Last Day in the Office..

Today's my last day in the office. I'd intended to have everything packed up by close of business, but will have to come back tonight or this weekend to get my personal effects. Work has been hectic lately, and writing this blog has also taken time.

My plan is to spend some quality time with my family and work from my parent's house on the long list of tasks to accomplish before my report date or "18 OCT 05" as it's listed on the official correspondence.

As I leave the office, I would like to extend a thank you to the people I work with and have worked with during my five years at WPNI. Working here has never seemed like work, but instead a large, challenging mental exercise among people I enjoy. I know it's been a fortunate situation that most working people, who see work as a pain in the ass, do not share. I hope to return to the challenges in the spring of 2007.

Here's my laundry list of things to finish before I report.

Packing my belongings and moving out of my condo
Finalizing rental of my condo
Selling my truck
Selling my 5x10 cargo trailer
Finalizing my will and powers of attorney
Packing for deployment
Writing this blog

By Bert Stover |  September 30, 2005; 2:04 PM ET  | Category:  Work
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You may remember me from a time when Tigers were plentiful.

Good luck to you. I spent a year in Iraq as a contractor. Different circumstances really, but I have an idea (I think) of what you've got on your plate.

Stay as safe as possible and enjoy your time before you take-off.


Posted by: Reed Davis | October 5, 2005 01:54 PM

So Bert:
What's your MOS? From the sound of it > you are not some 11-bush .

#1: No sniveling. You knew what you were getting into when you received your USAR/ANG paycheck > so now it's time to pony up your end of the deal.

Maintain your sense of humor > cause you're going to need it... I've been mobilized four times Desert Storm, Bosnia, OEF, OIF-1 ... and believe me > you need to go with the flow..

If you wind up in "the IZ" >>

Do your duty

Watch your buddies back

It's only a year [well.. maybe more..]

Get your head on a swivel > you'll know what I mean when you get there > be "good" [skilled] >> but more important to be lucky..

a clean weapon is a "happy" [reliable/functioning] weapon >> ask ole "Jessica" when was the last time she cleaned her weapon when it "jammed"...

If you make contact:

>> aim for center of mass ... keep your cool

and have fun ..

Posted by: kgl | October 6, 2005 01:06 PM

Best of luck on your deployment. You should read a "Rumor of War" Phil Caputo, "Fields of Fire" James Webb former Marine and Sec of Navy, and of course "ChickenhawK" you've probably already read that one canon of military flight.

Your blog lacks susbstance and I'm not talking in the context of war stories those books by real war veterans is the caliber you writing should strive for and they all were probably younger than you when they went off to war. Hooah

Posted by: c | October 7, 2005 04:31 AM

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