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Arrival at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma

Due to crew rest, showtime in Phoenix was 12:30 (Mountain Standard Time). My aircraft would lead the company of eight Black Hawks to our home for the next few months, Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma....

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Flying into Phoenix

Showtime was 08:00 in El Paso the morning of Nov. 13, and most of us met downstairs in the hotel in the atrium for a complimentary full breakfast. We then left for the airport, and the Pilots in Command began haggling over the best route of flight. 13 NOV 05 - Members of A Co. tie down an aircraft and pack their rental vehicles in preparation for heading to their hotel in Phoenix, AZ. (Bert Stover -- View Enlarged Photo...

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Heading for El Paso

We gathered in the hotel lobby on Nov. 12, then headed for the airport in a short, unofficial motorcade of minivans. Somehow, all eight of our aircraft had forgotten to pay for fuel in Little Rock the day before, so Capt. Heins lectured the crews about the need to pay for our gas and assigned a fuel officer for each flight of four aircraft. We then loaded the aircraft, cranked the engines and made our way out of Dallas/Ft. Worth to our first stop in San Angelo, Tex. (KSJT), where we all noticed the incredible drop in humidity. The flatlands also provided a good breeze in the 23 degree Celsius weather. 12 NOV 05 - Two A Company Black Hawks cast shadows on the water just before landing at the San Angelo airport. (Bert Stover -- View More Photos...

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A Detour Through Dallas

After seven and a half hours of flight time from Richmond to Little Rock, Capt. Heins gave us until 10:00 hours (Central Standard Time) to get up and check out of our hotel. Our crank time was 12 noon for the flight to Dallas, but after boarding the aircraft with our gear, we noticed that the Captain's aircraft was not loaded and several crew chiefs were standing around chatting about some maintenance issues. Start up was delayed for more than an hour. 11 NOV 05, Love Field (Dallas) from our aircraft at 1500 feet. (Bert Stover --

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To Little Rock, Ark.

When we arrived at the Richmond airfield on Nov. 10, we learned our next stop on the way to Yuma, Ariz. would be in Little Rock, Ark. We were able to pick up two more aircraft before departing, and took off in two flights of four, spaced 30 minutes apart. I was in the first flight. During the trip to our first fuel stop in Greensboro, N.C., my cockpit was pretty much silent. I'd expected more chatter, but for the most part, the only words spoken came from the radio as flight alerted small airports we planned to over fly. There wasn't much talk on later legs, either, as we made our way from Greensboro to Knoxville, TN (KTYS) to Nashville, TN (KBNA) to Millington, TN (KNQA) to Little Rock. 10 NOV 05, Three of the four aircraft in the first of two flights of A Co 2/224th AVN aircraft,...

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Weather Diversion Back to Richmond

We saddled up to depart Ft. Dix, N.J. for Yuma, Ariz. on Nov. 9 in two flights of four Black Hawks each. The departure airfield, Naval Air Engineering Station, Lakehurst, was the scene of the tragic Hindenburg disaster. By the time I arrived, most of our aircraft had been taken out of the station's enormous hangars, built originally to house dirigibles like the Hindenburg. But the ones still inside looked like ants inside the towering hangars. We were two hours behind schedule getting off the ground for the first leg of our trip and were only guaranteed good enough weather to make it to Dover Air Force Base, a long way from Nashville, Tenn., where we'd intended to spend the night. 9 NOV 05, Able to house airships like the German dirigible Hindenburg, the hangars at Naval Air Engineering Station, Lakehurst are the backdrop for the six A Co 2/224th...

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