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O'er the Land of the Free

We've built a tradition -- I'm not sure who started it -- of hanging the Stars and Stripes aboard Operation Iraqi Freedom aircraft. Once the flags complete their missions, many of us like to send them to loved ones at home. I have given them to people who have sent me care packages or given me support during the seven months I've been in Iraq. It is reminiscent of the program that allows citizens to procure an American flag that once flew over the Capitol in Washington. We do it to say, "We're thinking of you while we're over here!"...

By Bert Stover | September 28, 2006; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (47)

A Deployment Checklist

After seven months on the ground, I feel a need to help those packing for their first trip to Iraq. To anyone who is or has been here: Feel free to add to my list....

By Bert Stover | September 19, 2006; 7:20 AM ET | Comments (15)

"Thank you" and "Meow!"

On their way home and out of TQ, the Marine Corps Reserve unit running the passenger terminal here, known to us as the Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group or ADACG, stopped by to say, "thank you" to the TQ Punisher detachment....

By Bert Stover | September 12, 2006; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (8)

On the Town in Doha, Qatar

My recent blogging hiatus is a result of being on pass in Qatar again. For the second and last time during my deployment, my command gave me time to enjoy activities other than those associated with aviation. Thanks to said aviation duties, my pass was delayed by a couple of days, and I missed my original flight out of TQ....

By Bert Stover | September 10, 2006; 9:38 PM ET | Comments (5)


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