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Chita: Scenes from Lenin Street, 10 Years Later

For the past couple of days, David and I have been wandering along Lenin Street, Chita's main thoroughfare. In 1995, we did a whole story about the sights, sounds and smells of the street -- and ten years later, I'm...

By Lisa Dickey | September 21, 2005; 12:17 PM ET | Comments (6)

Chita: Fifteen More Minutes of Fame

Ten years ago, Gary and I had our 15 minutes of fame in Chita when a local TV station sent a reporter to interview us. It was the only city where we provoked such local interest, and we felt like...

By Lisa Dickey | September 21, 2005; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (7)

Chita: A Prediction Involving a Spanish Man

In late August, a few days before launching this trip, I learned that the couple we'd stayed with in Chita in 1995 had moved to St. Petersburg. So I stopped by their apartment there to get the scoop. Now that...

By Lisa Dickey | September 20, 2005; 05:13 AM ET | Comments (4)


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