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I drove up to Arlington, VA from my unit in Richmond, VA to tell my employer, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.
I waited to call John, my boss, until I made it almost all the way to Arlington. I wanted to ensure I could see him in person. I did not want to call earlier, as traffic in the DC area would surely make it impossible to catch him in the office. When I called, he was indeed in the office and suspiciously stated he would stick around until I got there.
I arrived at the offices in my flight suit, only appropriate for what I was about to tell John. I felt annoyed he was not in his office. I searched for him with a tinge of frantic unrest, like that of a child lost in a crowd looking for a parent. Finally, I found him in Sarah's office. John cautiously said hello as I walked in on his meeting with Sarah.
Both Sarah and John are colleagues, but ultimately friends, especially at times like this. I began to tell them of my unit activation orders, set to commence in October. John took the news well. He asked for details I could not supply him, like the destination of the deployment.
We decided I would make my announcement to the rest of the company when I returned to the office from the current military leave, 2 weeks of Annual Training (AT). This approach would guarantee my availability for answering questions other employees would have.

By Bert Stover |  September 1, 2005; 2:03 PM ET  | Category:  Work
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thanx for your commitment to defend our freedom and ideals. God Bless!

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