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Solving the Spinach Scare

In the midst of the media frenzy over E. coli-contaminated spinach, there's a fact that few people are talking about: the supermarket isn't the only place to get the stuff. It's hard to believe, given that our constantly replenished supermarket shelves are constantly replenished with pre-washed and pristine greens, as if packaged by elves. With gift-wrapped spinach always for the taking, who would want to bother looking anywhere else for salad fixins? But sustainable agriculture advocates beg to differ. "If there ever was a reason to shop local, this is it," says Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, a home gardener and food blogger from Syracuse, N.Y. The latest contamination scare makes it "more critical than ever to eat closer to the source," adds Baskerville-Burrows. "If we patronize smaller, local farms and something goes wrong, we can trace it back directly to the producer." What's more, the coverage of the E. coli scare has...

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This Week's Edible Headlines

Some 220,000 tomatoes were hurled in Bunol, Spain, yesterday for La Tomatina, an annual tradition since the 1940s... Peaches, pineapple, bananas and mangoes are all lovely on the grill - but watermelon? I dare ya.... Drinking tea may be as good - or better - than the prescribed eight glasses of water... Gourmet Magazine rolls out podcasts, supplementing the written word to its stand-alone collection of food essays and stories that came with the magazine's August issue... Political magazine The Nation releases its first-ever Food issue, now available at magazine stands... The Edible publications, quarterly magazines that focus on sustainability in different parts of the country, including The Chesapeake Bay, now have a blog, called Edible Nation, edited by Bruce Cole, who also oversees Saute Wednesday, one of my go-to food blogs.... Yesterday, while shopping in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood with a pal, whose London-based luggage was still missing (and admittedly...

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A Blogging Diet

Even a blogger needs to forage for her food. A blog cannot live on one blogger's keystrokes alone. Let's face it; the blogosphere is one enormous communal table, at which bloggers break bread and mooch off each other's plates. To wit, the Web site of Food and Wine magazine features a weekly "Blog Watch," a list of links to five food blogs considered peruse-worthy. Here's a sampler (in no particular order) from my weekly virtual diet, each blog offering unique gastro-literary nutrients and sustenance. Although updated only once, maybe twice a week, Saute Wednesday is an important part of my diet, as it provides a tasty stew of food news, original essays by blogger Bruce Cole and stuff that people are debating in the food world. I feel imbalanced if I don't check it regularly. It's based in San Francisco but has a strong national flavor. The Food Section gets...

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Whole Foods Nixes Live Lobsters

Last month, The Post's Walter Nicholls reported that Whole Foods Market had decided to stop selling live soft-shell crabs after complaints of animal cruelty. Yesterday, the Austin-based company went one step further on the animal rights front, announcing its decision to ban sales of live lobsters in its 183 stores in North America and the UK. There are 13 Whole Foods stores in the Washington metropolitan area. Yesterday's World Cup match between England and Trinidad and Tobago apparently made Scotland hungry for mangoes (and rum drinks, of course). The recent outpouring of love for the tropical fruit is rooted in Scottish animosity for the English team. What do you think they'll chow on when England plays Sweden next week -- smorgasbord with shots of aquavit? Stay tuned. Will Travel for Food As you make plans for summer vacations, consider including a food festival as part of your itinerary. A hallmark...

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