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Avoiding the Beltway on Online Maps
Posted at 10:53 AM ET, 07/17/2007

I love stumbling upon new features on the Web, especially when they're enhancements to online services I already use regularly - like online maps. I had been mapping out a route for my wife to from our home in Montgomery County to downtown Washington. But all of the routes were the same - I-270 to the Beltway to the George Washington Parkway. The problem is that my wife is not a big fan of the Beltway. She would be far more comfortable on Connecticut Avenue or Wisconsin Avenue.

Google added a feature that allows users to change the route simply by clicking on the map and dragging any point on the route to another location on the map - in my wife's case, dragging the cursor from I-270 over to Connecticut Avenue. Automatically, the shaded route on the map, as well as the step-by-step directions are adjusted.

You could essentially do the same thing on Yahoo Maps or Mapquest by adding multiple stops along your route - a feature that allows you to create Point A-to-Point B-to-Point C driving directions. You would basically have to find addresses or locations along your preferred route to make this happen. But clicking-and-dragging is much easier.

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