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I'm Back

It's been a month since I last published, and I can now explain my online absence. Briefly, I was following an order to cease blogging -- an order that is no longer in effect. To my command, thank you for your time and your backing for reinstating this blog. I assure you that it is not remotely similar to the blogs coming from theater that use minimal, if any, judgment in respecting the demands of operational security. To those of you who have followed what I have written, thank you for your patience. During the month when I was offline, many things have happened here and at home that should make this forum an interesting one for some time to come. If you'd like to know more about the issues that arose around my blogging, here's the text of a letter I was prepared to send to friends if I'd...

By Bert Stover | November 20, 2006; 12:49 PM ET | Comments (31)

A Message to Iraq, from Home

By Guest Blogger Candice Sabourin in Virginia Recently I was "talking" to a buddy of mine, meaning we were e-mailing each other while at work. I learned a valuable lesson from the conversation: Never tell someone serving in Iraq, "But you don't know what it is like here for us at home."...

By Bert Stover | July 26, 2006; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (35)

A Decision to Save My Leave

We were asked to provide general timeframes as to when we would like to take our first two weeks R & R leave. I decided to take a couple of passes instead -- a few days off from work that don't get charged as leave. My intent is accumulate my leave and use it at the end of this tour so I can take a long trip across the U.S. to visit with family and friends....

By Bert Stover | April 7, 2006; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (76)

Coming Home, Leaving Home

I finally made the trip down from D.C. to my parent's house, our home, in the Northern Neck of Virginia earlier this week. My parents were thrilled to have me back home for an extended stay, but we all know the visit means activation is right around the corner. My mom wants to do anything and everything she can to help out, and even asked me what I needed while I was gone. I didn't have an answer at first, but then it came to me. I wanted her to learn to use a computer so we'll be able to communicate via email and IM while I am gone. She was reluctant, but agreed to learn and we had first session Thursday. Of course her biggest interest in using the computer is to read 'Reporting for Duty' -- and yesterday was about the last day I wanted her to read...

By Bert Stover | October 7, 2005; 09:35 AM ET | Comments (44)

Thoughts as I received the order

How am I going to tell Mom? All she hears about are the reports of bombs and downed helicopters. The last thing I want to deal with is telling her I have to leave....

By Bert Stover | September 1, 2005; 12:06 PM ET | Comments (1)

Official Notice

Our company commander delivered official word of the deployment in June, during our 2 weeks of summer training....

By Bert Stover | August 31, 2005; 05:05 AM ET | Comments (29)


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