'No One Knows Where She Is'

Livejournal writer aciel shares his raw feelings as he wonders about the fate of two friends:

"I was Maxine's date on Friday for Alpha Omega Epsilon (engineering sorority) formals. She had German class this morning in Norris -- one of the classes where a lot of people were shot -- and she never came back from it. No one knows where she is. Her mother has called all of the hospitals in the area, and nothing.

"I suspect Kathy S. was there, too. I know she had Elementary German last semester with Max, and can't think why she would have dropped. She's an EMT and absolutely one of the nicest, most wonderful people I know."

Aciel asks readers to forego responding to him unless they have specific information about the whereabouts of his friends.

By Liz |  April 16, 2007; 4:45 PM ET
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My heart goes out to him and all of those affected by this tragedy. From what I understand, his friend didn't make it.

Posted by: dick | April 17, 2007 03:03 PM

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