM ET | Comments (3)

The Pope and Iraq

What, if anything, will the pope say during his upcoming U.S. visit about the Iraq war? Will he discuss it when he meets with President Bush on April 16 -- the pope's 81st birthday? The Vatican strongly opposed the war initially, calling it "a crime against peace." And over the...

By Michelle Boorstein | March 17, 2008; 9:02 AM ET | Comments (1)

Some (Not Exactly) New Sins

Just in time for Holy Week - a few new sins. Everyone knows the seven basics: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy and pride. But the Vatican office in charge of sins and penance recently put a more communal spin on the subject, saying a globalized world requires more focus...

By Michelle Boorstein | March 17, 2008; 8:36 AM ET | Comments (4)

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