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No Nutella

Besides wine and truffles, Alba is also the home of Ferrero, Italy's premier chocolate company. The multinational confectionary giant makes Ferrero Rochers, Nutella and Tic Tac mints. Besides the company's corporate headquarters, Alba is also the home of a massive...

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A Very Nice Bottle of Wine

Ms. Boffa convinced me quickly I wasn't going to be able to eat any white truffles. And God forbid some fake Tuscan one might pass my lips. But she was so generous with her time, and her restaurant, La Libera,...

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Hunting for Truffles

For our first dinner in Alba, I was determined to try the famous white truffles shaved on pasta that this area is known for. I'm ashamed to admit I have never eaten white truffles. What kind of a daughter of...

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No Grapes Here, Stupid

Panorama: Farmland We woke up this morning in Alba, Piemonte's capital of food, wine and castles, and it was snowing! I bet the folks up in the mountain resorts are happy. Maybe enough will fall to silence the big snow...

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Drinking and Eating in Torino

Panorama: Piazza della Consolata Torino has some cool food and drink traditions that give the city an unique, and at times un-Italian, feel. And it's got some of the cutest coffee bars I've ever seen. In the afternoons, especially when...

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