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Why Savor Summer?

I have been waiting for summer ever since the last one. 

My enthusiasm for food began at an early age. It is truly my favorite time of the year, when ties get loosened, panty hose get ditched and everyone licks ice cream. With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend -- this very weekend -- we start to change our attitudes. That oversized rulebook, packed with the awful things we must and should do from September through May? Somehow, it magically gets lost. It's as if there's a switch-flicker in our brains, opening up space and time for beachcombing, road tripping and outdoor supping way past our bedtime. It's a chance to catch up with our dormant, winterized selves and get reacquainted with the neighbors. For a cook, summer is a luscious platform, from which one can do raw or cooked, grilled or chilled, sea or pasture. We pack a picnic,...

By Kim ODonnel | May 25, 2006; 08:27 AM ET | Comments (17) | TrackBack (0)


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