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Care for a Rum Cocktail?

This week marks the 10th anniversary of, which means it's probably time for a cocktail. If you're not as excited about this milestone as we are at the Web site, perhaps you can toast to the official beginning of summer (the solstice takes place at 8:26 a.m. tomorrow). But the real question is: Do we really need an excuse for a summery quencher? (Today's post is laced with alcohol, by the way. For drinks without the hard stuff, take a look at these non-alcoholic ideas. ) For me, summer cocktailing means rum. Gin and tonics are about as old hat as my 20-year-old pair of blue seersucker Bermuda shorts, but that doesn't mean I harbor ill toward the isle of Bermuda. In fact, one of my ultra-favorite sippy-poos (a term coined by my Aunt Ginny) is a Dark'n' Stormy, considered the national drink of Bermuda. Made famous by Goslings...

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When the weather is like it is today in Washington, it feels like nothing can go wrong. We should all play hookie and pack a picnic basket with enough Rosé for the whole gang. The question, though: Can we afford to be snookered on a Tuesday afternoon? Oh, all right, I'll behave. Still, we need something cool to drink when that throat gets parched, at that imaginary picnic or out on the back porch after work. Did you get a look at the details for the rosemary lemonade that was featured in last week's Food section? I love the idea of infusing herbs into lemonade, and if you've got a run on rosemary in your garden like I do, this may be the ticket. You'll need to make a simple syrup, which is a cooked sugar-water solution that needs to cool before using; it's a good idea to make a...

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