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Full Circle

Panorama: Ivrea's Centro Storico For the final stop on our journey around the Piemonte, we headed east and then north to Ivrea, headquarters of Olivetti, known as the makers of Italy's typewriters. Ivrea was also the home of my...

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Drinking and Eating in Torino

Panorama: Piazza della Consolata Torino has some cool food and drink traditions that give the city an unique, and at times un-Italian, feel. And it's got some of the cutest coffee bars I've ever seen. In the afternoons, especially when...

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Strolling the Porticos

Panorama: The Arcades The most striking architectural detail about Torino is the city's miles of covered arcades, which were built so the Torinesi could conduct their business protected from the region's cold, chilly precipitation. You can walk from one end...

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The Muslim Connection

Panorama: Muslims March for Peace Today's immigrants to Torino are no longer southern Italians. And ailing FIAT, whose workforce has shrunk dramatically, no longer attracts workers to the city. The country's fastest-growing immigrant population today is Muslim and that was...

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We're Here

We made it! And as we drove into town from Torino airport -- a night without sleep notwithstanding - impressions came fast. One of the first things I noticed was the relative absence of that telltale Italy sound, the rapid,...

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