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P-Patch Party People

"We're gonna go see my friend Deb at the P-Patch," announced Leslie, my Seattle houseboat host. "Tuesday is work-party night." Translation: We were headed to one of Seattle's 70-plus community gardens, which grows thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables expressly for area food banks. Deb Rock, who's been a food-bank garden coordinator at Interbay Community Garden since 1999, oversees a group of volunteer gardeners who join her every Tuesday night during growing season, between April and October. The "party" portion of the evening comes after the weekly chores of harvesting are completed, and that's when we first-timers showed up on the scene. "Kim, can you go to my plot and pick a container's worth of sun gold tomatoes for the panzanella?" Deb asked me. "And don't worry if the tomatoes are splitting; they're still tasty," she added. Leslie and Trine were on raspberry duty, then moved onto lettuces and...

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