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I'm sometimes stumped when it comes to thorny political calls. (I'm still not sure I made the right call in my first presidential primary: Gore or Babbitt?) But I find that political quandaries are a lot like personal problems: It's far easier to resolve someone else's than your own.

Hence "Stumped," a column published on washingtonpost.com on Tuesdays and Fridays offering political advice to readers. The next year promises to be rich in political drama and intrigue, and I'm here to help. Write me at stumped@washingtonpost.com when you're stumped about the candidates, the campaign or anything else political. No issue is too cosmic or too trivial; I'm equally happy debating globalization or dishing on candidates' haircuts. I can't -- and won't -- tell you how to vote, but I'll get you unstumped ... or your money back.

By Andres Martinez |  November 6, 2007; 12:00 AM ET
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