DeLay and Redistricting (and More About the Mug Shot)

I never realized what gems these U.S. News and World Report Web extras are! This one, on how support has been for DeLay since the indictment, notes that the White House was "shell shocked," that even if DeLay is cleared allies fear his reputation could be severely tarnished, and that this is just one in a long line of embarrassments for the GOP.

The Political Review blog makes no attempt to cover its contempt for DeLay as it does a rundown of his ethical lapses over the years. The Democrats are just loving this.

These incidents were causing a "rising fear among GOP insiders that the Republicans could lose control of the House in November 2006," U.S. News reported. "Some party strategists now say up to 70 or 80 seats could be up for grabs, most of them now Republican, in contrast to the usual 30 or 40."

This leads us conveniently into the question of redistricting. Why does this matter? Because, you'll recall, DeLay's shenanigans -- alleged shenanigans -- were all for the end of enlarging his Congressional delegation. It also matters, of course, because the makeup of a congressional district goes a long way in determining which party will win that seat. (Yet another reason for independent commissions to handle redistricting: The Post describes "what Republicans did in Texas recently" as "a partisan power grab designed to enhance not voter choice but rather one party's representation in Congress.")

If the district map is drawn in a way that puts the Republicans at an advantage, that enlarges the Republican majority in Congress and is, therefore, a good outcome from Tom DeLay's point of view. But if in order to achieve those ends he was moving money improperly -- or was complicit in a scheme to do so -- there ought to be consequences. At least make him get a proper booking shot.

Speaking of which, here's a mug shot update ....

Debater Rusty from Texas tells me that the reason DeLay went to Harris County for booking (instead of Travis County, where Friday's hearing was scheduled) was that Harris County is home to one of the Texas police departments that has gone digital. The upgrade means it's no longer necessary for the perp -- alleged perp -- to hold up the telltale identification sign.

This Austin American-Statesman article notes speculation that DeLay might choose to be booked in his hometown of Sugar Land. (The warrant issued by Judge Perkins gave him the flexibility to be booked in any county in Texas.) As it happened, he turned himself in in Harris County -- the county next door to Fort Bend County, which is where Sugar Land is. Just curious -- anyone know whether DeLay grew up in Harris or in Fort Bend? In any case, he was close.

Finally, "DeLay flew to Texas in a private jet and was accompanied by two U.S. Capitol Police officers." Later in the same article, we find out that "Kevin Madden, DeLay's spokesman in Washington, said he did not immediately know whose jet it was." How do you not know whose plane you're flying on? Turns out, it was a corporate jet courtesy of R.J. Reynolds. (I guess it's at least nice to know that I, as the American taxpayer, am not footing the bill for flying my elected leaders around to their various corruption trials.)

Anyone know more about any of this? Share it with us.

By Emily Messner |  October 24, 2005; 6:14 AM ET  | Category:  Beltway Perspectives
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on msm: to me al j, jerusalem post, xinhua, the liberal jewish-israeli paper h [i read it on web every day but can't spell it], chicago trib & washington times are as msm as wp, cnn, bbc,murdoch's many outlets. i a dmit that i rarely scan chicago trib & usa today because their copy is as illogical & pooly written as my copy- but they are msm.
now wsws may not be msm but i enjoy reading it. wsws is more concise than slate & more accurate to boot.
even msm can be preachy & excessivly paranoid as extremist media.
larry lynch
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Posted by: larry lynch | October 24, 2005 11:03 AM

I do not think there can be such thing as a "non --partisan" comission. I would assume the participants would be nominated by the parties or other politicians, thus again tainting the process.As a Texan, I can tell you that the democrats held majorities for 130 years in the state Senate, House Congressional delegation and statewide ofices. During that time, we never heard a peep about handing the redistricting process over to a commission.

Posted by: Charles | October 24, 2005 11:38 AM

One thing that seems obvious, but overlooked, is that there were no WMD. Of course there was deliberate character assassination from the White House. Why isn't the focus on that point? Wilson may be their political enemy, but the proof is in the history of the controversy. He claimed there was no yellow cake incident in Niger, and the administration said there was. BUT THERE WASN'T! No WMD. Have we forgotten what Rove did to McCain? These people claim to be Christians. Come on, how Christian is that?

Posted by: Jimmy Rink | October 24, 2005 12:10 PM

This regime has more devious, crooked, and absolute Liars, since Nixon!
They are staffed with people that have an
agenda of absolute power or else! Our Nation is in worse shape now than almost
anytime in the past, the deeds will hound us for many years! Our position in the World Structure has been weakened and almost become unviable. Give us some honest

Posted by: William | October 24, 2005 12:51 PM


Posted by: O RLY?? | October 24, 2005 01:14 PM

Tom DeLay is a very hateful person. But, """THE HAMMER""" got NAILED! Is is about time the rest of the country found out about him. DeLay is going DOWN> We/they will send him back to Sugarland, Texas to drive one(1) of his exterminating trucks along with Rick Perry. Thank you very much for your time. JUST ME...DANNY B...

Posted by: Danny(Danny B...) BYROM | October 24, 2005 05:25 PM

What happen to the rule that redistricting a state had to be approved buy the General Attornies office? Is Texas a state that doesn't apply too?

DeLay and the rest of Bush's staff think they are above the law and above public criticism, even from the people that put him into office.

DeLay has been crooked for awhile and has been skirting the ethics board for years. I think that it is funny that Bush and his bullies are starting to fall after all these years of dictating to the American people there views and beliefs. Plus forgetting that there can be more than one belief in this country and you can still be a patriot.

Posted by: Tee | November 22, 2005 01:33 PM

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