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When I received news of the deployment, I was in the middle of applying for an open management position, responsible for all networking, hardware, and security for
I emailed Zach, the hiring Director, to withdraw my resume from consideration. His reply was simple and appreciated.
RE:Fwd: News Release - Virginia Army Guard Soldiers Ordered to Active Duty
Ok, sorry to hear, but thanks for the heads up & the forthrightness.
I could have filled this position. The opportunity was an excellent one. I've been looking for this type of responsibility to the company ever since I returned from flight school, 5 months ago.
This is one of many disruptions experienced as a result of this deployment. I cannot imagine what deployment does to other members of the Guard and Reserve, especially those with families.

By Bert Stover |  September 2, 2005; 5:05 AM ET  | Category:  Work
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Wow, I had no idea you'd applied for that job, assuming it's the one I'm thinking of (A.C.'s old job, A.T.'s new one, right?). I think you could have done it too.

Posted by: Erik | September 2, 2005 10:24 PM

Sorry, big fella. Sorry also that sounds like me comforting a horse.

Why is it that a few people who step up to the mark are getting to do it all, and it's not the responsibility of us rich ivy leaguers to do anything but give checks to the Red Cross. I'm sick of this all. And since I'm a senior citizen I'm exempt to do anything but say we need to get us all out of this mess. Which I am trying to do.

Posted by: Ruth | September 2, 2005 11:04 PM

suck it up. you signed up for it. blame your recruiter.

Posted by: nino | September 4, 2005 11:17 PM

It is such a shame that this administration has taken the old soldiers creed (Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria mori - It is a sweet and good thing to die for one's country) and turned it into state policy.

This country, when it was founded, said it would learn from the mistakes of Europe and not pursue the same follies. Yet, just like in the First World War, silly old men are sending the best and brightest of their young to die for no purpose. And this from a man with a degree in history.

Instead of ending his speeches with "God bless America", he would do better to use "God save America". And perhaps, HE will save it from itself.

Posted by: bill | September 5, 2005 09:04 AM

Godspeed and good luck during your deployment. Thank you for your service. May God bless and protect you and yours.

Posted by: UD | September 5, 2005 10:57 AM

So Bert:
You're 5 months out of flight school.. flying a Blackhawk.... and now you are mobilized.

Sorry guy > ya knew the job was dangerous when you took it.. time to pony up > so no sniveling.. it's bad form..

As a 30-year man / 12 years active duty // 18 years USAR > four mobilizations [Desert Storm, Bosnia, OEF and OIF-1.. plus Cambodia in '73] been there - done that..

Flying a Blackhawk in the IZ should be an excellent experience > it's a great aircraft... plenty of power and very crashworthy...

Don't be predictable >> and jink - jink - jink...

Posted by: kgl | October 6, 2005 01:25 PM

Sorry to hear that you couldn't get that job! There will something more rewarding for you when you get back. I hope it all works out and from reading your blog I can see that you would do well in that position. Plus being a CW2 also give you great leadership skills.
DON'T BLAME YOUR RECRUITER he is doing his job and now you are doing yours.
Good luck

Posted by: Bomber | April 20, 2006 04:33 PM

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