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Irkutsk: The Paris of Siberia

We stayed in Irkutsk for a few days, putting together the stories from Lake Baikal and taking occasional walks around the city. Irkutsk has been called the "Paris of Siberia" -- which sounds pretty comical at first, but actually makes...

By Lisa Dickey | October 10, 2005; 11:59 AM ET | Comments (3)

Irkutsk: The Wacky Hotel in the 'Middle of Nowhere'

As we approached Malomorskoye Fishing Station, often referred to as MRS, where Gary and I had been stranded in 1995, everyone on the Titov research ship whipped out their phones. This was the first hint that life here had changed:...

By Lisa Dickey | October 7, 2005; 08:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Irkutsk: Pulling Worms From the World's Deepest Lake

The G. Titov got underway under a brilliant blue mid-day sky. Sunlight glinted off the water as we pulled away from Listvyanka, and across the lake we could see the soaring peaks of snow-capped mountains in Buryatia. The air was...

By Lisa Dickey | October 5, 2005; 07:30 AM ET | Comments (2)

Irkutsk: Launching the Baikal Expedition

On Saturday morning, David and I boarded a bus with the expedition research team: biochemist Dima Sherbakov, four Limnological Institute graduate students, two divers and Professor Judith Smith of the University of Leeds, who'd come to collect tiny shrimp-like amphipods...

By Lisa Dickey | October 5, 2005; 03:21 AM ET | Comments (3)

Irkutsk: The Research Institute Has Survived

In Irkutsk, David and I went down to the Limnological Institute, the research center for scientists who study nearby Lake Baikal. The lake is considered a great natural wonder -- it's the world's oldest and deepest, and it holds about...

By Lisa Dickey | October 4, 2005; 10:01 AM ET | Comments (1)

Irkutsk: Tracking Down Karim's Family

While Gary and I were on the road in 1995, we got an email from someone named Karim Khamzin, with the subject line "Family photo from Irkutsk." Karim was a Russian citizen living in Canada, and as he wrote, "I...

By Lisa Dickey | October 3, 2005; 09:15 AM ET | Comments (9)


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