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Trader Joe's Comes to Washington

Trader Joe's, the off-beat , California-based grocery chain that's been spreading like wildfire on this side of the country, has come to DC. Not on the perimeters, but right smack in the middle of town, at the corner of 25th and L Streets NW. The residents of West End and Foggy Bottom must be dancing in the aisles, as the only other walking-distance supermarket option for years has been the Safeway in the tucked away complex of the Watergate (at 25th Street and Virginia Avenue NW). Doors opened on Sept. 1, in the ground floor of The Columbia Residences of Washington, D.C., the swanky yet-to-opened condos, in the space formerly occupied by Columbia Hospital for Women. I arrived on Day 5, around 6 p.m. The place was crawling with urban dwellers, just out of work, foraging the shelves, which seemed to deplete by the minute. Without a shopping list, I...

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Washington Gets Good Cheese

As reported in today's Food section story by Walter Nicholls, there are some major cheesy developments happening in Washington, namely last week's opening of uber-fromagerie Cowgirl Creamery. I poked my head into the shop yesterday afternoon and the first thought that came to mind was, "It's about time! Washington is finally catching up with other food-centric cities that boast small shops selling artisan foods." For old times' sake, I selected two favorites, Humboldt Fog, an ash-veined, goaty treat and Cowgirl's signature triple cow-cream Mt. Tam. Then I asked for a surprise, something very different from the other two, which the woman behind the counter dutifully obliged with a hunk of San Andreas, a drier-textured, mild beauty made from raw sheep's milk. If the selection is overwhelming and makes you feel faint, ask for help. Based on my visit, the staff is eager to educate on what's what and give you...

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Meet Me at the World Bank Cafe

While doing errands on Saturday afternoon, I noticed something different about the northwestern corner of 21st Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. From across the street, I could make out the words "Pangea Market" on an orange awning, but assuming it was just another quick-stop deli kind of place, I didn't plan to walk in. A quick peek in the window proved me wrong; whatever this Pangea Market was, it was far from ordinary. Part boutique, part café and part global education center, the market, formally Pangea Artisan Market & Cafe, is a collaboration between the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Craft & Café Inc., a fledgling Springfield, Va., company owned by two Nepalese immigrants. Open since May, Pangea is showcasing products from 40-plus artisans in 30 countries around the world, says store owner Sunil Shrestha, who oversees retail operations with his brother, Deepak. In addition to home...

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