'I Don't Deserve Any Credit'

Blogger ntcoolfool, quoted earlier, continues to post his thoughts to Livejournal -- though he's progressed from initial reactions to the shooting to his feelings about finding himself at the center of a media feeding frenzy:

"As this blog has received international attention, I find myself wondering what the world has come to. The media watch dogs, no offense, have jumped on this story and on me for, as one anonymous user said, 'exploit my emotions.' At this time I do not believe this is so, because to put it simply: I'm willing to share my experience. This is nothing special. I don't deserve any credit. I went to class as any other student would. I just happened to be on the other side of campus when the shots were fired later in the day. But isn't that just it? What is remarkable about this story is that this is the story of an average student at this great school. Stories of horror, bloodshed, and death are soon to come from the victims of this horrible catastrophe and the limelight will shine onwards, for that is what the public thirsts for."

By Liz |  April 16, 2007; 6:45 PM ET
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My heart goes out to all those on the campus and their families. This is a horrific tragedy and one that will shape our collective souls for years to come.

I live and work a few blocks from WTC and on 9|11 I was there and did not leave the entire time even though my business was closed for months. The media has a way of being there with a smile and handful a give me and mouth full of thank you when they need the b role, the quote, or the photo. They quickly vanish once they get what they need. They feed what the public wants and shapes our collective knowledge.

Blogs and stories direct from those affected are the best sources of information and knowledge since the media for their own competitive consumption, the demands of readership, and ratings do not translate them. Just think back to the media and WMD and the run up to the war journalisms finest hour of truth seeking and unbaised reporting.

Posted by: jolu32339 | April 17, 2007 05:21 AM

As a newspaper editor, thanks for blaming me for the War in Iraq, the War on Terrorism and the latest incident at Virginia Tech. God forbid anyone speak out about any other issue as a possible cause. Why seek a rational answer for what is clearly an irrational act? But, oh, I forgot. I am a member fo the media. So my interpretation of WMD or irratiionality os so biased it may cause someone else to pull the triggerl. No, its not guns that kill people. It's not people that kill. Its those deadly newspapers lying out there ont he lawn. We should make laws against reporting anything at all. Let the people get its news from the bloggers out there who really know everything and have all the answers and explanations.
What a tragedy for young students everywhere, a tragedy for Virgina and the United States and America. But- again - me as a member of the media calling it a tragedy is so self-serving, right? So let's not succumb to the media elites with their pre-programmed playbooks of what it all means. The reasons are beyond our ken. So put a black ribbon on our blog pages, and send out a text message so we can have a candlelight vigil, hurry up and 'heal.' And the next time - for yes, the media is hard at work planning where they will mine the next alleged 'tragedy' for good quotes - candle wax will be ready, and shadows on the cave wall will transmit what really happens in the big, bad world out there.

Posted by: bildoak | April 17, 2007 02:00 PM

We shouldnt blame you for the war on Iraq,the War on Terrorism and the latest incident at Virginia Tech its just the fact as to how media portrays everything. You know as much as the people telling you about it do it just that the media has its ways of twisting even the smallest things to make them a major problem but thats your job.Yes people do the same but they dont get paid like the media does, and its not all of you that twist information. but the media is a problem. People do kill people yes but what people say to people or do to people definitely effect WHY people kill people. And lastly the media will never change its ways unless something is compromised. Because saying angry things on this blog... will never ever bring back all those lives lost, so maybe people should think about that before we put a blog complaining about the way people portray the media.

Posted by: lusportschick42 | April 17, 2007 06:13 PM

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