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Ulan Ude: Familiar Faces from 1995

David and I spent one more night in Galtai, and then Buyanto drove us to Ulan Ude, where he and Tsypelma planned to help their children settle into their dormitories at the technical institute. Bayarma, who was a pigtailed nine-year-old...

By Lisa Dickey | September 30, 2005; 10:15 AM ET | Email a Comment

Ulan Ude: The Hangover and the Sheep

We woke up the next morning hung over. A bracing walk to the outhouse in the chill morning air helped clear my head a little, but not nearly enough. David was in pain as well, and Buyanto laughed as he...

By Lisa Dickey | September 29, 2005; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (5)

Ulan Ude: Seeing the Farmer, Ten Years Later

Sitting in the kitchen of Buyanto Tsydpov's sister-in-law, I thought for a brief moment that we might as well just catch the next microbus back to Ulan Ude. She'd immediately mentioned the fact that Gary and I never sent the...

By Lisa Dickey | September 28, 2005; 10:38 AM ET | Comments (9)

Ulan Ude: Finding Buyanto, the Gentleman Farmer

In 1995, Gary and I met the "gentleman farmer" Buyanto Tsydypov thanks to a network of Buryat connections. Oleg, our host in Ulan Ude, introduced us to the poet Tsyren-Dulma Dondogoy, who hand-wrote a letter in Buryat and instructed us...

By Lisa Dickey | September 27, 2005; 4:27 AM ET | Comments (1)


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