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Taking the Oath

SFC Tomon, the VAARNG recruiter, visited one last time to take me to the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). We went to the Richmond, Va. MEPS, where I had to go through several stations of medical and clerical tasks. I had never seen so many paper forms to fill out. By the end of processing, seven hours had passed and I was just about to sign the paperwork....

By Bert Stover | September 15, 2005; 05:22 AM ET | Comments (3)

A Recruiter Who Makes Sense

Weeks passed after I decided the Navy wasn't for me and I continued to try to figure out college financing. I kept looking at scholarships, but none worked out. Then, one day while in the library mooching college internet services, I saw a flier on a bulletin board. It said something like "Money for College - Part Time Job - Call SFC Edward Tomon" I took the flier and set up an appointment to meet with the recruiter for the Virginia Army National Guard (VAARNG)....

By Bert Stover | September 14, 2005; 12:10 AM ET | Comments (7)

College Money and the Military

"Why the military?" This question is always asked of me, so I figure you should know the answer. Back in 1996, I was a sophomore at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia when one day at the end of class the professor asked me to stay after and see him. I walked down to the front of the lecture hall and he asked me if there was something wrong. Of course I did not have any clue what he was talking about so I told him "No, Sir". He proceeded with "The college has informed me your tuition bill is outstanding. I am supposed to ask you to leave my class." I decided to take the semester off to figure out my financial situation....

By Bert Stover | September 13, 2005; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (44)


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