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Busy as Hell, Trying to Get Out of Here

Over the last couple of weeks we've engaged in our normal mission along with preparing for our departure. As the unit movement officer I've been swamped with work, trying to motivate people to pack as much stuff as they can, as early as possible. Some were legitimately concerned of the possibility of our unit getting extended based on the president's troop increase plan, reluctant to pack until it is certain we will be going home -- on time. One additional duty for the new pilots was to do the planning to fly out of Iraq; the beginning of the end. So if we weren't flying, we were packing, and if we weren't packing, we were planning the trip from Iraq to Kuwait. After all of that we find time to rest and eat, but there could be no greater motive than wanting to get out of Iraq to keep people...

By Bert Stover | January 31, 2007; 7:59 AM ET | Comments (9)

Anxiously Looking Home

2007 came without our even noticing, as we still fly, eat, sleep and repeat. A few changes have started to show in our routine; mainly the discussions of what we need to pack, when. Most of us are packed up and more than ready for 2007 to take us home, until we read the newspapers and see the hype of expanding the troop levels in this conflict. We are all anxious in one way or another about getting ready to leave or about the very faint possibility of our staying....

By Bert Stover | January 16, 2007; 7:14 AM ET | Comments (20)


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