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Khabarovsk - A Spotless City

We spent most of the day trying to find Larisa, or her parents, to no avail. Yulia found a database of Khabarovsk phone numbers (city-wide printed phone directories don't exist here), but there were more than a hundred "Fedotovs" and...

By Lisa Dickey | September 9, 2005; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (10)

Khabarovsk - The Search for Larisa

David and I took a night train from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk on Monday, arriving bleary-eyed after a fitful night. It's not easy to sleep on a rocking, creaking train hurtling through the darkness, but that's not why David slept badly....

By Lisa Dickey | September 8, 2005; 10:51 AM ET | Comments (3)


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