Visiting for One Last Time?

I've been visiting friends and family. I don't know if these visits will be the last ones before I leave, but that's the sense I have. I'm also thinking about visiting people I haven't seen for years.

My college girlfriend, for one. But do I really want to stir up that pot of emotions? How big of a deal would it be? She is married, and for all I know has children. It could just be a casual meeting to check up on each other or it could be an uncomfortable, sad experience.

I visited some of my fraternity brothers in NYC three weeks ago, which turned out to be a great weekend. Mostly they have become responsible professionals, doctors, lawyers and the like. How things change just six years out of college!

I plan to visit my hometown, three hours southeast of Washington DC, for two weeks vacation just prior to my report date. I hope to see my elementary school classmates and spend lots of time with my parents and brother. We have not made any plans. I'd like it if things could just be like they have always been.

By Bert Stover |  September 20, 2005; 10:00 PM ET  | Category:  Friends
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