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Murmansk: Hunting for WWII Artifacts With An Expert

The sun was already starting to set as Max, our "war archaeologist" tour guide, drove us to a digging site northwest of Murmansk. We'd stopped to visit a couple of World War II memorials on the way, and now as...

By Lisa Dickey | November 11, 2005; 9:30 AM ET | Comments (4)

Murmansk: A Passion for WWII Artifacts

David and I first met Maxim at the offices of his fish export company, Ice Fish (official motto, written in English: "In Cod We Trust"). A burly, bearded bear of a man, Max waved to us to sit down, a...

By Lisa Dickey | November 10, 2005; 10:20 AM ET | Email a Comment

Murmansk: The Truth Behind the Rumors

A month ago, when David and I chose Murmansk as our extra city, we asked readers for contacts here. Lucky for us, a reader named James delivered big: his new wife Olga grew up in Murmansk, and her parents Anna...

By Lisa Dickey | November 9, 2005; 9:30 AM ET | Comments (5)

Murmansk: Casino Lights and the Arctic Circle

In the spirit of Russian capitalism, we've launched our "12 cities for the price of 11" Russian Chronicles deal! Because we rushed through the first five cities to join our Lake Baikal expedition by October 1st, we ended up with...

By Lisa Dickey | November 8, 2005; 10:15 AM ET | Email a Comment

The American Adoption Controversy

Ever since we launched this trip on Sept. 1, we've been getting emails and comments from Americans who've adopted Russian children. Many have asked us to do a blog posting on the issue, and it's certainly worthy of one, as...

By Lisa Dickey | November 7, 2005; 9:33 AM ET | Comments (29)


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