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Answer: Splinter Cell

From a blog comment: Any thoughts on the new Splinter Cell? It seems to be a "choose your own adventure" plot. Mike Musgrove responds: Right you are, says Derek Chan, who is on the Ubisoft team developing Splinter Cell. In the game, government agent Sam Fisher infiltrates a terrorist group. He gets government missions, but he still has to make the terrorists think he's one of them. "In effect, it is a choose your own adventure game," said Chan. "We wanted to create a richer game experience." Game is due out this fall....

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Answer: Final Fantasy

From a blog comment by "Blepcots": How about some thoughts on Final Fantasy 12 (when is the actual U.S. release?) and also 13, since I've actually seen a few screenshots this week? John Breeden II replies: Most of the Square Enix booth is devoted in one way or another to Final Fantasy. There is a lot of new stuff in the FF world. The quick answer to the question is: Final Fantasy XII will be released in the United States in in October (there is no solid release date, just some time that month). They're not saying anything about Final...

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Answer: Assassin's Creed

From a blog comment by "Mid-LifeCrysis": Do you have any insight on whether "Assassin's Creed" is going to be a PS3 exclusive game? There's lots of inconsistent information out there on the Web. The game looks so spectacular that I think many console purchasing decisions would be influenced by the answer. Tks again. And, from "JJ": If possible, I would like to know if you can get any information as to whether Mercenaries 2 will be a Playstation 3 exclusive. It would seem strange to me if it was, considering the original Mercenaries sold well on both Xbox and PS2....

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Answer: Mobile Gaming

From a blog comment by "M. Mortazavi": I'm also hearing from other sources that games on mobile phones and devices are even a greater focus of attention this year at E3. I'm not there but I imagine this analysis to be capturing a significant trend. I've not read much in your blogs looking into this -- What's happening with games on mobile devices? Tom Ham replies: Mobile gaming was in full-force at E3 this year. Publishers like EA, Vivendi and even Eidos were showing off gaming initiatives. I even saw an FPS game behind closed doors that was running on...

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We Take Requests

There's just one day left at E3, and we're interested in hearing what games, devices or issues you'd like us to write about that we haven't so far. We can't fulfill all requests, and of course they should be polite and reasonable, but we're listening. We will also try to answer specific questions you might have about some of the things we've already covered. Just post a comment below. Thanks for participating!...

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