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Let Them Eat (Breakfast) Cake

I'm a sucker for summer bounty. I spend hours upon hours strolling the local farmers markets, overloading my bag with various berries and stonefruit as they come into season. There's nothing better in the mornings than a breakfast of fresh fruit, but there are only so many blueberry pancakes and bowls of fruit-topped granola and cereal that I can take. Never one to turn down indulgences before noon, I've turned to making fruit-laden breakfast cakes. Less sugary than coffee cakes, breakfast cakes are a delicious way to showcase summer fruit. They're also a luxurious offering to houseguests -- I revel in presenting homemade baked breakfasts to unsuspecting visitors. Simple to throw together, pretty as a picture and divine the following day, these beauties also work as a simple dessert with vanilla ice cream. As they dry out, I top them with a bit of vanilla yogurt. The blueberry pudding cake...

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Breakfast Club

Saturday morning, I was faced with a classic farmer's market dilemma: Raspberries were on sale -- 2 half pints for $5 -- but would I be able to use them before they turned to mush? The humidity already pushed them one step closer to raspberry puree, so I would have to act fast. Raspberry-corn muffins. (Kim O'Donnel) As I stood in line waiting to pay, my mind raced over the various damaged razzie possibilities. A vinaigrette would be nice, but I was hankering for coffee and a carb. That's it. I would make muffins. On the drive home, I remembered the tried-and-true-ability of "The Best Quick Breads" by bread guru Beth Hensperger. I peeled through my batter-stained pages and sure enough, there was something I could do with raspberries and a muffin tin. From start to finish, these lovelies take an hour, and they stay moist (if wrapped in plastic)...

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